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Dismantlement SUSHI

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Rating: 3.5/5 (33 votes)
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Dismantlement SUSHI

elleIt's only some innocent slabs of raw fish on a plate. What's the fun in that? Put away the chopsticks and pick up a screwdriver, though, and you shall soon see what. Coming back from a seeming hiatus, Gam.eBB presents another yummy take-things-apart-to-see-what-you-find puzzle game, this time carefully arranged for play on your mobile device: Dismantlement SUSHI. All you have is a screwdriver (cleverly designed to fit invisibly onto your fingertip). With a few tapping motions, loose your first screw to reveal the game stage. Continue to tap and tilt your device to uncover clues and puzzles that, when solved, allow you to dismantle your sushi dinner even further. Play is very similar to an escape game but more focused on code breaking. After deciphering an initial series of codes, your true dismantlement mission is presented.

While this is probably the easiest/shortest episode of the Dismantlement series, outsmarting the challenges brings up that giddy bubble of satisfaction just as readily. Although it's a bit clunky to scroll through an entire alphabet to input codes, gameplay is intuitive. Keeping a pen and paper handy for notes might help yet is not required: the game is designed so that you can solve puzzles individually and solutions can be memorized. You may feel clueless at first but it only takes a bit of poking about before the scheme of things starts making sense. Yay! A click: the sound of success and another dismantlement that hits the spot.

Thanks to Sam for sending this one in!

NOTE: This game was played and reviewed on the iPad 2. Game was available in the North American market at the time of publication, but may not be available in other territories. Please see individual app market pages for purchasing info.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Dismantlement SUSHI Walkthrough

Start Screen

  • If you've never played before, then "New Game" is your only option. Tap the SCREW to begin.

  • If you'd like to return to a previously played game, use the arrows at either side of the screw to select "Continue" and tap the screw to continue.

  • At any time you can restart from the beginning by selecting "New Game".

Plate Cover

  • When you begin, a flower-rimmed cover hides your plate of sushi. Tap twice on the plate cover to open up its puzzle:

    • Use the arrows above or below the boxes to change the numbers.

    • Input the correct 3-letter code to dismantle the cover and remove it from the stage.

    • CLUE:

      Note that around the rim are a series of letters and, above each digit of the code is a series of dots.


      The highlighted dots correspond to letters around the rim of the plate cover...
      G E C

      IMAGE: Plate Cover Solution

  • When the correct code is entered, you'll hear a "click." Tap on "CLOSE" and "BACK". Then, tap the center of the cover again to remove it.

After removing the plate cover, dismantle and remove each piece of nigiri from the plate by solving their codes. From left to right they are:

Tamago (egg)

  • Tap on that yellowish rectangle of scrambled egg on the left to reveal its puzzle.

  • You see a star, flower and heart above each of the digits of the code box.

    • Use the arrows above or below each box to change the letter inside.

    • Enter the correct 3-digit number to dismantle the tamago.

    • CLUE:

      Pour more tea.


      Remove and replace the lid on the teapot three times to see three different numbers. Make a note of the designs that pop out along with the numbers...
      8 (stars), 5 (flowers), 7 (hearts)

      IMAGE: Tamago Solution

    • A "click" will sound and two screws will appear when you've entered the correct code.

  • Tap each screw to remove it, tap the "CLOSE" button, and then tap on the center of the tamago nigiri piece to remove it from the plate.

  • Tap "BACK" to return to the main view of the sushi meal.

Ika (squid)

  • Ika, the second piece from the left is white and slick looking. Tap it twice to open its puzzle...

  • Again you see a 3-letter code is needed. Above each digit is a circle with some lines in it.

    • Enter the correct letters to dismantle the ika.

    • CLUE:

      Look at the cup of tea (with maple leaf on top).


      Tilt your device to cause the balls to roll around until you can make note of which letters correspond to which lines/designs...
      H (2 parallel lines), I (3 parallel lines), T (2 crossed lines)

      IMAGE: Ika Solution

    • When correct, you'll hear a "click" and two screws will appear.

  • Remove the screws, tap "close", then tap the ika to remove it from the plate.

  • Back up to the main view.

Ebi (shrimp)

  • At the middle of the plate is a butterflied piece of cooked shrimp. Tap it twice to zoom in on its puzzle...

  • Above this 3-letter code you see smiley faces.

    • Enter the correct code to dismantle the ebi.

    • CLUE:

      Shift the chopsticks.


      Examining the chopsticks, you see a design printed on them. If you line up the two half circles to make a smiley face, then the other lines match up to form letters...
      O Q U

      IMAGE: Ebi Solution

    • A correct code elicits a "click" and two screws.

  • Remove the screws, click "close", then tap the ebi to remove it from the plate.

  • Back up to the main view.

Maguro (tuna)

  • Second from last is a dark pink slice of raw tuna. Tap it twice to reveal its puzzle...

  • Here are three V-like arrows above the 3-digit letter box.

    • Enter the correct code to dismantle the maguro.

    • CLUE:

      Look under the mussels soup (Asarino Miso).


      Watch the pieces as they spin around and eventually they form three letters...
      E F L

      IMAGE: Maguro Solution

    • Once again, a "click" and the appearance of two screws marks the correct answer.

  • Remove the screws, "close" the view and click on the maguro to vanquish it.

  • Back up to the main view.

Sake (salmon)

  • The bright orange nigiri on the far right side of the plate is salmon. Tap on it twice...

  • Above the three letter boxes you also see a 3x3 patterns of dots.

    • Figure out the correct code and input it to dismantle the sake.

    • CLUE:

      It's also under the wasabi dish.


      Note where the darkest dot is located for each 3x3 pattern of dots. Then, go to the small white dish with wasabi on it. Tap that dot and watch the progress of dots move along the grid; they form letters...
      S M L

      IMAGE: Sake Solution

    • When correct, there's a "click" and two screws appear.

  • Remove the screws, "Close" the view and then tap the sushi to make it disappear.

  • Back up to the main view.

Final Dismantlement (last code)

  • After you've removed all the sushi from the plate, click the plate twice to see what it's hiding: a ticking timebomb.

  • Click "Danger" to begin dismantling the bomb.

    • You have 10 minutes to decipher the code before it explodes.

    • Input the correct code and click "STOP" to win the game.

    • If you click "STOP" without the correct code, the bomb will blow BUT you'll be returned automatically to the puzzle.

    • CLUE:

      Watch for red lights.


      For each part of the code, when the correct number appears in the ticking clock above, a red light will appear to indicate which digit matches...
      8 5 3

      IMAGE: Last Code Solution

    • If you have the correct code when you hit "STOP", a chime will sound and a green light will appear.

  • Tap the green light to reveal another screw. Unscrew it and remove the bomb to complete the game!


Oh, no! Dismantlement has gone iOS only? I'm disappointed that I may never get to enjoy another Dismantlement game.


I share your disappointment. I loved to play these in my computer. :(


This was a definite "yaaaaaay-aaaaw-nooooo!" moment.

thegreatescaper March 21, 2014 8:50 PM

Uh, there is actually a browser version. I played it quite a while ago.



Some puzzles are different in the browser version...


Not worth the download, takes about a minute to solve the puzzle!


Rant below.

I think largely the reason you're seeing fewer browser releases from popular Japanese escape developers is fairly simple... ad blockers. Very few escape games see a sponsor the way other genres do, so in addition to not getting paid for the games they create, these developers like Tesshi-e and others are also having their only source of revenue for those games taken away by people who choose to stop ads from loading and thus continue to impact bandwith without allowing the creator to benefit from their visit. I know I've seen many people here (not in this thread, on this site) complain of games not loading on those types of sites only to find it was due to their ad blocker.

I'm not saying this IS the reason for fewer browser games from prominent creators with certainty, but I think it's a huge contributing factor. When games are spread elsewhere than the developer's site, for instance, the ads that you see load at the beginning of the game will typically be placed there BY the developer so that wherever their game spreads, they still get a tiny bit of proceeds to help fund their efforts. I also think a lot of people tend to overestimate how big a difference a donation button actually WOULD make to a site like that, largely because they tend to assume that more people would donate than would in reality. Take our site, for instance. Fewer than 35% of our total daily traffic is returning visitors, and we're not unusual in that aspect. A massive amount of traffic is simply people searching for games and stumbling across things randomly, and many of them wouldn't feel moved to donate to a developer because of it. Would donations help? Absolutely. But I don't think they're the solution, or at least not all of it. Donations can be extremely difficult to implement, especially when it comes to taxes, how those donations are classified, or even just receiving money from Pay Pal (who has had a lot of issues with donations in the past), and it takes a lot more research and thought to go into what option is best beyond simply slapping up a button on the site. To be frank, I don't think it's a matter of artistic integrity... in part I believe it's someone thinking that if you believe their games are worthwhile enough to play on a regular basis, surely they must be worth tolerating a 30 second ad that pays for your visit. If the games WEREN'T worth it, you wouldn't bother to play them at all, right? (After all, how many people have blocked a site's ads because they disapprove of the content... but never taken the time to actually communicate that to the developer so that something can be done about it?)

In the end, all I can personally do is recommend that anyone who visits a developer's site to play games they enjoy turn off their ad blocker (and make use of the MANY free quality anti-virus, spyware, and malware programs available for download), because for many developers, that's their only source of income in regards to how their site makes money. I understand people hating and being annoyed by ads, and it's sadly an ugly cycle. People block ads because they hate them, hurting site income, and sites are forced to take different measures to make up for that lost revenue, which in turn makes those people feel justified in continuing to block ads, and around and around it goes. Neither party is entirely to blame, but I feel like there needs to be a lot more effort at negotiation and compromise on both sides than seems to be happening at the moment judging by the way things stand.


I enjoy Dismantle games, but I also don't get the point of making this type of game into an app especially when it is only for 1 of their games. The puzzle doesn't change so what's the point to play it again? I uninstalled the app once I was done playing it.

argyblarg March 23, 2014 4:28 PM

I really love this series, but it seems every new addition to it gets easier and easier. This one takes about 3 minutes. Kind of a shame.



I can only speak for myself but, when I said puzzle I was referring to the game as a whole (as in how each smaller puzzle is part of the larger puzzle to get to the bomb and disarm it). Yes each release of Dismantle contains several small puzzles.

As for the rest, well that is just going to be a matter of difference in opinion. Free or not, the game doesn't change at all making it a bit tedious to download, play, and uninstall in 5 minutes time. So my preference for this sort of game would be to support them through a browser platform.*shrug*

Papachabre March 24, 2014 7:10 AM

Fun but short. I feel like it took me more time to download and install the game than it did to finish it.

I wish that the developer would have made the game contain a collection of dismantlement puzzles instead of just one. Or make that one take much longer to complete.


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