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Fortune Hunter:
Wrath of Anubis

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Rating: 3.9/5 (65 votes)
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DanTheArcherFortune Hunter: Wrath of AnubisYou really have to feel bad for ancient rulers of empires past. It's like, they stow every last artifact, relic, and jeweled chalice into gilded tombs just to keep them safe for the trip to the underworld, but they may as well just put a big, gleaming bullseye in the scarab motif on the front door. There will always be some ne'er-do-well, Stetson-clad treasure hunter with a glint of gold in their eye who can read five dead languages for no apparent reason and has their spelunking boots all laced up. Prepare for an adventure alongside one such hero in the latest platformer from JFlashGaming, Fortune Hunter: Wrath of Anubis.

The controls and setup are pretty much standard fare for a game of this type. Use the [arrow] keys to move, [space] to jump, tapping it again in the air to double-jump, and the [up] and [down] arrows to open doors and chests respectively. There's also some wall-jumping action involved, which is explained by the game when you'll need it. Other mechanics and the like will be explained as you explore level after level, trouncing baddies and collecting golden idols that allow you to move from one leg of the tomb to the next.

Platforming in this game is fairly tight, although occasionally the wall-jumping won't operate as smoothly as you'd like. There's also a brief learning curve in jumping on enemies' heads; the hit box is right on their insidious craniums, so make sure you bop them there and nowhere else. Once you're past those hiccups, however, the action's top-notch, and some of the trickier chests will require all of your platforming skill to locate. There's all manner of deadly traps and marauding mummies to keep you on your toes, and the retro-esque adventure style ought to keep you entertained for however long you decide to hunt for your fortune.

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The game wouldn't load for me. I tried both Firefox and IE8 but no luck so far.


Was anyone else totally reminded of that one game? The... uh...

That one game where you're that white blob and you're jumping up the tower and it's pink (?) and you're trying to avoid enemies while collecting coins and jewels but you can exit every few levels and if you die you lose all your coins/jewels?

Yeah, that game. *name please?*


Has anyone managed to get the second chest on level 11, the one on the level's last screen?

The time-limit between pulling the lever and the door closing seems *way* too short to make it all the way back across the room. I can get back there, and up to where the chest is, but not within the time limit.


Totally unplayable. Just the entry screen -- the one that shows you all the controls -- was unpassable.

For some reason, the controls were extremely sticky. If I pressed right, I'd move right, but then keep doing so even after letting go of the key. Pressing left would move me left, but letting go would have me running to the right.

Or vice versa.

Sometimes a movement key wouldn't register at all until I'd pressed it several times.

I'm not sure what the cause is. For the record, I'm using IE8 on Vista 32-bit Ultimate.


HeroForge - I just tried in IE8 on XP and could not reproduce the issue you descript. Make sure your Flash Player is updated.



You're thinking of Tower of Greed.


Sometimes, there's nothing I enjoy more than a simple, well-made platformer. Sure, this doesn't really innovate in any way, but it satisfies my platformer craving and leaves me feeling satisfied. A total lack of "what the hell just happened, I thought I jumped" moments is a huge plus.


Angelade, it's Tower of Greed.

I am also reminded of Moneyseize.


I thought level 07 was tricky until I got to the timed section of level 11-2.

...and that was enough for me to take a break for a while. Had all chests and coins through 10 levels.


found there were several times where I would hit the spacebar and not jump...got very frustrating...ok platformer, just has a few execution problems, I think


Very enjoyable. Graphics are clean and detailed, you're never at a want to tell what is what.

Hit detection for the stomping is a little loose. I wish the hitbox for hitting the heads was bigger.

Level design is very good. The difficulty ramps up nicely as you progress, and the bonus rooms are devilishly difficult without being artificially so. I'm on level 17, and so far impressed.

I wish there was more variety in the graphics. After unlocking the door to the second zone, I was expecting a drastic change in background, and maybe some new enemy graphics. If the levels were more varied, it would be much enticing to collect the statues to see later areas.

It is disappointing that completing the levels is relatively pointless. The real progression is by collecting the statues and coins, and surviving the level is meaningless except to keep the statue. An inexpert player who makes it their goal to simply complete a stage by reaching the door accomplishes nothing. The bonus stages in zone 1 subverted this nicely by having a single chest and single screen: the only goal was to get the chest and escape. This model would have done well for the rest of the game.

I'd like the option to jump with the UP arrow instead of space, and use DOWN to enter doors as well as open chests. This might have minor consequences on levels where you would want to duck in front of the door and not enter, but that can be addressed with some simple level design changes.

Wall jumping would be tremendously improved if the hero 'stuck' to walls when he touches them, not just when you hold in that direction. Jumping up wide shafts is very difficult because you're holding right when jumping off the right wall, which arcs you away from the left wall.

All in all, an excellent game. I look forward to completing it.



There is a detailed fix for the IE8 "sticky keys" bug here: http://www.candystand.com/search?faqQuestionId=726

It's a known problem with Flash / IE8 running in "Protected Mode".

Hope this helps.



I finished the game. The bonus content was really enjoyable.

There are 52 idols in the game, while it would seem like the developers expect there to be precisely 50, as that is the number to unlock the bonus rooms. Level 23 contains 3 idols, even though the level select says it only contains 2 (Upon completion, the level reads 3/2).



i seem to spontaneously combust on the first room in level 15 when im riding the elevator. once it reaches a certain point above the spikes i just die for no reason. has anyone else had this problem?


OMG yes, Tower of Greed. Thanks so much! :)


This is a great game, but the unreliable double jump is really, really frustrating.


I agree the double-jump is unreliable, and I think it's at least partially due to using the space-bar as the jump button. I really wish I could switch that to a "normal" key.


The problem with this game is the ads slowing it down so you die during a delicate jump or trying to hit an enemy



I agree, level 11 absolutely defeated me at first, but there is a knack to it. First, make sure to 'activate' the bat at the beginning before heading to the switch at the end. Then, after switching it: Fall off the platform, pull right to avoid the spikes, pull left and use your double jump to land on the ground. Double jump over the pit (ignoring the mummy if it's still there) then again into the gap in the wall. If you're lucky (and it might take a few tries) the bat will be at the right place. Double jump onto it then off it into the alcove. Press down on the box, jump to collect the gems then get out before the wall shuts! I haven't managed it with more than a fraction of a second to spare, but practice will make perfect.

It still leaves me wondering, why put such a challenge (possibly the hardest bit) so early in the game?


Well, *I* am reminded of "House of Usher" for C64. Although that game was much shorter but much more devious. And had the coolest intro ever.

Anyways, I like these retro platformers. The only nitpick I can think of is that I'd prefer if sublevels weren't multiscreens and that the difficulty curve was a little steeper. But overall tis a nice game.

zbeeblebrox January 29, 2010 11:44 PM

Totally solid. Great design for the most part. Super slow tutorial, but I suppose that's fine for those who are inexperienced, perhaps. Controls handled okay too (though, as mentioned elsewhere, Jumping is better suited to a "proper" key - the spacebar cannot guarantee a reliable keypress).

But it breaks rule 15 of platformer game design: Never, ever make the player use a finite resource to get somewhere. Like, for instance, forcing the player use a jump boost from killing an enemy who doesn't respawn in order to get to a certain part of the room. This is bad, even when it's for a secondary objective. Unless it's a supersecret hidden easter egg hack surprise, that's a big no no.

Anonymous February 2, 2010 1:55 PM

yes! I finished the complete game!!, with all jewelry, coins and idols, including from bonus levels!!!


does anyone know how to get the chest on lvl 26 and get back to the exit without dying?


Great game. All levels are very enjoyable and felt fresh. The unreliable double jump was the only major point of frustration. WASD option would have been nice aswell as arrow keys sometimes don't combine well.


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