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Farm Hustle

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Rating: 4.4/5 (27 votes)
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farmhustle.jpgAdamBThe mere mention of the word "Bejeweled" sends hundreds of hunched, bleary-eyed office workers running. If you are one of the sleep deprived masses that have been hooked before, stop reading because the folks at Avocadolite Farm have smothered the Bejeweled formula in oh-so cuteness in their most successful time killer, Farm Hustle.

The formula is one you've seen before (if not, say good-bye to your loved ones now), the basic idea is to align three of the same type of animal by moving one into an adjacent square, either directly up and down or left and right of its position. The basic story is they all need to be in their pens and each square needs to have an animal hustled off of it. This means that along with making combos and so on, you also need to use each square on the grid at least once.

This addition makes for increased tension in the game play as the often luck based near random skill set frequently present in other games is all but thrown out the window. The targets of your elimination are very specific and contorting around to remove these squares is often very tough and require forethought. Fortunately the animals in the squares are non-specific and you can quite easily remove the offending square by inserting another animal in its place.

To aid you in your difficult but irresistible task of herding these cute animals off to sleep within the time limit, you are awarded with the occasional bomb which can be used to blast a few animals off into their nice warm bed.

Analysis: The classic Bejeweled formula has gotten a very cosy remake with these irresistibly gorgeous graphics. However, many of the icons are repeated, save for different colours. These changes as they appeared to me, a sufferer of mild colour blindness, rendered some animal matching very difficult. The occurrences of this did not dampen the overall aesthetic qualities of the game, or its addictive qualities.

Unfortunately lack of either online or locally saved scores prevent this particular version from becoming the Goliath it should be, when all's said and done, Farm Hustle is a beautiful and fun game worthy of play and should be enjoyed for far too long by a lot of people with far more important things to do.

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Oh god, another Bejeweled clone.

No offense, but I'm getting really sick and tired of these.


This game is a replica of mausland.de's Swap Job, a game I found to be more entertaining. However, the first version of Swap Job has some PG-13 content as does the enitre website, so I did not suggest the game.


I have to say its a nice game but 2 things:

1)Those bottom corners are a pain
2)It's another Bejeweled Clone!

viewfrmhere December 31, 2006 12:21 PM

While I can see myself getting addicted to this game, I have a bit of an issue with one things: The timer doesn't stop when the game is playing the animation after you pop a block, and it automatically pops links, so when time is low and the game is going on an automatic binge, I lose. The timer should either stop, or you should be able to make combos while it's moving things around.


This game is SO CUTE. I love it!


Meh, I'll just go play bejeweled on my cellphone *does that right now*

Or on my computer...
*does that instead*


cute game. I like the extra bit where you not only have to match in threes but use every square. That made it a little more challenging.


I like this game.

It also reminds me of another bejeweled clone. I think the other game was Japanese, and involved stuffed animal heads as the 'pieces'. Does it ring any bells in anyone's heads?


that's hard.
cute though. ^__^

Stig Hemmer January 1, 2007 4:19 PM

The animal head game is call Zoo Keeper and has been reviewed on this site. The idea of using every square has been taken from another Bejeweled clone called "Jewel Quest".

In short, this game is cute, but it has been done better.


how do you move on to the next lever? by points? # of combination?


This is a really well done clone... though I have to say I still prefer the modifications they made for Puzzle Pirates... 1) you can only flop pieces horizontally, which increases the challenge significantly and 2) you can flop pieces even if it doesn't create a set. You are penalized for this, but it allows you to set up huge combos, worth loads of point (ie. clear two rows of three and two column of five in one swap)


Jenny - When you start, all the squares are a light green. When you make a match, those squares become white. You have to make all the squares white, as the description said, you have to use each square at least once.

Johnny Elfred January 6, 2007 9:11 AM

Well, I must say, I didn't like that much. Gameplay is too slow and waaay too 'cutesy.' It doesn't represent a professional game in the least.


Professional game? Isn't that a contradiction? Seriously, it's a free game site.

I thought it was really cute. I wanted to keep playing to see all the different little animals.


Well, there just went four days of my life.

It's the adorably cute icons and sounds that make this version so addictive.


16445 points!

You'd hate level 6 - all the same shape - just colour swaps.

I find this a far more entertaining game than most other clones, though the luck-based factor turns me off, as always.

Carlala July 21, 2007 4:02 PM

11550 Points - Level 6
I was THIS close to getting to Level 7, but bam! Time ran out just when I was going to do my move -sigh-
Nice game all in all. XD Sorta ironic how I was playing Metal songs while playing this.


I finally made it to level 12 (after being stuck for ages at level 9) and wouldn't you know it, the Avocadolite website expired. Phui. And sigh.


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