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Flash Circle TD

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Rating: 4/5 (47 votes)
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Flash Circle TDThomasDear JIG community, David Scott is back. If you don't recall who that is, you will certainly remember Flash Element TD, David's first JIG-featured title.

Yes, he's back, and he brought candy. In Flash Circle TD, you will immediately find yourself at home with similar concepts as before. It is your duty to defend your position against wave after wave of various types of monsters. What kind exactly to expect next is always indicated in the bottom right of the screen.

You may build (and upgrade!) five different categories of towers, which you may find familiar from the previous game as well, even though there have been slight adjustments for balancing reasons.

Buying new towers and upgrading existing towers happens in real time. And this is where the new concept comes into play. Instead of pausing between waves, the game goes on continuously. If you don't manage to dispose of all the monsters in a wave, they will "circle" indefinitely. However, if you allow 100 of the beasts to accumulate, then the game is over.

Compared to the first title, this warrants a shift in strategy. You have all the time in the world to kill your foes, as long as there aren't more than 100 of them on-screen at the same time.

Analysis: I have been addicted to Flash Element TD for quite a while, and I suspect that the same will happen to Flash Circle. The slightly different setting is even more appealing to me, as it takes away the haste and replaces it with a need to establish slowly a working setup of towers that can deal with larger and larger hordes of evil.

This puts even more stress on the element of strategy, which I personally find appealing.

David has delivered a fresh take on a familiar concept that is easy to pick up, demanding enough to be enjoyable in the long term, and allows for enough variety in approach to have the player coming back for more. Thumbs up and play Flash Circle TD!

Play Flash Circle TD


never been bored on playing anykind of TDs ^^

mighluss March 15, 2007 5:07 AM

1st game: lvl 49, 1311 points!

this one is also great!


This is definitely a great new twist on FETD, into which I sunk a great many work hours...

My only problem with this version is that the $/kill gradient as you increase with level (50+) does not seem at all in line with the cost to deal enough damage to kill at that level.

bitingback March 15, 2007 6:01 AM

second time around I made it to lvl 76 - 2096 for my score. I had to invest major money in the splash towers, but I agree, last time, higher level waves gave you more money, but this time I felt as though I were struggling for every penny. I would have liked more expensive towers which did a lot more damage to match the 9k plus critters which were attacking.

On the plus side, there was no time to be bored, the music was great, I loved the sounds of the game, and I will be pointing this game out to friends.


Well, 1st try 67 (1820 points).

I do agree... maybe have stronger air/ground towers. Those firebirds suck. Also more monies for the harder/mix creeps would be a huge help.


Woah! Intense game, lots of fun. My best is 1725... and I think from then on the game is going to become impossible. Enemies with 4-5k health is tough!


I reach lvl 70 - score 1972
In the old game you could earn more money by saving. I was trying to decide if that was happening here but could not be sure. Not much if it does. Shame, I liked that feature.


First time lvl 57 - 1775

Love tower games, but I have to agree that the higher HP wasn't giving back equivalent coin, hurts as you go on.

Replay value is high for sure, there might be a good upgrade, tower type ratio.

Andrew B March 15, 2007 1:55 PM

A good strategy is to complement each tower with a pair of slow down towers (I had 4 at each entry point). This helps a lot on harder levels.


Third try: level 75, score 2088.

I agree, the harder creeps need to bring in more money. Overall, though, this is a high quality addiction!


First try: 1896! Wow that was good fun, i didnt have a specific tactic so i expect i could get better if i tried. I will definitely come back to this one


84/2334 (I'm sure not going to bother registering with Candyland)

I think that, once again, splash towers with a wide splash radius are the only way to go. I used 2 groups of (eventually) 4 splash towers each, with some airs in the middle island. On my first couple tries, I used some slow-down towers for the purpose of "clumping" creeps for better splash damage, but I don't think that it's an overall benefit - I didn't use any this time.

I wish there were some more control/strategy over where your towers fired - I can't quite figure out the pattern (if there is one, perhaps it's randomized), and thus I can't really optimize when I get to the point of ~80 half-killed creeps wandering around.

And to the people complaining about the game getting harder as you go on: I think it's supposed to work that way. Just see how long you can last.


This game is incredible!

I just got to level 75 with a score of 2065 on first try! It turns out that the key to doing well in this game is to NOT upgrade your towers (more money efficient to just build level 0 towers).

My strategy was to just go for splash and air towers. I filled the center with air towers and placed splash towers on the outer perimeter. I feel that if I didn't upgrade 5 towers to max in the beginning, I could have done even better.

Juh.ache March 15, 2007 3:23 PM

First time playing

level 57

1842 points

fantastically brilliant game!


I actually did the opposite of Zhus, I had four splash towers (each with an ice or slow tower) at each entrance, and then six air towers in the center, and then I just kept upgrading as I got more money.

Got roughly the same score too. lvl 77 2095.

Also, if you didn't know, you can click on creeps to have any towers that are in range fire at them. So if you see an approaching low HP creep but your guys are all firing at the new batch, you can swing them around.

Annihilatopia March 15, 2007 4:01 PM

Second try score:
level: 94
Score: 2616

My strategy to get to level 94: build only splash towers, while occationally adding air towers to fend off air attacks. When you have filled up the central isle that overlooks the two paths, start upgrading all of them.

winterbear March 15, 2007 4:32 PM


first try I got to level 76 before the money ran out.

I used a lot of upgrades... some of my spalsh towers were level 9. I am not sure that the big damage towers were worth the trouble.

I liked this game, but it was pretty slow going. got bored after level 50. it was aparent at that point that it was going to strangle you slowly to death as your money ran out. I am not sure I am going to play it again since it took so long the first time.


My high score is 2326 at level 84, using only Splash and Air towers, and not upgrading until I ran out of good locations. Great game, and thanks for the review.


would seem level 76 is the one to beat

sstteevvee March 15, 2007 9:24 PM

ARGH! They just keep on coming! Level 101, score 2822. The stupid fast ones mess things up, and the flying ones take ages to go down, and mean you have to really swat the other ones fast. Also they get in the way of the water. Good game, addictive but kinda slow at times.


Booo! I was wondering why I was having a hard time....For some reason the upgrade buttons weren't appearing, so I just placed more and more towers! Not boo to the game, boo to my computer? Anyway, I love this game, especially it's new prettiness.


Myyyy Mistake, found them. I thought I was to upgrade them as a whole, not individually! Oops!


Oh no....I'm very sad. I've been terribly excited about this game being finished, and I must say that I'm disappointed. Not that I still don't have all the respect in the world for David Scott....I just think that perhaps the beautiful simplicity, and of course the unique (and noticeably cunning) personality, of the first game was somehow lost during the development of this one. Even just the basic premise is kind of absurd: why are these creatures wandering so stupidly into a mess of walls and cannons, and just endlessly circling, whilst being attacked so mercilessly? The first game gave the impression that the creeps were running the gauntlet, but with a goal in mind - racing through a maze to get to the end, where they would, I don't know, gain access to one's inner stronghold or something. Why are these foolish things just circulating pointlessly, like blind cattle? It was so fun to thwart the bastards in the first game - I don't get what we're supposed to be thwarting in this one: are we simply delivering the pathetic creeps from their blind, bovine idiocy? I guess it's a big ol' mercy-killing of sorts. Certainly there's nothing threatening about crowds of confused, jostling things.

Also: the breaks between waves in the first game were better than this constantly moving, eternal stream of creeps. There was more anticipation from level to level. Having the option to pause just isn't the same.

The creeps themselves, even, aren't as well-defined. They're unnamed (a small detail but an important one, to me), and kind of uninterestingly designed, I find.

I could go on and on, but it is, in fact, only a game, and there's no real reason to grind it up. I want to be clear - I think David Scott is great at what he does, and I'm still thrilled to see what he comes up with next. I just remember how many hours of pleasure the first one gave me - after playing this one only once, I can honestly say that I think I'm done with it.


1101, I see where you're coming from on a lot of what you say, although I will keep playing it. The nature of the challenge is changed a lot, which could be disappointing. I also liked the creature names, and how you knew the level pattern, and the interest you earned, from the first game.

My one big qualm with this one is that I can't read the hp of the creatures in the bottom right-hand corner- it's too small.


I miss the interest feature of the previous game.

Kate Blanquette March 16, 2007 4:01 AM

lv.45 1313 on first try
lv.63 1723 on second (using the splash cannon strategie)

I found that air towers aren't expensive to upgrade to max level...

And I prefer this fast-paced version of the game over the other (but I'm not much of a strategist..)


This game definitely exercises your index finger if you wanna get past 100 level, the key is definitely slower downers and splashers but youve also gotta be good at focusing your slower downers on the front of a line and keeping it fixed at the front so that when the faster ones reach the front they all pile up moving at the same pace....my finger aches now after constant clicking. of course using this grouping method it is more advantageous to have a focused group of upgraded spalshers rather than spread out ones


First try:

level 101
2826 points

My strategy: fill the second of the three walls with splash towers without upgrading them until the area is full, and put a few air towers in the middle, upgrading them as needed.

Anyone know how many levels there are total?


133/3749 (And I really quit at about level 130 'cause I got bored)

Thank you xadrian for figuring out the click-mechanic! CLICK ON THE CREEPS TO FOCUS YOUR FIRE!

I used one group of 4->11 fully upgraded splash towers in the mid-upper-right, along with a dozen strategically placed slow-downers (some on the right edge to be focused with the splashers, some along the top edge to auto-clump the group incoming from the left).

FhnuZoag March 16, 2007 4:35 PM

I'm sorry, but this is not a good tower defense game. And I say this after having played to a score of over 2000, and quitting simply out of boredom. The problems are:

1. Upgrades are out of whack. Completely. In all cases, building more towers is better than upgrading an existing one - instead of doubling etc, each upgrade costs somewhat more than building another tower, and improves stats somewhat less. Further, no special capabilities are added. This removes the decision aspect of choosing whether to boost specific areas or improve coverage, to a mechanical process to covering the entire map and upgrading when you have nowhere to build.

2. No more cash saving aspect. There are no longer any rewards for taking risks or doing well. Whereas in the Elements TD, we had a mechanic where you try to survive on the minimum amount of spending to earn more cash, there's no incentive to save up money at all. You just spend it the moment it comes.

3. No more boss enemies.

4. Useless slow turrets. What is the point of slowing the enemies down when they can't escape? What is the point of slowing without splash, which means that they don't perform the essential function of bunching enemies up for splash turrets?

5. Tower positioning ceases to matter. Because you have multiple waves, the fact is, most of your towers, whereever they are placed, will be firing all the time. This means that they are running at max efficiency, so it means the amount of damage you are dealing at a certain point in the game is independent of your level of skill - because you've had to kill X monsters to survive to this point, you must have had X cash, and so bought X pts of damage per second - which is compared to the X amount of enemy HP coming onto the map at each point. Unless you made an avoidable mistake like buy slow towers, or upgrade towers when you could have been building them, or have no air towers, etc, you aren't influencing the outcome of this game.

6. In the end, there is just no excitement in the game. Bunches of enemies circulating doesn't convey any idea of whether you are close or far from victory. You don't get the panic of trying to rush build a new tower to catch some escapers. It's just a totally mechanical process, until it becomes just mathematically impossible for you to survive.


i tend to visit this site infrequently (main reason: the games are too much fun... selfprotection you could call it :-) but something notice in some of the reviews (and particularly in this one) is that they cant be read seperately from others... for instance: this review is almost completely written in comparison with the older/other game. with no knowledge of the previous one i didnt really understand what the game was about.

so a little request to help us infrequent (but very loyal!) visitors: could you please make the reviews readable seperatly from the rest? and make for example a comparison at the end?

oh and the first game (which i played because i was so curious to understand all the references :-) is definately better!

cheers and hope i didnt hurt anyones feelings :-s


Good constructive criticism, Jaap, and I agree with you. Each review should stand on its own and require no previous knowledge to understand the game being discussed.

Thanks for your feedback! We'll work harder at this, I promise! =)


I am in agreement with iceman, FhnuZoag, and 1101. The game is, quite frankly, unbalanced and does not hold a candle to element TD.

It feels like he tried too hard to make an all new game, when he should have focused on making a better game. I think that it should have used the same towers, at the same prices and strengths, in addition to a series of new towers that would give us a better variety of options.

However, the very issue of them going in circles, turns the game from something winnable into something endured. The best you can hope for is to get to a point where you cannot build or upgrade any further and wait, in boredom, until you are overrun. Further, why is it called tower defense? What am I defending? The creeps' right to a habitrail uncongested with their brethren?


My first impressions is that the game play is unbalanced and just not that much fun. I was all geared up to vent my spleen, but FhnuZoag said it all for me.

I can see the intention was to create a hectic environment but the lack of cash to develop your defences just makes it frustrating.

But it looks and sounds great - you can sense that there's a superb game in there just struggling to get out. Maybe loosen the old purse strings and add one or two new towers in later levels and it would play a lot better.

The original was always going to be a tough act to follow - I'm really looking forward to seeing what David Scott will come up with in the future.


Great look, disappointing content. This new version eviscerates the good game qualities of the original, instead of enhancing them to create progression to a better version. It seems most of the reviews are positive simply because the urge to try to exceed your previous level/score makes the game, as disappointing as it is, highly addictive. So from at least one point of view, it's a highly successful new version. But it could have been so much more.


first try lvl 73.. got bored and pretty much gave up. sold all my towers and bout the massive slow ones x_x

Nicholas March 18, 2007 6:03 AM

HI everyone!
I played the new flash circle TD and it was FANTASTIC!!!!! i really enjoyed it! and i got to level 58! i love this game! please make 2 and 3!! bye!


I agree that the first game was far superior and this one is not as good - however with some tweaking it could get much better. Specific suggestions

1) Bring back interest! Say 5% given as each new wave comes in. (Or make interest dependent on number of creeps on screen)
2) Give some incentive to clear the creeps faster. Adjust the interest you can get - give a spot bonus for clearing the screen etc.
3) Have creeps leave after x amount of time (3 loops?) This would decrease the max creeps that could hit the board. Or after they leave you randomly lose a tower (the creeps in this scenario are suicide bombers!)
4) I really miss the additional towers. They were fun to play with and made possible numerous strategies. Don't need the same towers but more variety would be nice.
5) How about the ability to buy tower building efficiency - i.e. for 5000 every upgrade is 1/2 price.

Those were just some ideas off the top of my head. As someone else said I see the glimmers of a great game inside this.


What would have been nice, and if anybody wants to take this idea and run with it can go right ahead, is to expand the scope of the original with some aspects of the new.

First, a larger field, perhaps 2x6, with one exit and 5 creep entrances to the maze (C = creeps, H = Home)

| |
| |
C| |C
| |
| |

So then you could have creeps come in from far away from your home, or right on top of it - or split up between them all. It would not just be a strategy of point profits, you would have to really plot the towers to assure best defense. In Element TD and circle TD, you know where the creeps are coming in and their path, in this set-up, you'd have to plan things much more carefully and what worked once might not work again since the creeps in your next run through the game may well use different entrances.

There could be areas throughout the maze that allow for airborne or burrowing creeps to take shortcuts perhaps.

The different sized towers is a good idea. Though there need to be a greater diversity of towers regardless of the TD game - in element TD we had the fire towers which were great for both air and ground but in this TD, we are pretty much limited to arrows if we want dual defense.

Interest, interest, interest. Fair pricing and interest make the game managable and more entertaining. It was one of the key features that set element TD apart from the other TD games, it was strategy on financial and tactical levels.

A higher number of people in the home, probably 36 to 42, due to the higher volume of creeps.

A steadier progression of levels, no U B Pro things that say the creator went stupid or bored, and a higher number of finite levels - 100 to 200 would be good.

Immunities could be extended to the types, if it was elemental, air attacks would do 50% damage to flyers but 150% to earth enemies, earth would do 20% damage to burrowers but totally ruin a flyer with like 180%, and so on.

Traps: mid-cost, single-use towers with a very high-yield, that can be placed anywhere in the maze. Probably see these concentrated around the home to put some last-ditch, serious hurt on creeps that got too close.

Perhaps have the upgrades for each tower split up. For instance, say you have a cannon that to upgrade costs 30 gold, and that gives improvements to range, damage and speed. Well, it might be interesting to split those up, 10 gold for each, so you could improve just one of the functions of the turret. Wise use of this could help the cunning strategist, as he could use vastly improved range to hurt lower level creeps early while building up his gold stores.

Okay, I'll shut up now. :-]


Ascii diagrams don't work with HTML, extra white space is removed. Your best bet is to post a link to an image hosted somewhere.


Sorry, sir, I did not know. I whipped this quick and dirty example up. I hope it works.



Nice list of idea's there, Brandon. :)

I agree, this game is somewhat shallow compared to the previous one. My main grip with it is that it takes so long. No, actually, that it feels like it'll take me a long time. And in the end, there's too few strategies that can really get you far. Perhaps it's the open-ended nature of this game that makes that so obvious?

However, I've played it a few times, and maybe I'll give it yet another try (to beat my level 90 or so). It definitely looks polished and it's obvious a lot of work went in there.


hi everyone! flash circle TD is amazingly fun!!! i got to level 57! it sure was fun to play!

Quandaar March 21, 2007 4:24 PM

Hey guys,
The scope of comments here is interesting. Some saying they love it, and some terribly disappointed. But what you all don't seem to be aware of, is that David Scott did not create either of these games. These games have both existed for a couple of years in the form of custom maps made with Warcraft 3 and very popular on battle.net. David Scott just created flash versions of these popular games. What this means is that lots of your suggestions as well as your insights into his motivations or what he was trying to do are a little misled. He's just copying an already existing game, in both cases. You can't add interest to circle td, because circle td doesn't use an interest system. He does need to tweak upgrade prices, and maybe bounty, but the game is what it is. If he changes it at the core, it's not circle td anymore. Still, some of them are good suggestions that would make the game more fun, if less authentic. Sorry if that bursts anyone's bubble, or if you already knew it and I didn't catch on from your comments.



level 137, score 3,810
my god that was a slog. if id managed it slightly better i probably could have done twenty or thirty more levels. key is ice/water/slow towers and fully upgraded splash towers then directing all the firing to the front of the queue of enemies as someone said before...i ended up with about 10 fully upgraded splash towers all in the top middle right and four more which were on their way being upgraded when i died... and about 30 ice towers and 20 air towers with the ice mainly concentrated at the left and right sides of the map to bunch up the enemies.


Its cool ...
any way i did not upgrade
Its nice
but with trainer its too bad
Any way guys any one need the Trainer
Msg me
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Full Money choose level its fun

Nicholas March 24, 2007 3:31 AM

hi everyone! flash circle TD is a brilliant game! i got to level 60 but i cant seem to get much further than that though!!! here is how i did it!

i just put nothing but fast arrow towers...and without upgrading any of them! put arrow towers wherever you want! its great fun watchin all those arrows fire at different enemies!! hope it works! have fun! bye!

Anonymous March 25, 2007 10:17 PM

Hm... I agree somewhat with Brandon, but his map is somewhat extensive, and would require an extroadinary amount of coding to do, and that is not something that just one David Scott can do. Maybe if he had a full fledged 10 man team he MIGHT be able to do it in 4 months. And that's pushing it. If you want something intricate like that, you might as well go buy Warcraft III, download the TD maps, and play there.

Although, this may seem hypocritical, I've always wondered if someone could create Monsters that move on the same plain as the towers.


Whereas the monsters bump into an obstacle, so they head to the exit so they can go to the target, in this case, the "Defending Tower". The coding for this will be....interesting to write I'm sure, but it would be an interesting catch. Wonder if I could suggest it to David..


I play only on hard level and i can't survive for more than 1887 points...


if none of you noticed but there is interest. look beneath the maze and in faint writing it says stuff like
''Sending wave 91, creep bonus of $12 and $60 in interest added to your bank.''
the more money you have the more interest


I think I beat you all. But I have no proof :).

I was logging the progress. So it might be interesting. Too bad the game is infinite - I "played" it for several hours and still didn't lose.

At level 130, I had about 22k of money in the bank. And actually,
It was growing all the time.
At level 140, I filled all the map with towers. This has costed me
something, so I left with about 25k. I left some space in the bottom
to add towers later, when I know for sure if I need air or damage
At level 147, I spent a lot of money, about 10k, to upgrade all
my damage towers, because creeps amount reached 75 and I was scared
that it can end :).
This had left me with 25k money again.
I have celebrated level 150 upgrading many splash towers - many of them
were still at level 0. This left me with 20k of money. This is becoming
rather costly :).
At level 152 I killed most creeps, only 18 were left. So my upgrades
helped :). And so I left it alone for a few levels.
Level 161. Only lesser upgrades so far, money at 40k. Still killing most
164. Time for upgrade :). This time massive fire upgrade for about 15k.
Doesn't look very effective, but well, I killed most of the creeps.

Level 190. I'm still alive. Upgraded all air towers to maximum. This did't
cost me much. 60k of money. And damage upgrade for 50k. Few more levels
and I will be able to upgrade everything at all. But I don't need it
just now.
Let it go without me.
Level 208. Goes fine without me :). 110k Money.
210. I have decided to upgrade all damage towers. Tricky. Only upgraded
most middle towers, probably about the half of the total. Spent 70k :)
Ok, let's just wait a little more.
This worked fine - killed everyone on level 214 and 215 :).
Probably the effect will last for next 20 levels, so I won't bother.
240. Money no longer use. They are more I can spend.
Deleted all fire towers. Changed to air.
245. Finished upgrading all the towers and filling empty gaps.
Not all I could actually build is done.
I may exchange damage to air towers though if I need.

So I left it like this. It was fine on level 350 - still figthting. But
THEN I accidently closed explorer, and all my progress was lost :(.

1. Slow towers are useless. They can have some little use in the beginning,
but they are useless anyway.
2. Land towers are totally useless. Only work several levels in the
beginning. Then sell it.
3. Keep many creeps in the beginning to earn more investment. Just if
you can keep them at 90 all the time, it's perfect.
4. Looks like you have to get rid of fire towers eventually and
change them on damage.
Creeps with 50000 hit points doesn't suffer much from 50 splash.
Even 50x50 is only 2500.


So, how did you get that high of level? Thanks!


This was easy enough. I just preserved the money until I absolutely needed to spend them.
There is intererest in this game, so when you're receiving 1k each wave, you can be sure you don't lose.


jaguard can you explain how you got to level 130 first please?


I'm telling - I preserved money. Basically, every 5 levels you MUST increase your bank sum. So only spend a little, build towers of level 0 - splash + air, later - damage.
Don't upgrade to more than level 1 - it's a waste of money. Better build two new towers instead. And that's it.
I'll beat it once again maybe in a few days.


I have been watching the cash and I don't notice any interest whatsoever in Flash Circle TD..


Hello all!
When i left work i was on level 200 and had over one million $ in bank. I only use damage towers and air towers. I used as few towers as i could the whole game and now i get over 20000 with intrest. When i left work i had the whole map filled with level 9 damage towers and air towers. I am curious if the game is over.

What i didn't like:
1. no shortcut key for sell or upgrade.
2. from level 150 the game speed was terrible! CPU over 60%. i thing because there were too many air towers.

Good luck to you all!
I will post a screen capture tomorrow with the score!


G'day everyone.

My final score - 20908.
Final bank amount - 83742731
Im not sure what level I was on. At level 350 or so the gameplay was getting very slow, so I clicked the button for lower graphics and my level went back to 20 and didnt change much. So I think i must of got to level 390 or around there.

I had 95 fully upgraded damage towers.
All the rest were air towers or slow.
There was no spare space at all.
In the end I needed more air towers.

Does anyone know how many levels there are???


P.S. I love this game. Well done David Scott!!!
Im going to try it on hard now.


on the 1st time i got to lvl 71 with around 2500 points

but it gets tough when you get the hard/fast creeps


I have solved game once again. It's only funny on first maybe 50 levels, when you actually have a choise of some kind, and a strategy.
My final score is 23460, and the level is 408. It would have been more a little, but I left my PC for night to work at one point. I run out of money then, so several towers were not fully upgraded.
I 've even registered at candystand, and I was number ~40 daily top. And around 80 in month top.
So well, I'm not actually the only one this high.


Oh, and btw. I noticed that the game was updated at one point. Damage towers used to cost 350, and then they became only 260, and this ruined the balance completely.


Ok.. I have been playing the original version. I cleared my cache in IE and went to the site and low and behold I now have the new version WITH interest. The original didn't have interest. Now lets see how high I can get..

Chaos669 March 31, 2007 3:16 PM

Got to around lvl 100 something...just used damage towers...the gameplay was wayyyy toooo slow, so I just exited of boredom. Used mostly damage towers with some air towers.


I am pleased that the Interest feature has been added to this game. I only reached level 94 before it was added. I remember liking the Interest feature in Flash Element TD, and now I am enjoying Flash Circle TD once again with new depth, thanks to the Interest feature.

Thanks to the addition of Interest, I've finally come face to face with a Creep that has Hard, Fast and Air attributes, in level 315. I snagged a picture of their details as a souvenir. I doubt that I'll survive until level 630 to see them again, though...


i can't lose xD... i have never lost in this gamee}

i have now a fortune of $104.000 on lvl 102... computer is too slow that rounds are an eternity... it's very easy


Aw, I finally died. :(

Wow, I got much further than I thought I'd manage, though. I struggled my way to level 425 and had a final score of 24442, placing me 3rd on this month's leaderboard. Yay!

Firefox and Flash were running extremely slow before long, though. Firefox had over one million Page Faults by the end, according to Task Manager. Does anyone know how to counter this problem?

The same thing happened with flOw; after keeping it running in one window for a couple of hours or so, the frame rate began to deteriorate drastically, until I reloaded it. This also happened with the offline version of flow: It ran smoothly for a while, but became painfully slow within hours, regardless of the amount of action displayed on-screen.


I have a question, I just found out about the change in the game, but it looks like clicking has been removed (being able to click on an enemy to target it) has any one else noticed this.
I tried on both Firefox and IE


Yes, Darren, I also noticed that the clicking feature has been removed.

I surmised this was because the clicking feature was an extra element of strategy that, if used right, could give you an edge to get further; and now the Interest feature that has been added serves as a replacement for this, as using the Interest feature correctly will also give you an edge (especially when you gain more money than you know what to do with).

Of course, that's just my guess. I don't really think I would have made use of the click-to-target feature in the laters levels anyway; the towers usually attacked the creeps that I wanted them to.


with the changes made i'm now on level 249, with almost 40million gold. will i make it to level 1000 ? can i wait that long? nice game love it. :)


my highest level is 252


Wow. Exhausting.

I got to level 389 with a score of 22,352 and bank of 49,992,418. I was mortified to see that I didn't even make the top 10 in the leaderboard.

There's always tomorrow!


258/14908 and still running...
this is getting pretty boring...
the key is interest and damage towers.
check out my layout:

Richard Armstrong April 3, 2007 1:39 PM

lvl 256 and still goin...planning on just leaving it on through tomorrow


lvl 611 gonna keep the window up for the rest of the week, i think i have the world record.


I got 2856 points in 47 levels then died at level 48. What I dont understand is how everyone got such low scores?


god..... all noboos..here is best tactic to go on and on and on!
first make 2 packs of 4 splash lvl 0 towers at the right side ends were the right creeps spawn.
then make 4 Damage towers and put them on the ledge between middle and upper ledge were your splash towers stand... place them straight against the splash towers.
make 1 air tower in exacly the middle of the map. upgrade it as high as possible but no need to upgrade to 9 in beginning. then... sell all your splash towers to get money they started to slack anyway...whit that money you got from them make ONLY Damage towers and place them aside the other damage towers you had already build and vertical were the second pack of splash towers were.
If we have 15 Damage towers you will be around Wave(level) 26-28 then you can start collecting interest!
let them keep on comming till your maximum points reach 80 then use all your interest and build again ONLY damage towers then again interst and then damage towers.
this will let you WIN the game!

Level unknown score (to High)


I love this game!!! lvl:59 Score:3214 This games Rocks My sockS!!


Yo ppl, I made to lvl 417 and almost 24k points, actually 23978

1st tip - never use fast tower
2nd- Keep all money you can on bank
3rd - Sell the air towers after they kill the air creeps, do that till 3rd air wave or so

Only thing i have to figure out is why I eventually dont gain the 2 poins from some crips(1 in the round usually) and that make a huge difference in the end... took me all day running the game and change a lil tower places to get from 23976 to 23978 >.<


Nile River: Level 611? Wow, that does sound like world record material. I'd love to see how far you get. I didn't think it was even possible to get that far, considering how much the limited area of land restricts your total firepower. Good luck, and don't forget to take a screenshot before you exit, if you're still playing!

Dyansty April 7, 2007 5:13 PM

I got to 48 with 2572 points my first try, I just filled every space with the cheap arrow towers, my downfall was i started to upgrade them to level 1 which is not worth it at all until every space is filled, the sheer quantity of arrows made the "20 second" rounds last for a minute a piece in the end, i think if i'd stuck with just building new towers instead of upgrading i could've made it farther.


I do fine until about lvl 90, and then the creeps just get too strong to kill quickly and you run out of money quick. How do you get to the point that you bank enough to start getting serious interest? I have tried all kinds of strategys and they all fall apart around lvl 90.


hmm I get to around level 110~111 when I die.. have 9 level 9 air towers, but they can't seem to kill the air mobs fast enough.. Besides air towers I have 80 level 0 damage towers.. But I still die around level 110.

Could someone give a hint or two :S ?


Umm i got to lvl 389 on the 3rd try ... money : 371.411.070, score : 22354

Tips :
at first build a few Fast towers (early levels)
After ... start buying Damage Towers ... i had 82 at lvl 9 when i died
Build lots of Fast towers till about lvl 100 ... keep them at lvl 10 ... now imagine you ONLY have Damage towers on your map ... split the remaining space by 2 .... fill 1 part with Splash Towers and the other with Air Towers ... well that's what i did ... and if you have small places left, add the Slow Towers for fun :)

When dead i had :
82 Damage Towers
56 Splash Towers
77 Air Towers
39 Slow Towers
all lvl 9 ... if i counted them right i hope ... My flaw was done at around lvl 386 i think when i wasn't done with the new air units, some new ones appeared ... and right after some Hard Ground ones ... and i just couldn't keep up ... i think using more Air Towers could be a solution ...

Good luck :)


Darn it's confusing what you write Tset :)


i think what would be great would be a fast forward button and to be able to edit the towers when on pause, this way you could speed it up alot when bored and then edit the towers rather than having to just leave the computer to get on with it for an hour or 2


what you wanna do is allow creeps to get to about 60-70 this means you dont need many towers and can keep the money in your bank and accru intrest. my rule was if their were 65 creeps and 5 seconts left spend abit on a few extra damage towers or do abit of upgradin. this method means your bank gets larger and larger, but you do have to keep an eye on things. if you really wanna go for it you can build, then kill all the creeps then sell everything before the end of the round, this only really works within the first 50 as after that you need just upgraded damage towers and air towers to continue.

Gotgluck April 17, 2007 2:35 PM

I got to level 250 when i accidentally clicked my Home button, score was ~13000. Get lots of damage towers in the beginning and save up cash as much as possible, i had around 2 million when i accidentally closed my browser. The trick to this game is saving up enough money that it is no longer even a factor, then you can just fill the entire map w/ fully upgraded towers.

All i used until about level 180 were damage towers, some fast towers, some air towers. later on i filled it completely w/ air towers on top, damage towers, and splash towers filling in the spaces. putting level 9 slow towers at the start and clustering my splash towers around that area meant i rarely had more than one wave alive at a time. I probably could've gotten one of the top ever scores =( going to be working on it again tonight

anonymoose April 20, 2007 10:22 AM

minimize window when it gets too slow and check in once in awhile


Thanks all for give me ideas to my strategy, actually it's not so hard, but a quite boring after sometime playing. Well I was in the level 188, with $6k and a lot of points, unfortunately, I had to close this game because I use this computer to work at home, and since level 40 it was too slow. Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks like that the reason are the damages towers, in other attempts, without so many towers, it was not so slow.

Here is an approach of my strategy
1 - Save money, I spent the first levels only with 2 splash towers, and 4 air towers when I needed.
2 - After I get more than $1k in the bank (too easy), I begin to put damage towers up to 4(one shot, one kill). Sell the slash towers, damage of 40 for 125? I rather prefer 220 of damage for 260.
3 - Distribute the damage towers equally in the second layer, the fast creeps will not be a problem
4 - The interest in the bank it's about 5% per turn, I had tried to save until I need, but after a good amount ($6k), I was receiving $300 per level, it's enough to buy a damage tower, after the profits reach $600, I begin to put 2 damage towers, so...always try to use your interest, and save the rest...
5 - I keep following this strategy all over the game
6 - Until you complete the map, you may know that 2 towers is better than 1, it's cheaper, and the damage is a little higher.
7 - Yes, slow towers are almost useless, I put then to just to complete the map, maybe they will help you because it slows some enemies and isolates than from the rest of the creep.
8 - After complete the map, you can change the strategy, I kept the first one, 2 is better and cheaper than 1, and I had updated all towers almost equally

I could keep the creeps under 50 most of time, it was a little hard to kill flying enemies (and hard ones too), but I update all the air towers in the middle to the max (their range reached all the map) and the problem was over. I was able to update 10 damage towers per level, and the game was too easy until I close it...I don't know how much my strategy is effective in the high levels (500 if I could reach), but I won't try to play it again in my laptop.


Anyone else played this enough to notice a bug where all of the current creeps disappear from the screen but the creep count thinks they're still there?

Performance in the upper levels is really terrible, but I suppose that's hard to compensate for.

Game would definitely improve with, say, a limited total number of towers but a larger variety of them.


I really miss shortcut keys, specially in high levels

You will need to sell air towers to buy damage towers in the high levels because their damage are not enough to kill enemies over hp 150k, and vice-versa, this is a monkey job...sell a tower, put another, upgrade to max, everything with a mouse!!! no way... this game have a lot to improve, ex: extra upgrades each 200 or 100 levels, or you won't have patience to reach level 400 :(


This TD is fairly easier than Flash Element TD.

I liked this game at first, but it gets boring later on when you don't have much to do but wait for the very slow advance...

Performance is really an issue on this game... Specially after I added damage towers all over the place and a bunch of air towers in the middle block.
Also, the memory usage keeps increasing non-stop even when I don't add anything else... I wonder if there's a memory leakage... Or maybe it's Internet Explorer problem. Or maybe, a non-flash version would be faster, who knows...

So far, I have nearly all spots taken by towers and it's still slowly advancing. So far Level 347, $117 million (as if money is any issue after your first 100k) and never had above 70 creeps alive.

Since it's nearly unbearably slow, I guess I'll just fill the remaining spots and let the game running for several hours till I eventually lose...


Lol I have 3000 score on lvl SIXTY.. I had to quit cos I need to sleep. The key is in interest. Spend as little cash as possible. 3 gold = 1 score.


Level: 293, Score: 16,956, Bank: 11,765,594
Game is still running.

See screenshot below:


Level: 417, Score: 23,978, Bank: ?, Creeps: 100



This game is too easy build one fast damage tower off the bat, and let you mob count get up to 80 before you build your 2nd one. I build 5 high damage towers in the center and 2 Air towers then I level these 7 towers up to 9 while I try to keep my savings at about 100x the level your on. ie. level 10 you should have 1000 level 100 you should have 10,000. As you get past level 100 you should have 6 high damage towers and 4 air towers just keep adding towers remembering to keep your savings. it's ok to spend a little too much sometimes but don't spend it all. around level 120 I save to 60k which is one full damage tower a round in intrest and by 180 I usually have enough for 2. cash shouldn't be a real problem past the 1st 100 levels just remember to save and you can fill your map with towers then go to bed and see how you did in the morning. I just wish there was a way to turn off all the graphics when you have you final build and run it through quickly.


I was having a lot of trouble with this game until I discovered those damage towers. at this point i'm on level 231, I haven't touched any of my towers since about lvl 180, only have 2.4mil in the bank, but the only thing I have to spend it on are upgrading a handful of air towers to 9.

as with the others, I'm going to just leave this on all night and come back to it later... at this rate that will be lvl 250, haha.

XTerTriSTL June 3, 2007 2:24 PM

20k plus score every time!

Ok this is my first walk through but I've found this game easy enough to score really high every time. I finish building around level 150 and then just have to wait to die around
level 410-415.

So how do you get there easy.

Spend a little at the begging and then let it grow every turn you don't spend it's an extra 5% in gold for you. At first I was trying to save gold at a rate of about
(100 * level) ie:
10 = 1000 gold
20 = 2000 gold ...
100 = 10,000 gold and so on

but you end up dieing around level 120 or so because you wasted too much money early and lost a lot of interest.

I find the best bet is to get you basic setup built and then only upgrade when you need to. By level 150 or so you should have been able to fill the map with lvl 9 towers and then it's just up to you to fill up the most space as possible.

lets look at the waves of creeps there are 29 creeps to a wave. So when the new wave comes if you have more than 72 creeps your in trouble. but if you kill all the creeps before the next level comes your wasting money that could be saved.

level 1-4 Build 1 fast tower in each corner of middle path (1 per level).
Level 7 Build 2 Air Damage Towers in the centre
Level 9-12 Add 4 Damage towers to center block (1 per level).
Level 13 Sell 4 Fast towers
Level 14 Build 2 more Air towers in the centre
Level 15 Build 5th damage tower on Middle path
Level 20 Build 6th Damage tower on middle path
Level 21 Upgrade 4 air towers to level 1
Level 22 Build 7th Damage tower
Level 27 * You Should have about 5000gold *
Level 28 Upgrade 4 air towers to level 2
Level 29 Build 8th Damage tower. (This is my basic setup)

Time to Upgrade
After building my basic setup I like to follow this rule of thumb. When the next wave of creeps arrives if I have
( (50 - 60) - upgrade 1 tower
(60 - 70) - upgrade 2 towers
( >70 ) - upgrade 4 towers and quickly or you'll break 100.
When 10 seconds hit on the next wave timer if you have 85+ creeps you might want to do an extra upgrade to save yourself the hassle of upgrading 4 towers in a panic

Level 34 for Air upgrades I usually divide my interest by 50 and do that many upgrades for this level it's usually 300/50 or 6 upgrades
Level 49 You should max out all 4 Air towers this round
Level 51 All Damage tower should be at level 2 now.
Level 56 Build 4 more Air towers and use the rest of the interest from this round to upgrade them
Level 60 Target: All Damage towers level3 8 air towers 1/2 fully upgraded and almost 20k gold in the bank.
Level 63 Hard Air: max out the 4 new air towers
Level 70 Save you money air towers are strong enough. (30k gold Aprox.)
Level 77 Build 4 more fully upgraded Air.
Level 82 & 83 These levels are the toughest in this guide if your not paying attention. Watch you Creep level and put in extra upgrades. Level 8 on all Damage towers at least. I like to lower my rule of thumb buy 5-10 levels for 70-85.

Level 100 ** 60k in gold I hope so you can drop a full damage tower down now on interest. But don't if you don't need to keep saving. Build only when you need to.
By level 150 you'll have 30k in intrest that's enough to drop 10 fully upgraded Damage towers and then it's just up to you to fill the map usually takes me 10 levels to do this but by then your killing each wave of creeps before the timer runs out.

Now you just need to minimize your computer use I like to start around 10pm at night then let it run till the morning. you should die around level 410-415 depending on your layout.

professor July 16, 2007 3:58 AM

I found this game quite challenging until around level 70 ($10K in the bank). After that, it was just a matter of spending less than the interest - It started running like an absolute dog around level 180 (around $2Million and the level mostly filled with towers, killing every wave before the timer ran out except hard air & hard creeps). I considered it clocked at that point as my laptop couldn't take any more. Really like the game, although it could be improved (does ANYONE use arrow towers?) with more imaginative towers.

I find it handy to upgrade extra the wave prior to a 'hard', and extra during a 'hard' wave, to then let creep health catch up to my towers config after the tough guys are gone.

I find air a great way to save money as they make a great reprieve - perhaps more frequent air waves and some kind of expensive air splash tower?

Thanks Dave

Betheone July 17, 2007 5:01 PM

I can't pass from level 100, :(, how sad.......

uberubert July 21, 2007 3:53 PM

Made it to lvl 368! Had incredibly much cash, and had built out the entire map with maxed-out damage-towers and air-towers. After I filled out the map with maxed-out towers, I just left the laptop on while I went out. 6 hours later it was still going, just that it got horribly laggy and slow in the end, so I started selling off towers to end the game. 21500 points :D

This game gets easy once you have a nice interest-income going. Started out with arrow towers, and added damage towers very slowly.

Anonymous July 24, 2007 12:51 AM

lvl 48 score 2566, idk why people have so low scores. i just built alot of fast towers and about 8 damage towers. and some splash in the beginning while also having air


Here's an easy way to get very far. Don't build anything unless you start a round with 50 or more creeps, and don't upgrade anything until you've built the entire map up. This allows you to save the maximum amount of money and make massive interest very quickly. To begin:
Build 1 Splash tower - this should handle 2 or 3 rounds on its own
Build another Splash tower
Build an Air tower or 2 (I picked the center island to start with, but it really doesn't matter.)
From here on out, build only damage towers and air towers. Pack them as efficiently as you are able, first along the inner edge of the middle ring then along the inner edge of the outer ring.

You may get into a sticky spot with the Hard Air levels if you get one right when it's time to build. If this happens, just overbuild for that round to keep the amount of creep you finish with below 70.

Once you've built all of the damage towers you can, fill in around them with air towers. Upgrade everything to 9, minimize, and return in a day or so to see how far you got. Lag is a major problem after you've built up the land, so it is worthwhile to wait as long as possible to build to avoid this problem.


Just played for the 1st time - too much fun! Level 82, 4600 score. Shaded of prior games, but the "walk around until dead" had me thrown, spent too much $$$ early on trying to kill everything before next wave.

After reading a few of the above posts, will not be returning to this game - could spend way too much time on it.


3rd try lvl. 75 score:4096

4th try. lvl. 84 .score: 4658

HellsGuard August 13, 2007 11:00 PM

i got up to level 250 with a 15,000score and it took me over 10hours to get to that level.. i ended selling all my toweres so i could give my computer a rest

Ashebrethafe August 14, 2007 1:14 PM

I'm a bit surprised to find that no one else has commented on what determines if a wave is hard, fast, and/or flying:

every 5th wave is fast, every 7th wave is flying, and every 9th wave is hard. Therefore every 35th wave is fast and flying; every 45th is hard and fast; every 63rd wave is hard and flying; and (as Tayrin discovered) every 315th is all three.

Anonymous October 11, 2007 7:11 PM

I'm having the same lag issue. I got about 350k to spend and built up everything with maxed out towers (all damage and air). From here on out everything is incredibly laggy and each '20 seconds' takes 5minutes.

I'll most likely just quit the game. I was hoping he'd of made the game like a bell-curve. For example you have to save a lot early but if you don't eventually spend it the creeps will eventually over take you. As it is now you can get to the point where you don't even need to spend the amount of interest you make.

coolbetti October 18, 2007 7:48 AM

WOW! 2nd try (with the help of XTerTriSTL's posting)
Score: 23924
Cash: 42,166,660 (man I wish that was real!)
Wave: 416

Try it - it really works! I set it up and @ 170 I minimized it an let it run all night...

Anonymous October 26, 2007 2:20 PM

stupid game, there are way to much levels and i have the feeling that there istn much more to do if you have leveld up al towers to 9 :S


Score: 5242, level 94. I did that without using a single splah tower. Huge combination of fast, air and cannon towers surrounding the area.


hm i made the things as XTerTriSTL said but in lv 15 i fail...maybe he give wrong walkthrough or maybe i do something wrong :?


my best is lvl 136 and the score was 7680

I will tell you that splash towers are overrated and you need to save your money


This game was a real disappointment. Filled every space with lasers and air guns(all at highest levels) and the game lagged to a crawl. What's up with that? Managed to get on level 350 or so with about 19000 points,but it took 16 hours to get there. Was still killing creeps like it was nothing. Let the game play all night and was only 50 levels up. took like 5 min just for 20 seconds to go by. this happened on three computers. Anyone have a clue as to why this is happening?? Laterz

matacreepos November 16, 2007 5:11 PM

I think it's just very CPU-intensive as something has to be calculating the firing of all those thingies.

Once you learn to do air plus damage, you should max out the board around level 200. The slows are not utterly useless; if carefully placed they can break up packs of creeps and raise yer kill-rate. If you were obsessed enough you could juggle slows, putting them in and taking them away to control placement.

Right now I'm at level 402, but at 68 creeps and the next wave 13 "seconds" away, it won't be too many levels before I expire. On the bright side, I'll die a billionarire.


Thanks to XterTristel for a great guide

Interest is the key to this game as it is in many tower def games. I included my layout.


I did this once: I "beat" flash circle TD.

How? Interest. By building slowly and saving up just enough to not lose each round (hover the creeps around 60-70) you can get to the level of interest to where you make more in interest each round than towers cost.

I did this on my girlfriends computer (256mb ram integrated graphics) so it took about 7 mins / level for the game to play. I got to lvl 215 before she made me turn it off (after 2 days.. slow comp). but i had like 600,000, all lvl 10 dmg towers and anti air towers. Every space filled basically.

Only build splash and air.

The build I had placed splash tower in the upper left hand corner of the middle box. It cant hit outside the inner area until lvl 1 but it doesnt matter. Keep it to lvl 2 until the air, and keep air as low as possible. I had air units still circling until the next air level. And the air tower went in the very middle of the level, it barely ever hit the outside guys but it saves money.

I have a screenshot somewhere ill look for. You have to build slowly, usually 1 upgrade per level, and keep the splash towers on opposite sides of the levels so they cover the most area.

I think most of it is luck. It all depends on what the towers choose to attack. I didnt get a damage tower until level 60, but I was making over 500 in interest by level 50. Try to get over 2000 in the bank by level 20 or you need to work on it more.

I havent been able to do it again, it might have been lucky due to the computer running at 1level/7minutes but still, it's possible.


Some ppl are getting confused on which game they are posting on. so far i have reached level 86.... i do not think there is an ending too this game


Level 409 and game over. $40 billion + in the bank, but I think that is the unofficial limit. Interest has been alternating between positive and negative $2 billion and change. I'm not sure if that's intentional or just a bug in the game. But hey, I couldn't use any more money anyway. Final score 23516.


The +/- 2 billion interest deal is a bug. Basically, the interest is stored in a signed 32-bit integer, and the max value for this data type is around 2 billion.

I've hit a little over 25,000 score, but once the available space runs out, there's not much to do except wait to be overrun. I'm too lazy to keep changing towers back and forth.

I've played two variations of the game. One has targeting--nice, except that it's a bit taxing on my mouse finger. The other has interest, which helps me understand what it's like to be a billionaire like Bill Gates.

colinwill78 February 9, 2008 12:08 AM

a game that's easier as you play it.
good fun for the first 100 lvls or so.
Once you start getting more interest than you can possibly spend it loses its appeal.


first time lv.41 2655point

Anonymous June 14, 2011 11:27 AM

level 92
score 5246


There are more than 300 levels, I know that. I'm playing right now, I'm at level 338. For those requesting interest, the game already has interest accumulated after each level. For those saying the flash element games gave you higher money in higher levels, that's because for one, you need it and for 2, you should have money saved up for the higher levels, the same as for this game. Great game, let's see what my level and score are when I lose. I don't think you can actually win this game, it's more or less just see how long you can survive. Made it to level 389, score of 22348. Time to try again and see if I can do better.


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