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Flash 8 is out!

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Flash Player 8A couple things that are noteworthy for an additional post today...

First off, Flash 8 has been officially released this week marking a significant milestone in the (r)evolution of the Flash platform. The latest version includes beaucoup new features that will no doubt be appearing soon across the Web. To be certain you are able to view the next generation of Flash content, be sure to upgrade your Flash Player. You can also use the "Get Flash" button in the sidebar. The installation is quick and very easy to do.

Also, a big thanks to Yahoo! Directory for picking up my site today and posting a link to it on the main page. =)


bluzfiddler September 15, 2005 2:20 PM

Thanks for the ever-valuable updates Jay.



Have you happened to hear of Triskabiblios? Check LazyLaces today. Tell me what you think.


Actually, I just heard about it, MG. And I don't quite know what to think.

DerekW sent me over the link today, and all we can gather is that it is some kind of ARG.

In fact, there is a forum over at argn.com with lots of information about it.


Tonypa and the rest of us game programmers are already playing around with the new bitMapdata features! :D

Here's a quick example of something Tonypa's working on (Posted on FKG):

Admittedly, it's not a game, but here's something I'm fooling around with:


awesome. thanks for the update.

but according to flash, i get some icon to show up on my desktop, and that didn't happen. i doubt i did something wrong, but has this happened to anyone else?


> "but according to flash, i get some icon to show up on my desktop, and that didn't happen."

I'm not really sure what you mean by that, Brandon. Can you elaborate a little on what steps you performed and what platform you're on, and what behavior you experienced?

I'll try to help if I can. =)

brat-sampson September 15, 2005 6:05 PM

Hmm, does Flash 8 not work with Firefox or something, because now nothing Flash-based seems to work with it.


hehe. my bad. as it turns out, everything was downloaded, quick and easy, like you said.


Brat - if a page uses a Flash version detection script and the script is not smart enough to recognize a NEWER version of Flash, then yes, you may experience some sites telling you that you can't play with the new version.

That is a programming error in the detection script, however, since old games should work with the new player without problem.

I imagine that there will be a lot of sites out there that will have short-sighted scripts like this, and will need to be changed to support the new version.

If you find one, I'd send a message off to the webmaster of the site with the problem.


Hmm. I never played an arg and was completely taken in by the possibility of it all. It has been quite intriguing. Thanks for the response, Jay.


The flash download nicely installed the Yahoo toolbar for me. How nice. /sarcasm

I find it irritating that these two companies are colluding to slam the unsuspecting user with frivolous spyware/bloat/screenspace wastage. What I find most annoying about them doing this is that it instills an industry standard saying that this is OK. They are relieving Gator of any wrong doing. /rant

Ok uninstalling was painless. Thank you for pointing out the latest flash version. I understand you are not the cause of my irritation so will just stop ranting on your site.


It's all good, Zengief. Your experience may help the next visitor avoid that by UNchecking the box during installation.

Of course the other solution is to use a Mac, which is relatively void of such nonsense and nuisance. =)


Yeah. Basically, I am an idiot for not looking. Oh well.


Totally unrelated, but Nintendo's Revolution(ary) controller has been revealed and appears to offer what could be surprising possibilities for game play.
Check it out:


Thanks Harukio. I have been looking forward to the announcement for some time.

I can't wait to try it out. =)


So, after I installed flash 8, I am unable to view anything involving flash.

uninstalling and reinstalling does nothing.

I am using firefox.

Any suggestions?


Flash does work in IE though . . .

If that changes anything


Daddaluma - what symptoms do you get when loading a page with Flash in Firefox?

What version of Firefox are you using?

What OS version are you using?

Let's start there, and I'll see what I can do to help you out.


I have the same problem, I use windows me and have the latest version of firefox.


This page lists the operating systems and supported browsers for Flash Player 8.

I would try UNinstalling the Flash player by going into add/remove programs; and then try re-installing it again.


Clearly this isn't a jayisgames problem . . . but I don't really know where else to be asking these questions. So, yeah, nothing seems to work. I can't uninstall flashpayer via add remove programs. I can uninstall macromedia shockwave though. Maybe that's the same thing. But using the provided uninstall for flash 8 and then reinstalling does not solve the problem.

I am using firefox 1.0.6

I've looked through all the settings on the browser and I can't find anything that seems like it could be the problem.

I can't view any flash anything. Movies, games, nothing. When I open a flash game, such as the new nocircles game, it loads up the new window, then it says "done" and nothing is there. When I look at the "page info" and the "media" tab, it shows nocircles.com/1.swf in the listings. But below that, in the larger area it shows the generic icon, as if it can't read the file.

I'm sorry if that's a bad explanation, but it's the best I can do at the moment.


The firefox problem may be caused by having adblock running with obj-tabs turned on. If you turn off obj-tabs in your adblock options everything will be hunkydory.


Daddaluma - I feel partly responsible since I urged everyone to upgrade to the new Flash Player.

Do you have either Adblock or Flashblock installed? Those programs are known to cause problems with the new Flash Player. If so, try uninstalling AdBlock and FlashBlock, uninstalling Flash 8, and then reinstalling Flash 8.

Here is a Flash Player 8 support page from Macromedia that may be helpful. Just click the troubleshooting links that describe the platform and problem you're having.

I'll keep looking for possible solutions to your problem and post them here when I find them. Let me know if anything works for you, or otherwise.


The obj-tabs thing was stoping it from working. Thanks daddaluma
Thanks jay


yeah, the obj-tabs things worked here too. No idea what it is, or why it worked, but it did, so I'm content.


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