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TrickyStupid Dr. Nemisis, founder and CEO of Tyrant! Always abducting citizen-class robots like you, and forcing them to go through his anti-hero weapons testing rooms. At least he's a model of efficiency: that replicator of his will provide and endless supply of, well, you-s, no matter how many you-bodies litter the level. And you know? Those bodies look pretty jump-on-able and laser-blocking. And while he's promised to let you free after you get through all standard 21 rooms, he seems to have left the keys to his inner sanctum foolishly scattered about in tricky locations. If only you could just reach them... Disposabot is a puzzle platform by Unept where creative use of corpses is a requirement for completion.

DisposabotMove and jump with the [arrow] keys, making your way to each room's exit. Two types of weapons will impede your progress: explosions, which will drop your body to the ground (where it can be pushed), and freezers which will halt your motion in midair. These can come in the form of stationary bombs, pewing lasers, or flying trackers. After each death, a new body will be replicated at the start of the level, and if you've killed your way into a corner, the [R] key will restart the level and clear away all corpses. Though the central mechanism of Disposabot has been seen in games like SeppuKuties, here it is well implemented with cleverly designed levels. Another highlight is Dr. Nemesis, who fulfills the almost obligatory role of snarky test-chamber commentator with quips and shout-outs aplenty. Disposabot's protagonist may be disposable, but the game itself isn't, and it's just the kind of quirky platforming one could use to come back to life at the end of a long day.

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cyberphlash January 3, 2014 4:57 PM

Nice game! I like how you give medals for each level based on number of deaths - that adds a nice completion element to the game. Game play and controls work well. Would like to see another 20 levels! -M

MmeTurbulence January 3, 2014 6:03 PM

This was fun little game.

Is anyone on staff doing up a walkthrough for it already?


This was fun and enjoyable.


I really like this game, it was difficult without being annoying or frustrating. Not particularly original but a nice addition to the genre.

@MmeTurbulence, JIG tends not to do walkthroughs for platform games. There is an in game walkthrough if you need any help.

marshalljpeters January 4, 2014 1:20 PM

Can't get out of level 1. As soon as I get to the exit, it freezes.


hm. will have to dig up the walkthrough. i got 4 of the 5 keys, jsut can't figure out the LASt one... where you gotta pop the bubbles and let the guys drop



If you are talking about the last key

I pretty much ignored the bots coming from above and concentrated on building blocks to the key and exit


[C]reative use of corpses is a requirement for completion.

Reminds me of SeppuKuties. :)


I'm supposed to be editing a story I wrote...
So why not take a stab at writing a walkthrough instead! I skipped the tutorial levels, since they're all pretty straightforward. I also didn’t include the key levels.

Level 1

Walk right. Jump on the middle bomb. With your new "volunteer," walk right and jump on top of your corpse to avoid the bombs. Exit the level.

Level 2

Position yourself under the bomb and jump to hit it. Push the corpse against the wall, and use it as a stepladder to get out of the pit.

Level 3

Jump on top of the cold bomb. These ones leave your corpse frozen in place, even if it's in midair. Use the frozen corpse to jump onto the stairs on the left, then head right, down, and into the tube.

Level 4

Remember, cold bombs leave you frozen in place. Keeping that in mind, jump onto the first cold bomb. Use that as a stepping stone to get onto the center pillar, and then jump onto the second cold bomb. Now you can jump your way to the tube.

Level 5

Climb the pyramid-thing in the center of the screen, then drop down the center to the hot bomb. Drop another robot onto the very first cold bomb. Now jump across that lower path into the tube.

Level 6

Jump into the path of the laser. Make sure you jump out as far as possible--you need room to get another robot behind it. Use your fallen comrade as a shield. Push it right up to the ledge (but not under it), and then jump on top of it to reach the tube.

Level 7

Leave a robot on top of the hot laser to block it. Jump up into the path of the cold laser; make sure you leave enough room for another bot to walk underneath. The duel cold lasers require two bots; one down low (walk into it) and one up high (jump into it). You now have a clear path to the tube.

Level 8

Jump into the path of the vertical laser, so that you freeze in the middle of the first gap. Jump on the corpse to cross to the second gap. Jump so that you will freeze as a stepping stone to the pipe. Exit the level.

Level 9

Drop a corpse on the highest hot bomb. Fall down the top left gap. Now push the corpse into the hole with the cold bomb. This blocks the hot laser. Jump down the bottom left gap and exit the level.

Level 10

Jump onto a hot bomb to leave a corpse. Push it forward some (don’t touch the cold bomb with a live bot!) and hit a hot bomb again. Pushing both the corpses together allows you to push one on top of the cold laser without hitting the cold bomb yourself. Travel back to the left, up the ladder thing, down the gap and onto the corpse, and out through the pipe.

Level 11

Jump onto the lowest platform; it’s all you can reach right now. Pick up a hot fuse and run to the right end of the platform. Wait for death. Now, use that corpse to jump onto the next platform. Again, pick up a hot fuse, run to the right end of the platform, and sacrifice yourself for the greater good. The next one is a little trickier. Pick up the rightmost hot fuse, jump on the corpse, make to the top of the stairs, and make yourself a stepping stone on the right edge of the stairs. Finally, avoid the fuses and jump to the tube.

Level 12

First, if you’re curious about the binary…

It says “unept.” No, not “inept.” Thanks, Google!

Now, the walkthrough.

This one’s a little tricky. First, drop down the right gap to pick up the cold fuse. Now you have to time your jump so that you freeze bridging that pit on the left, but not so high up that you block the passage. You may find it easier to fall into the pit and try to explode at the height of your jump. Now you can drop down that first gap onto the frozen corpse and jump past it. Now, you need to fall down a gap on the right so that your corpse lands on the moving platform. Drop your new live bot on top of that corpse (careful; it’s easy to fall off!) or, if there’s room, just to the right of the corpse. Huddle next to your fallen kin for safety while you ride to the pipe.

Level 13 (Ahh, bad luck!)

Drop down the center gap, picking up a cold fuse. Hop onto that single block on the left. Try to time your jump so that you bridge the center and left platforms. Again, fall down the center tunnel and grab a cold fuse. This time your corpse will bridge the center and right platforms. This time, use the left tunnel. (Press right while you fall so you land on the center platform.) Jump on the corpse, then onto the left platform, then go shake hands with that cute green guy.
Oh… Um… Move along, nothing to see here… The path to the tunnel is now clear.

Level 14

Aw, sweet, jetpacks! Grab the hot jetpack and fly up to the green guy.
Grab the hot jetpack again. You need a corpse to reach the cold jetpack, but you will also have to jump over the corpse later without landing on the jetpack. Position yourself carefully and grab the cold jetpack. Hey, look, you’re immune to hot lasers! You’re not immune to exploding, though. Let your frozen corpse block the hot laser. Exit the level. Try not to think of all those innocents you just murdered.

Level 15

Frozen bugs… Well that’s just lovely. First, make a stepping stone to get on that center platform. Now you have to get to the hot bug. Use the dotted platforms to avoid the cold ones. Again, avoid the cold bugs while you push the burnt-out corpse to the leftmost wall. Jump on top of it, over the wall, and exit.

Level 16

More green guys to kill… All this murder… and for what? What if the goal of all these traps isn’t to kill the hero? What if the purpose is to turn the hero…
Into a villain?
Well, whatever, let’s get out of here so we can go eat pizza. Do not kill the darkest green guys. Yet. First, you’re going to place corpses on top of all three blocked button pits. Now you can kill the dark green blocks. Yay, mass murder! Drop down long pit on the right and get killed by the hot laser. Now you can travel down the leftmost tunnel and out the pipe.

Level 17

Oh joy. Wings. Jump onto that first cold fly, which is travelling up and down. Time it to make a stair between your platform and the next. Do it again with the next vertical cold fly. Now you need to kill Mr. Green, but that cold fly is blocking you. Instead, hit the hot fly at just the right time so that your corpse will hit the button. Now, you’re going to need one last cold fly platform so you can reach the tube. And… freedom!
Remember that time a level was super hard and we just calmly walked away like a normal person?
Yeah. Me neither.

Level 18

First, beat the dark red guy to the cold laser. Don’t jump, just die on the floor there. Now we wait for the red one to hit the laser, giving us a convenient ceiling so we can jump past the cold laser, up the stairs, and into the tube.

Level 19

Alright, this time we’ll protect the red robot… because we need him to assassinate the pale yellow block for us. Use the cold jetpacks to reach the buttons on the ceiling. First, you’ll need to kill the dark green guy before Red reaches him and turns around. Let Red bounce off the light green block, but kill them before he reaches the second block. Again, let him bounce off the first dark yellow block, then kill them. Red will kill the pale yellow one in gratitude, but then he’s going to walk into a bomb because he not the brightest robot in the hero trap. You have to run into the tube before his corpse blocks your path. That’s easiest to achieve if you’re waiting right by the yellow block when Red kills it.

Level 20

This level starts with the bottomless pits blocked off by green blocks, but Red has decided he likes killing them. You have to use the cold fuses to leave a corpse right above each center green block above each gap so that you have a path later. Red won’t kill the yellow ones on the far right, but you will, so leave a corpse there, too. Carefully use your frozen corpses to reach the yellow button on the left, then jump to the tube.

Level 21

Alright, this is complicated. First, you need to climb the platforms on the left. Hit a cold fly so that you leave a corpse right up against that yellow button. Climb up those left platforms again, but only halfway. See those two tiny platforms near the bottom of the screen? Use a hot fly to drop a corpse on the first one. Now is a good time to kill off the other two hot flies (there are three in total.) One of the red robots will continuously kill himself on hot flies before you need him if you do not do this. Climb the left platforms once more, jump onto your corpse, and then onto the green button. Try to time this so that Red does not kill himself on a cold fly. Instead he will kill the yellow block and release his identical twin. That robot will drop down and push the light green button.


Come on, do you really need help on this one? Hint: It’s a lot of running and jumping and there’s literally no way to die.


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