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Farm Frenzy 2

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Rating: 4.3/5 (57 votes)
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Farm Frenzy 2

JohnBFarm Frenzy 2, the follow-up to last year's Farm Frenzy, takes the smell out of farming with a challenging and addictive resource management/arcade title. Keep your animals fed so they produce basic goods you can refine into more complex (and profitable) products. Then, load everything on a truck and send it to town, using the resulting cash to upgrade your buildings to be faster and more efficient. But uh, watch out for panda bears that drop from the sky. They don't play very nicely with your livestock.

farmfrenzy2b.jpgFarm Frenzy 2 sticks to the well-established formula the first title introduced, focusing on both resource management and quick-clicking skills. You begin with a small patch of land and a few chickens. Click the dirt to make grass grow, allowing the chickens to eat and produce eggs. At first you'll do little more than keep them fed and harvest eggs as they appear, but soon you'll be able to convert those eggs into more products, dropping a large variety of gameplay choices in your lap within just a few minutes of play.

The expandable nature of Farm Frenzy 2 brings more products into the mix at a fairly rapid pace. You quickly gain the ability to turn eggs into egg powder (which sell for four times as much), but then the bakery appears and you can turn egg powder into baked goods. Each level has a quota of products or cash you must meet, so the experience is very streamlined and leaves little room for ambiguity. Just keep your animals fed and the bears at bay, focusing on increasing your cash as quickly as possible.

The gameplay mechanic in Farm Frenzy 2 that really grips you is dealing with your products. Just about everything your animals produce can be turned into something else or sold directly, forcing you to decide if you should throw everything on the truck for fast cash or start refining for more money down the road. The quota system does a good job of guiding you without forcing your hand. Buying the right upgrades between levels is part of the strategy, but the rest is simple forethought and a little bit of planning. The best part is that it never gets so complicated (or cerebral) that you feel overwhelmed. Farm Frenzy 2 hits that sweet spot of gaming dead-on.

farmfrenzy2a.jpgAnalysis: Many sequels in the casual realm don't venture much farther than the original title, often creating a strange situation when veteran players return to the series. While 90% of the content and structure may be the same, the remaining 10% is wholly different, creating just enough incentive to re-visit the old favorite. Farm Frenzy 2 pulls this trick off nicely with new items, buildings and upgrades that make the game feel like it takes a step beyond the first Farm Frenzy. It doesn't re-invent itself, but to be honest, it wasn't necessary.

Visually, Farm Frenzy 2 is cute and maybe even a bit whimsical. The "dancing" buildings that move and shake while they're working remind me of old Looney Tunes cartoons. The difficulty level takes a sharp curve upward after only a few levels of play, forcing you to collect eggs, trap bears, and manage your farm with frantic clicks all around the screen. Provided you spend your upgrade money wisely, this can be significantly alleviated, but first-time players may run into a bit of a wall when things start to get hectic. Investing in a faster bear cage can mean the difference between frustration and gaming bliss.

All in all, Farm Frenzy 2 delivers just enough new content to warrant the "2" in its title. Fans of the original as well as newbies to the series will enjoy its fun presentation, simple play mechanics, and wholly enjoyable premise. This one you won't want to put down until you make it through just ooooone more level.

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Funny, I thought you'd already reviewed the game here.
Anyway I finished the game just a couple of days ago and I must say that it's very nice, I'd recommend everyone to try at least the demo version.

The only annoying thing is that some of the processing plants are absurd. I mean, ostrichs drop white feathers that you use to make... peacock feather fans. Oookay. Then you put the fans on some hats and make feathered hats. And the feather on the hat is white again. Oookay. But then you combine the feathered hat and some fabric to make a pink dress? Why?

It seems like the creatives got to the last animal way too tired and decided to give logic a miss.
It's not a problem when playing the game, but still. And don't get me started on the pigs that shed an endless supply of hams xD


Maybe it was the original Farm Frenzy review you're thinking of?


I loved the charming first Farm Frenzy and I love this new one, too. The animals are just so cute. It makes me smile. :)


How can i get a Gold medal on Powder Street 4?


Can anyone give the complete list of items needed to fill the warehouse. I have all the animal products and the items you have to buy from the plane. How many bears are there, or am I missing something else?


To Joann:

I have counted four bears so far: Panda, brown, black, and polar bears.


I can't find all the gags! Can anyone give me any help?


To Beth:

If you're talking about the animals that pop up on the screen for you to click, I think they are random. I don't know that you can do anything specific to make them appear.


please can anyone tell me on witch level you succeeded in filling all slots of the warehouse. I've been trying the last level but only brown bears are dropping.


I think that Farm Frenzy 1 is better than 2. The animals are cuter and the buildings are nicer. And the bears look weird when they go around like they are almost fainting. But then Farm Frenzy 2 has more interesting and creative stuff


I'm frustrated - I'm trying to progress through the game, but when the program makes a recommendation, and I either choose something else or not have enough money to buy the recommendation, I stop dead in my tracks---how can I get past this?


Hi Debbie.

That same thing happened to me. I got stuck without enough money to buy the next necessary piece of equipment. You just have to replay some levels until you accumulate enough money. I have found that you won't lose your silver level if you fall below in the replay, but if you get gold on the replay, it will upgrade the level to gold.


Can't get past the level where you need 5 ostriches. I'm almost there but just need some clues, tips, tricks, anything that can help me, please. Thanks.


Does filling the warehouse only count in career mode? I've only been able to fill it in unlimited but I didn't get a trophy. Does anyone know?


Does anyone have a list of all of the gags on farm frenzy 2? I have found ten so far and have not recieved a trophy for them.


I'm trying to get the trophy for the full warehouse. I'm using the last level to do it. I've got all the products, including the ones you have to buy. I've got all four bears. But I've got one slot left empty, like the picture posted by Dong Hoon Choi. It's not saying that I got the trophy, though. Usually the game interrupts whatever you're doing to announce the trophy. Has anyone been able to get this one?


I do not understand the delibration award. What do you have to do to get?

Anonymous October 18, 2008 5:39 PM

To Mickey:
Click a building really fast and keep clicking until it explodes. I think it's two buildings you have to blow up!

Kelly Moore November 3, 2008 7:57 PM

Lyndie writes, "Does anyone have a list of all of the gags on farm frenzy 2? I have found ten so far and have not recieved a trophy for them."

17 secret gags to find and click on. (ign)

Hope this helps.

Anonymous November 5, 2008 5:38 PM

You have to fill the warehouse in career mode. You can do it fairly easily on the last level, but make sure to hang onto the bears as soon as you can upgrade your warehouse space since they stop dropping after a while. There will be one slot left as there is an uneven number of products. Once its full and you go look at your list it should give you the trophy.

Anonymous December 9, 2008 5:40 PM

I tried and tried and tried to get gold on Product St 7. Please, is there anyone out there who can advise? (It may spoil my Christmas.)


i didn't get gold for all of them, despite the tricks. so if you have some for, powder street 5, product street 7 and spice street 1.. please tell me... i'm really clicking as fast as possible on the factories, but can't finish them.


Hallo ^^ may I ask? I already finished farm frenzy 2. but I am still miss 1 gold and some trophy. Can I still get trophy if I play again the game that I already get gold? (not make new username). And is the unlimited version has end?? or it is really really unlimited time lol. Btw about the level that must get 1 yellow cookie (from chicken) and 1 box of meat (from pig) just in 02.10. How to finish it? I am always finish it at 02.17 :( Thx a lot ^^


To Shireishou:

You can go back to any level and replay it to get gold on the level and trophies without losing your progress or changing user names.

The full (unlimited) version has a limited number of levels, but you can play them as much as you want and all items can be unlocked and purchased.

As for the level you need help with, I need to know more about which level it is. Where is it on the map?


On the unlimited level - the one that just keeps going & going & going - does it ever stop? Or does it just keep changing the goals on you?

It's very difficult to feed all the animals it wants me to buy, even with the final well. Usually I buy whatever is needed to satisfy a goal, then sell back extras. (For example, one goal was 15 chickens. Bought them, goal accomplished, sold them so I wouldn't over my warehouse with eggs.) I've been playing the Unlimited level for over 3 hours - it just keeps giving me more different goals to meet.


Hi Peach!

Yes, that level is pretty much endless. It will keep giving you new goals until the end of time, as far as I can tell. You definitely have to sell off livestock to keep them all fed. It's interesting in its own way.

On a different note, did you receive the email I sent to you?

Alaethia March 2, 2009 7:46 PM

Have tried dozens of different approaches and can't get a gold on Product Street 7 or Crossroads 8. At best I'm still 10 seconds from gold so I'm obviously not finding the right combination. Please, help.

peach23 March 6, 2009 8:10 PM

I sympathize with you, Alaethia. I still have 9 levels, including the two that you're having problems with, that are silver instead of gold. I'm fairly good at this, have beat the "best times" on about half the game - but some of these times just seem unreasonable, considering what you have to do.


I am trying to get gold... but I failed ~~~ anyone can give a complete list on walkthrough? I played over 30 times, still can't get it ~~~


I so far have all gold except the 2nd to last stage and for 7 of them that I have gold I've yet to beat the best times. I think I can find a way to beat them, and when I get through all of them will be happy to help anyone that would like some. This game is so much fun!


Hi all. I have just completed all the levels on gold. Some of them took me a long time, but after a while you can really do it. You just have to change approach. I will for this Product Street 7 solution later.
I cant get all of the awards. Can anyone know how to get "complete level without touching any products or bears"? I choose a level witch i completed previously, than I bought an army of dogs and cats. And i didnt get an award. Does anyone know why?


I have completed all the levels on gold EXCEPT for Crossroads 8 and Packing Lane 2. I know I'm missing something obvious so could anyone help me out? I'll return the favor for any of the other levels if needed.


I can't get the gold on Powder Street 5. Help? Whine,whine, whine,....


I can't get the meat packing plant to work, any help?Thanks


To Frank:

Can you be more specific? Which level are you on? What exactly is going wrong?

Anonymous June 9, 2009 9:19 PM

To get gold on Packing Lane 2, immediately sell ONE pig, then keep collecting and selling ham. Do not buy any packing plants! When you get to $17k, sell the rest of your pigs. I upgraded the truck and warehouse once each to keep up with the supply.
Good luck!


I got gold on packing lane 2 some minutes ago. It was very easy. I bought 2 pics, one better car and warehouse. I produced and caught bears. you need to sell all the products and bears very fast. After I got the 11000 I bought 2 more pics and bought the better house. It's easier to collect the money first, because you finished this mission and can use the money without losing any money.

i'm also interested in a gag-list! i suspect, that the gags don't change the levels, so it would be helpful to know, in which levels the gags are hidden.


Hi. I found a gag list in another forum (It's not allowed to say the name, isn't it?):
1. Cow jumping rope (from animals you buy)
2. Ostrich jumping (bottom of map screen)
3. Panda eating bamboo (bottom of map screen)
4. Cat with ball, bottom of screen
5. Polar bear beside well
6. Polar bear swinging from top of screen
7. Polar bear crawling from right side of bottom screen with flower
8. Bear in middle of screen through manhole
9. Cat with yoyo across bottom of screen
10. Smiling chicken (right side of map screen)
11. Ostrich jumping in place (animals you buy)
12. Chicken knitting (animals you buy)
13. Pig playing violin (animals you buy)
14. Chicken wiping beak (animals you buy)
15. Cat and pig (not sure if map screen or regular screen)
16. Polar bear paw from one side of screen
17. Grinning cow (bottom of map screen)

"Gags take so much patience, they only appear between every 30 to 45 minutes or so, and they do appear in survival mode. "


My husband and I love this game but we're kinda lost... do you ever get to use the coins you save in your bank or is that just to keep record of how much you've earned?

blessie xOxO September 6, 2009 1:30 AM

does anyone know how to get the trophy for 'filling every slot in the warehouse' ?

blessie xOxO September 6, 2009 1:38 AM

what's the survival mode?


i love this game,its like i am already addicted playing it even at work but i have some problems that i need to know i hope you will help me.actually id been playing this game at home and at the office, but i cant find any saved files.can anyone tell me where to find it so i will just continue my games at home and play at the office vice versa.thanks

Anonymous March 21, 2010 11:24 PM

How do I make hat got special stuff from plane and peacock fan thingee but won't work on the next house


Hi Steffi,

THANK YOU for all your help-especially the list of the 'gags' (NEVER would have been looking on the map page!!!).

I have a few other questions:

Expedient production-which level does anyone suggest, and what do I hav to do?

Without clicking bears or products-which level?

Thanks to this awesome web site I FINALLY got the warehouse filled-thank you thank you thank you!!

Now-can anyone offer assistance for Farm Frenzy (the original) in obtaining the 'clear three levels without any hints'? Do I have to begin again to earn this one, or just replay three levels without using hints? Also, how do I NOT use a hint?



Anonymous January 6, 2011 4:32 PM

How do you get the hay for the elephant in Ice Age? It says to purchase it, but it is not available form the plane and also the honey for the bear is not available in Russian Roulette


Hi guys,
For all of you that seem to be having trouble getting the trophy for not clicking products or bears, I would recommend playing Fan Street 5.
Then immediately buy 3 more dogs and two cats, before buying your animals or buildings.
Obviously you'll be letting the cats pick up all the animals, and getting the dogs to trap the bears. BUT DON'T CLICK ON THE BEARS TO PUT THEM IN THE WAREHOUSE. Just let them run off. If you do that, you should get the award.


hey guys just got this game today and only in the first 10 levels or so. my problem is i have a droid vortex and when im playing a lvl the upgrade to a shop is cutoff on the bottom right of the screen. is ther any way to move the screen to the left some becouse there is a lil room on the left so looks like its not centered. its keeping me from getting trophys on some lvls so any help whould be nice thanks


I do not understand for finding every gag award. What do you have to do to get?


hey guy i had a problem with making hat plz help.....:(


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