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Draw Play

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Rating: 4.1/5 (26 votes)
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HuntyDraw PlayDraw Play is a unique new drawing game by "Eggy" and hosted on Gamegecko. It plays like a standard platformer, but the catch is that there are no platforms; you use the mouse to draw in the platforms for the character to walk on, and then use the arrow keys to move the player over the drawn platforms to the flag for each level.

The mechanic is innovative, but the game has a few minor flaws:

  • Collision with the spikes is based on the spikes' bounding box and the character's bounding box, rather than the spike itself. Since the spike is triangular, and the bounding box is square, this means that you'll die fairly often from touching a spike's bounding box even when you're well clear of the spike. It's also not clear in the beginning that anything that's not a spike is OK to walk through.
  • Most of the levels can be circumvented by jumping, drawing a line under the character, and repeating until you reach the top, then drawing a line over to the flag.
  • There's only so many times I can hear Pee Wee Herman's scream (the sound effect when you fall) before I have to kill.

Despite those flaws the game is otherwise top-notch and mercifully short.

Play Draw Play



I found (and completed) this earlier today...

good game made on a exelant idea!


No need to jump, just draw under him and up, he will raise with the line.

Shadowex3 October 14, 2006 6:22 PM

Nifty trick

click under your character and draw straight up under him and you've basically got an elevator.


A cheap gameplay tactic.

You can also just draw the line underneath the man. Kind of like and automatic elevator. Imagine it like a plant growing out of the ground beneath you. Makes everything so simple.


Woah, I just did the same thing, giftedweasel. Great game though.

BaruMonkey October 14, 2006 6:43 PM

An easier method of "circumventing" yourself to the top is just drawing a vertical line, starting under your feet and carrying you up like an elevator.


he he !! i got the little guy stuck so that when
he comes back to life, he just falls off the platform
over and over again

i know it's cruel not to hit the erase button,
and yet...


I found a trick. I call it elevatoring:

draw a vertical line starting from straight under the character, and it should shove him upwards as fast as you draw the line

DenimNatalie October 14, 2006 9:21 PM

I finished all level.

This is OK game. Hard to do, but very easy once you figures out spikes and all that. I think there's a bug here. Cos I can get through moving spike bars.:D

Very short compared to another games.


Well, DenimNatalie, all you're pretty much tryinf to do is to get past all the spikes and get to the flag.
Oo! I know another cheat! it's so awesome!

Well, you draw and scribble over the spikes so you can't walk on them or touch them!


A further exploitation of the elevator trick combined with the death reappearance that tabitha mentioned. In any level where the goal is to get to the top of the screen, Do the elevator trick but just scribble back and forth. Make it wide enough so that even if he dies, he can't be reborn inside of your lines, he just jumps to the top.


Somehow I find it hilarious that the creator took the music from Naruto.


one thing I found annoying was that the "Ferris-wheel" spikes weren't exactly circular -- I would leave my guy safely next to one, then come back a few seconds later to find that he had died because the spikes got closer to him.


So it was music from Naruto and the falling death noise from Pee-Wee *rolls eyes ;)

Nice game, I stopped at 'Out of Reach'. All the small platforms just got irritating (for those not 'exploiting' on the ride up ;P)

heather12321 October 15, 2006 1:43 PM

Lol, I found out the elevator thing too! It makes everything so simple!


Hm, I just feel like any game whose review has to end with the description "mercifully short" maybe doesn't belong on this website?

I mean, feature an interesting gameplay mechanic if you want, but let's face it, drawing parts of your game is nothing new since the Nintendo DS made it ubiquitous for handheld and flash games alike...and this isn't even a good implementation of that mechanic. With all the bugs and the elevator trick, this little piece, in my opinion, in addition to not holding my attention long enough to finish it, is not even really worthy of JIG recognition.


I liked this one.

Contrary to most others, I don't feel the elevator trick is cheating or playing unfair. It's simply one of the things that the drawing mechanic allows and maybe it can even be used to build a level around.
I do believe the mechanic is somewhat plain after the novelty wears off though. Something like having limited paint and collecting additional paint buckets, or paint that fades out after a while, could've been nice additions. Or how about paint-eating critters and enemy paint surfers?

It's a funny mechanic, painting your own paths, but I think this game needs to rely on more than just that. I think Sling did this very well, with it's grab'n'sling mechanic and various grab types.


I know of another nifty trick called teleporting. It is a little different then drawing under the character.

Make a long line on one side of the person that touches to the left of the person to where you want to go. Make sure that the line is straight and that it is touching the person. Now make a paralell line that touches the right of the person up to where the left line ended. Now bridge the two lines together at the top to make a rectangle. Now fill in the rectangle like you are trying to drown the little person. Make sure you fill it in properly. Now click under the man and push up. At first it will look like the normal elevator trick but then the man will instantly "teleport" to the top of the rectangle. The really interesting thing about this is that the person can blast through spikes that are blocking the path directly above the man. However this only works on some spikes. It works on all stationary ones, the moving ones on "Deja-Vu", and some others maybe. This trick makes "Deja-Vu" extremely easy.


very easy


Not ready for prime time. The hit detection is just too off. Don't waste your time with this one. Also, the music is good the first five times, after that I was desperate to be able to change the sound off without muting my whole computer.

2 suggestions: make the spike hit zones triangles, and make the platform pen another color.

This game is just too ameuterish for JIG-it looks like its made by a sixth grader. Don't get me wrong, for a sixth grader it's a solid effort, maybe by eighth grade your stuff will be up to the standards of JIG.


A BMX game (like BMX backflips) would work great with this drwing sistem, dont you think?


A BMX game (like BMX backflips) would work great with this drwing sistem, dont you think?


Looks like it's been heavily "inspired" by the success of linerider.


Neat little game. Am curious as to how they got a hold of the Naruto action-music though.


i thought of an easy simple to do trick.

you can just elevate yourself up (not too high) and than make a bridge to the flag. some levels you cant do this.

TaladorPhoenix April 20, 2007 9:16 PM

I was going to mention the way to cheat so you don't have to go all the way back, but iasa beat me to saying it. I wouldn't want to repeat anything anyone said.

TaladorPhoenix April 20, 2007 9:20 PM

actually, I find Draw Play much different than line rider. For one, in line rider, there is no plot, and two, well, there is much more strategy involved because, hem hem, THERE IS NO PLOT IN LINE RIDER!!

TaladorPhoenix April 20, 2007 9:24 PM

I know, this is my third comment tonight but I DONT CARE!! sorry, I tend to have rage blackouts. anyway, I comepletely dissagree with Sasha. I think this is a quite well-made game! and hey, I'm in sixth grade and I would never to be able to make something this good! oops-I think I just insulted myself!


Nice NARUTO music!!

Anonymous October 2, 2007 2:58 PM

where do i get the narutos music?


Uhhh...I'm stuck on " I love you all...NOW DIE! "

And this is supposed to be a walkthrough -.-

Can anyone help me?

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL October 30, 2007 3:49 PM

LOL i beat game easy with dis technique read more

in up down like just cover up the spikes right then they cant hurt you and then use elavator


i know a good thing for levels with spikes but not the spikes that turns only normal spikes you draw a line on the top of each spikes then u draw another one to do ur way simple and easy


lol! the elevator trick is so old now i figured it out on level 3 but now i cant get past dejavu how do you get through the moving spiky things. If you liked drawplay then try drawplay 2 or even 3!!!


How do you do the level called gulp!


I think its mean in draw play 2
the level name of : The End
... then the next level says: I Lied
i was like aw finally!
but i still think draw play 2 is easiest


cool walkthrough...

i love you all!

questionedkids November 29, 2009 11:49 AM

How do you pass the level called gulp on draw play?


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