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Rating: 4.7/5 (20 votes)
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JohnBEets is an amazingly addictive action/puzzle downloadable game for Windows from Klei Entertainment. Your goal is to guide Eets to a shiny puzzle piece by placing different (and often wacky) items that affect his mood or behavior. The game has an undeniable charm and will easily get you hooked with its huge set of levels and online community complete with user-made level downloads.

eets.jpgEach stage begins with the action on pause while you place items from your inventory on the screen. Draw your eyes carefully on the path Eets will take, then add each item as necessary. When you press "Play", Eets starts walking in whichever direction he's facing. When he reaches the end of a platform, his actions vary depending on what mood he's in—angry, happy, or scared. A frightened Eets refuses to leap off platforms, while an enraged Eets leaps off without a second thought. Several things can alter his mood, but mainly feeding him different marshmallows will do the trick. Hence the game's tagline: Hunger. It's emotional.

The items range from "set them and leave them" types to objects you'll need to activate at the right time. Even though the game is primarily a puzzler, there's a fair amount of precision timing involved in many stages. Discovering the many ways you can send Eets flying around the stage to get the puzzle piece is a treat, and some of the levels require a bit of creativity to make it through. Fortunately you can try as many times you like or even skip the level and come back later.

There are seven main worlds and four environments you'll visit, each with a unique atmosphere and artwork. There are only half a dozen tunes that play during the game, but fortunately they don't get old very quickly. The art direction in Eets is gorgeous and chock-full of personality. Very desktop wallpaper worthy.

eets2.jpgEets Editor and Community: The included level editor in Eets is straightforward and very easy to use. Drag and drop platforms, decorations, items and objects straight onto the screen. You can rotate them, flip them around, change the music, backgrounds, foregrounds—you name it, you can customize it. The only difficult part of the editor is coming up with a good idea.

The Eets Community has a message board complete with custom level download center. You can upload, share, rate and review the many stages other players have created, then add your own to the list.

Analysis: It's obvious Klei Entertainment put a lot of love and care into Eets. It oozes style, charm, and sometimes excessive cuteness (Eets' sound when he jumps from a platform). I like the Incredible Machine influence on the game, and interacting with Eets through the dozens of crazy items is a lot of fun.

Any game that comes with an editor gets points in my book, and the Eets editor is extremely fun and easy to use. I have made a few levels and uploaded them to the Eets Community (look for "bard"). I've also seen some very intimidating and strange levels from other users there. The user base is fairly small at this point, but it's growing rapidly.

Eets had me at hello, and it has enough content to keep me hooked for a long time.

Download the demo Get the full version

Mac OS XMac OS X:
Not available.
Try Boot Camp or Parallels or CrossOver Games.

Eets is available to download from these affiliates:
Arcade TownBig Fish Games


Thanks for the game JohnB

Capuchin April 8, 2006 10:45 AM

I played the demo. I want more. I'm poor :(


So write a review for the site, Capuchin, and earn a chance at winning a free game. ;)


This game is a blast, it reminds me of the incredible machine.

BTW, Great site.

TornadoTK April 8, 2006 11:45 PM

Just got the full version of this, but the puzzles so far are a breeze.

I'm on World 5 out of 7, with 4 100%'s so far, working on the 5th.

consideration April 9, 2006 1:09 AM

you might want to consider putting the fact that any games you mention might be platform exclusive at the beginning, rather than having users not find that info out until the bottom of a long, long entry. just a thought.

David Borkin April 9, 2006 12:45 PM

I loaded and ran the Demo version of Eets,then when I quit out of it my spyware shield warned me that it was trying to change my IE security settings for the Eets home zone. It may have been innocent, but I uninstalled it anyway. Caveat Emptor.


Thanks for the glowing review, John!

TornadoK: Have you tried completing levels without using all the available items to earn trophies? You can also come and download some of our more difficult levels online -- more will be released every week!

If you're not satisfied with the purchase, just send us an email. We'll give you a refund, no problems. We stand by our game ;)

TornadoTK April 9, 2006 3:53 PM

Yeah, I have. I'm still aiming for that Ninja Skillz trophy, but I have at least a total of 20 trophy's for Young Grasshopper and Commando. Power, baby!

I'll be contributing my levels once I complete the game.


I can't wait! ;)


Don't bother downloading the game if you have an Intel video card - it doesn't work.

The devlopers know about the issue, but haven't fixed it yet.


I just finished eets! I'm missing one trophy, the "Dunce Hat" I think it is called. I wonder what that is?


Thanks Pam, was wondering about that.


I have Intel video. No problems here. They just released a new version that should fix the bug anyway. They do care. I just got an Easter card from them. ;-) (Yes, I'm joking about the last part.)

baba44713 April 12, 2006 9:41 AM

Can't get the dunce hat? Oh please, that's so easy. Unless of course you are one of those persons who could ask for hints two hundred times and still couldn't get it..


It looks like a fun game, but sadly, it's not compatible with Macs. :(


It's a good concept but I wish it ran faster-on my computer it took ages to watch Eets move around on the screen. For harder puzzles where you need to adjust your items and run through the scenario several times, this gets pretty annoying. Also, someone should tell the designer that less is more-with all the effects and explosions during the game, and the extremely bright and inconsistent interface, I could hardly see where the next button I was supposed to press was.

Nikolaj May 29, 2006 8:36 AM

OK, I dont get it.
I open the game, get a mostly black screen with a few odd faces and nothing to interact with...
Am I very stupid or is the game not working on my machine? (or maybe a combination of the two...)


Make a MAC version!!! C'mon, everyone knows Macs are the best! Make the best games for them, too!


RE: Mac version -- thanks for the encouragement! I can't really promise anything, but we're definitely trying to get Eets ported to the platform.

Also, I'm guessing Nikolaj isn't reading this anymore, but we fixed that problem! There were certain video cards that didn't play well with Eets, and we actually went out to buy those machines just to fix the issue.



I downloaded this game. After fifteen minutes I bought it. Dear LORD it's addictive. Amazing! I love it! I love the originality of it, it's like Mario Lemmings or something crazy like that! And isn't Eets loveable when he's happy?


Thanks for the kind comments! You know, we have an ongoing poll going on about which Eets emotion is best, and so far Happy Eets is up ahead ;)


I honestly don't see how there could ever be a contest.


This game is awesome, I got so hooked i finished it in like 2 days. I also got ALL the trophies, but one... Can anyone tell me how to "Do Something Special" to get the Dunce Hat trophy? :(

All in all, excellent game, keep up the good work ^^.


I think he's cute! I want the full version NOW! :(


Help! How can I pass level "scary trip",world 6?

Silent-Runner June 17, 2007 11:51 AM

Hi there BigFoot,

i just wanted to say, that Eets is simply one of the most entertaining games i played for a long time. Bought the full version and had a blast. I really wish more devs would put such effort in their games and for sure doing more tests before releasing their fullprize-games. The community of Eets is well, how to say it right, hmm, the chocolate topping ;) New Levels for download a.s.o. great, just great.

Well, okay, nuff said. Greeting from Europe.

- Silent -

lopsidation July 30, 2007 1:41 PM

Three comments:
Those pigs that shoot speedogs are good-weird, the dark world levels are the funnest, and those box-things that go into devil-rampage mode if you don't sell their toys for $ are impossible without cheating.
And, a note on "creative cheating":
Yep, there's a level that's hard unless you realize that since you start with two bombs, you can use one to blow up a wall and another to blow Eets through it to the puzzle piece. Yep, there's another one where he starts on a platform right over a puzzle piece guarded by a devil-box-thing and you can just blow him through using repeated speedogs. I think doing stuff like that is better than doing the "intended solution", because, who knows, maybe it WAS the "intended solution" and the 55 whales and emotimellows are just there to confuse you. Glitching a game is always good if it's a level design error, not a programming one.
Or something.


Does anybody have a collection of community levels? I'm disappointed that after coming back to this game, the community is broken. I might contact Klei about that.

Llamaentity January 7, 2011 2:15 PM

For those still confused about the "Dunce Hat" trophy, click the "hint" button over and over (200 times).

Great game!


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