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Dai Pai Dong

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Rating: 4.1/5 (23 votes)
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daipaidong.jpgJohnBDai Pai Dong is a free arcade-style flash game that takes several features from popular games such as Cake Mania and Cooking Mama and combines them in one simple title. You play the role of chef in a Hong Kong-style restaurant whose job is to cook and serve customers food as quickly as possible. Select the appropriate seafood from the right, then drop it over the fire to start it sizzling. Keep it from burning by clicking on it from time to time, and when it's ready to eat put it on a plate and drop it on the table. Then sit back and watch the money pile up!

Dai Pai Dong isn't nearly as fast-paced or challenging as other casual restaurant games out there, but its simplicity makes it quite enjoyable. By far the most difficult part of the game is cooking everything the right amount of time. It's surprisingly easy to burn the food, so keep your cursor moving and flip the food often. There are only three tables and five possible things to serve, so the game never gets too hectic.

When a dish is cooked to perfection, switch off the fire and drag it to the plate. Meals that are burned or undercooked cannot be served, so just toss them in the rubbish bin and get to work on a replacement. Discarded food costs you $100, so if you want a spot on the high score board, try not to burn anything! The faster you serve your customers the better they'll pay you and the more successful you'll become.

If you like restaurant-themed casual games (or just love seafood), Dai Pai Dong is a refreshingly easy-going entry into the genre.

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Thanks go to Matty for sending this one in!


hahah dai pai dong
i like their tea


Nothing special or new to see in this game.

Move along, nothing to see here!


Okay... I'm enjoying this game, but can someone please tell me how people on the high score board got $30,000 given the time available? is there some way to earn extra time that i am heretofore unaware of?

Heavinlyn December 4, 2006 6:24 PM

I was wondering the same thing myself parabasis, the most $$ I got was $3700, I'm sure I can get higher but no where near 30,000 that's craziness. This stupid little game is too much fun

charmaine December 4, 2006 6:38 PM

how do i get it onto the plate?????

please help!!!!

SpindleKat December 4, 2006 6:57 PM

Ah I remember playing this awhile back. Maggie's games are really enjoyable.

If you click on the cockroach that scurries across the floor once in awhile, it adds 8 more seconds to your time


there is a way to get bonus time: hit the cockroachs!

mebbeilltellu December 4, 2006 7:04 PM

yeah i was only able to get $4,000... the 30,000 is a crazy amount!

mebbeilltellu December 4, 2006 7:10 PM

i just figured out that if you kill the roaches as they pass by- you get 8 seconds added to your time.


Lyke omg omg omg!>>
I'm number 52.
Go me.Yes,I'm Chris.


Here come another similar game from the same author -
Hong Kong Cafe

Enjoy !


Yay for being #13! This is such a cute game!


If I remember correctly, there's also a breakfast cafe version by the same person...but I could be wrong.


She has so many other cool games, including be my guest, facial house, nursery etc...go to her website at www.maggiemarket.com and click on the links on top (in the row where it says "games", it's all in yellow and a little hard to read)

Though there is a slight language barrier issue, she has translations into English for most of her games.


playing this game making me hungry..haha..i should have go for my lunch right now!!
anyway, this game is simple but hard to hit the high scores.


meh... i got -450 on my first go... its really hard knowing if somethings cooked.

fun game, im sure i will try again later, and hopefully get in the postitives..

nice find!


I cant seem to get more than 3100 even clicking on the roaches. fun game though!


I can't seem to give cutomers the drink when they ask for it. I can't even pick it up! Is there some secret to handing out the drink that I haven't figured out yet, or what?


I seem to have the same problem as charmaine - I can't get the food out of the frying pan and onto the plate.


glommie and charmaine:

you cannot put food onto a plate if it is not cooked properably. i.e. must not be burnt or undercooked.

unfortunately, once you drag the food, you cannot start cooking it again. Therefore you must perfect the technique of knowing when food is properably cooked.


extra note for glommie and charmaine:

have you turned off the oven/cooker? also you must drag the food onto the plate (only possible if above conditions met (see post above))


Okay... this game is cute and fun, but there is on extraordinarily aggravating thing about it: clicking "off" on the burners is actually quite difficult. Even though the button is large, the actual area you have to push is small. This lead me to ruining a lot of food by thinking I had cut it off, and then having the food turn burnt before I could do anything about it. Also, the burning time on food seems random.


When you click the off button, always make sure the fire went out on the stove. If not, then click the off button again.

Also, I think there's a glitch, because whenever I was cooking clams in both pots, they both burned on me at the exact same time. And I was constantly clicking on them to keep them from being burnt.


Hmmm, the censorship on JIG seems to get quite higher. There were times you could post your opinion, good or bad. And if people disagree they contest you. Now this is already my 2nd post that got censored :(


Grid - your first message slipped by us unapproved.

You might want to consider getting a typekey account so we don't have to approve your comments each time.

Doing so would help us out immensely.


Grid: I know for sure jay wouldn't censor anything unless it's inappropriate - definitely not honest criticism! To avoid the inevitable spam that popular sites get, comments have to be approved unless they're made from authorized Typekey accounts. Once you make an account and it's approved, you'll be able to comment anytime and it'll show up right away.


Hey! I have some problems with this game!! I can't put the food on the plates.... :( what's going on???? :'(


I like this game a lot but it really is very difficult. Oh, and I thought I'd point out that this is not a Japanese game (as it says in the tags); as the name suggests, the author is actually from Hong Kong.


Yikes. :x
That was my rather uninformed doing. I've removed the tag. Carry on.


I tried in the past 2 times alredy to get a typekey account, but never received to conformation email. yes and I did check the spam folder also. *shrugs*


Thanks for trying Grid! =)


How about adding an image challenge for people without Typekey account? This would significantly reduce spam by bots.

And it would be for people without typekey account only, so no extra hump for people with typekey account.

I always hated this image, but I recently added this to my page, because I couldn't cope with the http-post-spam anymore, for years I tried many rules for filtering out typical stupid stuff, but I resigned and went in to image challenge. Spam reduced to 0 since then! And its only one static image, with the project name as challange ;) Not the stupid numbers, or weired letters people can hardly read...


I actually find this so much easier when cooking two items at the same time, once I got used to it... This is because practially every item requires the same time to cook...

Oh yeah, it seems that if you are ever worried that you might undercook it, you could essentially keep flipping it over and over... doesn't seem that you can overcook a cooked item if you keep flipping...


how can people get scores like 39.000 or something, or 10.000 :S i klick the cockroachs, but even then, i'm happy if i get a score of 6300?


i'm so glad that one of maggie's games are finally featured in jayisgames =) although i'm a bit late in commenting since i haven't visited jayisgames for a long time =P i just want to point out that this game was released quite a while ago and even though it may contain some of the elements mentioned in the review from other games such as Cake Mania and Cooking Mama it did not "take" from them. on the title screen of the game it is copyrighted in 2005 while both Cake Mania and Cooking Mama were released in 2006. sorry if i come off a bit unfriendly but i've been playing maggie's games for a few years now and she's very original; i love her work. i just wanted to point that out =P

and if there are people still having trouble serving beer, you need to use the bottle opener to open the beer before you can serve it =D and if you have trouble discerning whether the food is fully cooked, read the instructions, there are pictures showing you what well cooked food looks like b(^^)d


So I've scored over 60K and am not in first...I may have a problem with this. :D


I speak Cantonese, so when I saw the title I started laughing.


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