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Entries 9 through 17 are up!

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The next batch of entries submitted to our competition are now up and available to play! Click.

Thank you kindly for leaving your comments and constructive criticisms for each of the puzzles. As before, please leave your comments on this entry to only the 13 entries in this batch. I'll list them here to make it easier for you...

And that concludes the entries for this competition. =)


My apologies to Phillip and anyone trying to play his game. I just noticed that the sound is not functioning in "Thief" and I have sent off a message to him in hopes he can make the changes quickly. I will upload the new file just as soon as I get it.


wow there's some great entries here. This'll entertain me for a while.
Just a little bug tho - In "gateway" the mini games menu at the bottom obscures the object descriptions that are supposed to pop up.


Cheers to Phillip for a super-quick response, his entry, "Thief", is now complete with sound. Enjoy. =)

Tinesthai August 27, 2006 10:23 AM

the window's in cyberpunk are kind of clipped.
you can't see the command line, so you have to type a couple of commands to see the old output.
I tried it in both IE and FF.
I know where the game is headed though and I think it would be pretty cool :)


danoz - you shouldn't be seeing the games menu at the bottom of the window when you are inside one of the games. If you do see it, please reload the page in the browser.

I have seen that only on rare occasions when the UI wasn't loaded properly. Sorry for that, though.


Tinesthai - can you post a screenshot? I don't think I'm seeing what you're seeing. Here's a screenshot of the console on my PC.

Ripperdoc August 27, 2006 10:45 AM

Pretty interesting games so far except Cyberpunk has me completely stumped from the get-go. I have zero idea what to do


hrm, cyberpunk has got me too. can connect to atlantis but no idea what the user name and pass is, can try to connect to overlord but it appears to be blocked. Any ideas?


Jay: when you type in the cyperpunk shell until it fills up, the bottom 2 or 3 lines are clipped out.


Hi Jay,
i also had problems with the command line in cyberpunk.
it happens when the last line moves out of the shell window. so you cant see what you type anymore.

it seems to be a great game, but with that command line problem it is hard to proceed.



Ah. I see that now. It wasn't obvious at first.


I just type quit and open a new shell


After a quick run through the games:

Quadra Pair 42 is a little confusing. I know that you change the colors of the boxes, you have 42 moves, and

there can only be 2 of each color at a time,

but that's it.

Liquid Colors pleasantly surprised me. It had directions, so it was more of a relaxing puzzle where you don't have to figure out how to play, just beat the game. It was also a very unique concept which worked out quite well. The difficulty wasn't too hard, but I've only played normal so far. Excellent!

Keys i liked. It had a very simple concept, so it wasn't hard to figure out, but it took a while to actually beat it. Not the hardest puzzle I've played, but very cool.

Spoiler for Keys:

Simple, but if you can't figure it out, you just press keys until one of the lights in a ball starts lighting up. You have to play around with the keys to find the proper sequence for the ball, but when you hit a wrong key you have to start over. When you fill all of a ball's lights, it drops a key. Collect all the keys and put them in the slot!

Thief was very cool because of it's similarity to the escape the room games, but I didn't figure out how to do anything in it yet. (Except in the box screen I did get a red triangle to appear out of the red shapes and stay there) I will have to go back to it.

Cyberpunk seems cool. The gShell screen wouldn't disappear, but that wasn't a big deal because you can move it away. I couldn't figure out how to do much, so I'll return to it later.

Instruments was interesting, but a bit hard to actually beat. The gameplay is so simple it doesn't need a spoiler, but harder than it looks. I can get close, but not exactly over it. I'll go back and I'm sure it won't take long because there are only so many combinations of instruments. Would've been cool with audio, but it was fine without it.

Clak was very cool, but mainly checking and guessing. Not a very hard concept, but can be tricky if you didn't notice

the play and stop buttons at the bottom


that they start one of the things spinning, which you must redirect through all the numbers

Fun play and not too complicated concept (although the gameplay gets continually harder) makes a solid game. I am stuck on a hard part right now, so I will return.

Gateway was incredible! I couldn't put it down until I got completely stuck and realized I should move on. Incidentally,

what do you do in the circular room after you get the password from the TV?

Anyways, Gateway was a great game which had a good learning curve and is definitely the first I am going back to after my first run through the games. Great job Anders Gustafsson!

Wired I don't know what to make of. I am trying to connect the little boxes, but it is hard to avoid a short-circuit. I need more feedback on this game.

Well, this is a bunch of great games! I look forward to playing them all again!


Login to Atlantis (Cyberpunk):

password is Atlantis


that doesn't seem to work for me kevin, any more details?


Oh wait, ignore that I was hitting a wrong key. thanks Kevin


Gateway was absolutely brillant. Thoroughly engaging and easy to use with some challenging puzzles.

In the final room, look at the lightbulb above each segment and count how many times they flash when stepped on. Number each segment accordingly.

godofstuff August 27, 2006 11:57 AM

in cyber punk i have set up the spy net and now i dk what to do. help?


I agree! Gateway is totally great. for the life of me, i can't figgure out how to get the password from the TV. got the TV running, but can't figgure out the sequence to use !!


I'm playing gateway. I'm stuck on the room that says


I tried puting it in according to the


but it didn't work!! Help


I figured out the first part of the computer in thief:

Press the buttons above the circle and count how many beeps each color gets. Then order the colors by their numbers from smallest to largest on the bottom


mmodule, here's how to get the password:

did you see a yellow guy moving around in the cameras? follow his motion around the house with the cameras until he goes to bed. then, the password is the number of each room he entered in chronological order. It is


i believe


Very Nice games!!!

Except Cyberpunk ist veeerrry buggy.

* Command line is clipped.
* You cannot escape the netscan screen.
* The "exit" and "quit" commands are not included in the help.
* Midgame it reseted, shell kept open, but in the back the intro played


I'm in gateway and can't get past the part witht the telescope,I can't figure out the code,help anyone?


Nevermind,I figured it out.
I figure the stuff out right after I ask for help lol


help i dont know the username for atlantis on cyberpunk just the password would somebody tell me the user name


The username is



for cyberpunk user name

when you connect with the shell to Atlantis, Atlantis clearly tells you who is allowed to log in

only the system admin can login


i still need to know the password to the one with the telescope


Kevin, for that level

did you look through the telescope? if so,

did you see what the other robot wrote on the window?

don't forget, he's looking at it from the opposite side, you're seeing it backwards

Érico Monteiro August 27, 2006 12:53 PM

All puzzles are neat, good standars, I particulary enjoy those with sound puzzles, but the best here I guess is GATEWAY, nice set of puzzles, excellent atmosphere that somehow reminds me of GROW.




... I tried it... It didn't work... Could someone just give me the code?


I was going to post a hint for the password in Gateway, but someone beat me to it.

Anyways, Thief was a really cool game.
I finally beat it!
The second puzzle for opening the journal was really good.


I'm really confused about the round room in Gateway. Any hints anyone?


Just out of curiosity, Kevin, what did you enter that didn't work?

The code for the telescope room is 739339



Check how many times each light flashes when you step on its panel.


I like all of them...
gateway is best so far!


Gateway is so clearly the winner that it's barely even close. I enjoyed playing Liquid Colours too. I've enjoyed pretty much every game in the contest, although the themes of music and colour were slightly overused at times.

By the way, is there a way to know what key to press in Keys. Because otherwise it's just irritating: enter first, enter second, guess, fail, enter first enter second, guess, succeed, guess, fail, enter first...


gateway was the best that I have played in a long time. by the way Jay, for future contests they should have a theme like *escape the room* or something


a hint in cyberpunk : once you get to see the other servers in the network (fallend and overlord)

do the netspy on fallend, you have to get all of the nodes in a field, but be carefull not to touch any eyes cos the get you disconnected - you can pull out about 10 field corners with which you manipulate the fiel

If its too hard for you the fallend password is -


Tyberius Prime August 27, 2006 1:46 PM

I'm stuck in Gateway in the room right after the telescope. Two boards, I was able to put the left one down, but the right one is 'out of reach', and I don't see what to do with the colors on the bottom :(.

Could somebody be so kind to give me a hint?


Gateway is the best, so far, although I only have the least one left to check out.

The peeper room, having the guy looking back at you, with the music, is a little creepy.

One question though:

In the room after "peeper", how do you get the right-hand board down? I feel kinda stupid.

Also, I loved Liquid Colors.


Also, am I the only person who thinks of The Who's "Tommy" when I hear the guitar in the opening menu?


nCn got that far as well.
But after logging in to fallend i'm stumped. What do next?

(should maybe "scan" work at fallend?, nothing happens for me)


Oh got it already, services [service] starts a service in cyberpunk:)
Im used to /etc/init.d/[service] start :-)

Ahoytheship August 27, 2006 2:30 PM

Ok, so I'm in the round room at the end of Gateway, and I could use a little help.

I got the number sequence from the lightbulbs; now am I supposed to try and step on them in that order? Because it seems I can't. Or is this a new code to use on the keypad? If so, what number do I start on!



Paul, I THOUGHT that was the solution, the problem i had amounts to what seems to be a bug:

No matter how many times, I watch it, I NEVER see the yellow character start in room 9 (outside). so room 5 (front door) was always the first room the yellow character appeared in....


Wow, I am stunned. I didn't expect so many game and for them all to be so well done. My personal favourites are Clack, for the simple and efective gameplay and beautiful (and simeple) graphics, Submachine Zero, for the cool atmosphere and great point and click gameplay, Gateway, for a new way of making point and click/escape the room puzzles and doing it do darn well. What awesome games! They could all win!


Finished them all except Cyberpunk without any hints or help :)

Specially liked the originality of "Liquid Colors" and

"Gateway" was very nice, but it had some sort of bug where the game only ran when mouse was moved. I think it ruined somewhat the experience. Still, its full game, not just one puzzle and I had great fun figuring them all out. Just right for me - not too easy - not too difficult.

Tocharianne August 27, 2006 3:09 PM

To MadWithMuchHeart about the Gateway room with planks:

When the gates on the left and right are the same color, they act as transporters.


A great selection of games,
although a few instructions would be helpfull for a few of them!

anyone have a clue for the safe password in "thief"?


Tonypa: A friend of mine had that problem as well and I have no idea why. If anybody has any information on this phenomenon, I'd greatly appreciate it.


It was deliberate to make the puzzle harder. I though giving the whole sequence away would be too easy, so you have to figure out where to put the nine by conjecture.

I'm a fan of "Clack". The puzzle is very elegant and easy to understand. And I find the billowing motion of the pendulums to be pleasingly hypnotic.


I enjoyed Color Connect, but it could use an indication that you've won, or a chance to start again rather than just black. I really liked the logic of this game and it was quick to understand how to use it. I hope there will be harder levels.


ive gotten through most of the parts of thief, with a little patience theyre not too hard to manage. im now stuck on trying to figure out the password based on the
clues in the entrees. anyone have any hints?


Gateway I like the most so far

But how do I get passed the room with the 6 lightbulbs on the ceiling? the room right after the unplugged TV

bobby01987 August 27, 2006 3:37 PM

I am in the TV room, but I can't for the life of me figure out the code! Any hints, please?


Great games everyone! Thanks.


Kurt (not a great poker player) August 27, 2006 3:53 PM

I've seen all games and so far i'm loving this contest

I think that ciberpunk is great. Yes, its quite difficult, but it really hook me.

If you are in the fallend server and you are stuck here is a hint

You can set in or set of the "services" by typing services[space][services]
For example if wifi is set on, you type in the command line "services wifi" and it will be set off.
Maybe after this you can scan something new on the fallend server...

Another hint:

There are some pics available by using de "cat" command, for example on the fallend: on the command line type "cat pussy.jpg"

eareynolds August 27, 2006 3:56 PM

I get to a point on Quadra Pair 42 where I click a square and it takes me back to the main UI. Does this mean I've won, or is there a bug that causes the game to crash?


Wulfo: In Keys,

If you press a key which is in a ball's sequence, but is not the next one, the ball will still wobble or animate but no lights will light up.
That way, you know which keys each ball is interested in, and you just have to discover the order.


Gateway codes:

think of the mirror image of peeper


the path that the girl robot takes is the code, although I never saw her in the garage, she came in from outside, so start there


Liqiud colous is the best, its adictive and is a clever origional idea for a game


dudeee that cyberpunk is soo kewl, loved it :)

GentleSavage August 27, 2006 5:13 PM

disregard my last comment. i got it.

DragonGaze August 27, 2006 5:17 PM

A question about cyberpunk:

After you beat the Hex Code puzzle, is that the end of the game? Cause my screen just went black and nothing happened. Please tell me that's it, I don't want to do that puzzle again.

Tinesthai August 27, 2006 5:34 PM

Jay, everyone else pretty much covered it for the cyberpunk errors.
It would be nice if it was cleaned up abit to give it a fair shot. I know some people pushed through it, but It just got to me too much.

netscans were abit weird too.


I had the same issue as eareynolds in quadrapairs: A certain click takes me back to the main UI. I can't tell if I won or if it's a bug.


Have the same problem as DragonGaze in Cyberpunk: The screen just goes black after beating the Hex-puzzle... the end of the game, or is this a bug?

By the way, at the Color-Hex-puzzle in Cyberpunk:

not all of the - and + do what they are supposed to do (IMO). At one point, I was sure that I had the right color, but it didn't work. So I checked the color in my drawing program (after a screenshot): It was:
339AFF instead of 3399FF... how is anybody supposed to see such a tiny difference?)

I thought the Cyberpunk-game had nice ideas, but the Hex-puzzle either is too difficult intentionally, or there are some calculation bugs in it.


The password for the safe in Thief:

You need to do the puzzles on the computer first

Notice how there are five entries with five colors and five 2-digit numbers

Also notice the order in which the animation lights up each color

The password is a 10-digit number made up of each of the entry numbers in the order that they light up in (the numbers change every time)


I suspect many of you didn't play Personal Universe, because of the API thing, but it blew my mind. Seriously, making the 'auto-vibrating-snowplough' for one of the levels was a zen moment, and the author deserves massive plaudits.

My ordering is:
1. Personal universe
2. Clack
3. Liquid Colors
4. Gateway


Anybody tried "Weight" so far? I have done each calibration but at the end (after the fulcrums), 1 scale is 0.5 off the target although every other scale fits (so, I cannot finish). Is this a bug, or has anybody beaten the game?


I didn't get very far in "Personal Universe," but it was a very neat game nonetheless. I wish it looked nicer, but the gameplay was loads of fun. I'd like to see more!


finally finished gateway!

for the lightbulby room:

it helps to have a pen and paper, the highest number of times a bulb will flash happens to be the same as the number of colours there are.


Well im glad someone got near the end on Weight, its a difficult one.

A clue for final calibration:

Are your checkboxes checked?


Hi breach
concerning Weight:

I saw the checkboxes, but they were not checked and I could not check them with my mouse...

Does that mean that I made a mistake or should it have been possible?

dannthemann August 27, 2006 9:36 PM

I really like gateway, that has to be my favorate.


I agree with FhnuZoag, above. Don't skip Personal Universe; it blows the socks off Gateway and all the rest of these entries. Simplicity and depth; excellent.


anyone understand the logic behind the colour puzzle in cyberpunk, figured out one by luck?


martin :

You dont check them with the mouse, play around a little more


Hi Heiko,
The logic behind the cyberpunk-color-puzzle seems to be:

You have hex-codes for the Red/Green/Blue-values... so, for example:FF CC 00 means:
Red: FF = 256 (maximum)
Green: CC = 204 (close to maximum)
Blue: 00 = nothing
You have to get the colors/Hex-codes on the right side by combining the -/=/+ signs from the squares for red, green and blue each.
The first sign in each square (top left) is for red,
second (middle) for green
third (bottom right) for blue.

I think you have to start each task with the +++ sign in the first row

But, some of the minuses and pluses don't work as they are supposed to (in my opinion, so some solutions don't work even though they should)


FnuZoag, how did u manage to create this plow?

Im currently stuck on that level.


Loved so many of them... Liquid Colors and Cyberpunk are great...but my personal favorite was Clack... great concept and kept me stumped for awhile!


If anybody needs the complete solution for the cyberpunk-color/hex-game... here it is:

Let's say, that the squares are ordered like this:
1 2 3 4
So, the colors can be reached by clicking squares as follows:
99ff00: a3 - b1 - b3 - c1 - d2
ffcc00: a3 - c3 - b3 - b1
3399ff: a3 - c1 - c3 - b2 - b4
Finish each combination, by clicking on the corresponding color square on the right side.

Cheers, Martin

P.S. Finally beaten the "Weights" game... thanks for the hint, breach!


Thanks Martin!


I also have to agree that Personal Universe is incredible. Very deep potential with such a simple concept. The initial explanation was a bit lacking, though, and I was dissapointed how few levels it had. I felt like I had just learned what I was doing when I was done with the easy challenges. And the hard one is darn near impossible, at least so far as I can tell yet.

Liquid Color was another cool idea; very challenging.

I loved Instruments, but it needs more than one level to try. Unique idea to play instruments based entirely on the visual aspect of the sound, without hearing anything.

(Anybody else find it odd how many games revolved around either music or colors? Was that part of the original stipulations?)


Fun trick in Liquid Colors: open up two holes between two large sections, and you can get the colors to circle endlessly, so a piece can actually be two colors at once, in a way.


Keith, I can't seem to get that trick to work out. Won't the colors just mix? What colors did you get this to work with? Can you post a screenshot? It sounds cool.


I liked Clack and Gateway. Thief was cool, the puzzle to unlock the diary entries was both awesome and easy.

I can't get Personal Universe working, though. I can never do the second part... I get stuck to where the car won't even move, despite having an engine and "fuel" in the right places.



There seems to be a bug where, if you overwrite an engine with a pink "body" piece, the engines won't register as engines, evidenced by being able to add multiple blue pieces.

Very annoying.


I can't get past the computer puzzle on thief. can I have some help?


Is cyberpunk ment to just end like that, it was a pretty interesting concept till then


Does anyone understand Quadra Pair 42? I don't understand what I'm supposed to do.


i loved liquid colors. so simple, and yet so addictive and fun! the instructions made it feel more professional than some of the other games.

instruments was also simple, but interesting and well-executed. i solved it in a few clicks, which was a first for this collection of games. it could do with more levels, because the idea is so interesting to be played out so easily.

although liquid colors was my fave, i really liked everything from this round of submissions. all of them were professional, well-executed and exceedingly frustrating. everyone who submitted did a great job.


I just want to say loading bars would be a huge help. Quadra 42 has been loading for a good four minutes...with a black screen. the top drop menu shows, but when clicking to go back to main, I can't (which is common in games that take a few to load, it doesn't work until the game is done). If I quit the window, it has to reload the whole thing, so I'm chagrin to lose all of my possible progress. So, load bars? anyone? Some of the first eight games had them (HUGE help), and I haven't seen the rest of these. But I got the opener graphic for Quadra and now I have a black screen.
Going on six minutes, here, if not longer.


So far I played the 1st 3 of the 2nd batch & I like Keys a lot. I haven't beaten it yet. Reminds me of the organ in Myst.



your hints/tips/tricks about cyberpunk do NOT work (for me, at least):

I have 'services wifi' bring back 'wifi is active but system need reboot' and then 'reboot command is disabled' I cannot find any pictures, nor can 'services wifi' produce any other result.

I'm stuck at Fallend server and I need help. For some reason, I can't seem to find the thing everyone else does that leads to the next step. Help, peoples.


So of course, right after I post I get a little further all of a sudden.

So suddenly something happened even though I didn't do anything differently, and a graphic popped up, and then somehow I managed to type over and over and something worked and it found a wireless hub next to 'overlord'


And now on "Cyberpunk" I'm caught up to everyone else. BLACK SCREEN. What the heck?



the "services wifi" was just an example. I was trying to show the function of "services" command.

After "service wifi" did you "nuke" the fallend server?

After "nuke" the fallend server, did you scan it?


I played most the games:

* gateway was the best one in implementation and atmosphere.
* personal universe has the most potential to become something really incredible, if it would be implemented with a bit more "stars and stripes". (e.g. easier block placement, a bit graphich pepup, more levels, more than one engine.

@Jakop Cyberpunk spoiler:

You need to "nuke" the computer in order to have it reboot


Completed thief

make triangles using the arrow in middle of circle and the 2 orbitting color balls to fill sections of the pie

Count the number of beeps for each color on the monitor part.Arrange the colors in order of number of beeps , Least beeps on extreme left.

Click the squares to make the digits equal to the one given.(Try using the corners and ignoring the cross)

key in the entries's number in order of color flashing in the circle made by the rotating puzzle



Quadra Pair 42...
I don't know if this is a spoiler or a debug?

If you think of the boxes as a keypad
i put red in 9
blue in 8
green in 7
yellow in 6
yellow in 1
green in 2
blue in 3
red in 4
after that, i click the white box (number 5) and i get sent back to the game design competition screen.
Did i win? Did i screw up? what Are you supposed to do here!!!

Will someone please reply?


Concerning "Wired", the principal is as follows:

The goal is to arrange all squares such that no wire ends *inside* the game field, which doesnt mean that all the pins must be connected together, they can as well be connected to the edge.

Some excellent games in this contest :)
"Clack" and "Gateway" are by far my favorites in this lot.

Will be hard to choose a winner :)


I found a little trick to LiquidColors.

If you make a tiny box in the corner of any colors you get, later you have a collection of colors to add to whatever color they're in. Helped me a lot in the harder puzzle!


zxo, here's the trick I was talking about:


Look at the bottom section: The rectangle in the middle was red, all the surrounding area was cyan. I opened the hole on the right so the red poured out and made magenta, then, before the magenta reached around to the left side of the red, I opened a hole on the left, where cyan poured into the red and made more magenta, except it sent the remaining red out through the first hole, and now I have splotches of red looping endlessly through my magenta loop. (In the screenshot, the main section of red is going right, except at the bottom, where it's moving left to fill in the narrow strip along the bottom. Depending on how I time it, I can now fill the final square with either red or magenta.

Amor Lassie August 28, 2006 11:31 AM

My personal favorites in this batch are:

1. Personal Universe is wonderful idea. It could be renamed as 'Donkey and a Carrot'. The layout looks quite clumsy and there are some bugs. Every now and then the game just stucked for no reason. However, I understood that in this competition new ideas are more important. This idea is simply the best. 'Experiment' area is a nice add.

2. Gateway brings fresh perspective for puzzle solving. The 'peeper' and 'surveillance camera' are funny ones and isometric gameplay is very nice add. The 'lightbulbs' blinked too fast for me so I had to cheat and read tips for that one.

3. Houses is quite simple but adorable puzzle. I especially like the idea that you can build the houses in any way you like as long as you abide by the basic rules. Nice game for children or for childlikes. The images on the bottom right corner were very helpful.

These three games and in this order are also my personal favorites for the whole competition, except 'Alchemist's Apprentice', which is at least as good as 'Houses'. I'll give my comment for Alchemist's Apprentice in the other batch.


im still trying to find out how to play quadra 42, does anyone have any hints? because im really confused as what to do


Jay, once again the preview form forgot my Typekey authentication. There's one posting from me waiting to be published.


For Gateway, the level with the TV. This will give it away probably.

Okay look at the T.V. and follow the person as it goes through the house. Remember the order of the cameras you saw. Also remember that the person must have come home from work to have went to sleep at the end.


Thank you all for your comments so far. It is indeed interesting to view your perspectives on each of the entries.

If interested in "playing along" with the scoring process, which is proving to be terribly difficult with so many excellent submissions, bear in mind the theme of this first of competitions: "simple puzzle games". Some are commenting "...but it was so short", yes, well, it was supposed to be (relatively) short. That's not a negative here. =)

Oh, and we're favoring puzzles that don't require instructions. That was implied by the examples provided as the basis for this design competiton.

Also, for people having trouble loading games, the server is getting pounded with lots of traffic playing these games, and the hosting provider (Dreamhost -- but I like to call them "Dreamhosed") has trouble keeping their servers up for 24 hours without at least some downtime sprinkled in for good measure. Sorry about that. If a game doesn't load, refresh your browser. If that still doesn't work, try again in a little bit.

To *Jacob* - There is no "progress" being saved for any of the puzzles in this current version of the UI. I hope to have that working for the compilation of finalists.

Scoring is still underway. Carry on. =)

insaniak74 August 28, 2006 12:56 PM

So I'm playing Gateway, and for whatever reason I'm having trouble with the room where the floor changes colors. I made the floor match the little picture on top of the door, but nothing happens. Any suggestions?


OK, I think I've played them all, so I'll give my final thoughts (as if I haven't posted enough this weekend). I'm ranking a little low here, but that's only because so many were good, and I need some elbow room in my numbers.

Puzzle 1 - eh... not my thing. But I do like the simple, minimalistic design (exactly what I've come to expect from Tonypa). 4 out of 10.

Puzzle 2 - a little too much decyphering rather than puzzling, but for some reason it really sucked me in the second time around. 6 out of 10.

Sigil of Binding - great twist on a classic puzzle I thought I hated. Limiting the number of moves made it fun again. 7 of 10.

Submachine zero - Another great one for the series. Well polished. Keep 'em coming! 8 of 10.

Gear puzzle - Well designed, though the puzzle itself was too much trial-and-error for my tastes. 6 of 10.

Free the Bird - Stop squawking already! 5 of 10.

Alchemist - Fun, but the player needs more help. Not intuitive enough. Sadly, it loses playability once you figure out the trick. 6 of 10.

Jewel Drop - I should be frustrated, but it's just too soothing. 8 of 10.

Quadra Pair - I like it, a lot. I just wish I knew what I was trying to accomplish. 5 of 10.

Liquid Colors - Creative idea. Challenging. Great design. 7 of 10.

Keys - Unique concept, but didn't hold my interest long. 5 of 10.

Thief - Liked it. The password was too hard to figure out; I was looking for a word, but it wanted numbers. 7 of 10.

Cyberpunk - I always want to like games like this, but play is too linear. I think I would enjoy it more with more elbow room to fiddle and several paths to explore at a time. 5 of 10.

Instruments - Excellent, but it needs more levels. 6 of 10.

Clack - Brilliant concept. I'll keep coming back to this one til I get it. 9 of 10.

Gateway - Also brilliant. Well polished and unique feel. 9 of 10.

Wired - I enjoy puzzles like this, but it didn't have enough to feel like anything new to me. It also felt wierd just leaving the wires hanging on the edges of the map. 5 of 10.

Colour Connect - Neat idea. A slightly smaller version of this would make a great mini-game inside something larger. 7 of 10.

Houses - Fun, and tough. 6 of 10.

Weight - Confusing. I like the idea, but I think a brief tutorial would help it a long way. 5 of 10.

Personal Universe - Incredible concept. I love it. It just needs WAY more levels now. Playback was a little clunky, though (maybe do it in something other than Flash?) The tutorials need the help of a technical writer, too ;). 9 of 10.

Overall, I think Personal Universe is my favorite concept, but it just didn't feel polished to me. If I got to choose a winner, it would be a showdown between Gateway and Clack.



Are you sure its the right colors? This happened to me too. The middle color was especially tricky.



Using your notation, I find all the arithmetic in the hex game works if you change C4 from +=+ to +++, not that it changes the solution.


Wow, Gateway and Weight were both amazing, albeit being a touch too easy. Hopefully a Gateway 2 will be in the works soon : )


I enjoyed all the games. But I really loved Gateway. It felt unique and quite fresh to me.
The peeper room actually made me jump. XD I'm so lame...


I spent so much time on the "Houses". Maybe it was only me, but it looks easier then it really is. And I was trying to build smallest house too short so last one did not match up, maybe add the lines into little sketches. Also, please make the play area bigger, it was annoying when the pieces were hiding below each other. Overall, I think it is great game and could be easily expanded into multi-level game (1 house in first level, 2 in level 2 etc) so you could skip the instructions. The pieces that must match up each other could be also marked more clearly. Overall, I found it very interesting game, easy to start with, but hard to master.


I enjoyed all the games. But I really loved Gateway. It felt unique and quite fresh to me.
The peeper room actually made me jump. XD I'm so lame...


I really enjoyed most of these games, but Houses, Gateway, Sigil of Binding and Clack were my favourites. I loved the whole concept of Houses and i agree with tonypa that it could easily be expanded into a multi-level game. I also really enjoyed Clack, i have never played anything so amazingly annoying and fun at the same time!


Am I the only one completely stuck in the beginning of CyberPunk??
Help please, what do I do after I connect to atlantis? what's the pw?


Quad Pair 42 - I could work out that some of the blocks would turn colours but beyond that I had no idea what the goal was or the point.

Liquid Colours - This was a nice little puzzle game. I had fun completing the first two levels.

Keys - Once I finally got the hang of this game it was fun. I can definitely see it being expanded to include more and more levels. I didn't see the point of having to slide that bit back away from the keyboard to begin with though. It was a good timewaster though and I managed to complete it. A little instruction to explain exactly what you had to do would be nice too though it was workoutable.

Thief - This was a nice fun puzzle game and I enjoyed the puzzle. I also liked the fact there was plot that gave purpose to the solving of the puzzles.

Cyberpunk - with no instructions I had no clue what to do. I suppose this is a puzzle for computer geeks. I really didn't like it though.

Instruments - This really needed some more levels. With just the one puzzle but it was far too easy and no sooner had you worked it out then there was nothing more to do. It was an interesting idea though that I'd have liked to see expanded.

Clack - I liked the little I played of Clack. It looks a really interesting, different, puzzle game. That said I haven't finished it and haven't yet sat down to finish it. There were other games that grabbed me more.

Gateway - This was definitely my favourite in this collection. I really, really enjoyed this puzzle game and my only complaint was that it was too short. I loved all the different puzzles in the different rooms, the gradual learning curve and I'd really like to see more games along these lines. The graphics were great and I thought this game was excellent. It was highly polished and really enjoyable.

Wired - This isn't anything I haven't seen before and it's not really my sort of game. I twiddled a few of the wires and then left it. At least it seemed rather self-explanatory what you had to do.

I haven't really played the last 4 yet. Out of this batch though Gateway was my favourite and Thief came second. Gateway comes top of all the puzzles for me, it dragged me in and I couldn't stop playing it until it was finished. I loved it!


I'm stuck on cyber punk the part with admin@atlantis> any ideas?


At the part of cyberpunk when it says 'admin@atlantis> what do you put?


@Karan (Cyberpunk)

Hint: Have you had any experience with really stupid passwords?

the password for 'atlantis' is 'atlantis'


Hints for personal universe:

For normal 2, what you need is a way to shove the 'snow' out of the way as you move towards the target - i.e. you need the repetitive side + front movement alluded to in the tutorial. Experiment with power block placements until you achieve this. (Hint - you need to let parts slide around inside your 'vehicle')

For hard, you need to push the key block out of the way, and then slide the bolt up and push it. You'll need the vibrator you got earlier, fitted with the right attachments that won't stick to the lock in the wrong way.


Also, in addition, the problem I had with Gateway, and Submachine Zero is that they were very obviously not games that were made for the competition. They seemed to be games that had spent some time in production, and were repurposed for the comp. Hence, I mentally marked them down accordingly.

Not that they were bad games, but they had an unfair advantage.


All the games are good but I think gateway is by far the best!

im4noles2 August 28, 2006 5:44 PM

I really liked gateway...but like everyone else, stuck on the floor with the colors, and lightbulbs! Suggestions? (other than the ones above, nothing helped!)


"light bulbs" level:

Did you notice that each light bulb flashes a different number of times?

Did you notice that each tile on the floor cycles through the same number of colors? And in the same order?

Set the floor tiles to the color associated with the number of times the light bulb above it blinks. Start with the floor being colorless as zero (0).


i'm soo stuck in personal universe

can anyone help me with that repetitive movement, i can't see it happen :/



make a backwards "C" shape with 5 red pieces, but a blue engine in the middle of it, and two greens along the right side.


Can anyone help me with clack? I can only seem to get it to 6 and that's it.


now how about that :o



Hey Jay. Just wanted to say I have been coming to this site for long time now and this competition was a great idea. It seems that lately I play the same types of flash games over and over. It's nice to see there's some originality out there. Gateway was my favorite too. The puzzles seemed too easy at first, but it took me a few attempts to complete each one. I am also a huge fan of mini-games.


by lack of an edit button i add

this (Personal Universe) is a winner

it's brilliant and has much to offer in new levels :)


ok figured out up to 12 on clack on my own now I'm having trouble past that.

eareynlds August 28, 2006 9:04 PM

Thanks to everyone who commented on my game. I didn't include multiple levels, as I read the instructions of the competition to require a single level that could be incorporated into a larger game. If you were a fan of "Instruments" and want more, you can get the unlimited levels version here:



Does anyone know how to complete "Clack"? I'm stuck on the 11th circle, can't get past it!


Could someone please provide some sort of beginner's instructions for the game Weight? I feel so lost and confused and can't get anything to happen short of piling weights on the first scale...and don't I have to start by calibrating number 2?!?!?!?


Oh never mind, I just solved it...strange.

im4noles2 August 28, 2006 11:06 PM

"light bulbs" level:
Did you notice that each light bulb flashes a different number of times?"

Yes, Jay, i did...and i cant seem to walk to the number without lighting up the others! I am sure it will be simple, once i figure it out!! LOL! Thanks!

im4noles2 August 28, 2006 11:15 PM

Jay...THANKS!! I didnt read ALL your spoilers!!! THANKS..it makes sense now!

im4noles2 August 28, 2006 11:22 PM

FINALLY!! Thanks again Jay!


Anybody know how to make hte second house in houses?


Regarding Cyberpunk:

I've just uploaded a new version that fixes the terminal window clipping problem, and the game no longer ends after the hex puzzle is solved... there is indeed more to the game.

I take blame for both issues, so those problems are not being considered when scoring the game for the competition.


Here's a complete spoiler for Clack:

3; 2; 1; 3; 3; 2, 3, 3; 3, 1; 3; 3, 3, 2; 3; 2, 2; 2; 2; 2, 3; 2; 2, 3; 3.

For those who think my solution is a puzzle unto itself, here's how to interpret it:

There are 17 axes supporting either one, two, or three levers. Each lever has three possible lengths. I assign the shortest possible length number 1, the middle length number 2, and the longest length number 3. Going by the location of the axes -- not the location of the balls on the ends of the levers -- I have listed, going from left to right in the puzzle, the lengths of each lever. Pay close attention to the left-right order of the axes, or my list won't work. For those axes that have more than one lever, the first number in the set corresponds to the lever which would be on the farthest left if the axis were at the bottom, and it works to the right from there. For a three lever axis, then, the set would look something like this: 3, 2, 3. For a one lever, it would look something like this: 1. And for a two lever axis, obviously, it would read something like the following: 2, 3. Notice in the number list that levers on the same axis are separated by commas. Axes are separated by semi-colons.

Sorry, I don't know how to take screenshots and I couldn't think of a better way to provide the solution.


So. I have taken the firewall off the overlord server. If you try to connect to it... there is some kind of a game over situation - the end?

I tried playing it again, and once i take the firewall off i typed "connect unikron" in the shell. It is apparently a military server. But i do NOT know either the login, or the password...

anyone got any hints, or is the game over?


I would like to complement all the game creators on these excellent games.
Although I personaly think some do not qualify the competition instruction: to deliver 1 puzzle you would encounter in a point and click game and what I see is a lot of full games.
Also a lot of people complain about the lack of instructions but that is I guess the point of a puzzle, that you do not get any instructions.


About Cyberpunk,

Does anyone know if the URL on pussy.jpg has anything to do with the game or is it just an add? The link on that image does not work and you can't read the full address.


Indeed, i feel that almost none of the entries posses the prerequisited qualities, at least the way i intrepreted them.
And while most of them are pretty awesome in their own way, i feel that the sheer genius of CLICK DRAG TYPE has not been matched...

Still, this is an excellent start of what i hope to become an annual, or maybe even more frequent, thing on JIG.

Kudos on this Jay!!! I've been regularly checking this site for a looong time now, and this is a huge step towards the stars ;)


Congrats to all the game creators, a lot of very interesting games!

Personally, I like Gateway best from the second group of entries. I like its atmosphere, there are very good puzzles, the tutorial helps those players who are not familiar with such games. And as I don't like using my keyboard to control characters very much, I was glad that I just could use my mouse - I'm a point-and-click addict ;) Hope there will be an extended version later :)


Bb, I think that you are absolutely right on this matter. Actually I wonder if the instructions are really necessary in number of games. E.g. Gateway, Houses and some other games would do just fine without any hints. In houses it would be nice if your buildings would just collapse or rain comes in to the rooms when you don't build them right.

And 'Personal Universe', which I rated as best is quite a problematic when it comes to instructions. It is really hard to understand the logic of it without some explanations.

P.S. Bb, I like the game that you sent. It is fun but it does not have a lot of replay value.


My name is Anders Gustafsson. I made Gateway. Thanks for all your comments. I really appreciate reading them.

I'm seeing some comments about some of the games not meeting the criteria for the competition, and though I can certainly understand where you're coming from - some of the games have almost nothing in common with Click-Drag-Type - I used Click-Drag-Type more as a source of inspiration, rather than a blueprint. I think the essence of the competition is to be creative and if they just wanted 20 Click-Drag-Type clones, I think they would have been up-front about that instead of writing "But please don't feel restricted by [Click-Drag-Type] as we would like you to come up with your own creative and original ideas".

I agree with that if they only wanted one puzzle per game, most of us are pretty off, but since the instruction actually says "design a simple puzzle game", that doesn't really limit the number of puzzles per game, does it? A puzzle like those contained in a game like Myst range from one screen-puzzles to world encompassing puzzles. Yeah, I'm stretching that a bit, but to me "simple" can both imply the difficulty and the complexity of the puzzle. At the very least, the prerequisite qualities are very interpretable.

And the main reason that you give instructions in games, is that it's a good way to avoid having to answer a lot of "how the "#("=¤%"%# do you play this game? RoxXXXsoos wOOOt wOOt Pwns"-type e-mails.



Anders, please dont get me wrong, I loved your game, though i thought it was a bit too easy ;) But it is an awesome example of flash design, and i hope you make MANY MANY more like it (albeit a bit harder heheh). You did a GREAT job!!!

Its just that Click Drag Type is one of the best games i played EVER - so simple in concept, and minimalistic in design, yet so intriguing and complex in execution.
And I was a bit dissapointed that so few games actually managed to capture that vibe - combining the ease of interface with the use of many different elements (sound, colours, numbers) you need to utilise in order to solve the puzzle.

IMHO "instruments" and "Keys" came closest to the idea that I think Jay was trying to achieve.

I dont in any way mean to belittle your creations cos they are well beyond anything that i could concoct in flash. So good job everyone - I hope you continue with your excellent work, and bring us many many hours of entertainment :)


Ok, I must just be an idiot! I'm playing the Gateway game, but am having a really hard time figuring out the

telescope-peeper room.

Apparently, the code

is not PEEPER, spelled forward or backward.

I went back and looked at the previous rooms, but didn't come up with anything. Can someone give me just the tiniest of hints? Pretty please!






Thanks, Karan! That was driving me up the wall!


Here's one solution for those who wonder what is counted as a house in 'Houses': http://img206.imageshack.us/img206/3446/houseko0.jpg

Notice that all slopes are supported and there is a house shaped gateway through the house(s) ;)


Haha Amor, that is great, I secretly hoped someone would find an alternate solution to that puzzle. Didnt think it would happen, as hard as it was even with the little blueprints.


Haha Amor, that is great, I secretly hoped someone would find an alternate solution to that puzzle. Didnt think it would happen, as hard as it was even with the little blueprints.


Personal Universe is THE best game on the list. The instructions and testing seems to be simple enough so you could understand the basics. I must admit the levels are hard and there's not many of them but you really have to use some brain muscle to solve the puzzles. Damir all my compliments are belong to you ;)

Automaticidiot August 29, 2006 10:18 AM

hah at first glace at weight it made me angry ( we dont like what we dont understand after figureing out the basic concept add or subtract weight the game became a challange it probably would have been nice to see some sort of challenge heh or even a WOW GREAT JOB *fireworks* but I guess when in real life you do this none of that happens all and all it is a pretty well put together game good job


Sean, I'm really hooked for 'Houses':

You should make some more levels to that. More elements (e.g. different roofs) and more space to build vertically and horizontally.


Keith, I'm still not getting it to work. I try opening one side and the red spills into the cyan, but the cyan also spills into the red. When I open the other side, the same thing happens, and the two magenta waves meet in the middle -- the red doesn't get pushed out as yours seems to.

It was a neat little find though.


zxo - Looking at what I typed, I think I got it wrong. I opened the second hole *after* the small section was completely filled with magenta, but before the magenta spread around the bottom to the left side. Then, when I open the hole, CYAN pours into the magenta to make red (which is actually a glitch, now that I pay more attention), then the new red chases the magenta around the loop infinitely.


If you reload the page for Colour Connect, you get a new puzzle. This is the game I have saved in bookmarks and am playing again and again.

I'm a big fan of simple games that you can keep playing over time. (Games like Dice Wars and Flip Out).

I think the point and click games should be in their own category. I really liked Gateway and Submachine 0, but I am not likely to play them more than once.


I think there is a lot of misconception around Cyberpunk. It is the sort of game where, if it was a lot longer, I could see it being a well-loved cult classic. For Amor Lassie:

pussy.jpg is a picture of a cat, you can see it, and the other pictures, using one of the commands under help

. The hex puzzle works exactly as it should, but some of the boxes causes strange amounts of +/- (this was on purpose by the author) and can't be used to get a solution. Remember to click the blinking green square in the lower left, and when you find a box that brings up like a 55, or a5 or what not, know that you shouldn't use that box. Cyberpunk is my favorite one of all, and with the problems recently fixed, everything else (other then the spelling errors) were intended, so stop second guessing the author >:O. Thank you Rey Gazu, and good luck.


BAH! Weights is irritating me. I get to the final scale and the computer decides it wants to add and remove weights as it sees fit. Clearly I'm doing something wrong, but in the spirit of posting questions and figuring it out 3 seconds later, I shall post a cry for help!!


yep, the post did the trick :D Ahhhhh now i can rest.


Role, I have opened the picture, no problems with that :)

The question is what is the URL printed ON the picture? It starts with outlands.com.an or .ar. It should be linked as well, since the cursor turns to hand if you drag it over the URL. When you go to outlands.com you see that it hosts some private sites.

Well, the thing is that emails, images and ini-files probably do not have anything to do with puzzle solving, they are only "decoration". But since there is that question mark: "THE END?"... I just like to know if there is some other ending behind unikron server and the password is something like "lupin" (which it is not) or something that you can find at outlands.com.


Out of all the entries Gateway was by far my favourite.


Ha, I thought that I tested outlands.com.ar but I didn't! So the URL was complite after all. There is something like "Alguien escriba algo aca…" on about page. Maybe it is just a joke, or maybe there is also some kind of URL tracing game included as well. Now I start to think that I should reassess this game. There's still few days to vote :D


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE START ME OFF WITH CYBERPUNK!!!! i dont even know how to start...cant connect to atlantis and everytime i type something into the "shell" thing it just says does not recognize command or something like that..WHAT DO I DO?


Bryan, there are spoilers for Cyberpunk above. Just hit the Ctrl+f and use word 'cyberpunk'. And if you can't find the one for atlantis, then here it is again:

user: admin, password: atlantis.

And what I would like to know is how Kevin and others solved that out. I would never try something that simple myself.


I saw a bug in Cyberpunk "hex" puzzle...

3rd row, 4th column is "+ = +", but should be a "+ + +".

And this is how I solved it, but its not a very good method...

I used MS Paint (I'm lazy) to check what was being added/substracted at each step. I was left with a mess, so instead of staring at numbers all day I wrote a program to do it for me.
If anyone cares, the values I got for each node are:

(0,51,255) (-170,51,0) (255,255,255) (51,221,0)
(0,0,-51) (-51,-51,51) (0,0,-204) (-102,0,51)
(-51,102,-153) (51,0,51) (0,-51,51) (102,51,51)
(65,36,18) (-51,51,-51) (51,51,0) (-51,-255,51)

A good concept, but too buggy, and the last puzzle was a little rediculous. But, I was compelled to finish it, so thats a good sign. :)

Dont click the flashing green cursor on the hex puzzle, unless you'd like to start over!


I'm having alot of trouple figuring out Cyberpunk.

I've logged onto atlantis, but what do you do then?

toast_and_jam August 31, 2006 9:30 PM

How do you get the second plank to fall in the Gateway game? I've tried about everything I can think of including matching the colors. Could someone explain how to get past this level?



toast_and_jam, it may look like you need to lower both planks, but do you really? Remember, you only need to go through the room and exit it from the right-hand door. If you can not get the second plank to fall, what other options do you have? Did you try to change the color of the door you entered from and the walk into it?


Stuck on the TV room.
Can anyone help please


I enjoyed Gateway. I would like to see more of it. (Please?) :)


When you click on one of the cameras you see a robot come in a door. She started outside. Follow her pathway.


Saint, did you manage to turn TV on? Turning it on was quite straightforward so lets think what you can see from TV. Did you notice the channels are numbered and you need to enter numbers into keypad? Now what is seen when you click on different numbers? Do you notice anything moving, anything changing? Could there be some sort of order how something can be seen in different channels? And final hint, what if you turned on the TV AFTER something happened?


im stuck in the TV room in gateway i have turned it on and follow the girl to the bed and nowim stuck


am - did you even read Tonypa's comment just above yours?

Gateway TV spoiler:

I recommend watching the sequence again to see if you can follow the order of the rooms the girl travels through on her way up to bed, while noting the channel numbers she appears in.


i forgot that she begin outside so i didnt wrote the

9 first in the code


hi ppl,
i am stuck in cyberpunk. i have just nuked the fallend comp and scaned it to produce the subnet on overlord but now i dont know what to do? i also cant find the pussy.jpg pic?


On "Weight" all I can figure out to do is add weight to scale 1? What am I doing wrong? Somebody get me started, please.


mike - yes, the instructions indicate to "calibrate scale 2" but to do that you actually add weight to scale 1. A bit confusing I agree.

If you start with calibrating the bottom set of numbers on the left, you'll be on your way. =)


On "Weight" Ive got all the scales calibrated.. the fulcrums appeared then boxes appeared down below of each scale. I saw one of them had an "X" appear in it. I figured I was supposed to make an "X" appear in each of them, so I did. As I added or substracted weights to each scale, the "x" appeared in each of them. all the weights are even. It wont do anything else. what the crud do I do now? The game obviously isnt over. LAWD HEP ME!


You're almost there, BillyG! Play with the fulcrums until you get "Puzzle complete." to appear in the message area. If you need to see what that looks like you may click here.


Nevermind about "Weight" I made one move that I don't remember and it ended the game. Im 44 years old.. i'm too freakin old to stay up till 3am to figure this out.. dang it! lol


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