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Get the Glass

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Rating: 4.7/5 (56 votes)
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gettheglass.jpgJohn BeaverGet the Glass is a 3D board game produced as a part of a new Got Milk advertising campaign in the US. The object of the game is to get the Adachi family around the board and into Fort Fridge so that they can...erm...Get the Glass.

Using the mouse, you throw a single die to move around the board. Most squares result in the picking of one of three types of cards: Fortune cards move you forward, Misfortune cards move you back, and Mastermind cards require you to solve a puzzle. Hot on your tail are the Fort Fridge security guards who will throw you into Milkatraz if they catch up with you. End up there three times and your quest is over. Turns are interspersed with a series of mini-games which you will need to complete successfully to proceed.

Analysis: Graphically, this is jaw-droppingly good. The retro look and feel really evoke a family board game and there is enormous attention to detail from the realistic physics of throwing the die, to the design of the in-game cards. The audio is similarly polished and the "interactive challenges" provide variety and ensure that the gameplay is both engaging and entertaining.

However, all the audio-visual finery comes at a price: don't even think about playing this unless you have a broadband connection, and a fast one at that. Even then, loading times can be agonizingly slow and there are frequent breaks in the action for new content to load. I also encountered a couple of hangs when I ran this in Firefox.

That said, this game pushes Flash gaming to new graphical levels and deserves to be played.

Play Get the Glass


This game was fun right up until the point when I reached the combo lock. Having to use the mouse to get precise numbers was just painful, and I only managed 3 of 5 before I gave up.


Just to save everyone some grief and their clicking finger, on the Vine driving game, you can just hold the mouse button done ... rapidly clicking does not help your case at all. :)

Other than that, what I have played of this so far is super cute! Good find!

(PS -- has anyone actually had the bail button work? It just runs to 2 minutes and says my friend posted bail ... I sent it to myself and never received anything...)


Love the ending...

After getting the milk to reduce her stress, the mom became the most rational person at her book club. :)

Salamand March 23, 2007 7:57 PM

Got all the way to the Guess the question part. can any one help.

i have Can I please _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _?


Cute game, amazing graphics. I had no problems with hangs in Safari, and the longest load time I had to wait was about twenty seconds.

The final message is

Can I please get the glass?


The game is fun. Can someone help me with the combo???


I heard about it from a friend and was about to go look it up. But, as always, look who finds it first...


I can't even come close to getting past the driving mini-game. Is it just me? I know I'm not that bad of a gamer. Any help?


I never succeeded with that one either.


if you are having trouble with the driving minigame, try toggling the quality of the movie (right click).. the slower framerate you have the slower you move, even though the time stays the same.


Absolutely stunning game. Although the "put flowers on her head" mini-game was glitchy for me. One flower wouldn't go into position until all the other flowers had been placed.


It was fun all the way up to the "icy road". At that point I was simply captured over and over again. All because I'm not rolling a 5 or a 6.


Hey thanks jakev for that toggle tip. That totally helped and I was able to win. Yay!


The game wouldn't let me enter the letter

's' for the final question. Sigh.


Wow, this would be a great game if it weren't for all the content. I have trouble getting into all the strange attempts at relating things to milk.
Also, that the driving game is easier with higher framerates seems like a big bug.
I really do like the graphics, though. Other than that, really mediocre.

And I gotta indulge in a tiny rant...
A word to the wise: even if calcium does help with PMS, milk is chock full of synthetic hormones and only hightens PMS. Also, remember when milk was supposed to be good for your bones? Funny how that doesn't come up much anymore.

Manny Klystron March 23, 2007 11:07 PM

These folks have been spending buckets of money to try to get me to drink milk for years. What if I just don't like it? Except on Cap'n Crunch.


What I don't like about this game is that it has almost no replayability what-so-ever


Wow, they really went all out on the backgrounds and the game. It was beautifully made.


The toggle tip helped some - so thanks. But it didn't help enough. I wish I could play the rest of the game. I'm out of ideas to get past the driving minigame.


I'm with Jonah, stupid driving bit drove me mad, even with the quality toggle. Also the game seems to be rigged so that you can't roll past the silly obstacle (or at least I can't, I always land on it) so I just give up on this one ^^;

hyperkinetic March 24, 2007 1:53 AM

If you beat the game you get a chance to win a milk glass. I am assuming you can only win though if you were sent to the the jail and use your e-mail to try and post bail, otherwise I am not sure how they are supposed to contact you.

Great looking game, but the rules and mechanics of the mini-games are not immediately that clear. Simple tasks can be come frustrating, especially when you are being timed for the whole game, even the parts where you are reading the intricate directions and fate cards.


Nice graphics. I like the 3d gameboard interface. The mini games leave a lot to be desired however.

The combo lock at the end was frustrating for the first 30 seconds. And then I realized...

the combo key is on the top right of the screen. You collect the numbers as you progress through the game.

Cerulean March 24, 2007 2:42 AM

There is design and then there is design. This is beautiful visual design and horrible game design.


On the lock near the end...

I thought I had to click the lock once for every number... And that it went counter clock wise only. This went on for about 5 minutes... I tried every number. Finally, I figured out the sequence ;], and I figured out you can just click and drag the lock >


that was a very fun and well made game!


I can't actually win the first "hot pursuit"... in fact, I can't get more than half way.


As a rabid boardgame player, I must strongly oppose a boardgame with a simple roll&move mechanic.

However, for this kind of presentation and humour, I am willing to make an exception. Lovely find.

P.S. First play, finished it in a wink, came out 212. out of 11000 on leatherboard. And it seemed I didn't miss one single misfortune tile. Strange world...

JekelKat13 March 24, 2007 7:29 AM

ARG! I cannot for the life of me get passed that minidriving game!!!


How do I do the puzzle where you put the flowers the girl's head.:( Can somebody please tell me?


Ditto crab. I cant get more then halfway too, even with toggling. Is it a bug?


Okay, I CAN NOT GET PAST THE HOT PUSUIT!!!!! Just to let you know, I've been playing for two straight hours, and I STILL CANNNOT GET PAST IT!!! I QUIT AND I SHALL NEVER PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. still a little psyco o_O

lonetrombone March 24, 2007 1:30 PM

I have toggled the quality on the driving game, and I've played it about five or six times with the toggle but I still always run out of time about inch away from the finish line!

If I can't get past it soon, I am just going to give up!


the post bail button really does work. I sent a message to myself and clicked the link on the email and in the game it said my friend posted bail. But when I tried it a second time without checking my email, it didnt work. Its pretty sweet.

blaurgherssssssss March 24, 2007 2:32 PM

I finished this game on the first try. Way too easy and not enough depth to the game.

I had no problems at all with load times or connections or hangs though


According to some commenters on Lazylaces, the driving mini-game is beatable on some computers but not on others. It seems to be as arbitrary as that. I never got past it, either.


obtusegoose and others,

For the flower mini-game you have to put the flowers in order from BEHIND to FRONT as well.



Great looking game. Too bad the gameplay is so frustrating.

Like many others, I can't get past the driving mini-game. It doesn't appear to let you accelerate and steer at the same time (moving the mouse while the button is pressed does nothing), making it a lot more difficult than it should be. I tried once (three chances) and then gave up because I saw how pointless it was going to become.

What a waste of some incredible graphics.


Does anyone else feel like the police dice is weighted to give them low numbers?


Nope, last game they got all 5's and 6's. Then again, I also got a bunch of extra turns...


K now I don't have 8 million years to wait for this game to load every time it farts okee dokee.
Great game but uh.... can it go just a little faster??


Neat game, the milk facts seemed far fetched though. Here is another fun flash website about milk (click the cards to activate the animation): http://www.milksucks.com/milksuckers.html


for those who find the part where you have to speed up the van for 30 sec.Just give up ur live and keep going with the game, by clicking "do the time" when you have been capture.

Here are the secret numbers to unlock the fort fridge door - 06, 97, 31, 52, 08.

the final question it's "Can I please get the glass."

Scoobysnack39 March 27, 2007 11:16 AM

Fun game ... really good graphics. I have some problems with driving games using a mouse, cause I use a rollerball - but I made it without a problem.

My only problem is that the game wouldn't load the misfortune cards for me...this happened a couple of times, and I can't seem to get through without hitting this space.


like stated before, great graphics, crappy gameplay. Especially the die needed a lot of shaking before you would even have a chance of rolling something higher than a 1. Even then, it fell really weird, sometimes gliding over the screen without turning, sometimes changing several times even when hardly moving anymore.


oh and the points from the pursuit minigames were misleading actually, I'm speaking of the "left" and "right" written on them. Always tried to go 6 left until I read up here :/


Couldn't get past the first high speed chase on my lap top- but was able to do it on my desk top (only if you hold the mouse key down the entire time as you guide the truck with your mouse about an inch in front of it).

And as far as getting a free milk glass, you put in the info at the end of the game - but I think there were only 3,000 available - so may be past being able to do it.

Lastly - looks like someone hacked into the game because the high scores (above a million!!!) are achieved in only a few seconds.


I had no problem with this game whatsoever, and thought it could have been a little longer.

Some of the word scrambles were ridiculously hard, and I am not sure how you would be able to figure out that last question on your own.


what is the question that i need to answer to pass the game?


The combination is...


ANYONMUS April 20, 2007 1:55 PM


There is a little stub sticking out the top at the beggining. grab that and drag it to change numbers. When you have the number press "push". To figure what number look at the top and go from left to right.

Secret Squirrel April 21, 2007 2:42 PM

Okay people, let's calm down. It would seem the majority of us can't make the driving game work, so instead just post bail by emailing yourself. You will have to wait for the clock to run out after you've "saved your friend" via email, so relax. Go get a glass of milk while you wait for it to tick down. ;)

In the flower mini-game, just start with one of the lower edges of her hair. Trying to place them at the top of her head first is risky if you don't have it nearly lined up-- it's very unforgiving, and you'll lose valuable time if you get it wrong.

The answers mini-game to downplay mom's PMS (first game I ever saw that devoted so much time to PMS, kinda weirded me out) is easy if you simply

look for the most polite answer (reading the question will just suck up time).

As for the combo, just look around the edge of your screen-- see any numbers laying around?
Once you have the combo, there's a handle on the edge of the dial-- use that.
Finally, as for the question, use the manners you were taught as a kid, but use bad grammar-- start with "Can I" instead of "May I", which I was using and getting the answer wrong.
As for the rest of the answer,

stop for a second and think about what you're playing.


Odd, I typed in

"May I please get the glass"

on the final puzzle and it accepted it just fine.


hi i just got to the part where you have to ask the question and be polite and i werent sure wht to put has any done that part yet?? if so wht the question??? i guessed the 1st 3 words to b can i borrow and the last word glass and im not sure wht the other 2 words are maybe one of them is the but duno bout the other...lol???? cheers

cyberdad April 29, 2007 2:19 PM

Another trick for the Driving game is to set the Zoom of the page to 50%. Works very nice with IE 7. This was the only way I could finish this driving mini game on my PC.


wow, even when i toggled the quality i couldn't stand the game. it's gorgeous- i love the miniature-set style scenery- but infuriating, and the minigames are moronic at best.

stainlesssteelrat May 1, 2007 9:49 PM

just beat the game. very well made. I would like to see more!!



I really like this game. Its superb.

But I stuck in the "flowers on head" game.
Anyone know the exact location of the flowers?



For the flowers look at the picture and the red one really doesn't want to go on unless you put it in exactly the right place so put the rest in first and then put in the red one. It's easy as long as you aren't colour blind...

Anonymous June 17, 2007 10:44 AM

I am on the safe combo lock and i am stuck.
I only got first number.
Can anyone tell me all the numbers.

Anonymous June 17, 2007 11:12 AM

i got every number except the last one in the safe combo thing.
i can't read top of my page aswell for some reason so could anyone help for the last number


How do you achive a high score on the game?


fantastic. thanks for the codes by the way..^^

Anonymous July 5, 2007 2:08 PM

Does anyone know a way to get more points? I've played over and over and yet, I can't get past around 5,000....is there a secret route or way of acquiring points that I'm missing?


Thankfully it seem to accept BOTH:

"CAN I please Get the Glass"


"MAY I please Get the Glass"

Melissa Adachi August 27, 2007 10:29 PM

I am the girl, Melissa Adachi... I still can't get over everyone finding this. And the game isn't that hard, you just need a fast connection. I love it, not just cause I'm in it, but I would have anyways.


I found that if the die is on 6 for example barely tap it and it will roll the same number.Helps me.


Just found this game in the archive and I don't care what anyone says - it doesn't matter how good a game looks, if it's really buggy then what's the point in playing it? It certainly isn't any fun if you can't play a mini-game just because you have a slower connection (mine isn't too bad and I would still just miss out on winning the van game), and others were either dull or annoying. Why suffer when Jay has given us so much other good stuff to play with?


Easy game. But I have to agree with everyone here... beautiful graphics, horrid gameplay.


In regards to the frist HOT PERSUIT

The first time I played it I wasn't able to beat it, so I lost a life in jail and came back to finish the game normally, so it shouldn't be THAT big of a problem

So I suggest trying a little harder next time...

You can find the combination on the top right corner of the screen... click and drag the lock (at the top of the circle) and turn in the proper position to the proper number.

Anonymous October 8, 2007 10:08 PM

you don't have to go round and round guessing numbers just look at the lock combo on the top right


Okay. The majority of you need to calm down. First off, it's just a game, whoop-dee-doo. Also. I played this game with my dad, and we finished it, just fine, on an 8 year old windows computer, thank you very much. He completed the driving mini game, I the maze and flower mini game, and he the PMS game (surprisingly enough). FYI, for the flower game, look at the LAYERING of the flowers, that's important. If one flower is being covered up by another, that means it goes first. Just common sense, people. Common sense. There's a handle on the lucky numbers code, you use that, and it takes about a minute, max. The question? Please. If a teenager can figure it out in 15 seconds (although I am obsessed with Wheel of Fortune), you can too. Plus, there are plenty of spoilers on this page, so stop whining. Beautiful graphics, nice elevator music, although the first time my dad and I played, the game was so rigged, opinion-wise. But we managed to lose just one life on our second attempt, and won in 20 minutes! (:


Ok so Just finished the game...it was alright. The graphics were good but the set up was a little confusing I think they should have done a better job, showing people how to work the game, I know I wasnt the only one getting stuck at really stupid parts that should have been easier then they appeard to be...and if any of you need the message at the end it's can i please get the glass. and the combo for the numbers in right above the screen.

Richared Coppner October 28, 2007 4:05 PM

When I played, I beat the truck game first try. The flower minigame took me a couple tries. It seems some flowers are more picky in placement than others. The police die aren't meant to catch you, only come close to you. I've played several times and the closest I've come to the police is five spaces. The wheel of fortune way to get out of jail has let me out every time.

Brittany<3 November 7, 2007 5:19 PM

This game was fun! the end ? and code thing kinda sucked and took a min to figgure out but i loved the game!


You have to enter the numbers on the top right corner of your screen, in order the final question is

May I please get the glass?

Architechtonic November 13, 2007 7:00 AM

I'm really struggling with the driving game. I'm holding the mouse button down and steering it ok, but I just don't seem to get anywhere near the finish line. Fine, I go to Alcatraz and opt to have a friend (myself) post bail. Now the game is frozen - I've got no email, I can't cancel out of the 'post bail' option, and the clock is still ticking.

It's a shame, because this is a beautiful game and could be fantastic, but it's just too buggy and I'm too impatient to deal with it.


This game was silly, but really fun. I honestly thought the combo part was the easiest part of the whole game. It took me a couple of tries to get the driving down, but I've got a super fast connection so after a couple of practice runs I can get through it with out a hitch. My problems are the little mini puzzles. The slide puzzle is so hard! And the fill in the letters. I think I'll play again just to try and get all of those.


wow great game and i hate milk its a shame!


the code is 06-97-31-52-08


i know the exact location of the flowers.......


Good game.. !


The Answer to the Question is for the GET THE GLASS


oh my god, I had no idea you had to guess numbers..... thats what I did, all the way around the shole friggin thing, over and over and over again


good game,but i realize that i can't pass hot pursuit in my lifetime,huh?

Anonymous December 8, 2007 2:20 AM

how do you beat the ending


the answer to the end is can I please have the glass


To get


you must place the flowers correctly


I had problems with this game. The first driving game (Walter's) doesn't work (you can only see the truck, not the ground, so you can't avoid whatever it is you're supposed to be avoiding). Also no matter what I get with the wheel for "try to escape", it says "Failure". Am I the only one getting bizarre things like this?


I do. I've been looking all over but I can't find anywhere or anyone that had the same problem and fixed it. There's no troubleshooting page or anything, which is a huge bummer, so yeah...I'm really bummed that I can't play this thing.


This is a beautiful game; the style reminds me of Samorost to some extent.

But my whole browser crashed hard at the first interactive challenge, and I don't have the heart to wait through the load to try again.

Anonymous January 21, 2008 5:31 PM

I got the combination but the door does not open help me please open the door

SuperDuuper January 31, 2008 3:04 PM

THE NUMBERS: 06, 97, 31, 52, 08

THE ANSWER: Can I please get the glass


When you lost the first hot pursuit mini game and get sent to jail, choose to serve out the jail time. After that, the game will go much smoother and easier for you. You won't get sent to hot pursuit as much. But if you keep choosing to escape, the computer will make life really hard on you. You will get sent to hot pursuit on almost every turn.


To all those who got frustrated with the combo:
In the game, they give you little chips with numbers. They're in the top right corner. They're in the order of the correct combo. And for those who don't know what I'm talking about...

06, 97, 31, 52, 08


why can't you pass the first hot pursuit???
here's why: in a flash game, time are counted independent with the content of it. the reason why even if you drive perfectly, you would be caught is that you computer is too old, so you might toggle the quality lower or buy a faster computer.




I think I enjoyed this more than real board gameplay! Amazing graphics. The interactive gameplay was just awesome.


Code and password

Lock code is: 06 97 31 52 08, and the sentence what you have to write is CAN I PLEASE GET THE GLASS

Patreon VIP Chiktionary December 10, 2009 10:00 PM

This was a lot of fun to play. Even worth the download times for each puzzle.
But I'm not entirely sure that

milk helps PMT, unless of course it's in the form of



just finished the game.. fun!! but why can't i get to watch the ending??


I found the game utterly annoying.


hints are all over the place, for the lock combo you can see it on screen, look carefully!
for the final part, its something to do with the game title.


You guys should put this in one of The Vaults
It loads SOOO much better 3 years in the future!

Labyrinthgirl17 November 29, 2010 4:51 PM

For the driving game, just let off the gas (mouse button) when making turns.

For the flower game, start with the bottom of the left hair (your left, not the character's) and work up, BUT the other flowers will only stay IF you put the yellow flower at the top of her head and work down from there.

For the Mom game, just click the polite answer, don't even bother reading the question.

For the map game, just keep moving and hitting the space bar.

For the safe, just follow the chips at the top right left to right.

And, to obtain the end, simply type (w/o hitting SPACE) "May/Can I get the glass."

There you go, a full walkthrough, enjoy!


I just remembered why i didn't like this game.

Anonymous January 25, 2011 9:40 PM

About the password:

It is actually located directly (albeit in cipher) in the "crime files" seen on the bottom of the screen.

Hint about the cipher is on the boy's page while the code is on the dad's page.
The cipher itself is

A=26, B=25, C=24 etc.

Not sure if anyone bothered to find it this way, but it is possible!


The only thing that ticked me off was the questin. not becaus i don't knowthe question btbecause i have a terrible keyboard (as probably u cansee since i gave up on making corrections halfway thru the first sentece..and i can't delete the wrong lettr!so i gave up.


PMS mini-game unnecessarily offensive. Wasn't expecting that in a cute little roll-and-move about milk.


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