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Game of Disorientation

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Rating: 4.8/5 (21 votes)
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dancemonkeydisorientation.gifIf you've ever been blind stinking drunk and tried to walk from... well from just about anywhere to anywhere else, and if you enjoyed that experience, then this is the game for you. Hopefully you didn't have to contend with spikey walls and "evil shiny clones", but if you did then bully for you for being alive today to read this review!

For those of you who have never been drunk in your entire life, the Game of Disorientation will serve as a suitable trainer in case you drink from the wrong plastic cup at the next party you're dragged to.

Using the arrow keys to move Steve (I call him Steve, you may call him whatever you like), navigate from the starting point to the exit in each room of death. The first level is of course very easy and serves to warm you up. It's when the walls start pulsing and the room starts rotating that things really get confusing. There's a little green arrow that shows you the "As the crow flies" direction to the exit, but in the later levels that doesn't help too much.

As the room rotates the original cardinal directions never change, so "up" and "left" are always "up" and "left" no matter which way the room (and Steve) is currently oriented. Add to that the expanding and contracting walls, which ensure you never have a solid idea of just how tight a squeeze it is between those two spikey pillars. A few levels later the evil shiny clones start chasing you, and one touch from them, of course, means instant death.

I'm not sure what George Clinton from Parliament has to do with anything (at least I think it was George Clinton) but he got in my way at least once too.

A nice touch in this game is how after failing miserably to exit a level, your next try is dumbed down in difficulty, though not without an encouraging comment like "C'mon, you can do this". Once the difficulty gets to its lowest point the room stops rotating and gyrating, and you realize just how hard the game really is. I could barely walk through the harder levels with no added difficulty other than just... well, just walking.

The game didn't take me long to finish (four minutes and some change, though I forgot to submit my score to the high score list), but it was a stressful and fun four minutes. I really dug the soundtrack, too. I'd love to play further incarnations or variations on this game, with larger levels and more varied hazards.

Enjoy tripping out on the Game of Disorientation, an unusual game created by Jacob Grahn (aka Mr. Jiggmin). There is a bit of gore when you manage to impale yourself on a spike, so keep an eye on the toddlers.

Play Game of Disorientation

Cheers to RedKlonoa for submitting the game! =)


i was playing this yesterday, and it did leave me a lil nauseous :)


This game is insane! Well, very good simulator to find out what it is like to be stone drunk. Except there are no spikes on the walls or blades crossing the street in my neighborhood. And the neighbors usually don't beat your guts out ;)

Graphic is quite bad but maybe it is intetional. It clearly enhances the feeling of drunkenness.

Deathbaron October 12, 2006 3:17 AM

this is nothing like being drunk.
when your absolutly plastered, walking arround is the eazist thing ever. your vision isnt the probem, the room and everything in your way makes the trip hard. by having the floor tip, or stuff getting in your way, or a wall rushing towards you. stuff like that.
this game, well, its more like an acid trip where real life turns into a video game.
not that i take acid or anything.

if anyone around here has drank more than there share of booz, they all know that nothing gets more difficult to do, exept putting in the effort.

ps, really fun game


Most of the trick is to remember which way is up/down/left/right, the clones don't pose as much a threat, and in the later levels zoom combined with narrow passages becomes an enemy, but that only got me once. Paused several minutes on the first run, so 9: something, let's try this again...


wow, and now i remember why i haven't been drunk in three weeks, lol. great game! Jay, you're the best! This site brings endless hours of fun. Cheers!


That's brilliant. But evil. But brilliant.


I would have preferred if the shiny people could not walk through walls, or be a bit slower, as I got sandwiched between a trainblade and one of them lighttrippers at the second to last round, one square away from the exit.

On the easiest setting, I can dodge stuff pretty well, but then again I'm always pretty good at that.

Is it me, or does the compy screen wobble a bit after playing that game? Ow, my brain.


Six and a bit minutes and I'm done. I'm just going to go get my brain dry cleaned now.


I ended up talking to myself and laughing and freakin out as if I really was drunk. Nice effect!


very innovative game bravo.

not sure if im drunk, but I had to stop the game from my eyes hurting. I think this game could possably actually cause damage to you by playing it. Or even better play this game and listen to music really loud (or normal like most people) then you will end up very talented.


Heh, this was one of those games that I submitted to JIG! :D


My bad, RedKlonoa! I usually try to credit those that take the time to suggest games using our Suggest a game form if the reviewer misses it. I've updated the post accordingly. Cheers! =)


this actually made for a geuinely highly entertaining five minutes, since i was playing it with a small audience of friends and i'm a little noisy when faced with difficulty, but motion illness wins again.




also, thats a very weird and kindof creepy noise when you get killed by the clones...kindof sounds like hes melting


I was fine until I closed the game. That's when I started feeling dizzy and nauseous. GROSS.


Do NOT play whilst you have a hangover...it will only serve to remind you of the pain... PS great site, Jay!


THIS is being drunk .... wow that sucked didnt make me feel sick my only problem was rembering which direction was which LOL .YOU want real dissorentation put a towel or a blanket over your head sit in a swives chair and look down have some one spin you until it nolonger feels like your spinning now look up .... even if you do manage to make it to your feet in the first place (which i must say is very unlikly i can allmost garentie you hit the ground so its probly a good idae to give you self some space .It will be like there no floor and the whole image your eyes are prosention will be doing complete spirrels its . its not like its so hardcore that you sould only do it if your an adult or sumthing i mean im only 14 you just have to propare your self to lose basically all usefullnes of your innerr ear for about 10 seocnds of flying in all directions the next 30 seconds will probably just be rolling around with your eyes hurting as they try and work out how to stop spinning.


class game. i love the music used and cool sound when u get shocked by the clones =D great site jay


YAY!I won the game! The last level was insanely hard!!!
The most annoying part of the level was:



I found this game thoroughly enjoyable - so I think it's a bit too short - more levels would be welcome, I don't think it's too hard to create new levels for this game :)

Also it's rather easy after you've got the hang of it - which, for me, took like 10 seconds, I'm used to that kind of cursor handling :)

Huge fun, thanx for the author and for JIG.


this game is mental. i kept getting killed by the clones.

i felt well sick when i came off of it lol

sillybuttons August 19, 2007 9:13 PM

ha ha ha loved this one. all it needs is a put your key in the lock level and itll be just like coming home from the pup lol. whoa im actually feeling dizzy.

2headedturtle March 18, 2008 6:08 PM

um jay or whatever... why do you put the newest comments on the bottom of the page?


Because that's where the comment form is. When commenting on a page, the most recent comment is often referred to or quoted from, and having it right there in your sight when replying is why it has become standard practice to display comments in chronological order.

2headedturtle March 19, 2008 4:30 PM

you sound like my ELA teacher no offense...:-)

2headedturtle March 19, 2008 4:31 PM

is this how yoiu do a spoiler?


It has moved.

[Thanks! Links updated. -Jay]


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