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Echo Bazaar

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Rating: 4.8/5 (194 votes)
Comments (84) | Views (17,395)

joyeEcho BazaarHello, delicious friend. London has been stolen. Well, that depends on who you talk to, actually; it's never very wise to talk about politics, and the status quo has a number of powerful supporters. It has something to do with the Traitor Empress... or perhaps Hell... or perhaps... No, too dangerous to even speculate. Anyway, however it happened, London is Fallen. You've left the Surface and now make your home there, in the Neath. Why did you do so? Write your own narrative in this fascinating multiplayer roleplaying browser game from Fail Better Games, Echo Bazaar. Please note that you must sign in with either Twitter or Facebook to play the game.

Although dramatically different in tone and setting, Echo Bazaar is perhaps best compared to perennial JIG favorite Kingdom of Loathing, so if you've ever tried that game you'll get the hang of things relatively quickly. You have a "candle" which is your bank of 10 actions, and you can spend them by playing cards, doing storylets, and using objects. This action bank will slowly recharge over the day back up to ten actions. Once per day, you can "echo" a usually creepy statement on Twitter or Facebook to refresh your action bank back to 10. Over the course of an entire 24-hour period, you have a hard limit of 70 actions, and once that's used up, you'll have to wait until the next day. If you spend real money in the form of "fate", you can buy more actions per day or upgrade your action bank to 20. You also occasionally get Fate free for completing certain missions.

Your character can be male, female, or undetermined, and your gender doesn't really affect anything other than the pronouns and similar things. What does affect your destiny is your stats: persuasive (charisma), dangerous (strength/constitution), shadowy (dexterity), and watchful (wisdom/intelligence). Playing cards and stories usually involves a challenge to one of these stats. The relationship between your level in that stat and the difficulty of the task has a wide range from "straightforward" to "almost impossible". When you succeed, you generally get some objects as a reward, an increase to the challenged stat, and maybe an increase in a storyline or trait. When you fail, sometimes there's no penalty at all, but in higher levels there is increasingly a negative penalty, generally an increase in one of the four menace categories: suspicion, wounded, scandal and nightmares. When these levels get too high, as the game puts it, "something bad may happen."

But you're not alone in this, at least hopefully not. You can call upon people who are Twitter and Facebook friends with you who also play the game. You can ask them for help with diminishing scandal, unburden yourself from your nightmares, have a friendly game of chess, and much more. While the game is certainly playable without many friends or even any at all (I only have two), the game is really best played within a social framework. That includes the PvP "Game of Knife and Candle".

Echo BazaarAnalysis: Often with these kind of games, there's not a lot of tech support even if you are spending real money, and if you're not spending money, well, forget it. I was pleasantly surprised that when I ran into a problem on Echo Bazaar, the bug report I sent (which I imagined would vanish into the ether) received a response that same day. The Echo Bazaar staff member helped me get everything fixed, which was wonderful, because otherwise a few days of game play would have been wasted. This kind of prompt and efficient tech support to even players who haven't spent money is the kind of thing that really makes loyal players.

The game also has a slow but steady flow of new content, and they're not simply adding content to the end game to please their longtime players. They have also been adding new storylines, cards, and ventures to the early and mid-game sections. In addition, they usually have special events on real world holidays which will be added to your profile, such as Halloween's "A Veteran of All-Hollow's Eve" ("You've seen things. RUBBERY things.")

A last word of recommendation: although you can play via Facebook, playing via Twitter is really what the game was designed for and it's where the "action" is, so to speak. All the NPCs have Twitter accounts, and the nature of what you echo (#ebz) is designed around Twitter hashtags. Plus, it just looks really out of place on a Facebook page. I had to field a worried call from my mother that my Facebook page had been hacked. Don't upset your mother: play on Twitter.

While prerequisite of signing in with either social network might be a turn off to some players, if you take the plunge you'll find a surprisingly robust role-playing experience full of dark fantasy, dark streets, dark humour, and... well, you get the idea. The game offers up some genuinely intriguing story full of tongue-in-cheek moments, mixing serious intrigue with surreal fantasy. With a lot of polish, a lot of content, and a lot of style all its own, Echo Bazaar is one of the most unique RPGs out there, and definitely worth a look.

Play Echo Bazaar


I created a twitter account specifically so I could play this game. It's not exactly the deepest game ever, but what it may lack in substance it more than makes up for in a poetic, lavishly written style that is really what the game is about. Your accumulation of goods and gold is really just the means to reading all the bizarre stories and responses. Even failure yields some amusing items, and no action is a waste, as succeed or fail, you will increase your skill some. Truly the game is the vessel of the prose, and there's some pretty good stuff here.


Too bad!

I refuse to use Twitter or Facebook.
So i cant play :(

Makes me vote zero!


It's extremely disappointing to me, as a reviewer, and as someone who plays these games herself, to hear that anyone would vote a game zero without actually playing it. You CAN play the game; you just WON'T. A vote should be based on play experience, not a feeling of exclusion or resentment towards mode of play. I might suggest a Twitter account JUST for playing games like this; after all, it's free, fast, and you don't have to worry about your privacy.

As for the game itself, I tend to agree with Coldfrog that it's not exactly varied, but I really enjoyed the concept and overall tone. Not OMG SUPER SERIOUS like some text RPGs, but not OMG SUPER LOLS like others. For me it's juuuuuusssst right. (At least until the day I inevitably get distracted by something shiny and never play again. OH WELL!)


Mreh. When a game is exclusively linked to a social networking site, I feel like it's not so much a game in its own right as it is another cloned app which will spend too much game time posting things you don't want up on your wall/feed as advertisement. Even if the gameplay is good or (kind of) unique, the transparent advertising scheme requiring the player to make multiple posts about the game on their friends' feeds is just really irritating to me. I'm not going to vote on it since I'm not going to be playing it.


I don't have a problem with registering a Twitter account dedicated only to this game. As you say, it's free, and any tweets I tweet won't clog up my feed or that of my non-gaming friends.

The game seems fun but it's hard to judge after playing it for an hour. The illustrations are well done and I like the general look and feel of the place. Definitely worth checking out.


I don't tweet. However, I do have a Twitter account - I don't quite remember why. ^_^;

So. I found this game because of TVTropes.org, and I have to say I've been enjoying it. Again, you don't need to be a rampant Twitterholic in order to enjoy this game, and nor will it devour your Twitter feed or Facebook wall whole. (Unless, of course, you're like me and use Twitter for nothing else. :3)

The star attraction here is the writing. Echo Bazaar has a narrative feel to it, and you "write" your character as you go along. There's more to you than just the four main stats: the game keeps track of your connections with various factions, personality quirks, various "menaces" which can potentially inconvenience you (Wounds, Nightmares, Scandal and Suspicion), and your progression in any number of story threads. Your main story thread is your Ambition, or what brought you to the Neath in the first place. Treasure, revenge, opportunity...of course, it's impossible to get far without spending your efforts elsewhere, but there's a real feeling of accomplishment once you've unraveled each mystery as it comes.

Eh. One day I'll probably drop it as I've done with SpyBattle 2165 and Legends of Zork, but I have to say, it's left quite a positive impression on me.


"Please note that you must sign in with either Twitter or Facebook to play the game." That was the most important line in this review. In fact, it should have been the first line. While I'm not going to vote on a game I haven't played, I have very little tolerance for games that require any sort of account, and even less if it is tied to some social nonsense site.

As Yahtzee has said a million times, a game should be able to stand on single player alone. And single player games don't need logins.


Well, I don't know about you Cevgar, but every time I turn on my XBox or PS3 to play a game, I have to login with my user name or it won't save my progress or scores in most games. I have to log in to steam before I play most of those games as well. Is that any different?


Echo Bazaar is a perfectly serviceable single-player experience. There are "social" options, but they are purely OPTIONAL. They provide in-game benefits, but they don't do anything you can't do otherwise. Got Nightmares? You can invite a friend to help you with them, or you can just chug Laudanum until you forget. Need to deal with your Wounds? (You WILL after taking that much Laudanum.) You can invite a friend to help you with those as well, or spend a few action points resting in bed.

It's not a Twitter game. It is a browser-based RPG that just happens to require a Twitter account. And if you don't like Twitter, fine: the game never forces you to tweet ANYTHING, or subscribe to any Twitter feeds, or even so much as look at a Twitter page apart from the initial login. I'm an avowed Twitterphobe, but the game's interesting enough that I don't really care.


You knew I was going to ask this, well, maybe not me specifically, but it was going to be asked... or not:
What is the rationale of the squiggle rating?
Nudity? Violence? Enough swears to make Gordon Ramsey squirm?

Note: I'm sure it's nothing big (jump scares being the biggest problem for me), but I need to be sure.


I would just like to add my voice to those saying it's worth it. If you read their rationale for using Twitter, it makes sense. (It was something along the lines of "As a small company, publicity is as oxygen to us"). I have no use for Twitter - so then, why would I care to create an account for it? I don't really like making accounts for games, but if it's good enough I'll do it. How else will they keep persistent information about the stuff I've earned in the game, and have it available to me from different computers, and so forth?

And for the time I've been playing this game so far, it really is very cool. Fun, witty, mysterious. And they really love the word "delicious". What else could I possibly want?


There's no need for Twitter and Facebook, when we can get all "social" here.


Hi Kenshiro. :)

The rating is mostly due to repeated references to alcohol, murder, "women of negotiable virtue", and so forth. You don't have to worry about jump scares or anything like that. It's more a case of material that reads as if David Wong was writing HP Lovecraft.

The Logical Ghost November 16, 2010 6:56 PM

My take on the "sign in" thing:

If the game was asking for, say, an e-mail account that isn't gmail/yahoo/free-and-unlimited, then I think that would be cause for complaint. But all the game is doing is asking for a Twitter or Facebook, and while Facebook can be annoying to create an empty "gaming" account, Twitter is one of the easiest.

Asking for a connected sign-up serves a number of very important non-social purposes:

1. It makes it harder for people to create multiple accounts in order to help themselves and thus defeat the purpose of a multiplayer game.

2. It takes the sign-up and sign-in process off-site, so that Failbetter can worry less about the security of user accounts and more about creating a great gaming experience.

3. Simplifying that process also makes the game much more accessible to new players. Instead of having to go through the whole sign-up process, I was able to jump right into the game with my current game-only twitter account, which felt like a breath of fresh air. I loved that simplicity so much I wish it worked for more games.

I am very much enjoying the choose-your-own-adventure feel and the length of the adventure replenish. This feels like a game I will very much enjoy playing in between classes and during work breaks!


Well, I don't know who David Wong is (sounds familiar), but I love Lovecraft(Cthulhu fhtagn)!
Gonna play it now!


mine is for everything and not reading anything twitter account: rosedragoness .
This game seems to have interesting story that hopefully not get too complicated grammar wise.


This game is really fun! I usually don't care for RPGs, but this one is great. It is a real RPG, but it's not so serious that you want to beat yourself up for doing something wrong. Perfect for me. And like the signing up with Twitter. It doesn't over use it - it seems to work very well with it. I'm going to continue to play!

Love how you opened the review, Joye, delicious friend. :)


My profile is Beaglebag if anyone wants to add me :). I added everyone who listed their name, too.


I will not be playing this game because of the sign-in.


Registered on Twitter to play this game, and it's excellent so far. My account is grandpanacea if anyone's interested.


Must... have... Echo Bazaar fix....

Seriously, this game is addictive. There are odd and puzzling things going on, I keep getting these really disturbing nightmares, and now in under suspicion for consorting with anarchists, even though all I actually did was to try and listen in to their conversation to see if I could hear any lucrative secrets! And the Starveling Cat keeps singing outside my window at night. Maybe that accounts for the nightmares.

Because of the unpredicatbility of the contents of Opportunity cards, I sometimes find myself doing things I wouldn't have chosen to; but that's life, isn't it. And this unpredictability is one of the excellent aspects of the game - together with the quality of the writing, the look of the place, and the many different story arcs you can get involved in, some of them long, some shorter.

My account is Ekonea, btw, and I only use that Twitter account for this game.


For anyone who wants another twitter compatriot, go ahead and add Mehindros. Really enjoying the game so far, the twisted victorian-era vibe is excellent!

spacemarine9 November 18, 2010 1:12 PM

I guess if you want another contact you could add spacemarine9


I have been adamantly refusing to jump the Twitter bandwagon, but now I might make one just to try this game.

justacrosshair November 18, 2010 4:16 PM

I love Echo Bazaar so, so much. Been playing it for a while, glad it's gotten a mention on jayisgames.

PS: To go ahead and hop on the bandwagon- if anyone wants to add me for knife and candle-ing or nightmare-sharing, etc, please do, as I don't know anyone who plays: doitdoitdoitnow


Hi all!

Added some of the twitterers i found here, add me too if you like @echoXamerek


I'm about to go through the comments and add everyone's Twitter. Mine is IsilwenDreams


Was surprised with this, as when I joined it to my facebook account it DIDN'T spam.
Sure, you post things to your wall, but they DON'T appear on other peoples news feed, and people will only see them when they look at your profile page.
And its well worth getting a twitter account to use too, because then you don't even have to follow anyone, or use it socially at all, just treat it as if it was a sign in to use Echo bazaar.
An excellent game, which I was quick to recommend to my friends (my boyfriend now thinks I'm evil because I deflected my scandals onto him :D)
Also will be adding people who have posted their twitters, mine is Bryony_fuj

KrispyJack November 19, 2010 8:27 AM

Thanks for posting Twitters - if anyone needs another, I'd be happy to help - mine's krispyjack


Hmm is it really better to use Twitter? I don't have one, but I can make one or use my Facebook. Can anyone tell me the difference besides the tags? For now I'd like to try this out since it looks interesting. :D


So...I've progressed in my dreams, finished a storylet or two, and am working on an ambition. No extra fate yet! Am I doing something wrong? I thought finishing a storylet gave you fate.


Oh yeah, if any twitterers want it, my username is Canimia. I'll try to add a bunch of the names you've given here. :)

Conqueror Worm November 19, 2010 10:27 PM

Good lord, this game is addictive. M'name's silverhatch.


Well, I finally encountered an Opportunity Card that requires me to send a message to another player. I guess it's time to branch out, if I want to have "a conversation about dusty stones". Which I really, really do.

My name is BasilStone. Follow me!


Very interesting game. The writing really makes it interesting and has kept me playing even though I absolutely loathe every game I've come across on facebook.

Echo Bazaar still has the time limits and somewhat repetitive nature, but it's nothing akin to the *ville series of games.

Don't make my mistake and use your primary Twitter account. I have no desire to spam my friends so I created a new one, as have most here. Of course you can feel free: SamuelAFox

littlerobinbird November 20, 2010 8:13 AM

You could add me if you want. My name is robinonthesnow.


Been adding the people listed here. Anyone else want to add another my handle is: littlevainheart. :D

Now I have a little questions, I first used my FB account for this but made a Twitter for adding delicious friends but my Echoes still post on my Facebook. Anyone know how to convert it to Twitter?


Aureza, did you try the "Change your messaging settings" link under the news feed on the main page?

I'm @gregja86, by the way, if anyone wants to add me.


I love this game! If anyone wants to add me on twitter, it's Wonderxyz123.


So good, I joined up for twitter (bar following a few comedians, unlikely I'll use it for anything but EB). I'm 'thelastbondsman'.
Not to mention, it's highly addictive.

I like that you can effectively create a narrative for yourself (filling in the info in the 'They say...' section under the 'ME' tab, now that was a good idea) - for me, due to my high Watchfullness, the nightmares I've begun to accrue, the self-destructive path I'm going down and the fact I'm a little magnanimous, I figure my character is kind of a Phillip Marlowe type, Fallen London-ified.


Getting quite addicted to this game. I really enjoy the narrative quality of the gameplay, so much so that I'm not even tempted to look at the spoilers in the wiki. The multiple unfolding stories remind me a little of the 'choice of...' games, but less formulaic and much less linear.
Like others on here I made a twitter account just for this game. I haven't done anything with the social aspects of the game so far, but feel free to add me:


happy hunting!


Has anyone been able to get fate without spending money? I've completed storylets and progressed in dreams, but no fate.


I've got to say I'm addicted. My twitter account is GreenDelusion, if anyone would care to add me.


Also made a twitter account to play this -- I'm enjoying it so far. It's lomysterio, if anyone would like to add me. I'm about to add all the twitters that were posted.

castoffblastoff November 22, 2010 2:53 AM

This game is kind of the best thing, although money is sort of hard to come by-- I was wealthiest when I had eight echoes!

If you want to add me, my twitter dealiebob is good_and_proper.


I'm at about 25 in my primary attributes and I haven't been awarded any free Fate for quite a while. I think they just hand you some at the very beginning as a taste, and then make you pay for it.

I don't miss it yet, though. The fate-only areas are probably fun, but it's not like I'm short on things to do. The only nagging problem is that 10 actions gets eaten up so very, very quickly.


Free Fate is available rarely, but it can be found. Most notably, there is Fate to be gained from dreaming. My understanding is that the dream plotlines give you a little Fate when you're deeper in. Not at the start, and after a while they cease to give Fate, but by then they're giving you other things, like Qualities.


I adore this game--thank god for the limit on actions, or else I'd never get anything done! I'm officially addicted. I'm really quite impressed with the story, and I love a game that makes me feel like I'm actually seeking parts of the story, not just building up numbers.

Feel free to add me on Twitter if you'd like to be my delicious friend, but be aware that I do in fact use that as a regular Twitter, not just for playing Echo Bazaar. If you don't mind, it's



Does anyone know where to obtain large amounts of glim and surface currency? I've hit a roadblock in the Light Fingers ambition...


Just to echo an earlier comment (and probably quite a bit of unspoken sentiment) that forcing a player to sign up for one of those vile "social networking" sites is not cool. Too many other games and diversions available to bother with being forced to jump through this kind of disgusting hoop.

RobertDestin December 1, 2010 11:26 PM

I made a twitter account and will be going through and adding those who play. Mine is RobertDestin.


I also am having a great time playing this game. I made a Twitter account for this game too.
I'm RowdyQueen , I will be adding those who posted before me so don't be alarmed.

Angus Twig December 5, 2010 9:36 AM

I made a Twitter account to play and as far as I can say I really like the game. I added the people playing. My Twitter name is AngusTwig


So, SM, considering you can just create an account (probably easier on Twitter) and then ignore it entirely for the rest of your life, exactly how would this be different from just signing up for the game directly?


despite the people complaining "ah, it makes me connect to a social network, it is not fair, it is not a real game, blah..," this game seems to get a pretty awesome rating. Hell, it beat Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

I wasn't too impressed by this game, although it does has some unique features that I liked. But I hate those games that limit you how much gameplay you can have, it is like a trial demo for a game.


Love, love love this game! Been adding those above me and just wanted to put my name on the list - my twitter's Silikat_EB if anyone wants to add me.

P. Dreadful December 16, 2010 8:24 AM

I am enjoying this game a lot lately! Feel free to add me @narrativekink, as I myself will be reaping delicious friends from this post ;)


Simply wonderful. It's always good to come across a nice steampunk game, particularly an RPG. It's a good game to play in between other games.

JesterxLady December 21, 2010 12:15 PM

At first the log in put me off, but after reading how loads of people created Echo Bazaar only Twitter accounts, I decided to, too.(=

Must say, it's worth it. This game is epic! Really good fun. Just wish I could refresh quicker. =P

I hope people don't mind that I added everyone here... ^^

If you want to add me, my Twitter account is JesterxLady.


I recommend that everyone get their lodgings infested with rats.

It's quite profitable. :D


I don't know when Mr. Sacks is planning to depart, but I'm guessing it will be after New Years. I would like to trade gifts from Mr. Sacks with at least 2 more people because

I need the other 2 items to give to the Duchess, and they're useless on their own.

It costs 5 fate to send a gift, and of course I will reciprocate to anyone who sends one. I'm BasilStone on Twitter.

carnivalgirl December 29, 2010 9:52 PM

well i dnt have a twitter account but i love the game so i may just have to get one. My husband recommended Echo after reading a short review on it, and m thinking was great, plant more stuff, make friends w/tons of people i dnt know, and get bored in a week!! not at all i LOVE this game!! i actually look forward to it everyday and am always dissapointed when my candle melts away... i am new at it so everything im sure is pretty fresh to me but it really looks like it progresses in a way that will keep me coming back for more. i cnt wait to see what i open next!!


How often can you log in? I was able to log in once yesterday, then today it keeps telling me to be patient and the bazaar will reopen soon.


im new to this; so i dunno how to add people but my twitter username is iocaves


Just saw this: have created a new Twitter account by the name of @echo_avatar.

Will go ahead and add all you lovely people who posted your names here.


ohmygosh this game has me up all night! i've been adding ppl on the page.

if you wanna add me, my twitter is felinisia :)


I found this game through Extra Credits' episode about non-combat gaming; I was intrigued as soon as they said why this game was so unique: (not an actual quote, since I'm going from memory) "He invited a friend to dinner... When's the last time you could invite a friend to dinner as part of the core game mechanics?"

I promptly checked out Echo Bazaar, and lo and behold, I found an RPG where the role is more important than the stats (though the stats do help, of course), where the story was lavishly narrated, the world intriguingly mysterious, and the mechanics basic, but used to their fullest potential. At first I felt slightly left out because of all the options for social play (I originally signed up through Facebook just to give it a shot, and none of my FB friends play it... yet), but as time went on, I discovered that they were truly that: options. Single player is scads of fun for anyone who likes this kind of thing, and, mechanically, working with friends just gives you a little bit of peripheral story to add to your own, along with making a few things (like healing wounds and curing nightmares) go faster. In truth, the main reason I can see for the social aspect is adding the ability to communicate with friends who share a love of the game with you, something I'd love to work on in the future.

Speaking of story, there are portions of the game that write a story for you, but more than that, as your character continues along his, her or its journey, you have a chance to write your own story should you so choose. When you add up the experience of all of your opportunities, storylets, connections, and encounters, you discover that, more than just a line of branching choices, you have created a character who has lived a life unlike any other, even within the game, for with so many ways to go, no one has taken the same choices in the same order as you. Some things you have done that others haven't; some others have that you skipped. You may

be a champion ratcatcher or a catcatcher. You can seduce an artist for love or to use them, or even toss them aside for their model.

The paths number in the thousands, and new content is being added all the time at every level of play.

I've only been playing for three days, and already I'm hooked enough that I've created a Twitter account, something I'd often said I'd never do, just to better connect with this game. I've added most of the names already mentioned within these comments, and if anyone wants to add me, I'm @Methermeneus (no, it has nothing to do with drugs), an account mostly for Echo Bazaar, though I may occasionally toss some other snippet on there. If you want to follow me and explore Fallen London together, follow away; if not, well, I can still have fun protecting cats for The Duchess on my own!


Well, I seem to have forgotten my login name, so I can't login normally here. I thought I knew what it was, and the password reset still worked, but I can't remember the account name.

Anyway, I finally finished adding everyone here, and if any new people drop by, feel free to add me: NobleJerkwad .

[We have a contact email address for things like that. You can find it in the site footer on every page. -Jay]


Ho Huios tes Moiras said everything I would have wanted to say and more. As a first-time player that was bored with Kingdom of Loathing's eventual plot (what plot?) this is really doing it for me now... I'm HeartNotes3 if you want to add me into your game.


If you're looking for someone to add, RadHeroman is the one for you. Knock yourself out.

Gamemastertips January 22, 2011 12:28 PM

Four words: This. Game. Is. Awesome.

I'm really annoyed at how people are so adamant against connecting with social networking sites, e.g. "I'm rating this game a 1 because it requires you to have a Fb/Twit account!" That's just pathetic. Have you even given this game a chance? The amount of work they put into is amazing...FBG practically wrote an entire book series exclusively for an online game. The logic is flawless, and the world is magnificent.

Echo Bazaar is connected with Fb and Twit so that people are encouraged to share the game...it's not a spam bot like alot more popular social networking games (cough*Farmville*cough*). Any free game this good that gets updated regularly needs the constant traffic. So quit complaining! If you spent any time to actually play this game, your hatred against social networking sites will be rendered invalid. And seriously...it takes 2 minutes to open a Twitter account.


I'm HeartOfClayMen on Twitter, if anyone wants to add me. This is actually my other EB account - as a Clay Man. It's a bit odd. I'm not very far into it this time though, so I'm not sure what Clay Men can do. I'm just in A PLACE WHERE THERE IS VERY LITTLE SCREAMING.


You could use facebook or twitter just to play the game. You don't actually have to use it for social as well as the game. Just tell anyone your curious friends or family that you don't have one. I think it's pretty easy to do, plus you can have all your information be confidential. Not to mention a separate email address for it. With this in mind there really is no excuse that you shouldn't be able to play this game.

Adelaide C. F. January 25, 2011 3:22 PM

My Twitter account for this game is AdelaideCF so feel free to add me if you want.
And have fun! :)


Love the game. I'm isntanynameleft on Twitter, if you'd like to be my delicious friend.

brokenrecord February 19, 2011 12:41 PM

Finally caved and got a Twitter so I could play, and I'm so glad that I did. My username is nownpoint if anyone wants to add.


EB recently (tomorrow, actually) *SIGNIFICANTLY* reduced available actions for free players. If you're not already invested in the game, there is little reason to start now, unless you want to pay $2 a week. Otherwise you will be severely underpowered vs paying players.

Anonymous May 6, 2011 12:05 AM

Actually Phoenix, the main difference between players is how long they've been playing. And since the game currently has no PvP whatsoever (and even when it did it was optional), I fail to see how it matters.

EBZ is, ultimately, a single-player experience.


I signed in using Facebook, and it was no problem at all. I just told Facebook not to allow any posts from Echo Bazaar on my wall. So even when I "echo" something, it doesn't show up, but I still get the extra actions. ♥


I'm Jscrufft on twitter. It's a few months out, but fun times.
Elijah on EB


What happens if your nightmares reach 8? Do you die and have to start over? I'm really curious but I don't want to lose all my progress. :)

Also, I don't want to bug all the people who posted twitter names ages ago and might not be playing anymore, but I'd love to have some delicious friends. I'm WordsLikeWeeds, please add me!

A. Warburton February 2, 2012 11:38 PM

Hey, you guys. I'm AWarburtonEcho on Twitter, and I should love some delicious friends.


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chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Welcome to the Roundup 66 - Retro with four games! After you find the ten monkeys in the chapter, look in the inventory. You will find a...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Welcome to the Roundup 65 with three games! As mentioned in the previous roundups, only odd-numbered episodes are featured since even-numbered are for Robin Vencel's patrons (the...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Hi! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are here! First we have two new cans from tomoLaSiDo and then two small rooms from isotronic. That's all for this...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Welcome to Mobile Monday! We have another beautiful game from Nicolet and it's a winter game as it should be. Tasuku Yahiro have released another of their...  ...

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