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Epic Battle Fantasy 3

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Rating: 4.8/5 (500 votes)
Comments (86) | Views (17,000)

joyeEpic Battle Fantasy 3Times have never been better for fans of Flash turn-based RPGs. Not only are new developers getting into the mix, but established series are taking risks, stepping it up and producing games like Epic Battle Fantasy 3, which has taken such a huge jump up from the previous games that it seems like a whole new series. Where previous games focused almost entirely on the "battle" portion of the title, kupo707's latest effort remembers the "epic" part—provided you're okay with a definition of epic that includes kitten slaying, shark battering rams, cow outfits, the shoop-da-woop face, and copious amounts of Comic Sans.

Three adventurers (Matt, Natalie, and Lance) discover that poking a chained up demon is a bad idea. Cruelly reduced to level zero, they must embark on a quest to get their powers back. Right click to turn sound and music on and off and to control quality. When you're on a map, use the [arrow] or [WASD] keys to move the heroes around and the [space] key to interact with things. NPCs may have hints or a side-quest. Chests contain goodies (and keep a sharp eye out, because chests can be hidden). The [F] key will take you right to the part of the menu with all these goodies in it (although you'll have to use the mouse to actually select an item). Finally, you'll want to use [M] or the mouse to call up the menu and train up skills, change equipment, and more, because interacting with a monster throws you into battle.

It's the same totally mouse-controlled battle scheme as the earlier games. Your characters will each have a turn, followed by all the enemies. When it's your turn, select from among a variety of attacks, spells, and special abilities, depending on what you have trained, and then select your target. You can also use items, swap battle order or flee if you're out of your league. Although one of the game's humorous battle messages is "Protip: hit enemies until they die," simply wailing on an enemy until they collapse soon loses effectiveness. You'll want to pay attention to enemies' weaknesses and resistances, and don't forget about buffs and debuffs. Lance's "Scan" skill is critical for finding this out.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3Sometimes you will have more than one wave of enemies in the same battle, so be prepared for that. You'll also eventually train up Limit Breaks, powerful (and sometimes dangerous) abilities that can only be used when a character's damage meter fills. Try nuking your enemies; a Pyrrhic victory is still a victory, right?

Analysis: You'll find out pretty quickly, probably within the opening cut-scene, whether this game's sense of humor is to your taste. Imagine a 12-year-old boy passing a note with jokes and doodles of... man, I'm not even sure what I should say here, lest any innocent JIG readers (*cough*) have their pure minds sullied. As an example, you can click on the female character's breasts during battle and they jiggle. It's a little hypnotic, actually. There are plenty of innuendos in dialogue (poor Natalie puts up with a lot of sexual harassment), as well as a side-quest collecting herbs for a character to smoke.

Some people might find these things offensive, others might simply find it dull, there are those who don't really care one way or the other, and finally there are people who scrolled down and hit "play" the second that they read they could click on boobs. Giving you the information to make these important decisions is all part of what we do here at JIG. It's a heavy responsibility, but someone has to heft it.


Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Thanks to Kara and Treniac for suggesting this one!


Clicking on boobies?

I'm in.


Oooh, it's finally up here, eh? Glad to see.


I've been playing this game for hours. It's fun. Even for boobies clicking needs a skill. You can't just constantly click the boobs and you get a medal.

Oh, did I say a medal? Yes, it's pervert. :-)


You can move around now? Awesome!


It's actually a lot less offensive than Kupo707's other games, which made me feel like I was babysitting an especially crass 13-year-old.

I'm about 2/3 of the way through and am finding the game a lot of fun. A bit of grinding is necessary to keep up with the bosses. Since you will regen by walking and random encounters are not a factor, that makes the smaller battles less annoying.


The humor is exceptionally juvenile, but the rest of the game is extremely enjoyable.

Searching for items is a lot of fun, and frequently the hard-to-find goodies include rare consumables and one-of-a-kind equipment so that your effort is rewarded.

The equipment is varied not just in function but in appearance, so you find yourself putting on new equipment when you get it just to see what looks cool. Most of the gear is pretty bland mechanically until you grind it up to max level, then you get all sorts of fun passive effects like free counter attacks.

The forging system is simple, but well designed. Hunting monsters early on earns you gear to level up your stuff and make early battles easy, waiting until later means you can just buy all the items with your copious amounts of cash and skip grinding dull monsters.

The fact that you can recharge your HP/MP by wandering around means there is never any reason to use items outside of battle. Because of that, the developer should have simply made you fully recharge after fights, wandering around and waiting is dull and pointless.

Using "Scan" on each foe when you meet it is effortless but time consuming since you can simply run away afterwards at no penalty. It would probably have been better to simply auto-identify all foes when you meet them or not identify any of them than to make the player waste one turn of combat each time a new foe appears to get the monster logbook entry.

All in all, it's a great game that shows a lot of polish and effort, and it's certainly deserving of the praise it seems to be getting. The new design is a tremendous step up from the older games and hopefully the author will ensure that sequels follow a similar trend.


After playing a few hours, it turns out I can't load my saved or autosaved game, that's pretty frustrating to say it politely.
I really enjoyed the game itself, maybe I can try to play it all in one session on some weekend, but I have no idea how much time that would take.

For the devs: I'm on Archlinux 64bit with Chromium 6.0.472.53 and flashplugin


Manveru, did you actually save the game? It doesn't autosave for you and the save mechanic is a bit clumsy. You have to go to the menu, press "SAVE", click a slot, then press "SAVE" again. Then you'll see a short description of your progress point in the save slot.

No way could you play this in one long session. I'm running on 6 hours and I'm just about 2/3 of the way through.


@Zazazu: Yeah, I tried saving again, I can click on any slot and hit the save button, it will tell me that the game is saved but the slot never changes.

Twilitlord September 7, 2010 8:25 PM

It's finally out?



OK, I changed the global flash settings, cleared out all the stored stuff, increased storage settings, and now I can save... go figure.
On to slay some more bushes and molest goo!

Weird Oregonian September 7, 2010 11:09 PM

I'm not going to be playing this game (something about the innuendos) but I just have to ask, is she holding a pink Nintendo DS in that picture?


@Weird Oregonian
Yes she is. All three characters have a set of idle animations. There are plenty of references to modern topics, including global warming and the BP oil spill.


Dear, me, could you possible make the game sound more juvenile? It's pretty mild by anyone's standards, and more to the point, has tongue wedged firmly in cheek.

Way to put people off playing it over nothing :/


seriously Errant? the humor is very juvenile. I even bet ur a juvenile male. other than that, fun game!


I agree with joye's assessment. The humor can be slightly annoying, but it seems like a pretty solid game, and the developers clearly put a lot of time and thought into every detail of it.


Actually, if you check... her breasts jiggle just about everywhere... cutscenes, battle, while you're changing her equipment, checking her stats...

There's even a Medal for it as El said

5 Points
Please don't leave 1,000 comments about this again

You have to, I believe, click her breasts 10 time... but you can't spam it, they have to come to a complete stop for the click to count


Wasn't the original point of Epic Battle Fantasy to have the RPG type battles without the RPG part? Now it's just like any other RPG, right?


I really enjoyed this game. You keep upgrading equipment, unlocking skills, and finding treasure up until the end. The leveling mechanics really worked well too.

I was sort of disappointed by the last secret area though.

You have to unlock all medals to get past death in the volcano area. This includes beating the game on epic difficulty and getting a high score in all minigames.

I was disappointed because you don't get any new equipment or skills in the bonus area. It wasn't really worth going through the game a second time on epic difficulty.


The Tundra Mammoth was overpowered, in my opinion. It's a icy beatstick capable of doing 2800 damage in one hit, & there seems to be no limit to its ability to call monsters for backup, including freezing ice bits, fireballs that explode for massive damage, & worst of all, HEALERS!

How am I supposed to beat that?


Umh...you beat it pretty easily. just use elemental advantages and keep pounding away with the two attackers...pretty simple tbh xD oh, and i forgot. excellent game, humour easy enough to ignore even if it isn't your thing = P


Check that, I've seen that (censored) mammoth do OVER 3000 damage IN ONE HIT. >:(

The Logical Ghost September 11, 2010 10:14 AM

I lost two days of my life to this game. And that was on easy mode, just trying to get three out of four Kong badges.

Great game, but now I'm going to be pulling all-nighters getting the work done I was supposed to do yesterday.

Also, I wish it would have been much clearer what counted as a "physical" attack and what counted as "magical." When I got up to enemies like slimes I was left trying one skill after another to see what would have an effect. It's annoying because it's so easy to fix.


For those having problems with the mammoth, the poison skill of Matt is pretty effective against it. I tried the mammoth twice and the first time i obviously failed because of the summons, the heals and just about every aspect of the fight, but once i put the poison on the mammoth it pretty much defeated itself while i just kept up healing and dealt with the trash mobs on the side.


It's a great game, though it's clear a significant amount of the art work was borrowed from the previous games (not a bad thing in this case).

Gunning for the medal, I played on normal difficulty instead of easy, as I usually play. That was a bad idea, since the game got very difficult later on (took me a while to figure out a working strategy).

Regen is probably the best spell in the game; it negates freeze, applies to your whole team, and heals a good amount.


I just spent 46 hours playing this. I really enjoyed it. It filled in the time I was at work when I couldn't play Dragon Age.

I love these games. My only complaint is the fact that there's not a 4th one right now. Going back and playing again with all your leveled up stuff seems hollow. Higher difficulty it is, then. :)


I was not too taken aback by the sense of humor in the game, but then again, I'm a pretty chill dude. Sure there are some parts that were worse than others, but... I have no 'but point'.... Ok, moving on:
Problems with saving. I haven't had any problems with this until my computer crashed. I lost about 18 hours of game time. Little did I know that that wasn't going to be the worst of it. The game refuses to save for me now. At all. I click the slot, click save, it says 'game saved' but the slot is still labled as 'empty'. Occasionally it will successfully save, but doesn't last. When I power down my computer and then come back later, my game is not there. There's a thing on the site advertised in the game that says to right click in the game (where you go to mute the sounds, etc), go to settings, and set it to store unlimited information. This did not work for me, however.
Any help at all will be appreciated. Unless you're rude or tell me to right click in the game, go to settings, and set it to store unlimited information. We already got that base covered.

Easily Amused September 16, 2010 10:20 PM

Tell me, people- and be honest- has anyone here managed NOT to click the cute little blobby things at the loading screen?? I haven't even started playing the main game, yet, and I already love it! XD


Man, I was worried Kupo wasn't gonna make it. Two words: Good. LORD! I'm glad it was worth the wait, though.

Easily Amused September 17, 2010 7:04 PM

Hey, does anyone know what that red stat bar is for? I know that the red and green ones are HP and MP, but I can't figure out that red one . . .


The red is the "damage taken" meter for those "limit break" attacks.
If the red bar fills up completely, you can use those attacks.


For the mammoth:
Get the freeze/ice resistant Viking outfits
Use fire/bomb/poison (obviously)
Cancel enemy buffs with Dispel, buff yourself physically and magically. You should have these buffs already, if not, see the walkthrough.

Mysterious Mustache September 20, 2010 9:52 AM

To make your life a WHOLE lot easier during the mammoth fight, you can do two things.

1. Forge the white mage armor into level five white mage armor. Although you won't have ice resistance, you will have freeze resistance. As long as your mage is unfrozen, she can release your other two characters. Also, level 5 white mage armor randomly casts regeneration at the end of the turn making it a must-have. So stock up on those cupcakes and get forging.

2. POISON. With max poison level, (9) you can shave off 10k hp from the mammoth every turn. Use your favorite combo. Nettle and poison gas/gas mask.
For major damage, I used Legend in conjunction with temper/beer and debilitate.

Use limit breaks only when he summons some monsters.

I've tested this on Epic Difficulty.


@bluemosse19 Just stack poison on him, all 3 characters have a poison spell just unload them with matt and lance and keep healing and u can just watch him die :P


Omg i was doing good until it summoned those fire bits and they spammed me with their EXPLOSIONA STUPID MAMMOTH!!!


This is to anyone who has gathered all 60 medals and reached the Volcano's secret area:

Is anyone else having an eternity's worth of migraines on one of the battles there?

Wave 1: One Dark Bush
Wave 2: Ancient Monolith, Cosmic Monolith, Viking Monolith

When the 'Cursed Trinity' starts their attack, none of the three protagonists are in any defensible condition right after Ancient Monolith's 'Giga Impact Beam.' Does kupo have some not-so-well-known strategy to deal with these guys?



I kind of cheated. You can flee those battles and walk past them. I think you're supposed to fight them in the new game+ where you can get your level above 30.


For you guys having trouble in some of the later battles.

Natalie gets a wand called the Death Bringer. This is your best friend ever. It's hard to give up your healer for a turn, but if you use a regular attack, you can inflict doom on most of the creatures in the game.

This become really important in Epic mode, where you run into monsters that heal and regen constantly (due to poison resistance). You can whap them once with the wand, they get one turn, then they die the next. It even works against enemies that are resistant to death (although sometimes they just take about 20k damage instead of dying).


I'm stuck on the orb puzzle..ok, guess I'm dumb, but someone help me please.


Hi John,

Well the archaeologist mentiones that it looks like something is supposed to go on the pillars. You'll notice a few red orbs scattered around sitting on top of other pillars, and you can pick them up. I'll leave the rest for you to figure out.

If you are referring to the switches/doors, well the images next to the doors indicate the position of the switches that opens them...


Im at the

Mammoth boss in the 3rd world

and I can't beat it. I'm level 20, 21, or 22 and have between 20-30 badges and have gotten the gear from those areas. I need help.


In general, Natalie never freezes, knows every spell (not max level though) and I can't stinking poison the mammoth even with the Nuke Limit Break!!! (or level 3 Nettle, or level 2 Toxic, or level 1 poison gas) Let alone poison anything else-_-


Magical and Physical Attacks

Physical attacks are ones that PHYSICALLY touch the enemy such as Nettle (sword into ground) Quake or something otherwise.

Magical Attacks are when an element touches the opponent. THEY ALSO ARE THE ONES THAT USE THE CIRCLES WHEN CAST!(Lucky star, Healing, etc.)

Berserk- Special because you use the Magic circles on a player. Does that mean the damage done is Magical? NO! It's like using Temper but you are limited on using only your Normal Attack


I have been playing this game for so long. It turns out that now, I can't load the game on Newgrounds. It keeps getting stuck at some random percentage number.

Help plz??


I am stuck on protector. Help?

Kitty Tanaka October 6, 2010 4:45 PM

This game was a hell of a lot of fun, and as an RPG is actually better designed and executed than it's lighthearted premise would imply. I'd not only love to see a sequel, I'd very much like to see a "serious" RPG from the same crew, because the mechanics are more than good enough to support it.

The only thing I would like to see that this lacked IMO was the option of more characters, to be able to swap out and build a party to suit one's own tastes. I for one love to build all-female parties when I can, and the option to do that here would be awesome.

Consider me a fan.


Awesome game. Easilt the best online game i have ever played


Guys, I need some help here. I really enjoy the game but after playing a few hours I am stuck with all arrow (and wasd) keys frozen... Obviously they work just fine in other programs, and I can perform other tasks in the game as well. I'm on a McBook. Any clue?


@catnap I have the same problem on my MacBook too. I cannot move the characters, but can access everything else.

Anonymous October 18, 2010 7:38 AM

can someone help me with that protector i've tried everything but nothing seems too work :C
i'll be waiting for some good advise!



(and anyone else needing help with the Tank boss)

This is an RPG. So, you can grind levels and then beat the living crap out of the Protector. I just ground two levels going through the Winter/Desert areas over and over, and don't forget to keep your equipment upgraded. However, you don't need to go overboard with that. But you can literally get all skills just by grinding in the desert/winter areas, you get about 30k AP each run through, usually more than enough for maxing out maybe a skill or two. And make sure you are casting BUFFS on your party, and when the protector charges his lazar beam you have to go into 'Tactics' and hit 'Defend' for EVERYONE, so you waste a turn. And make sure to take out the Holy and Shock runes he summons, and make sure to keep any healers out of the fight on his side. Hope this helps you.


Where is the upgrade button? I've tried to learn new skills, have the right amount of ability points but there is no upgrade button.


@Zakuro: There is an arrow next to the skill name this is the upgrade button.


@jiguest, do you mean ancient monolith dispels your buffs? easy, just get dispel resist equipment!

btw, is it that hard? i haven't tried the game on epic mode yet.



I didn't have a lot of trouble on Hard, but Epic is destroying me. I'm stuck on the stupid mammoth, he just hits SO FRIGGIN HARD.

This is with a defense/Mdefense buff of 50% or higher at all times.


I freaking love this game. And honestly, while I thought the battles, skills, medals and overall gameplay were wonderfully balanced, (beat normal, doing epic) the freaking monoliths were demons. And...i liked the jokes...no, i'm not 12. >_>

I almost had more trouble beating the cosmic monolith before Akron than actually fighting Akron. And that was only because there was a CM in the Akron fight. HUGE bit of advice, guys. Use your strongest spells only on Akron, or only use all-hits when his claw-things have full health. You do not want to kill them and end up fighting a CM during that fight.

Sorry for the wall of text, btw. Thx to Kupo, the other creators, and Jay.


With the fully upgraded Ninja, Pope and Officer armor sets, plus the Rune Blade, Sentinel and Shadow Blaster weapons, the Cosmic Monoliths can't even do any damage to you... in fact, I got lucky, fighting Akron on Epic level. I'd forgotten to re-kit after fighting the Cosmic Monoliths in the space level, and then I beat the rune claws, and one of Akron's next summons was a CM. So, every turn, the CM attacked and did absolutely nothing, so it basically served as a space-waster in Akron's lineup, and those Dark Blast things only kept the CM in the fight while hurting Akron and everything else he summoned. That was how I was finally able to beat the game on Epic difficulty.

Now, there are just a couple questions I still have:

1. Is it possible to complete the get-five-silver-shields and get-three-magic-circles quests without playing through the whole game a second time? I can only find four of the shields and two of the circles.

2. I still can't find all the treasure chests in the Kitten Ruins, and even the walkthrough on Kongregate isn't helpful.

3. How am I supposed to get the "Slayer" badge?


1.if you are missing a chest in the ruins, there is one on the switch screen semi-hidden by a dead tree.
2. can someone help me with the glacier chests?


As of now, I'm at the stupid Mammoth-mon-zilla and was defeated once already...
Didn't think about POISON though, should try it now. :D
The best "small" (only 24MB!!! and FLASH) RPG game I've ever played, 99% sure!!!

HINT for save-problem-havers:
Just download it to your PC. :D
I hate playing such games ONLINE. :D

I'm probably gonna write here more later on, after I beat that furryoh... :D

And, YES, this game requires BRAINS to play it, for SURE. :D



One Mammoth Stake, please!!!
Poison RULES!!!
Thanks for that super hint! :D


I made an Akron pizza!!!
He SO likes to EXPLODE!!!
Wasn't SO tough, though.
My equips (ALL lvl5's of course!):
1. Viking Helmet (so he hits harder);
2. Casual Shirt (just good defence and buff)
3. Heaven's Gate (oh, here we go, COUNTER with a MAGIC bonus!)
1. Star Hairclip (up, up to the STARS!)
2. Whitemage Dress (I love that BUNNY!)
3. Crystal Staff (obvious, see MATT!!!)
1. Soldier Helmet (again, AUTO-HEAL!)
2. Pirate Gear (NARWHALS on the OFFENSIVE!)
3. Deep Blue (again, see MATT!!!)



So cool!!!
I'm at LVL 37 now.
Protector goes down within my FIRST turn.
Those Dragons lose about half-a-life per turn too.
And Akron... well, WHO'S that??? :D
I'm now killing those "Mono-Trios", when Archangel works on CM, it's a piece of cake!!!
The only ones that still one-hit me, are those BUSHES!!!
Oh, they're LVL 60!!! :D
And do some 60k damage STILL!!!
Though the last time it was quite easy, with ever-growing Evade, you know. :D


Another tips about Akron the last boss:

When he summons Cosmic Monoliths, change your equipment to all dark resistance. You can make it so that both Matt and Nat got 130% dark resistance, and Lance 100%. Then as you can guess, for every 3 turns the CM will heal you a lot, so keep the CM alive and focus on the boss.



You can get the Slayer medal by

buffing Lance's magic attack or attack, I forgot which, and using his maxed out nuke limit break on the level 0 bushes in the forest. I did 142,897 damage with it once.

MisterBombastic March 29, 2011 5:14 PM

i got a question
does anyone know where the save files are when you install the game on your pc? I want to copy a save file to a friend to show him how awesome the game is :D but i dont know were to place the copied file xD

plz help me :D

Greetings MisterBombastic

Anonymous April 30, 2011 8:01 PM

another way to get slayer

equip matt with genji armor and soul eater, then engage into the level 0 bushes battle, then give matt a beer and use debiltrate on the bushes, then use cataclysm on the bushes, you get 120000~ damage or so

natalie4 May 3, 2011 5:06 PM

I`ve destroyed a LV20 red bush @ Lv15 in 2 turns!!!


Finally found all the boxes in the forest. Does genesis give allies autolife?

Also, minigame qq:

beowulf June 1, 2011 3:27 PM

im stuck on the brown orb puzzle and can't seem to get to the other two orbs on the map (waiting anxiously for help)

natalie4 June 4, 2011 8:30 PM

How do you change the switches in the ruins from 0 to 1?

natalie4 June 5, 2011 6:27 PM

When will EBF2 and 1 come to Jay Is Games?
(Tell me only if you know.)


i cant get the last rocket or the star dust for the last two quests can someone PLEASE tell me where they are


where do you find heavens gate?!?!?! Ive looked everywhere. plz help!


Suggestion for EBF4:

Have a 4th player. The name should be Anna. I got this idea from the Kongregate game Bullet Heaven. Also should have NoLegs be able to attack like in EBF2.


Also, I need help with Pyrohydra in EBF3. Someone can help me. I am doing this on Normal mode.


Three Questions On Akron:

1. How often does Akron change type?

2. What level is Akron?

3. How much HP does Akron have on normal mode?

dennispitogo August 25, 2011 8:17 PM

does anyone have a tip on getting the second medal (achieving 230pts) on the 4th mini game. .i only get 215pts max. .helppppp


Dennis, You can`t hit any rocks. Also you need to try to get every coin.


what am i supposed to do in the dessert place.


This is one of the best games I have ever played. Even minecraft (I do love that game) has a tough time topping it.
And BTW, a good strategy is to put Matt and Natalie in ninja gear (as juch as you can do) and then have Matt use reflex. a LOT. Just get the evade buff up to 70%. Then, while matt is using reflex, have Lance use flare a lot. after a little while, you can't get hit be anything. It works with nearly all battles (though not suggested on easy battles). This also works on most bosses (not counting Akron, I am still to beat him!)


how do you open the main entrance to the ruin?


I spent like 30 minutes in the loading screen, just to make the slime things all the same type...


Freaking stuck on Mammoth. _o_


i lost my files and although i have a backup of them i can't seem ti find where to put them.... i am supposed to put them on a folder on my pc but when i start a new game so as to replace the new files with my backup it doesn't save on that folder. Any ideas where my pc could be saving my files?

[Check our support page for help with where Flash game save files are stored. -Jay]


A few tips from somebody who has beat the game on epic:

General tips:

-Don't skip any fights. If you avoid combat and only fight the enemies you are forced to, then you will not level up enough and won't be ready for the bosses and more difficult enemies. See the boss tips for clarification on this point.

-The best offense is a good defense: Cast spells which buff your defense and magic defense early and often. Don't just focus on dealing out damage and upgrading your powerful offensive spells. This is tempting but it will get you in trouble when you get to the more difficult enemies and bosses.

-You will do most of your attacking with Matt and some with Natalie. Lance is mostly there to provide backup. Use Lance to buff the other players' magic attack. debuff the enemy's defense, and keep everybody's MP stocked up. His only really good attack is airstrike.

-Dress for success: use the bestiary to predict what kinds of attacks you will get and what the weakness of your opponents will be. Most enemies in the same zone use the same elemental attacks, so wear hats and shirts that protect against them. Equip weapons that boost elements which enemies are weak to. For example, the knight's armor gives much better defense than the ninja cloak, but if you know you're going to receive a lot of dark attacks, wear the ninja cloak. It's common sense but it makes all the difference in the world.

-If you're approaching a difficult fight, consider beginning the battle, switching to lance, scanning the foe, and then leaving so you will know what the enemies strengths and weaknesses will be.

Boss tips:

-Never, ever attack the side enemies which the bosses summon. When you destroy side enemies, the boss will just summon more powerful foes to replace them. This is especially true for the final boss, including the foes which heal. No matter how impossible the current side foes seem to be, their replacements will be worse. The final boss will eventually summon cosmic monoliths. The only exception to this rule is the protector. Kill the holy runes because they heal and odds are he will summon a different type. However, if you keep kill runes he will summon tougher backup.

-Focus on upgrading attacks which are more powerful and target a single foe, for the reason just given. Attacks which target multiple enemies are great for most battles, but when you reach the boss you need powerful attacks that will not eliminate the side foes.

-If you're playing the game for the first time and don't have the bosses in the bestiary, consider only fighting the enemies you have to. Then scan the boss, leave the fight, and go back and beat the enemies you left behind. This way, you will know the bosses weaknesses are and can focus your upgrades on the appropriate weapons. This will be especially useful if you're on a hard or epic.

Weapons and accessories that were useful:


-Blizzard (ice sword): This was the sword I used the most. It has insanely high attack and magic attack, plus it boosts one of Matt's most powerful attacks, the iceburg. It compared in head to head with the razorback with a variety of spells and it usually outperformed the guitar.
-Sol Spear
-Heaven's gate
-Mage hat: Since Matt is one the primary attackers in the group, it's nice to have his magic attack and MP boosted.
-Knight's armor or leather armor: Best overall defense

-Whitemage dress: Upgrade it to level 4 or 5 (don't remember which) and it will randomly cast regen. I wish I had known about this the first time around!
-Cow horns: when fully upgraded, gives a 25% HP boost plus a defense of 20% and a magic defense of 20%. Has no negative effects. I only wear other hats when I need to defend against a specific element
-There is no best staff. It depends on which elemental attack you expect to use the most. The death bringer, sentinel, and dream catcher were useless. The dark tooth does not boost magic attack by very much compared to the crystal staff or the seraphim.


-Soldier helmet: upgrade it enough (again I don't remember the exact level) and it will randomly cast medipacks which also heal status defects.
-Army jacket: Upgrade it and it will randomly summon airstrikes.
-Thunder core: I compared a lot of the fully upgraded guns side by side with several spells and this one consistently did the most damage. Of course it depends on the specific spell but this was the best overall plus it has no negative effects.

Spells that were useful:


-Protect: Remember what I said about buffing your defense early and often?
-Iceburg: without a doubt the offensive spell I used the most for him. Great power especially when combined with the blizzard sword.
-Dispel: very useful on bosses who buff their team's attacks and defense.


-Regen: Use it early and often.
-Revive: Speaks for itself. Upgrade it so you will revive fallen comrades with more health.
-Siphon: Don't make the mistake of only dealing out damage. Protect yourself by blocking tough opponents' ability to cast spells
-Judgement: Her most powerful regular spell

-Debilitate: By far my most commonly used spell of his. Lance is not a great attacker, so I mostly use him to buff teammates with items and debuff the enemies with this spell.
-Flare: Very useful on enemies with powerful spells.
-Poison Gas
-Airstrike: Will fire one of three types of bombs. The first is a single bomb which attacks on enemy. The second is a series of three bombs which attack all. the third is a single super bomb which attacks all. Since 2/3 types attack all enemies, I rarely used the tank unless I needed to be sure all enemies would be hit.


A list of the question mark medals from left to right beginning after untouchable. Sorry if I missed any but now that I've unlocked them I can't see which are hidden.

Fatty: eat a hamburger
Slime splatter: Splat 100 slimes in the loading game
Berserker: Cast and use berserk.
Doomsday: Cast doomsday by using a dark rune.
Nuke: Cast the nuke spell

Genesis: Cast the genesis spell.
Ragnarok: Cast the Ragnarok spell.
Learner: Learn a new skill.
Blacksmith: Fully upgrade a weapon.
Pervert: Click Natale's boobies several times in battle. I'm not sure exactly how to get this to work. I just clicked a bunch and eventually got it.

Cat tamer: Cast. the meow meow spell
Narwhal tamer: Summon a narwhal. Upgrade the pirate gear and it will randomly summon narwhals in battle
Pig molester: Stand behind a big and hold spacebar.
Artist: Unlock the concept art by beating the game and view it.
Creditor: Check out the credits page.

Tips for getting the slayer medal:

Find a powerful elemental attack. Find an enemy who is weak to that attack. Equip your player with a weapon and any accessories which will power up that element or just provide the best magic attack. Go into battle and debuff the opponent's defense and magic defense) as much as possible (the limit is 70%) while buffing your player as much as possible (limit for buffing attack and magic attack is also 70%). You can use Lance's debilitate to debuff defense. Beer or Matt's temper spell buffs attack. Milk buffs magic attack. I have not found any spells or items which debuff magic defense except Natalie's Kyun which of course has to be charged.

I used Natalie's black hole because it was the most powerful spell I could find. I equipped obsidian because it boosts dark attack. I don't remember which accessories I equipped but the goal was to boost magic attack. I went to the kitten ruins to find a light clay, which is weak to dark. I buffed Natalie and debuffed the light clay as much as possible. When I cast the spell I did about 258,000 damage.


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