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Decision 3

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Rating: 4/5 (84 votes)
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Decision 3

Johnny123 Zombie games are thick on the ground these days, shambling along in a great big horde through this cultural obsession like some sort of... undead monster-type creature. Some of them can get a little samey, but if it means getting more entries in the Decision series then we're more than willing to sift through the chaff. Flyanvil's latest entry, Decision 3, offers a visceral and deep experience. Use the mouse to aim and the [arrows] or [WASD] keys to move (AZERTY keyboards are also supported) as you blast and dash your way through each zombie infested area, collecting survivors and loot as you go. This is the gold standard here people, the kind of survival shooter that other survival shooters aspire to be.

Decision 3 You play as a grizzled ex-military man doing his part to stop the infection and reclaim the earth for the living. The writing, unfortunately, is one of the weak aspects of the game, with some awkward phrasing and not a whole lot of nuance. Luckily you can skip right over most of it and get to the good stuff. The world is divided into several locations with a central hub called the Reservation Camp, a safe zone that you're going to become very happy to return to as the challenge ramps up. Each infected area has piles of trash you can rummage through, secrets to uncover, and survivors to team up with or abandon as you please. You can go on missions to push the story forward or just explore on your own time, picking off zombies and meeting the odd human who can join your ranks... assuming you get them to the safe zone alive, that is. This is where the Decision games shine. Very few zombie games can capture the tension of surviving in hostile terrain quite like Flyanvil's magnum opus. Being boxed into a corner futilely pumping bullets into an encroaching horde with a helpless survivor at your side is just harrowing, and these moments come frequently towards the middle and end sections. Any fan of zombies, shooters, survival or fun is going to find plenty to love in Decision 3. Play this game, it's really no decision at all.

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Haven't I played this exact same game 2 or 3 times before? Why should I play it one more time?


I'm almost certainly still going to play this game as I've loved the others in the series, but I do have to wonder what's being done differently here that sets it apart.


Haven't seen parts 1 or 2, but after more than half an hour of playing, I'm forcing myself to quit - otherwise I'll be sitting here all day :)

Great job!


I know this game is similar to previous Decision games, but even though it sticks to the formula, it's still an enjoyable formula and I'm having a good time. But. There are literally no women in the entire game, and it's kinda freaking me out!

Sometimes, for some games, a single-gender cast is fine. If you're doing a historic war game or something, or just some setting that's gender-segregated to begin with, not having women around is totally okay. But this is not a setting where it makes sense for women not to be around. It's the zombie apocalypse! Zombies affect everyone! At least some of the random survivors you'd find would logically be women - maybe not half for every job, but definitely some. Maybe men are more likely to be inspectors, if they were more likely to learn survival skills prior to the zombie apocalypse, but "more likely" doesn't need to mean "all of them". And half the zombies should have once been women. Zombies don't discriminate by gender. They see a human man, they'll bite him. They see a human woman, they'll bite her. Zombies don't care.

And I mean, I don't get the sense that the developer is doing this to be sexist on purpose or anything! I think it's just that women are shaped differently than men, and it takes extra time to make a second, woman-shaped set of character models. And just to be clear, I'm still enjoying this game, women or no women. But since it looks like a lot of resources are being reused anyway, it might be time to put some women in the next one... or at least come up with a setting that justifies their exclusion.


Hmmm... I've managed to find Inspector Jonson and escort him to safety, but he still remains unavailable in the Armory. Bug, or am I missing something?


The grammar and diction in this game is downright GLORIOUS. "And now the whole planet is facing the threat of becoming a zombie planet...I decided that one person can also be an army, albeit, a small, but well-managed."
(To be clear, I know this is probably an ESL thing, and I'm not trying to make fun of any people. But sometimes certain series of words that're just not QUITE grammatically right are just hilarious to me.)


ohh Come Fracking On!!! What use is online saves if You Cannot Play One Game From Different Sites??!?! I am logged on AG.com, but I cannot play here. How Annoying! Otherwise this is a great addition to a great saga.

alexander.rose.vienna November 17, 2014 10:28 AM

So how exactly do I get more materials except for gathering them?
I built a factory but unfortunately, this factory produces money only.


I'm fairly sure Armor Games' online save function is to keep your saves while playing on their site safe on their server so you can clear your browser's accumulated junk without fear of losing them. :)

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawng0Vqeavtxxe-8OAeLON2_TS6M0E7lq38 November 19, 2014 9:13 AM replied to LuckyDee

LuckyDee,I had the same problem. If you explore the area again (Mission: Ramble the area), you'll find the inspector at the same spot and can excort him to safety again. Looks like a bug to me.

Apart from that I agree with beforeamirror: Women in the game would have been a nice feature!


Thanks; I started experimenting (Jonson failed to show up in two out of three games, even when the mission summary listed his evacuation as a success) and went through a couple of missions to see if I could get him back after all. Must have just missed the mission that would fix it.

alexloiseau5 November 22, 2014 11:31 AM

Where is doctor Bear


Also, without women, either the human race will die out over time, or men will need to learn to reproduce asexually. Only logic...


This game is fucking bullshit. EVERY SINGLE TIME one of my areas is attacked by the enemy and I have to use the tower to defend my walls get overrun. There are too many of them and I cant shoot them all fast enough to stop them. WHat am I doing wrong?


I have progress 100% Commonwealth area and in the other areas and I can't pass on the next areas. Please help. My account is on armorgames.com and the name is: tomutagaby . Help !


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