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Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8!

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Game Design Competition #8Armor GamesCasual Gameplay

Announcing Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8!!

We have teamed up with Armor Games once again to bring you the next casual gameplay design competition!

Mission Design a game that incorporates the theme (see below). It doesn't have to be complex nor large in scope. Since you will have just 2 months to complete your design, simple ideas are probably the best way to go. You may use any browser-based technology platform you are comfortable with (Flash, Unity, Shockwave, Javascript/HTML5, etc.). If we can embed your finished game file on our competition page, you may use that platform to design and develop your game.

CGDC8 Theme: SandboxFor the 8th Casual Gameplay Design Competition, we are calling for entries designed around this theme: SANDBOX. You are free to interpret that any way you choose; however, judging will include an evaluation of how well the theme is represented in your game, so we ask that you submit an explanation of how the theme inspired you to create your game when you submit your entry. Use your imagination and be creative. We will select the best entries submitted to represent the competition just like we have done before. Impress us with your game design and production skills.

The Prizes
  • 1st place:
    • $1,000
  • Armor Games Awards:
    • $500 - to each of the top 3 Flash games for a non-exclusive license to appear at Armor Games.
  • Audience award:
    • $500 - determined by JIG community popular vote.

Deadline The deadline for entries is
Sunday, August 1, 2010 at 11:59PM (GMT-5:00).

So, start the brainstorming and get ready to wow us!

Sponsors We thank our sponsors for their kind support:
CGDC8 sponsorsArmor GamesCasual Gameplay

Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8Friends of Jayisgames: Please help spread word of this competition by Tweeting this announcement, sharing on Facebook, or by posting a note along with a link to this entry on your blog or website. Feel free to use this banner to link back to us. We need your support!! Thank you.

A list of rules and requirements for entry and for judging follow...

Rules Following is a complete list of rules that all participants, and their entries, must adhere to:
  1. All entries must incorporate the competition theme ("sandbox").
    Judging will include an evaluation of how well the theme is represented in your game, so we will ask you to submit an explanation of how the theme inspired you to create your game when you fill out an entry. A game may be disqualified for failure to incorporate the theme.
  2. All entries must be original works free from copyright infringement.
    No entry may be based upon the copyrighted works of another or use copyrighted multimedia assets unless permission has been granted by the copyright holder. Parodies are permitted.
  3. Game dimensions.
    Stage size can be anything up to a maximum width of 800 pixels by a maximum height of 700 pixels.
  4. Browser-based technology platforms.
    The browser-based technology platform you use to create your game with must produce a single file with which to embed on a standard HTML page. Javascript games will be embedded within an iframe on the competition page for compatibility with other scripts running on that page. You may not use iframes or other constructs that load external site content. Your game file may load local external data however, if necessary. Use a subdirectory named the same as your game to store the external data files in, and be sure to include them when submitting your entry. Update: If your game requires a database for uploading and sharing levels, for example, you may use mySQL + PHP on the competition server. A competition admin will actually set up the database for you so you must provide all the information necessary when submitting your entry.
  5. All entries must provide a link back to the CGDC #8 competition page.
    Your entry must include a link to our CGDC #8 competition page (https://jayisgames.com/cgdc8) visible on the main game menu. A link that is integrated into the overall design of your game is acceptable and encouraged. Text should read: "Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8".
  6. In-game advertisements and sponsorships.
    Competition entries may include a pre-roll ad (any source), if you wish. Ads between levels will not be allowed. We wish to keep commercialism to a minimum while emphasizing the game design challenge. You may obtain a sponsor prior to the competition deadline and include links to your sponsor's site within the game, if you wish.
  7. Site-locking your game.
    If you wish to provide us with a site-locked version of your game so that it is not playable anywhere else, you may. The domains you must allow are as follows: jayisgames.com, casualgameplay.com (for load balancing and bandwidth issues).
  8. All entries must be created specifically for this competition.
    Your game may not be in general release (publicly available to play) prior to the end of the competition (August 22, 2010). This is to emphasize the game design challenge. It does not prevent you from beta-testing your game, but you must know who your beta testers are.
  9. Updates and bug fixes will be allowed during the judging period.
    In the spirit of competition, we will allow bug fixes and updates to competition entries during the judging period. However, it is in each participant's best interest to make every effort to submit the very best possible entry prior to the deadline since the judging period begins soon afterwards.
  10. The judging period will last 3 weeks.
    All entries will be made available online shortly after the competition deadline, and the judging period will then begin for a duration of 3 weeks, ending at 11:59PM, August 22, 2010. Anyone interested in judging the games of the competition should follow the rules and instructions in the "Judging" section below. All scores must be submitted by the end of the judging period.
  11. Entries containing violence or mature themes.
    If violence or mature themes are necessary for your game, please use the ESRB Teen rating definition as a guideline to the limit of what is acceptable. Again, the aim here is to reach the largest audience possible.
  12. Participants may submit no more than 3 entries each.
  13. Participants must be 13 years of age or older (void where prohibited).

To Enter By submitting an entry to the competition, you grant Jayisgames.com and CasualGameplay a permanent, non-exclusive license to host your game, either individually or as part of a larger collection. We will always include credit to the original author and display a link to you or your sponsor's site, if desired.

When you are ready to submit your game: Please use the CGDC8 Entry Form for providing us with your name, mailing address, preferred link (optional), explanation of theme, and a few other details. Next, email your game file (or a download link) to: [email protected]

We will reply within 24 hours to confirm your entry once your game file is received.

Judging If you wish to be a judge, we have a set of rules that you must adhere to:
  • You must make an effort to play through each game completely that you wish to judge.
  • You must play and judge at least 5 games for your scores to be counted.
  • You must fill out an online survey for each game you wish to judge. A link to the survey will be emailed to you once all the game entries are available to play and the competition begins.
  • You must judge each game objectively and fairly, answering each survey question to the best of your ability. The survey is designed to assign a numerical value to the following categories for each entry. All survey questions will be multiple choice:

    • Theme: To what extent is the theme present?
    • Appeal: To what extent did the game engage you from the start and compel you to finish?
    • Fun: To what extent did you find yourself enjoying the game?
    • Composition: To what extent did the author tell a good story or create a meaningful or immersive experience?
    • Technical: To what extent was the game free from bugs, accessibility and usability issues?
    • Overall: Give this game a rating from 1 (worst) to 5 (best).
  • The judging period will last 3 weeks. All scores must be submitted by the end of the judging period (11:59PM, August 22, 2010).
  • You may not judge any game(s) for which you were a beta tester.

To request to be added to the judges list, please fill out this form:
Judging is closed. You will be notified with instructions as the deadline for the competition approaches.

If you have any questions at all about the competition rules, please post a comment here and we will address it.


Great theme! Can't wait to see what people considerably smarter than me come up with!


Ah ha! So it is sandbox!

Oh, and thanks JIG for allowing Unity. I'm currently learning that, so I might enter...

Also, will IF be allowed? Because there is your Leaflet viewer (which is Flash) and Parchment (which is JavaScript I think). Because if I'm not proficient enough in Unity, I may see if I can enter some IF instead.


MrProsser June 1, 2010 6:05 AM

I am looking forward to this. Sandbox games are some of my favorite ones to play around with. And having a glut of them will be wonderful.


Oh boy! I cant wait to play the games full of plastic sculpting shovels, buckets, and that peculiar turtle-shaped sand container where the goal is to build the best castle!

...Wait a minute.


Oh this should be interesting! haha can't wait!!


I am excited for what comes out of this. Every game these days, it seems, says it has a sandbox, to the point where that actually makes me suspicious of the gameplay. (Will there be an interesting story, too, or are you just hoping I'll ride around on a horsey forever and not notice?) So I'm really interested to see how creative you guys are in interpreting this theme.

... basically I am waiting for you to make a game with the banner guy as the protagonist. He looks like his name should be Luther or Duane.

Cheeseable June 1, 2010 8:24 AM

But why a fat guy carrying shovel and pail, why not a kid?


I agree with ilikecheese55... How did you get that photo of me from my last vacation? (Although, thanks for at least silhouetting it.)



Just one question: can I submit an updated version of a game I already made, or do UI have to start from scratch?


@artbegotti and ilikecheese55:
Whoever said it was a fat guy? Could be a fat kid >:-)


Luther or Duane? Clearly he's a Howie.

I'm looking forward to this one as well. I think my favorite part of these compos is looking for that one person that takes the theme and interprets it in such a way that just blows your mind, and "sandbox" most definitely is wide open for a bunch of differing interpretations.

So good luck everyone! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


booyah i love sandbox games


yay with the theme! We love it and going to participate =) .

awesomelyawesomeAJ June 1, 2010 12:18 PM

YAY YAY YAY I was right, the theme IS Sandbox! And I was really hoping you guys would eventually do a CGDC with the theme Sandbox. I love Sandbox games!

I'm pretty sure that is a fat baby, look at the weird way he is walking. Plus he only has 2 hairs.

smjjames June 1, 2010 12:25 PM

Woot! I love sandbox type games myself too :) Looking forward to what comes out of this one.

Its also an extremely appropriate beginning to summer here on JIG.

ShodoKat June 1, 2010 12:54 PM

I can't believe I was partly right. Somebody better put some sunscreen on that baby before I'm totally right.
Anyway I'm excited to play my first sandbox game. Judging from past contests I'm in for a treat.


You know someone (probably not me, if I can make a new game out of Balls of Salt and Water) might make a game thatis not a sandbox game, but might be like a platformer or something that takes place in a sandbox. I'm sure we will get at least one.


Sandbox games, wonder how people could interpret this due to its definition. Great idea Jay.

Hempuli June 1, 2010 2:05 PM

Heyyyy! This sounds great! And now that Multimedia Fusion has porting abilities, I am even able to try to make something.


YES!!! Sandbox games! I can't wait.

Cheeseable June 1, 2010 3:36 PM

I am always fascinated by the entries set out by aspiring game-makers in the design competitions, may these be just as good!

bluejuce June 1, 2010 4:50 PM

Hi, I was wondering if we can submit a Java (not Javascript) game as an Applet. That can be embedded in a browser, but it's not on your list of approved formats. Thanks.


What if its a new game made from the base of the game I already made?

[All entries must be created specifically for this competition. If your game was never before released, then it will be accepted. -Jay]


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I am all about the Sandbox games... ahhh I think my brain just orgasmed twice

Patreon Donator dsrtrosy June 1, 2010 10:08 PM

Well, it doesn't actually say "sandbox games" so there really isn't any definition. "Sandbox" as a theme could literally mean ANYTHING and I hope something truly new and creative wins.

TOO COOL!!! I'm excited to see where this goes!


"You know someone (probably not me, if I can make a new game out of Balls of Salt and Water) might make a game thatis not a sandbox game, but might be like a platformer or something that takes place in a sandbox. I'm sure we will get at least one."

You caught me Ganondorfchampion! xDD!

NikkiNox June 2, 2010 12:45 AM

I knew it all along. Sandbox. That's my cousin Artbegotti, and we were at Sanibel Island when that pic occured .... oh wait ... I was the one who said it would be .... oh, oops, my bad! Best of luck to all who enter can't wait to give em a go! I'm off the the sprallsmart to buy a new shovel and pail!

benjabby June 2, 2010 1:40 PM

i was wrong. BUT IM SO GLAD!!!
sandbox games are epic. i look forward to this.

sirgren June 2, 2010 3:07 PM

I added this competition to the Wikipedia page!

Otto Hottentot June 2, 2010 4:40 PM

Hello all :-)
Just a question about the judging process ... how to stop one concurrent to give very bad notes to other's games?

[We will monitor each judge's scores closely and disqualify any judge that appears to be acting unfairly or fraudulently. -Jay]



I think most people are thinking of alternative stuff. I know I am :-P


Concerning #4: can we link and pull in-game content from a database that is external to the hosting website, if the content was created in the game itself? I have an idea that involves game players being able to view other players' sandbox creations within the game itself, but I want, for example, to spotlight creations from the same database regardless of whether the game is played on jayisgames.com or on my personal website. Is this outside the scope of the rules?

[No, you may not link to an external database. Everything the game requires must be self-contained within the files you submit. -Jay]


This is going to be just awesome! Sandbox! Such a great theme. This contest should deliver some interesting ideas.

Anyways, got my own original concept ready. Can't stop thinking about it... Now let's get that engine running ;-)


Hi, I have a question... Can the same game won the three prizes?

[Yes, it's technically possible for a Flash game to win $2,000 of the $3,000 in prizes by taking 1st place and the Audience prize. -Jay]


Thanks for answer my question! I have another question: Can be multiplayer, online, mmorpg, that kind of things?

[I doubt that a multiplayer game, or an mmorpg would be feasible, but you're welcome to try. -Jay]


@Pe-ads Nice idea!


Hi :D I got a question. If I sign up to be a judge, is it ethical to also leave a public comment for the game developer and others to read? I'd at least like to give feedback to the game developer, even privately.

[Yes, there is nothing unethical about leaving honest and sincere public feedback in the comments for the entries even if you are participating as a judge. -Jay]


Question. Can we use libraries or stuff like, for example, flixel in the case we make the game in AS?

[Yes, you may use libraries in your games, but you should document their use in the credits where appropriate. -Jay]


Can't wait for the entries to start rolling in! But then again, rushed games are never as good. Dilemma...


this will be interesting.
sandbox can have several different interpretations:

1: a build-your-own world type game

2: game about a sandbox

3: any other interpretations welcome.

CyberKing June 15, 2010 2:15 PM

I know that the games must not be publicly available before the comp, but can we put them on other sites once the deadline is gone.

BTW sore losers can go away, cause I am gonna win with my awesome idea ! :)

[From the official Rules of the competition (#8): "Your game may not be in general release (publicly available to play) prior to the end of the competition (August 22, 2010)." You may release your game anytime after that. -Jay]


Parodies are accepted, are references too?

[Yes, I'm sure a reference will be fine. If there's ever any doubt, always be sure to include the reference(s) in the credits. -Jay]


Is there a file limit?

[We have never imposed a file limit. That said, you should optimize your file size to keep loading times within usual player expectations. -Jay]


I keep having problems with the preloaders and the tutorials always seem misleading. Any help about this?


I'm using AS2. I have read lots of tutorials about making preloaders and it just ends up idle, and some I don't know if it does the load function (using F12 of course to see these effects). I want to know if there's like a preloader I can use or there's a good way of making preloaders. Thanks.


Turns out I have a "dead" game with a working preloader (maybe it works), gonna have to canibalize that part out and hope it really works. Thanks anyway.

[Always try to minimize and isolate the components you're testing, or you'll be trying to find a needle in a haystack. The preloader can always be added after your game is complete, so I would suggest holding off on that until your game is fully tested. -Jay]


Okay, thanks for the advice.


Jay, what do we do with the ESRB rating if it lands on Teen(T)?

[The note about the ESRB rating is a guideline as to what is acceptable content for our competitions. A teen rating is about the maximum severity of content we would like to see, but it's only a guideline. -Jay]


I'm really looking forward to this year's entries.

I only wish that I had had the opportunity to judge the last competition (#7) because I really like text adventures.

Re: fsjd, I believe that sandbox is not only a create-your-own-world sort of game but also extends to content or choice... Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon are what I think of. Actually, while we're on the topic, can we get a little friendly discussion of what qualifies as a sandbox game?


Hmm, sandbox games used to be open games, or even said games with choices and various outcomes, non-linear.
Later games (like SecondLife or Garry's Mod) seem to have changed that concept with games that present features that the player are able to manipulate (spawn objects and move them in the sense of Garry's Mod). This to me gives the idea of sandbox more accurate because in a normal sandbox you have sand and toys and can shape that "world" the way you want.
It is read in the Wikipedia article that people are aiming to make more realistic sandbox games, with more features, details and graphics.

Conclusion: Sandbox or non-linear.

Wildbreeze July 3, 2010 8:04 PM

*ahem* Has nobody considered that the banner person could be female? I mean, obviously she's not very attractive... but... *evil grin*

Super Twichy July 15, 2010 6:00 PM

Awesome! A whole CGDC for sandbox games! The best kind! I cannot wait!

Zachary B. July 18, 2010 7:51 PM

Wow! The best compitition yet! If only I noticed it sooner. Can't wait for the new sandbox games, my favorite.


Are we allowed to make a game that stores data in browser cookies, or would that count as external access?

[Browser cookies are fine (so would using Flash's local shared object storage). We just want to discourage connecting to a remote database somewhere that could affect whether the game runs or not. -Jay]


Wait, how about a sharing feature that upload to and access external gallery? We could make sure game won't break even if played offline / the gallery is offline.

[Sorry Rosedragon, but that is expressly forbidden in the competition rules. If you need a database for your game, such as with uploading and sharing levels, then you will have to provide the files necessary for setting one up on the competition server (mySQL + PHP). -Jay]


The clock is ticking down to zero... Ooh I'm exited!


I have another question concerning external data; can a website analytics script be included? If not, is retrieving this kind of information from JiG a possibility?

[Yes, you may include a script such as Mochibot to track impressions. -Jay]

JIGuest(Alex) July 26, 2010 2:43 PM

Well, there's one week left! Let's get some good entries, you guys!


Ohhh, a sandbox theme! I heart sandbox games. This oughta be fun. :D

Zachary B. July 31, 2010 10:13 PM

I love sandbox games... 1hr and they'll be out... too bad I'll be asleep...

[I think you might have misunderstood the deadline of 11:59PM August 1st. -Jay]


I'm a big fan of sandbox type games myself. :) So I'm really anticipating the release late tonight. Hopefully there will be some really good entries.

GMT -5:00 is EST, right? Good thing I'm on the west coast US. :) Although I may have to wait until tomorrow morning if the entries don't show up almost right away as I'm sure there will be people trying to make use of as much time as possible and so there will be 'late' entries.

[Actually I think it's EDT right now (for daylight savings time). And no, the entries won't be going up immediately at midnight. There are always some last minute entries, and we need time to prepare and test them in our competition interface. Look for the entries to go up around mid-day-ish on Monday. -Jay]


So excited! I am literally about to explode and see various games from my favorite genre: Sandbox! And I can wait another week if I have too! It's just so worth it!


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