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Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age

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GrinnypWhat's a girl to do, once she's traveled the world and helped her dear old granny rescue her farm? Well, buy a farm of her own, of course! Never mind that the farm is at the frozen pole. That's right; Alawar Games has brought us the latest installment in the Farm Frenzy time management series, Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age!

grinnyp_ff3iceage_screenshot1.jpgLike its predecessor, Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie, Ice Age is a "side" installment in the Farm Frenzy series, where you concentrate on a farm in one location, taking the time to master all of the animals and rebuilding and restoring the facility as you go. Unlike American Pie — where there was a distinct lack of anything pie related — Ice Age has... well, a lot of ice. And snow. And polar bears. But we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Let's start at the beginning.

The heroine of Farm Frenzy is bored one day and just happens to read an advertisement for a farm at the pole. Of course that's a good idea, what are you saying? Just because it's a frozen wasteland doesn't mean there isn't some good farming possibilities there. After all, there are the penguins. And the walruses. And the wooly mammoth. Wait, what pole is this supposed to be at again? Well, judging by the creatures and by a special guest appearance, this is a pole that exists only in the imagination.

The gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played any of the many Farm Frenzy installments. You begin with a basic farm, a well that produces food (in this case, an ice fishing hole that produces fish, not much call for water in the frozen north), a budget, and a task. The task may be to produce raw goods, or manufactured items from those raw goods, and you have a limited amount of time, money, and fish to scatter on the ground to feed your animals. Eventually you will move on to larger, more complex challenges, involving several different types of animals and goods, some of which you can produce, some of which must be shipped in by helicopter. Frenzy is an appropriate descriptor, as eventually you will be juggling a lot of different tasks at the same time, working hurriedly to beat the clock.

It starts with penguins, who produce eggs, which you can sell at the market. However, it is more efficient if you set up a plant that turns the eggs into powdered eggs, which can sell for more money. Then build a plant that can turn those powdered eggs into cookies, then turn those cookies into cakes, etc. Eventually other animals will be added: royal penguins which produce feathers that eventually become clothing; walrus who produce ivory (that can be turned into souvenirs); and eventually those mysterious, supposedly extinct wooly mammoth, surprisingly not for their wool, but for something else entirely. Danger appears in the form of polar bears which can kick away your hard working livestock as they stride across your stretch of farm. Fortunately, there are also helper animals available which can drive off the predators or help you collect products as they hit the ground.

grinnyp_ff3iceage_screenshot2.jpgEach level is on a timer. Finish within a certain amount of time and win a gold trophy, finish a little slower and win a silver. Even if you don't manage to win a trophy, you continue until the goal is met. However, you want to finish as quickly as possible for the bonus points, which are needed to purchase upgrades to buildings and machinery. Those upgrades are needed to move on to the next rounds, so you may have to repeat a scenario a few times to proceed further. In certain cases, the linear track you are moving on splits, giving you a decision of which direction on the map to move, breaking up the linearity of the basic game.

Analysis: Ice age is pretty much a companion piece to American Pie. Not as complex as the main Farm Frenzy games, instead concentrating on perfecting one farm, albeit a rather strange one. Playing American Pie, for instance, could necessitate raising sheep for wool, which is turned into yarn, then cloth. To turn the cloth into clothing you needed to import strange feathered neckpieces. Well, in Ice Age, you are approaching the same task from the opposite direction, as this time you are constructing the feathered goods and need to import the cloth, presumably direct from granny's farm in the Midwest. The combinations used to produce goods are similar to those in American Pie, complex but not overly so.

As usual we are looking at the standard Farm Frenzy art, cute cartoony animals against a fantasy background. Unlike the usual farms though, you're looking at a lot of ice and snow, making the whole game actually feel a little chilly while playing. Eventually even the polar bears will end up in snowsuits, so we're talking cold. A lot of the amusement and fun of the game comes from the animals, the waddling penguins, the amazingly cute walrus, the stalwart guard dogs, the elegant cats, and the adorably poufy mammoth. Despite the climactic differences, this is still a basic Farm Frenzy game.

It's all becoming a bit... same, isn't it? The game is still wacky fun, and progresses to some wickedly difficult levels, but it would be nice to see some changes introduced, other than just substituting "new" animals for a different location. Some of the goods and manufacturing processes are different due to the animals involved, and the tasks involving the mammoths (when you eventually get to that level) are cute and unexpected, but the dynamic is still very much in the Farm Frenzy groove. If you've played any of the series this will all seem very familiar.

Despite the similarities to the other Farm Frenzy games (or, perhaps, because of it) Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age is still a rollicking good time. With tons of trophies to win and lots of levels to conquer, you're still looking at hours and hours (and hours) of casual gameplay and replay value that is fun for a wide range of ages. So enjoy the cute animals, and look out for an appearance from a very special guest star.

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StephenM3 March 14, 2010 10:33 PM

It must be tough writing articles for the weekend, which get little to no reader attention.


Was looking for a walkthrough as I find this farm frenzy really hard,I have 25 can't get gold and 9 of those are blue. I love the farm frenzy games but have to say I have found this one a real challenge and one I need alot of help with. So where are you all? Help pls. thanx to all


Don't get why there is no one to help with this game? ok so now I have 3 blue and believe me there is no way I can even get silver never mind gold. And yes got alot of silver out there too, ok more gold than silver. what has happened to the help from this site? aww


Does anyone know when the new virtual villagers are out yet?

[It's here! https://jayisgames.com/archives/2010/02/virtual_villagers_4_the_tree_of_life.php -Jay]


Can you please post the level numbers and I will be happy to help you :)


eglianna April 10, 2010 3:14 PM

Need help:
I need to know how to make Christmas Trees, It showes a place for making ribbons and Santa Clause, but nothing for making trees, can anyone help. Is it a bur in the game?


Oh thanx Kayleigh ok 3 blue. 9, 17, and 65. Silver 15 in all :.) 14,19,20,21,28,42,73,76,78,59,85,87,88,89 and 90. thanx jay for saying when vv is out is that this year? for some reason I thought it would have been 6? Anyway I will have to wait till my provider brings it out and not sure if I can say it? but I think you do advrtise it/them? hmm


The only blue I have left is 17...grrr...


Level 17

Goals: 6 king-penguin, 2 decorations, 5 eggs, 10x flour

  • Upgrade storage 1x, buy 2 penguins and 5x flour.

  • Take care about the bears and sell first 2 bears.

  • Buy 2 more penguins.

  • Sell bears and headdresses.

  • Sell cakes.

  • Buy flour.

  • Make cakes and sell together with headdresses.

  • Upgrade sledge 2x.

  • Take care to store 2x headdress without selling them - you need them for the deocrations.

  • You might start buying 1 king-penguin with each 1000 coins and use the feathers as additonal income. But the bears are tricky in this level, so when you are not such a fast clicker, you better wait having 5000 coins and buy them all together.

  • Having 4000 coins (or five king-penguins)sell all penguins and everything else you can give give away to get the last 1000 coins for the 6th king-penguine.

  • Sell the 6 penguins at once and buy the decoration factory.

  • Make 2 decorations and support factory by clicking.

Greetings, Kayleigh


Level 9

Goals: 50 penguins, 2000 coins

  • Buy 4 penguins and 3x flour.

  • One egg goes into the incubator, three eggs in the egg powder plant.

  • Catch the bear and make 3 cakes.

  • Sell the bear with the cakes.

  • Keep on making penguins without a pause.

  • Upgrade the incubator and storage 1x.

  • Catch the bear and try to feed only at the bottom.

  • Buy 10x flour and make cakes.

  • Don't forget about the powdered eggs, cookies and cakes.

  • Sell cakes and bear

  • Buy again 10x flour.

  • Take care about the incoming bears - when they throw away more than 2-3 penguins you won't be able to get gold.

  • Don't forget to feed.

  • As soon as you reached the coin goal buy the remaining penguins.

  • This level will automatically provide you with the trophy to have 50 animals on your farm.

Level 14

Goals: 100 eggs, 5 cakes

  • Buy 2 penguins, 5x flour and upgrade das the storage auf.

  • Make with a lot of click support a cake from the first egg and sell it at once.

  • Don't forget to make 4 more cakes during the level.

  • Keep the incubator going.

  • At 1:28 min 5 bears will attack - cage, store and sell them.

  • Feed penguins, collect and sell eggs.

  • Upgrade the sledge 1x

  • You will need around 30-35 penguins.

Level 17

Goals: 6 king-penguin, 2 decorations, 5 eggs, 10x flour

  • Upgrade storage 1x, buy 2 penguins and 5x flour.

  • Take care about the bears and sell first 2 bears.

  • Buy 2 more penguins.

  • Sell bears and headdresses.

  • Sell cakes.

  • Buy flour.

  • Make cakes and sell together with headdresses.

  • Upgrade sledge 2x.

  • Take care to store 2x headdress without selling them - you need them for the deocrations.

  • You might start buying 1 king-penguin with each 1000 coins and use the feathers as additonal income. But the bears are tricky in this level, so when you are not such a fast clicker, you better wait having 5000 coins and buy them all together.

  • Having 4000 coins (or five king-penguins)sell all penguins and everything else you can give give away to get the last 1000 coins for the 6th king-penguine.

  • Sell the 6 penguins at once and buy the decoration factory.

  • Make 2 decorations and support factory by clicking.

Level 19

Goals: 10.000 coins, 5 feathers, 5 cookies

  • Buy 5 penguins.

  • Start the machines for eggs and feathers at soon as you get the product.

  • When the bears attacking cage, store and sell the first two, cage and store the third one.

  • Keep making cookies

  • When the sledge is back upgrade the storage and sell the 3rd bear with 5 cookies.

  • Make feather and decorations.

  • When the sledge is back, get 1x cloth and 5x flour.

  • Make cakes and sell the penguins with five cakes.

  • Get more flour and make cakes.

  • Upgrade sledge 1x, sell cakes, 1 costume and the last cookies.

  • Get 3x cloth and make 3 costumes.

  • Keep 2 bears and two costumes, sell all other bears, decorations and the 3rd costume.

  • When you will have all together 5000 coins, sell the king-penguins.

  • Buy the dressing room, dress up 2 bears and sell them.

Level 20

Goals: 5 king-penguin, 15 feathers, 10 costumes

  • This level for me only works in gold, when I have 1. the cage max. upgraded and 2. can get the first 2 bears before the dogs catch them.

  • Buy 2x cloth and upgrade storage and sledge 1x.

  • Support the machine for the headdress with clicking.

  • Cage and store the first bear.

  • Make a costume, dress up the bear and sell him.

  • Make the 2nd costume.

  • When the sledge is back, upgrade the helicopter 2 x and get 8x cloth.

  • Upgrade the sledge 1x and buy 2 king-penguin.

  • Catch and store at least 1, better 2 or even 3 bears.

  • Sell the 5 king-penguin with a dressed up bear as soon as you have 15 feathers.

  • Upgrade the sledge once more and upgrade the machines till you made 10 costumes.

Level 21

Goals: 30.000 coins, 50 eggs

  • Buy 3 penguins and keep the incubator running with 3 eggs during the complete level.

  • Upgrade sledge, storage and well 1x.

  • Sell the first 3 bears and from then on the penguins on regular Basis.

  • Make sure to always keep 5 penguins.

  • Keep 4 of the bears, sell the rest.

  • Upgrade the sledge again.

  • Buy the king-penguin as soon as you have 1000 coins.

  • Make decorations and sell the king-penguin, as soon as you got 4 feathers.

  • Buy 4x cloth and make costumes.

  • Upgrade the storage one more time.

  • Upgrade the sledge a last time.

  • When having 5000 coins buy the dressing room and dress up the bear.

  • Sell the bear with penguins to reach your coil goal.

Level 65

Goals: 8 king-penguins

  • Buy at once 20 eggs.

  • Upgrade storage and sledge 1x.

  • Make as fast as possible 15 penguins and sell them.

  • Place the last 5 eggs in the incubator.

  • Sell the bear and upgrade the sledge once more.

  • Keep the incubator going and sell penguins.

  • Make sure to keep 10 penguins in total to have always enough eggs

  • Upgrade the well 1x.

  • Buy 1 king-penguin, whenever you can afford it.

  • Sell the feathers, penguins and bears, till having 8 king-penguins.

Level 28

Goals: 30.000 coins, 20 eggs, 20 feathers

  • Buy 5 penguins and 5 king-penguins

  • Upgrade the helicopter 1x, the sledge 2x, storage and well 1x.

  • Get 5x cloth.

  • Make costumes.

  • Sell the bear and the costumes.

  • Sell the penguins, as soon as you have 20 eggs, sell also the eggs.

  • Buy cloth, make and sell costumes.

  • Upgrade helicopter once more.

  • Upgrade sledge completely.

  • Sell costumes, till you have 30.000 coins.

Level 42

Goals: 1 ice cubes, 10 snow balls

  • Upgrade the sledge to max and get 20x varnishes.

  • Sell the walrusses, as soon as you have 20 tusks.

  • Make souvenirs and sell them.

  • Havng 50.000 coins buy a mammoth.

  • Don't forget to get hay on regular bases.

  • Sell the souvenirs and the snow balls.

  • When having 50.000 coins buy a second mammoth.

  • Upgrade the helicopter 1x.

  • Sell the attacking bears.

  • Sell the snow balls and buy the ice cube factory.

  • Make 1 ice cube and collect the remaining snow balls.

Level 59

Goals: 20 Souveniers, 20 costumes

  • Upgrade the sledge to max.

  • Sell the mammoth at once after making 2 snow balls.

  • Make ice cubes.

  • When the sledge is back, buy 5 king-penguins and 3 walrusses.

  • Upgrade the helicopter to max, buy 2x melk, 2 blueprints and 2 letters.

  • Make 2 christmas trees and sell them.

  • Upgrade storage to max.

  • Catch and sell the bears.

  • Buy 20x cloth and 20x varnishes.

  • Always give 5 feathers into the machines and make 20 costumes.

  • Sell the costumes.

  • Sell the king-penguins as soon as you have 20 feathers.

  • When having 20 hairdresses change the machine and upgrade to max.

  • Do the same with the next machines

  • Make the 20 souvenirs.

  • This is a good level to provocate the trophy for letting bears destroy 3 buildings.

Level 73

Goals: 20 walrusses, 50 tusks, 30 souvenirs

  • Buy 4 walrusses.

  • Upgrade the sledge and the helicopter to max.

  • Upgrade storage and the well 2x.

  • Get varnishes on regular bases.

  • Make souvenirs and sell them.

  • As soon as you have 10.000 coins, buy an additional walrus.

  • Use the machines on both sides and get 2-3 cats to help you picking up the goods.

  • Do NOT upgrade the well to automtic. There are a lot of bears and to make sure not to loose to much animals you need to feed them at the bottom of the scene.

Level 85

Goals: 100.000 coins

  • Buy 4 walrusses and upgrade the helicopter to max.

  • Upgrade the sledge to max and the storage 2x.

  • Get 20x varnishes.

  • Make souvenirs.

  • Always wait and put 5 teeth in the machine - that will save time.

  • Make the first 10 souvenirs and sell them.

  • Sell the walrusses, as soon as you have 20 tusks.

  • Buy 10 cakes and 10 decorations.

  • When you finished the last decorations buy the mega cake bakery.

  • Upgrade to max and make mega cakes.

  • Sell the mega cakes.

Level 87

Goals: 5 mammoth, 10 walrusses, 15 king-penguins, 20 penguins

  • Buy hay.

  • Upgrade the sledge 2x, storage 1x.

  • Make 2 ice cubes and sell them.

  • Buy hay as needed.

  • When the sledge is back, upgrade helicopter and sledge to max, storage 1x.

  • Buy 5 costumes, dress up the bears and sell them.

  • Get 4 costumes, 3x melk, 3 blueprints, 3 letters.

  • Make christmas trees and sell them with dressed up bears.

  • Buy 5x melk, 5 letters, 5 blueprints.

  • Buy a 2nd mammoth.

  • Buy 4 costumes.

  • Dress up bears, sell them, make the 5 christmas trees and sell them.

  • Buy 20 penguins and sell again at once.

  • Buy 15 king-penguins and sell again at once.

  • Buy 3 mammoth and sell the 5 mammoth.

  • Buy 10 walrusses.

Level 88

Goals: 1 mammoth

  • Sell at once the penguins and 2 king-penguina.

  • When the sledge is back, upgrade 2x, storage 1x.

  • Sell the 3 remaining king-penguins, all feathers and tusks

  • Collect tusks and sell them.

  • Upgrade the sledge 1x.

  • Sell bears as you have spare room in your sledge.

  • As soon as having 25.000 coins, sell the walrusses.

  • Buy the mammoth.

Level 89

Goals: 20 eggs, 20 feathers, 20 snow balls, 20 tusks

  • Upgrade the sledge to max.

  • Sell penguins and king-penguins.

  • Buy hay as needed during the level.

  • Upgrade storage 2x.

  • At 1:00 12 bears are attacking.

  • Cage, store and sell them as fast as possible.

  • Buy 20 eggs and sell again at once.

  • Buy 20 feathers and sell again at once.

  • Make ice cubes and polished tusks and sell them.

  • Having 10.000 coins buy a snow ball and make ice cubes.

  • Having 20 snow balls, sell mammoth and walrus and buy the remaining tusks.

Level 90

Goals: 110.000 coins

  • Buy a mammoth.

  • Upgrade the sledge to max.

  • Buy the three machines to make sculptures.

  • Upgrade storage 2x, the helicopter to max.

  • Get enough hay to get 3 snow balls.

  • Get 3x melk, 3 blueprints, 3 letters.

  • Make sculputres and christmas trees as fast as possible.

  • Sell the 3 christmas trees, mammoth and additional snow balls or ice cubes.

I hope, I didn't forget any now :)

Greetings, Kayleigh

sharon emery April 19, 2010 3:35 PM

this is a frustratingly poorly done walk thru. sigh. I must be terribly spoiled by those done on previous versions.

[What exactly is the problem with the walkthrough? Would you please provide some examples of why you feel this one is inferior? We may be able to address the issue(s) if we know what you expect. Thank you! -Jay]

eglianna April 19, 2010 8:10 PM

thank you so much!!!


Would just like to say thanx to Kayleigh for responding to my request for help and hope I am fast enough to get gold but then it's my fault not anyone elses. Cheers , I love this site have to say. good on all helpers which this site represents.

Anonymous June 23, 2010 5:19 AM

how to get the trophy for playin wit patient... wat is the required criteria?? i gt all gold n all trophy except tat... can u pls help...


How do i can get the award for playing with patient its really hard to get. Please leave a comment.

susanhalifax April 16, 2011 1:07 PM

thanks for the walkthrough, a small suggestion; if you keep the king Penguin as for a 3 extra feathers and make custumes, you will find it possible to get the custume factory sooner. much easier to make gold. I tried it your way and could not get gold, I have carpal tunnel so that does not help.

Bacchus8408 August 22, 2012 3:19 PM

Thank you very much for the walkthrough. Helped me get gold on the last few levels I was missing. I'm playing the iPad version, which is almost exactly the same except for the trophies. One of the trophies is for completing EVERY level in record time. Can you post what the starting record times are so I don't have to replay every level?


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