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Enchanted Forest

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Ms.45Enchanted ForestThose of you who enjoy a stripped-down text adventure game and don't mind a bit of repetition will get a bit of fun out of these HTML-based Enchanted Forest games. The point is to get as much gold as you can.

They are extremely basic—a field of dots, trees and you. Move in the permitted directions by clicking North, South, East or West, encounter monsters guarding treasure, gambling ogres, and find stores and chests which may or may not be trapped. All sorts of surprises await you—watch out for those condors!

The trick is to stay alive and accumulate gold, and, as in real life, these two aims may contradict each other. You need to work out whether the hit points you'll lose from fighting the monster is worth the gold from the treasure. All monsters are the same level whenever you encounter them (i.e., an orc will always do only 10 damage) and all treasures are worth the same. Hint: if you see an orc guarding a pile of gold, kick that orc's butt!

For such a simple game it's surprisingly addictive, but don't worry—if you're a true casual gamer, you can leave your game at any time and when you return, it will be waiting exactly as you left it. I've recovered games that were months old, usually just to get beaten up because I forgot which level monster a beefhead is. It's good fun that doesn't require much more investment than a simple free registration and the ability to press buttons.

Play Enchanted Forest


This game is ridicuously addictive. my best score so far is 71350 in Enchanted Forest 2 and thats having killed evrything and found both the white and black stone.


Really fun, but a bit confusing until you figure out a few of the random elements.


Addictive! I'm taking notes on how much damage each monster does, and how much each teasure is worth... Is that cheating?


Pretty entertaining. What do the saws do?


Saws cut trees :D
My high score is 79920 :D


haha .. nice game - it's like an arcade version of Nethack. Best so far is 35k or so, having died in the forest after killing the Leviathan and finding the Blackstone.


Ok, I think I have a comprehensive list of all the monsters and treasures:

Monsters (name - hp lost):

orc - 10
kobold - 20
troll - 30
beefhead - 40
ninja - 50
skeleton - 60
giant - 70
behemoth - 80
basalisk - 90
dragon - 100

Treasures(name - gold gained):

worthless coin - 0
handfull of jewels - 100
gold scepter - 150
diamond ring - 200
silver plate - 225
ruby - 250
jeweled dagger - 300
jeweled crown - 400
pile of gold - 1000
treasure eater - -275 (yes, you lose 275 gold)

My advice is, if its more dangerous than a


thats gaurding less than a


then don't do it. Otherwise, FIGHT!


I just read throught the comments, and saw that Valarauka mentioned the Leviathan -- I'm pretty sure my list is incomplete. Pleae add to it if I missed anything.


Sasha, I don't think your list is incomplete - did you play I or II? The Leviathan is a visible monster that follows you around on the map in Enchanted Forest II - you have to avoid the Leviathan and catch the Pixie (the Pixie gives you rewards). These two don't exist in the first one, which is why I didn't mention them in the review. If you defeat the Leviathan, 10000 is added to your final score, but you can keep running away if you like.

Also note that both maps feature level boosters dotted around the game area - I don't recommend taking on the Leviathan until you are at least level 3 (and preferably 4) and have at least 700 hit points. The maximum level you can reach is Level 5.

Glad you guys liked it as much as I did!


Ms. 45 is a jig reviewer now?


The condor dropped me in an area that is completely surrounded by trees. If I continue to wander around will another condor come and drop me somewhere else again? or am I trapped and out of luck?


LMannery - Perhaps a saw will do the trick?

Gohst - indeed she is! =)


Unfortunately, sometimes you run out of saws. And condors are fickle. I got stuck like that once and just restarted the game; it wasn't going so great anyway, so big deal.

For dealing with the Leviathan - apparently having the Blackstone (and Whitestone?) helps too. Me, I just bomb him to death - when I fought him at level 3 (iirc) I did something like 50hps damage per attack and lost 70 of my own. You can throw saws at him for 20 damage and lose 10hps, which is slow and costs a lot of saws better used cutting down trees. Bombs, on the other hand, do 80 damage a pop and hit you for 40; 13 bombs and he's toast (buy them from the elf), for a 500ish hit point loss.

After the leviathan's dead, buy saws every time you meet the elf - chopping down trees often nets you 900 (regular) or 1200 (petrified) rewards. I was able to deforest about a quarter of the map on my last run.


Oh, by the way, nice list, Sasha!
I think you got all the monsters. Here's some more treasures:
Bronze figurine - 125 gold
Pearl necklace - 275 gold


Yeah, I'd wasted my saws before I realized what I needed them for. So I waited around for a condor and then quit.


hay jay if you read this i duno weterh i should post it in as a coment but i duno wat elese to do .. if i have a game that i made and have saved as a exe. file can i make it into a web file iv only just began making games but i have just made my first full one and would like to get it up on the net it need just a few more adjustments befor it is redy but i think it should be done soon . well if you can help that would be good or if any one can help i guess.



I fail to see how that is DHTML :/


I just want to say that while it may be possible to make a very narrow, technical argument for calling this a DHTML game, I think it's actually misleading to do so. DHTML usually refers to using JavaScript to manipulate HTML objects directly within the client browser with little or no server communication.

Since these two games actually load a new server-generated page for every move that the player makes -- and the only JavaScript on the page is related to the advertising -- it'd be more accurate to say that they're CGI-based. It may be a trivial difference to broadband users, but on dial-up I can really feel the three to five seconds it takes to complete every move.


Gold 31540 31540
Monsters 40 2000
Escaped? yes 4000
Blackstone? yes 10000
Whitestone? yes 10000
Leviathan? yes 10000
Total Score 67540


94770 in my first try of enchanted forest 2!
I got lucky!


Yes, you're right, there is little if anything in the way of DHTML happening on the pages of this game. My bad. I was the one that added that description to the review, and I was wrong for doing so. Please forgive me. I have corrected the description and tags.


Is there a way to finish it (II) without:

"Game aborted early.

You died!"

I killed everything, got all stones, etc. and still I aborted early... hmmm....


Grid - to end the game at any time you can "Escape the forest" by walking off the edge of the map.


I got 76495 total score on my "first" try (first is in "" because it was the second time i played, the first time i walked right off the edge about 2 turns through the game without knowing what would happen.)


I got a total score of 70120 on the first Enchanted Forest, but I might have gotten more if I hadn't gambled so much (got the Blackstone, all level boosters [and I believe both secret squares], and escaped with my life) nor waited to spend my HP (but then, I didn't know I'd get over 2000 of them).

Some tips:

Some trees are petrified, but some hide gold nuggets worth somewhere between 600-700 gold; if you have extra saws and no inaccessible areas, use them.

To add to Sasha's list and advice a good rule of thumb: If the gold you get from fighting the monster is 4 times the amount of damage you take or more, then the fight is worth your while (i.e. a behemoth guarding a jeweled dagger or crown is fine [80 damage, 300/400 gold], but a ruby is less worthy of the trouble [80 damage, 250 gold]). If you're feeling healthier than usual, of course, you don't have to follow this one, but it's hard to know just when you'll run into that -200 HP trap.

Bribing monsters costs the same as the gold value of whatever item the monster is guarding, give or take somewhere between 0-50 gold, and this holds regardless of the type of monster guarding the item (if there is a ruby being guarded, the cost to bribe the monster will be somewhere between 200 and 300 gold). Bribing lowers your score, but it guarantees that you'll save your hit points, as opposed to running (which you may want to take into consideration if you run into a dragon holding a treasure eater or worthless coin hostage!) Speaking of which, the worthless coin seems to be worth about 50 gold to be bribed away (though I've seen 35, so I can't be sure).

I guess I have to play Enchanted Forest 2 now...


Ah, that condor comment reminded me of my last tip:

Condors will drop you anywhere on the map, including places you've been before. However, they can only pick you up on new squares, and if you get dropped in a new spot (black, as opposed to blue which shows where you've been) it won't give you an adventure if you try to step on it again. So, if you want to try and avoid them, go through areas you've been to already.


Hey, folks. It's good to see that the EF games are still...well, enchanting new players. I used to play them a lot (and I do mean a whole lot) several years ago. You might find some of the information in the following old RinkWorks forum thread useful (though if you haven't played more than a few games, there might be spoilers for certain squares you haven't encountered yet):



Ah... crap. If I had known that you could escape the forest by walking off the edge of the map. I had cleared almost every square (I think I had a dozen left) and then a friggin' condor picked me up and dropped me in an area on the edge surrounded by trees. I had eight saws at the time, so I figured I was OK--but every single path out was blocked by a petrified tree (five in total)! What a bummer. If I had known you could just walk off the edge of the map I would have, because apparently you get a bonus when you do.

(Just tried it. Apparently you get 4,000 bonus for escaping. So my score would have been 66935 instead of 62935. Meh.)


OMG I can't believe it I used to play this game AGES ago and loved it! I have forgotten all about it, ohhhhh I'm so excited I'm gonna go play!!!


Wooo hoo!! I did it! I got every single thing, all the dots and escaped! total score 78610, my best yet I think!! I love this game, so glad it's on this site, I had forgotten all about it!

PS Love you Jay, you sexy thing you!!!

SeaBiscuit November 15, 2006 9:53 PM

I got 104,820!


Enchanted Forest 1 & 2 only scratch the surface of the games that Rinkworks has to offer. Visit the main page at http://www.rinkworks.com and find "Games and puzzles" on the sidebar. Besides the venerable Enchanted Forest series, there's a pair of old-school dungeon-crawlers, several adventure games, trivia quizzes and quite a bit more. There's even a couple of multiplayer games which, if I remember correctly, are held on a monthly basis.

And then there's the humor and entertainment features, and the podcast and... well, you could spend days at this site.


OMG I found a unicorn!!! :)
it gave me 4000 gold!


I just got 82880 without encountering the Leviathan...


I just want to add something to the list of *prizes* for defeating monsters

Green Emarald = 175 Gold

Found in versoin 2.


Amount Score
Gold 53535 53535
Monsters 32 1600
Escaped? yes 4000
Blackstone? yes 10000
Whitestone? yes 10000
Leviathan? yes 10000
Total Score 89135



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