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DHTML Lemmings

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Rating: 4.3/5 (47 votes)
Comments (105) | Views (20,350)
LemmingsTino Zijdel of The Netherlands, aka Crisp, has created a remake of the classic game of Lemmings, originally developed by DMA Design (acquired by Rockstar Games in 1999 and renamed Rockstar North), and coded it using JavaScript and DHTML! The game is beautiful and works very nicely if you have a recent browser (Mozilla, Firefox or Opera) and a 500MHz+ CPU. Here's a breakdown of the basics on how to play:

Lemmings will fall through a trap door into each level. Your job is to get them safely to the exit by using the Lemming skills at the bottom of the play window. Simply click on a skill icon to use that skill. Some levels stretch beyond the limits of the window, so there will be scroll bars in those circumstances.

The game is a lot of fun since it presents a new puzzle with each level that must be figured out by planning ahead if all the Lemmings are to make it to safety. The author plans to implement 30 levels for each of the 4 increasingly difficult game categories: Fun, Tricky, Taxing and Mayhem; however, there are currently only 10 levels available for each.

The full version of the game uses graphics, sound and music from the original, though the author has not received permission to use them. My guess is you should get a chance to play it in case it disappears into the ether. You can even download the source code for the game (minus, of course, the copyrighted game assets) from the author's site, as well as other goodies. So what are you waiting for?

Play DHTML Lemmings


themadmurph October 19, 2004 8:05 AM

I enjoyed the game and worked my way up to mayhem level 3. I cannot get past this. I have found the solution posted elsewhere. However, even following the supposed solution I cannot get past this level. I always run out of time. Can anyone help me? It is driving me insane!


Jay, have you visited http://www.xs4all.nl/~crisp/lemmings/ lately? I wish you would write something about the case, or even better, in general about game copyrights and what you think about the remakes of classics.


how do you get past level 7 on taxing (Every Lemming for himself!!) I can only get 1 lemming over the rock with yellow arrows, so i can't get him to turn around and cut through the rock? any help would be appreciated


wow! this is amazing! well done!


Chado, you use a builder just before the small rock so that he stops when building but has done just enought for the others to climb over the small rock. he will then turn around and head back towards the yellow arrowed rock.

I too am stuck on mayhem level 3. Even with the soloution I cannoty get passed this level with out the time running out. I'm really stuck :(


I can't get past level 3 tricky. Can someone help me please? =(

rachie roo May 9, 2005 10:57 AM

OMG thank u soooo much allan i was stuck on taxing level 7 for ages!!!! i got told what to do but you said it so much clearer thank u soo much!!

and to anybody else who has problems i suggest you look on


it has been extremely helpful 2 me!!!


Does anyone know how to complete Mayhem level 3 on Lemmings? I have figured out a way to do it but time just runs out !


Guys, I have a problem. The game won't load! It gets to "Loading Level 1..." then that's it. Any ideas?


where can i find the original lemmings that works on MODERN computers? everytime i find one, it doesn't work!!


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe recently announced that it plans to release a PSP (Playstation Portable) version of Lemmings toward the end of this year.


I cant pass mayhem level 3 on lemmings didi someone get the solution???


Finnaly pass mayheem level 3

Lemming 17 make hin mine the thin floor
then make him bash throug the one way block there wolud be one lemming that passes over him make save himself building the stair
When the basher passes through the block make him athelete and wen he gets the bottom flor maken dig the way home


Thanks so much Pablo !!!!


how do you get past level 3 on taxing. they just keep falling off and i cant figure any other way out than to just keep building up. what should i do?


i cant get past level 1 on taxing (if at fisrt you dont succeed)! please can someone help me, i can only manage to get the lemmings through two of the pillars!!


hey gina try using a miner to dig through one of the pillars, then turn him into a blocker when he gets to the bottom of the next set of stairs, then blow him up so the other lemmings can get through...using bashers on the other 2 pillars should do it, jst make sure when u have made the way that u speed up the flow of lemmings or u will run out of time...... NOW I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO GET PAST LEVEL 3 TAXING, SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!!!

IncogNitro August 18, 2005 6:44 AM

Hey Angel,

By holding down F2 you can hold of lemmings falling from the sky, so when you just use lemming #1 to build a stairway to heaven. All lemmings are home free.

Watch out when you hold down F2 to long, you will run out of time because lemmings will not fall immediately


how do u stop the lemming that block i can make them block but then they wont stop?

Generic Name December 16, 2005 7:26 AM

Um, I'm stuck on Taxing One (If at first you don't Succeed...)

I can't get through without time running out or the Lemmings getting themselves stuck.


Can someone tell me how to complete mayhem level 3. It just seems impossible!


hah! I used to watch my brothers and sisters play this game when I was little.


I'm stuck on Taxing One (If at first you don't Succeed...) as well! I run out of time even with speeding up the rate with which lemmings are falling from the sky.
And besides you can sacrifice only one lemming (to blow up the stairs at the third column). But while building the steps across the void at least one falls! Help!


How do I get passed lvl 6 taxing (compression methode 1)?


i need some help to get past taxing level 3. could someone please kindly enlighten me? i can't build the bridge fast enough!


hi, my name is kandy and i am having trouble loading lemmings.

Craig3410 April 24, 2006 5:02 PM

Oh god, I hate lemmings; I've burned waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than my share of time on it. :)




Craig3410 April 24, 2006 5:03 PM

But, of course, you can't cheat; oh well.

It should count for something that I've already beaten all those levels. :)


I remember playing this in school when I was like, 6...well done...Bravo...Magnificent...just like the origional...I ran out of good coments...XP

coolbetti May 4, 2006 5:03 PM


The solutions say to use the lemming 1 to dig -then you run out of time! You should use lemming between 18-22. Make him mine the floor bash through the one way block. (If you wait too late the lemmings turning around over the water will turn again at the one way block)
There should be one lemming that passes over the basher(if there is more that one nuke and try again) make him build RIGHT BEFORE the bridge and he will turn around right there instead of finishing the stairs and walking to the end of the bridge.
When the basher passes through the block make him a climber and teh floater and when he gets the bottom floor make him mine home.
I did it and had 1 second to spare!


everytime i try mayhem level 3, the lemming that is supposed to climb and float then dig just before the compressor, falls through a tiny gap on the bridge above the pool. if i get him to build over it, other lemmings die and cant build over the lip after the block with the arrows, any ideas? thanks.

Koolhair June 19, 2006 2:29 PM

I love this game I have it on SNES! haha its awesome

Level 835 June 21, 2006 11:36 PM

I happen to know the codes to the first ten Tricky levels. Click on the SPOILER link for the level code you desire.

1--This should be a doodle!:


2--We all fall down:


3--A ladder would be handy:


4--Here's one I prepared earlier:


5--Careless clicking costs lives:




7--Been there, seen it, done it:


8--Lemming sanctuary in sight:


9--They just keep coming:


10--There's a lot of them about:


I'll try to get the Taxing level codes the next time I play.


Hello I am in the middle of Mayhem and i cant finish level 4 within the time it runs out when there are about 8 lemmings still out! has anyone completed it yet?


Help Mayhem level code 3


Hi can anyone tell me how to get past taxing 3. A lot of people have asked but i havent seen any answers yet (without cheats please!)


I get the msg
You don't have permission to access /scripts/lemmings/ on this server.
when i want to start the game.
Can You fix that?


No, I cannot.

My guess is since there is a new Lemmings game out for the PSP, the IP rights holder for Lemmings most likely sent a cease and desist to all websites hosting this DHTML version of the game.

If you want to play Lemmings, my best advice is to grab a copy of it for PSP.


Does anyone have any idea about Taxing level 6? As far as I can tell, it's impossible because of the patch of floor that you can fall through, and the fact that the far right pillar seems to be unaffected by bashing. Any advice?


To make a blocker stop blocking you need to dig under them with the basher or the miner. Thats the only way.


Level 7 on Lemmings. To get over the yellow rock with the arrows and to then bash through it u need to walk to the end where the small rock is, get as close to it as u can to start building. when it builds into the rock it will stop and turn around.


Mayhem Level 3:ONHGEKNNHJ


Taxing Level 6:MJJNLHGCGN


Please tell us how to finish Mayhem Level 4! I'm finding it impossible. Parker, how did you manage to get so close to finishing level 4? I can't get close.


Mayhem level 4 is impossible to complete within the time limit. Please give me the code for level 5 before I kill myself!



Is anyone else having trouble with the graphics? I never did until I tried it a couple of weeks ago, and now the graphics go all crazy on me when the lemmings start to move. Yes, I'm using firefox, and I don't think it's my computer, since it worked before.


Oh dear god I cannot beat mayhem level 3 "Its Hero time!" I have done it perfectly and by the time the last guy got to the bottom level right next to the exit he dies. I want the code to just skip this damn level please. I hate it


As its over 10 years since I've played lemmings I can remember how to complete level 5 as I use the bashers but the lemmings just go off the screen.

Help appreciated.


hello i just started playing lemmings on the internet and i cant get past level six taxing can someone help me with this or send the code and i have tried all the sites thx


Mayhem 3 - How to complete it with 1 second to spare

Wait for number 18 to drop then press f2 for about 1 second. Get 18 to dig down, then he bashes the block. One other goes over the block. Build steps right by the hole and he'll turn round and go back. Turn basher into climber and umbrella he'll be able to use the pick axe just in time for them all to fall through. Phew this took about 100 attempts.


Im really stuck, this is embaressing lol, on level 3 on fun! *hangs head in shame*
I keep accidentally making my lemmings block at both ends of the platforms, and its pissing me off, how do i make them walk again, i dont have any others things to use but block.
Dammit it's annoying. I want to know how to stop my lemmings blocking, and start walking agian. Help?


I Found the easiest way to pass Mayhem 3(click the spoiler)... Also Mayhem 4 is impossoble can some please give us the code for it please :D

Ok! As soon as the map starts click the pause button and wait for the sound affects to come up(this saves valuable second trust me) and As soon as the 2nd lemmming is released press F2 ONCE! (Dont let anymore pass)
After You Release the 2nd lemming. Make the 2nd lemmings Mine down onto the platform underneath and Bash into the the Sloped Hill/Wall (next to the one way wall)and as soon as he makes a small hole, Make him build into the Tunnel so he turns round
Make the 1st Lemming an Athlete and When he Climbes the wall above the "Slime" and floats to the floor dig down into the ground so he can reach the exit easy..
Then Wait


Hey Bill.
okay first how old are you how can u not pass level 3 anyway... Click the 1st Spoiler... Dont Click the 2nd!!

Make the First lemming a blocker 2 seconds after he is released.. then wait for the next lemming to walk into him and land on the next platform below then wait for 2 seconds then make him a blocker. and allow a lemmings to walk into him and turn round and land on the the 3rd platform on the right You Should see a Rhythm going here if you dont Click the 2nd Spoiler

YOU OFFICIALY NEED HELP!!! im not joking its so easy here look here is the code for level 4


Hey Jay,

Can I get the code for level 5 mayhem for level 4 mayhem is impossible to pass unless you can give me a magical method.
Theres not enought time for the last lemming to even get to the finish even if he goes in a straight line


(this doesnt have to go on the page )


General comments about Mayhem Level 3, "It's Hero Time"

With this level especially, I've noticed that different computers have different effects on the rate that Lemmings walk in relation to the time clock. In other words, all Lemmings are not created equal.
First off, I figured out the mechanics of solving the level without too much trouble (mine, bash, build, climb, balloon, dig), but with some PC's, you may be able to win the level simply by moving your lemmings through it correctly, but it seems like on most PC's, you're going to run out of time with one, five, ten, or 20 lemmings on their way to home base. This sucks, but oh well.
Didn't know about F2 until reading these comments, that helps, but feels like such a cheat. Anyway, it helped me finally pass the level, which looks like it can be accomplished a few different ways. My technique was to let two lemmings out, pause the rest with F2, mine the second one, then he bashes and builds to turn himself around. The first lemming becomes an athlete, then digs his hole to home base. With this technique, you bypass the acid pit altogether.


I can't get passed level 6 in Taxing. Could you please show me a solution



hay budiful guys its nice everyones helping each other well! plz read this and answer the question! i cant get past taxin lvl 1 its heaps wierd cause i no how to get threw it but even when i speed up time it finishes to soon and they all die how can i fix this? and get threw it also...! i was wondering if anyone nows where i can get cheats ? i wana see how lv 10 mayhem looks... hehhe plz help me! ill love u heaps!


this is soooo annoying ahhhh i cant do level 3 tking with the bridge and NO i am not cheaTING PLZ PLZ PLZ sum1 teeeelllll meeeeeee


I am having sooo much trouble with Taxing level 6, Compression Method!! Can anybody help? I have tried making one of the guys on the far left dig for just a few seconds and then bash to the right, but everytime he gets to the steel under the far right tower he stops, even though he is barely in the steel. Help me please!


I beat lemmings in its PC form ages ago, so I might still remember how things are done. If you could post the level code here I'll give it a shot...


Taxing Level 6 solution
Use the digger at the far right and dig down only a few digs so that you can then dig left to open all of the other sections.
The key is to use the lemmings from the first section (on the left) to go to the bottom and create barriers where the lemmings fall. You want to trap the falling lemmings in a very small space at the bottom. Once all of the Lemmings have dug their way to the left and are trapped at the bottom left (where they fall), then you can explode the Blocker to let the into the compressors. The compressors will only kill one lemming at a time, so you will only lose a few.


The way to beat Mayhem Level 3 listed below without using the F2 cheat.

You need to make lemming 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, or 22 the miner. If you use any other lemming you will run out of time. Have that lemming mine down to the level below. Make the first lemming a basher. Only one lemming should get past the baracade. Have him build the stairs right before the bridge to fill the gap. Have the basher become a climber and floater (aka athlete). Once he falls, have him dig down. All your lemmings should make it in time as long as your miner falls between 17-22. Do not use the fast forward mode. I lost in that mode even though I did everything else correct.


Aaah Someone help me please!

I'm stuck in compression method 1 taxing lemmings, when I block a lemming at the bottom then blow him up, all the lemmings fall through the ground though there's no hole? Please help.


Oh my goodness I just got past Mayhem level 3 finally!! Use Jen K's suggestion!


I got through mayhem 4!!!! clicking on the - and + buttons do make a difference, even if the rate of lemmings that come out doesn't change. So here is the way to beat mayhem 4.

Let 10 lemmings come ou normally. Then, click on the + button as fast as you can. Bash your way through the web (as the described at http://home.wanadoo.nl/lemmings-solution/)
When the road is made correctly (and no lemming turned back) you must click the + button like a *******. All the lemmings should arrive just in time.

Good luck. Even with this method it is likely you must try a hundred times.
(Don't mind my bad English, I'm dutch)


im on tricky level 19 potcard from lemming land i cannot get through it if any one cane help pleae let me know thanks


It just so happens I used to have a lemmings game on my computer that got erasd after rebooting and other stuff to my computer. It was exactly the same as this one only there was a level creator and more levels to do. also a strange fact lemmings are actual creatures that look like gerbils live in the wild and for some odd reason like to run off cliffs.


Can't pass mayhem 2 the fire on the way home keeps killing my lemmings help please


mina-you don't need to go near the fire to get your lemmings through.
you have a number that are 'disposable' and several bombs+blockers so use them to your ability.

the width of the area on the very left between the wall and the column is exactly the same width as a bridge HINT HINT


Cant get past tricky 2 on lemmings DHTML all my lemmings die when they fall but not when they dig I tried to get them all to dig but it wont work



hey does anyoneknow how to pass 'heaven cant wait" i keep running out of time???


hey MARK. lemmings for MODERN computers... look on e-bay. they're about $20 i think.

David Harrison May 11, 2007 9:05 AM


Make the 2nd lem into a miner when just over the platform below. PAUSE & select basher! As soon as the 1st lem touches the bottom corner of the 1-way wall make him a basher. PAUSE & select blocker. As soon as the next lem passes him (while still on the slope) make him a blocker. He should immediately change back into a walker & drop back into the crowd. PAUSE & select builder. This bit is the tricky bit - you have to make the basher in the tunnel into a builder so he'll stop bashing before he's all the way through! The problem is the other lems keep getting in the way. Don't panic! It can be done. Once done do this last bit - PAUSE & select climber. Click on the very 1st lem out (he should be just about to hit the wall above the green goo) Click on him! PAUSE & select floater. Click on him! PAUSE & select digger. Click on him as soon as he's landed & taken 6 or 7 steps! If all goes to plan the last chap home will leave you with 15 seconds left. EASY!!!! Regards - David. (Here's the code if you can't be arsed - FLGIJNMOHX )

Oh...as for the next level - MAYHEM - LEVEL 4 - it's a physical impossibility as the last lem out appears with only 15 seconds on the clock and that is not enough time to get him home even if you bashed a pretty straight path. At this point I though what's the point & went outside to look at the sky!


Mayhem 3-The best I can get is 29; I always lose one lemming in the water before the one in front of him can get the bridge built (I always have 2 walking over top of the one way wall, not 1)


Mayhem 4. I just passed. Here is how:

The level has two main difficulties.
1) Make a direct path bashing to the exit without getting any lemming go back.
2) Make them all get there on time, because it seems there is no enough time to make it.
Besides the buttons you can click with your mouse, if you press F1 you enormously increase the lemming enter rate. If you press F2 you decrease it considerably.
So the way to make it easier is:
As soon as the level start, press the stop button for a few seconds. The when you start it again you have the F2 button ready, and press it for around 5 seconds after the firt lemming dropped. This way you will have a onle alone leading lemming to make it easier for you to make the route to the exit.
Once you have your leader in position you keep pressing F1 to increase again the lemming rate, they will all come out in a few seconds so the time lost with the F2 press will be fastly recovered.
Hope you can pass it.


Mayhem 3. It's easy:

Floor 1 = Exit
Floor 2 = One way wall and green pool.
Floor 3 = Start
Lemmings start walking on floor 3 to the right. Once the first lemming walks past the second floor start position, you make him a miner. All the lemmings will then start droping to the second floor on the left of the wall and pool still walking right.
Once the first in the queue gets to the one way wall, you make him a basher, he will start bashing the wall and the second in the row will pass and climb it, but the third in advance will bounce back to the right.
The one that passed over the wall you let him approach the green pool and then make him a builder to avoid getting into it.
At this point a group of lemmings will be dropping to the first floor to the left and another group will still be in the second floor walking right towards the pool. Make the first in this row a climber and give him also a parachute. This one will climb and drop at the right of the pool while the rest will bounce back to the left and follow those that are already down at first floor.
As soon as the parachuter touches the first floor you make him a digger, to make a shortcut to the exit. They won't get in time if you don't do this.
After this just wait for them all to exit. Do NOT use fast forward key. It eats your time faster than the lemmings accelerate.
Hope you make it

AhumbleKnight May 24, 2007 5:08 AM


I finished it!

All levels on all difficulties complete.


wow!! the lemmings are back!!!! great!!

i have only one little problem playing Taxing level 6..

i ve gathered all the lemmings together in with a blocker so you see only one lemming ( very compressed i would say) but when i blow the blocker and the lemmings start to walk, all lemmings fall "out of the game" but i haven't any idea why.... is this a bug???

Anonymous June 17, 2007 6:21 PM

how do u get past level one in taxing i suck at this!!!

Laura Tardif June 20, 2007 4:51 PM

Looking for hints on Taxing Level 3 "Heaven Can Wait...we hope!"

Please...no sponlers, just thoughts. I appreciate it!

Oh--and taxing level 1...go underneath all of those stairs and pillars by digging, then bashing, then building. You'll make it with about 20 seconds to spare!
Thank you, Laura

jessica July 2, 2007 9:39 PM

ok, so I am having a really hard time figuring out how to pass level 19 tricky for super nintendo!!! It is driving me crazy!!! I have the code to pass the level but I want to know how to do it so I can actually say I DID IT!!! Please help!!!


Nice, but I already have the Full Version of Lemmings (On Several CDs and 3 computers =P)


level 1 taxing (if at first you don't succeed...)
Use the basher to dig across the surface of the ground under the posts, while putting a blocker behind you to stop the rest. just before you finish building a bridge over the void, blow the blocker up. then build a bridge over the steps.
Tricky as all hell.


also, on taxing one, to stop the basher going to far along the ground as a basher, build a small bridge and use bash again when he's out of the hole to save time


Ahhh, I both love and hate this game! It's great though! I get the weird feeling that the Exit on the lava levels is Alf's true form, horned and flaming, greedily gobbling up Lemmings! Which is, of course, both funny and a little unnerving ^_^;


I have tried everything suggested to get past Compression Method 1 (taxing 6), but the lemmings still just disappear into the ground when they touch the pink coloured bit at the bottom, whether they're compressed or not, it makes no difference. help me!


As Rachie Roo pointed out, there's a website that has all the solutions:


But it looks like there are 30 levels in each of the four categories. Does anyone know how to access those extra 20 levels?

[Edit: The Web version is an unauthorized remake of Lemmings, and the walkthrough you found is for the originally published, commercially available game(s). -Jay]

missyjane70 March 11, 2008 10:57 AM

HELP!! I cant get through Mayhem Level 9!! I cant even get it using any walkthroughs I have found on the internet. I can get as far as building up to the platform but with all of them bunching up, I never can seem to select a guy going in the right direction to build then I run out of builders before they get up to the top. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thsnks


I can't get past level 3 fun! how do i get my lemmings to stop doing there duty and go to home?!?!?

Anonymous April 20, 2008 9:54 PM

What's the key to not running out of time in Taxing level 7?

Danielle June 4, 2008 3:40 AM

In response to everyone who wants to beat Taxing level 3 "Heaven can Wait": the first lemming that comes out is your bridge builder. Use the second one to start digging a ditch and then make him begin to do something else, such as build a bridge before he hits the lava. Once the ditch has been built boost the speed that the lemmings fall since you have so little time. They will all walk into the ditch and remain there until the first lemming is done with his bridge to freedom. Once The long bridge is done have one of the trapped lemmings build a little bridge so they can all leave the ditch and march up the bridge before time runs out!

Kathryn June 11, 2008 6:33 PM


Mayhem level 3....


As soon as the lemmings start to drop, make the first lemming mine. Then IMMEDIATELY press F1. This makes all the lemmings fall at once. The lemming that mined down needs to bash through the block. Another one walks over the top. Make the lemming who walked over climb then parachute then dig. Exit is now open.
Because the basher takes so long to get through that one-way wall, the bunched up group of lemmings turn around and fall down on the left. All that is left is the miner/basher who then needs to build over the gap over the slime. He'll turn around when he's done and walk right on home...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! RELIEF!!!

Now for the (apparently impossible) level 4!

Kathryn June 19, 2008 2:38 PM

I got through Mayhem 4 no trouble (weirdly enough) but I am killing myself over level 5!! Every time I try to make my lemmings build past the blockers (you know, so they turn around mid-build), they build over the end of the platform!!! HELP ME!!!!



I was having the same problem on Mayhem Level 5...Once you have the blocker at the end of the platform, make the builder start building just as he gets on to the platform. He'll build 4 or 5 steps then turn right around and go the other way.


On level 3, taxing it is kinda pure luck what way the lemmings build their way out of the tunnel you dig. There are so many in there you don't know which one you are clicking on to build. It's kinda driving me nuts. I could have beaten it twice now, but they keep building the wrong way out and then go into the lava pit. Any tips?


Taxing Level Three - in the absence of blockers...

Let one lemming start the stairway to heaven.

Then take two lemming miners to dig ditches in opposite directions...to stop them from mining, turn them into builders.

Then make a bridge over the ditch towards the stairway to heaven.


Taxing no. 1 is possible with 100%, but VERY difficult.

First lemming walks (stick climber on it straight away), second digs through the edge of the first ledge, just above the little hole between the pillar and the cube to the left. The third will walk over the digger as he shovels, but the ones coming after them will all fall (and get trapped, hence saving you the sacrifice of a blocker).
As the third lemming reaches ground level, you let it go for approx 5 lemming-widths, then start digging (miner).As soon as it is deep enough, start bashing - and it will continue doing this all the way underneath the pillars, and then all the way to the abyss, opening the road for the others eventually (this takes a lot of time, let's say 2 minutes).
Now you let the first one climb through all pillars, activating the parachute (or it dies on the 2nd or 3rd). At this point, I set the lemming flow to max. Once time reaches 3:22 (could be different for other PCs and platforms, this requires a few tries for timing), you equip a freshly spawned lemming with climbing. It will be the only one capable of getting out of the box where all the others are captured! Now it will head after the basher, and watch out, in the mean time you have to start building the bridge with the "pioneer" in front and keep watching that he does not fall off the edge of his masterpiece!
This is the trickiest bit - as the late trailing lemming is equipped with climbing, it has to catch up with the "basher" lemming WHILST that one is just underneath one of the pillars, so it does not simply climb out of the hole (or alternatively, try to find another way of turning him around). Once he turned, whilst not forgetting building with the "pioneer", open the prison - let him climb up the cube, then when he is halfway, start bashing. The idea is that he stops once he pushes through to all the others - but if he does not, you will have two reserve builders to make him stop, just do that once he tunneled in - otherwise he will climb back and you will loose him.
Now you are all set - continue building with the pioneer (you need four over the big hole, then 2 above the "execution stand"), and watch all of your lemmings come in! Yeeeehah (took me around 5-6 hours to figure this one out...)!!!!!!


Mayhem No. 1 also possible with 100% - quite long and tedious, though...! Only for the determined!

Use parachutes for the first 5 lemmings, so they don't die in the fall, preferentially as late as possible for the first one. Then use the first lemming after it bounces back from the opposite wall to build a ledge for the remaining lemmings to drop on (quite close to the wall, say 7-8 bricks' distance), and the 2nd lemming to build a longer one, also towards the left (and leaning on the same wall, but 2 sections long - covering out the first "lemming-saver" ramp once it is complete, but had you started building this one straight away, 2-3 lemmings would have died for lack of parachutes).
Now build one long path to the top of the obstacle across, speeding up the lemming spawn rate in between. The ramp should be built with only one rebound, i.e. a short left (2 sections to the left, and of course, underneath it, the 1 now overbuilt section you built for early lemming saving) and a longer right (4-5 sections) all the way to the top.
Once the lemmings are through, let them all drop into the little box just before the water. They will be trapped there - no need for a blocker!
Now wait for the last lemming in the line to come, and build a ledge with him (her?) to go over the trap. Start building it close to the left wall, so you have some time after the drop to start building - you need to start building very close to the edge, so you can make it with 2 sections!
Once over the first part, build the second bridge. Here you will need 3 sections, but due to the height, you need to start digging downwards once you are beyond the water, or else the drop will kill them! Once you dropped, start building the ledge (towards the right) just a bit after the first box pattern on the floor. Go all the way to the right, then backwards to the left again, leading you into a narrow chimney. Just underneath the plateau with the exit, there is a sort of "cave" to the right. The goal is to get to that level using as few builders as possible, then start building towards the left as close to the cave's right wall as possible.

    A hint - the width of the narrow chimney is just wider than the 12 bricks, so when you are doing single turns, make sure you start building them a few steps after the lemming has turned back!

For the final passage starting from the top cave, two sections should take you to the left wall, then another 2 to the top - you have made it!!!. Whilst doing this, you can already release the imprisoned lemmings (but don't need to, there is more than enough time anyhow, so you can do it at the end, too) - you need to build a right-facing ledge for this, but as they are all in one bunch, you cannot guarantee to pick the right one - hope that you are not as unlucky that 3 clicks won't suffice (I needed 2)!
In case one of your ledges is short in height or distance, don't worry, try correcting the joint by building another few steps on top (I needed two of such corrections when I finally did it).


## MAYHEM ##
Level 2:

johm Possinger January 16, 2009 6:00 AM

Hi does anyone know if a decent version of classic Lemmings can be bought for XP platforms? So far I have tried 2 (e.g. Classic Gaming Presents) but the graphics and operatio are nowhere as good as the HMTL Lemmings by Crisp available on the web free. Unfortunately the Crisp version only covers the earlier games at each level. Happily pay for the same quality for the full game if it can be found, but not for rubbish in limited window with very poor graphics.

Michael Berry February 1, 2009 12:48 AM

I can't get past fun level 10 on lemmings for NES!! HELP!!

Andy Frost June 13, 2009 5:29 AM

I've gone all the way through the DHTML levels a couple of times. Second time around I decided to write down the solutions to the harder levels to help those frustrated at not being able to get any further. Details are at: http://www.gfrost.co.uk/LemmingsSolutions.htm

Hope this helps!


As soon as the first lemming appears in the doorway, hold down F2 for a minute.

2 lemmings will come out, the rest are paused.

Make the 2nd lemming a digger, then a basher as he reaches the obstacle.

As he makes a little way into the platform, turn him into a builder.

The 1st lemming becomes a climnber and is given a parachute. When he lands,let him dig through to the exit.

The rest of the lemmings should make the exit - but only with a second or two to spare.


I recently found your Lemmings game, a blast from the past!! I love it but I can't get the codes (I'm on Tricky) even after I complete a level.
I complete a level and it asks me to play next level - I can do that but I don't get a code. Alternatively if I go back to the menu the only code that appears is the one for level 1 so I have to start all over again. Really want to keep playing but fed up going over and over the same ones to get to the last one I completed again. I looked up codes online but they don't work any more. Help please!!

Patreon Crew Jeff March 5, 2020 9:12 AM replied to Ariana

The problem Ariana is: as you said this game is too old!


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