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Firefighter Escape

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Rating: 3.6/5 (135 votes)
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Firefighter Escape

Pine Studio's Firefighter Escape, also free for iOS and Android, is sadly not a game in which one must escape some sort of murderous, fire-axe-wielding fireman, but rather about helping a fireman find a way out of a fire department building that is currently on fire. Having your place of work go up in flames is probably not a good look for firemen as far as public perception goes... just sayin'. To play, just click to interact and move around the area. The fist in your inventory at the bottom of the screen represents trying force on things, while many items can actually be combined with one another, so experiment! The cursor will change if it passes over something you can click on, and the white text at the top of the screen as you mouse over things will tell you what you're looking at or about to do. As with a lot of Pine Studio titles, Firefighter Escape looks and plays pretty darn good, though is hampered by a tendency to make items you need teeny-tiny or otherwise hard to see, or having some unintuitive logic surrounding their uses. Still, it's a fun few minutes while they last, even if it looks like firefolk could probably do their jobs better without complex puzzle locks on all their equipment.

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Coffeeteamix April 15, 2016 12:36 PM

it was short and sweet, but begs the question,

why was I trying to break the window? Can't I just open the garage door? Is there no other door? Did breaking the window help me escape? Did I climb through that tiny window all the way up there with glass shards to escape?


why did I have to use water to break the water? Couldn't I have used any of the hard objects I had throughout the game? Why was the fire extinguisher hose not with the fire extinguisher? Why were all the parts to my hose in different places (and locked)? Who hid one of the knobs of my fire truck? Is someone sabotaging me? Why are there wooden crates just lying all over the place that I cannot interact with?

So many questions....

Patreon Donator Reka April 15, 2016 3:00 PM replied to Coffeeteamix

I totally agree.

At one point, we find a crowbar. A big, honking crowbar. Plus a fire-axe. If those can't be used to break a window, it's because it's not a window.

In reality, what would happen is

Step 1: find crowbar.
Step 2: use crowbar to pry up the garage door just enough to crawl out under it.
Step 3: go to city hall and complain about unsafe conditions at the fire station.


Agree with all of the above so much!


why did I have to keep on putting my boots on to walk in and out of that one doorway?
The water is still leaking from the valve, couldn't I just put a bucket of water on it to cool it down if the fire extinguisher did not do it sufficiently? Was the fire made of lava?!

If so, I can't remember seeing any windows in that office room. Probably shouldn't be messing about on the computer without a respirator on, if that's the case.

I'm kind of disappointed that

After cleaning and filling the truck, we couldn't just drive it out of the building to fire adventures. What kind of fire station is this?

Something's a little fishy at the fire station. I'd call whoever else was meant to be on your shift, maybe they're hoping that their stupid little plan means they don't have to come to work!


I love it! I hope there's a part two (not to get the firefighter stuck again), and add an unlimited timer!

RamblinRob April 18, 2016 7:59 PM

Now if I could just get the damn game to load.

Is there something I should be pushing/clicking?



1. Getting to the other Room

1. Take the fire extinguisher bottle and the axe next to the locker.
2. Take the fire extinguisher hose from the truck.
3. Take the boots.
4. Combine the fire extiguisher hose with the bottle and put out the fire.
5. Use the boots to get to the other room.

2. Computer

1. Take the flash drive from the locker.
2. Take the schedule list from the wall.
3. Put the flash drive in the computer and change the names to match the schedule.

3. Lockers in the computer room

1. Take the crowbar next to the truck.
2. Use the crowbar on the right locker in the computer room.
3. Take the sticky note from the locker in the wall behind the coputer.
4. Use the patterns on the diagram to find the code for the locker which is


4. Hose

1. Take the bucket next to the locekrs in the computer room.
2. Take the key on the desk.
3. Unlock the locker on the left of the truck and take the wrench.
4. Use the wrench on the valve (where the fire was) and apply force to it.
5. Fill the bucket with water and use it on the back side of the truck.
6. Put two hose fittings on the hose and connect it to the truck.

5. Valves

The sum of each color should equal the number displayed above the valves.

Red - R5 + R8, Green - G9 + G6, Blue - all valves.

5. Take the ladder and put it on the truck to escape.

RamblinRob June 3, 2016 8:45 AM

I managed to be able to play the game and finished it.

Ironic that we had to escape a burning FIRE FIGHTER STATION isn't it?


Can someone tell me how to combine? Thanks


Almost stuck. It's a creative to show out the numbers.


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