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Escape the Cake Café

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Rating: 4/5 (73 votes)
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Escape the Cake Café Have you ever started an escape game and wondered, why am I trying to escape this place?

That's exactly what I thought when I ventured into Funkyland's new Escape the Cake Café. The artwork is true to a posh tea and pastry shop--just the sort of place a person would enjoy lingering for an afternoon.

Still, one must escape the shop. That is after all the reason for the game (there's also the fact that I may have gained 5 lbs perusing the menu!) The items to be found and puzzles to be solved aren't that difficult although one or two of them require a bit of attention to detail.

The game itself is fairly short but there is still a Save Game feature as well as a way to mute the music and sound. The music is a bouncy little tune that started to wear on me after a few minutes, honestly. Navigating isn't hard with my one complaint being the placement of the Settings button. It's in the upper right hand corner and I clicked it more than once by accident when I was trying to close the view of an inventory item.

Otherwise, this game is quite smooth in its transitions and very appealing visually. It's also challenging without being frustrating to play.

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These are just getting better!

jason9045 June 29, 2016 1:04 PM

Oh now this was just downright pleasant. It reminded me of a short TomaTea game, in a way.


hope a walkthrough is in the works

VoxPopuli42 June 29, 2016 3:10 PM

Cake Cafe Walkthrough with colorblind help


In your opening view, Right Table View, we can note two holes in the table in the foreground, and a menu tied up on the low table in the background

Turn left to Left Table View. In the background, there's a cup of tea we can't do anything with yet. On the table, there's a code involving strawberries.

Turn left to Register Counter View. There's an arrangement of mugs behind the counter to note. Also note our friend Mr Froggy, and a non-functioning register that needs a key. On the left, there's a dirty window.

Turn left to Cake Counter View. To the far right, there's a board involving 4 rows of 5 little men each. To the near right, there's a door that reads "Staff Only". Above the Cake Counter, there's a box with eight buttons.

Go forward into the Kitchen View to note a fridge that needs a 4-number clue. On the counter to the right, pick up a Knife

Strawberry Box Code

To solve this, you'll need to have collected the Menu using the Knife, and go to Left Table View

Using the pictures in the Menu, follow which side has a strawberry on it.


Left, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right

Receive Handle

Standing/Sitting Men Code

This puzzle is on the far right of the Cake Counter View. It uses a hint from the Register Counter View.

The hint comes from the arrangement of mugs behind the counter - a right-side-up mug corresponds to a Standing Man.


First row: Center
Second row: 2nd from left
Third row: Furthest right
Fourth row: 2nd from right

Receive a Wiper

Cash Register Code

We know we needed a key. To get the key, you'll need the Handle first.

In Right Table View, using the Handle gets us a Key with a Key Cover

This is all we need - take the Key our of the Key Cover and flip over the cover to reveal a 6-digit code, and insert the key into the register.



From the drawer, note the coins and collect the Chain

8 Button Code

This is the button machine behind the Cake Counter. The clue comes from the cash register drawer

The number of coins in each slot reveals the order in which to press the buttons



Receive Staff Room Card

The Refrigerator Code

To get this code, you will need the Staff Room Card and the Wiper

Use the card to open the Staff Room (on the right in Cake Counter View).

Pick up Cleaner from the bucket on the left

Use Cleaner and Wiper on the dirty window in Register Counter View to reveal a 4-digit code



Collect Lemon

Colored Wedges Code

This code is found above the couch in the Staff Room, so you will need to have opened the door with the Staff Room Key. You will also need the Lemon

Use the Knife to get a lemon slice. Return to Left Table View and drop it in the tea (on the back table)

Using the colors displayed, orient it to the already-white wedge in the puzzle box in the Staff Room


From Top, Clockwise:
White, Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green

Colorblind solution:

From Top, Clockwise: 0 clicks, 4 clicks, 2 clicks, 3 clicks, 1 click, 0 clicks

Receive Open Sign

Mr Froggy/Getting Out

You need to assemble a full Open Sign - with Open Sign and a Chain

Hang it up on Mr Froggy to receive the Escape Key!


Daibhid C June 29, 2016 4:30 PM

Funkyland has learned about turning for multiple views! Escape games may never be the same again!

A neat little escape. And the moral is..

Don't add milk and lemon to the same cup of tea because they react oddly to each other.

jcfclark June 29, 2016 4:38 PM

That was fun, and made me yearn for a good pastry with some tasty tea.


Welcome, welcome back.


That was FUN! I would love to know what the end of game music was as well. I'd buy her albums :P


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