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CyberBoxThanks go out to Nick Kouvaris for sending word about his latest puzzle game over at Lightforce Games, an excellent source for many wonderful and mind-bending puzzle games created in Flash. CyberBox is a complete Flash remake of a DOS puzzle game of the same name created by Doug Beeferman in 1991.

The object of this sliding block puzzle game is to escape each room by pushing and sliding blocks to clear a pathway to the exit. There are a number of different block types that complicate matters and force you to plan ahead and develop a strategy for your escape.

Use the arrow keys to move around the play field (you are the small white circle), and to interact with the various box types: Sliders, Blockers, Pushers, Zappers, and Selectors.

Sliders: this type of block have arrows on them indicating the valid directions it can move. You may push blocks of this type in a valid direction only if there is nothing blocking its path.

Blockers: these blocks are indicated by a red "X" and cannot be moved. Period.

Pushers: this type of block is cyan blue in color and points in the direction that it will move by itself once its path is clear. Pushers cannot be pushed in any direction, and therefore act as blockers.

Zappers: this type of block will transport you from the back (triangle base) to the front (triangle point) if there is no other block in front of it. Simply approach from behind and move as if to push the block to transport. Zappers cannot be pushed in any direction, and therefore act as blockers.

Selectors: this type of block can only be pushed by other blocks, and yet can also be walked through if 'open'. Closed selectors have an "X" through them and act as a blocker.

An importan note about playing: You can push a string of boxes only if each individual box in the sequence can be moved in the direction you are pushing.

Analysis: CyberBox will certainly challenge your wit and force you to strategize your next move. Unfortunately, the game does not save your progress, nor is there a password mechanism with which to continue playing at a later time. If you get stuck or make the wrong move, press the [R] key to retry the level. You get only four (4) retries before having to start the game again from the beginning, and yet this limitation is unnecessary. It would have been better simply to allow the player to advance through the game as each level is solved, and to continue a saved game later without having to go through all the previous levels over again.

Overall, it's an excellent puzzle game and another fine addition to the ever-growing archive at Lightforce Games.

Play CyberBox


I completely agree about the retries. It's utterly pointless and annoying once you advance past the easy levels. I can't think why they wouldn't provide some form of progress saver.

Also, I found another implementation of the mansion game type yesterday, but slightly nicer:


wow, that was hard! i only got to the 5th level!!! i as well agree about the retry's... it makes it take way too long this way. all in all it is a great game though....


I got up to level 15. But used up all my lives. Now I don't have the will to trek through the other 14 levels again to retry 15.


I cant get past lvl 2!


The 4 lives aren't so bad when you know that there are only 16 proper levels plus one rather easy congratulatory last level (in contrast to cyberbox's more decadent ancestor, the many-levelled Sukoban.)

KumikoDee October 11, 2005 1:04 PM

hahahaha ooooh heavens, I remember this game! I was like 7 or 8 when I played it. I haven't seen it since I got rid of my Windows 3.1 computer. =p

Very fun, but yes, really bloody hard. It does seem to be an exact copy of the rules, though, including the "4 life" rule. Thanks, Jay! ^_^


Cool Game Jay....

It could have had a few more levels. 17 Levels is all it has. The retry feature is kind of annoying but made the game challenging for a few min.


I agree about the retries. If he wanted to give incentive for going thru levels without retrying, some sort of score based system would probably be better...


Here is a retry cheat

Right click and go to play, lol use it well

its unlimited


Um, yeah...I really suck at this game...any hints for room 1?


This is especaly for you draco8876
Room 1
this containes the exact movements required so if you need be necessary have a peep...

L=Left, R=Right, U=Up, D=Down
Thats the movement Commands, use the retry cheat i posetd earlyer well...
If you request futher help draco8876, i will be willing to give up time to help...

Anyone else needing help ? Just ask, dont be afraid :D
As for you Jay, keep up the site, its going well at the moment !


I agree about the retries. Allowing just four retires and then having to start the game over from the beginning is not necessary, but I would "blame" Doug Beeferman for this, not Nick Kouvaris's Flash remake. Nick appears to simply be copying Doug's 1991 game exactly. (Although not exactly... the original 1991 game kept track of the number of moves the player made, and then gave a score at the end of the game, based upon this. I was disappointed to see that this remake does no such thing.)

Note that my Continuing Adventures CyberBox sequel does away with this "annoyance."

Also, Level 13 has a typo. It should be named "Move It Or Lose It" not "Move It Or Loose It."

Edward D. Collins, author of
"The Continuing Adventures of CyberBox"

Edward D. Collins November 2, 2005 6:12 PM

Khrisper, in your hurry to assist draco8876, you must have made a typo. I can't solve the puzzle with your posted solution. You inadvertently may have confused draco even further!

Instead of L7, substituting L3 works with the solution you gave. Your solution would then require 27 keystrokes.

The absolute shortest solution for Room #1 requires just 13 keystrokes. It is: L1, U7, R2, U1, L1, U1.

sarah in hunstanton December 22, 2005 1:47 PM

how do i get past level 7?

i have tryed 10000zillion times
and seem to get cyberboxed in
is there a hint page anywhere?


I need help with room 4 (shown in review).No matter how many times I look it over, I can't find a solution.

Edward D. Collins March 31, 2006 11:35 PM

Really Gryph? Level 4?

The solution requires just 39 moves. Choose the middle of the three columns.

Edward D. Collins March 31, 2006 11:45 PM


Level 7 is kind of tricky.

Using the coordinates of an algebraic chess board, the blue east-west slider at d3 needs to go to c3. The green slider at e4 needs to go to c4.

The shortest known solution requires just 29 moves.

Edward D. Collins March 31, 2006 11:48 PM


I too wanted more levels, which is the main reason why I wrote my "Continuing Adventures of CyberBox" game. I've created more than 135 levels! Visit my website (listed in a post above) for my CyberBox website.

Ed Collins


I too wish there were a password function however I have a slight photogenic memory that allows me to go through a previous beaten level with ease. My problem is, and I was wonder if anyone could help, how do you get past Level 11 (fifty... fifty)? I got all of the other ones in two or three tries. But I have tried this one many times and just can't do it. I would love to move past this and try the next level. Any help would be appreciated.


hey.. i need help on level 15.. i just need to pass the yellow-selector-yellow part.. i cant find a way out.. help! :D


I need help with Room 11 fifty-fifty. I can't think of anyway to get out of that. help


Yippie Skippy...i beat it...to beat the yellow spot in level 15 you have to

push the first yellows up go through the zapper push the yellow down, then you can push the next yellow up and your home free

Emily Webb August 23, 2006 8:40 PM

Still stuck on level seven... any help would be appreciated.


The url is not correct, the correct one is http://lightforce.freestuff.gr/cyberbox.php


They've moved their pages around. I've updated the links accordingly. Thanks Madieta. =)

I OWN THIS GAME November 15, 2006 10:22 AM

That had to be the most fun/time-occupying game i had ever played. I was home sick today, and i found this game and I couldn't stop playing it untill I finally won :). Level 17 was actually kind of disappointing because I expected it to actually be a challenge, being the last level and all. Well, got to go, Peace.

Steve Jenkins November 15, 2006 5:47 PM

i cant get past level 11
please help


I am completely miffed on level 10. I seem to have tried every logical possibility. I give... somebody show me the way. Thanx.


Never mind... I figured it out. It took some time, but I was able to get through all the levels.


Does anyone know how to get through level 7? I have tried and tried and i can NOT figure it out. PLEASE help!


sOmebOdy pLEeaaase help me!! i cant get past level 8 and its driving me cRazYY :)


nevermiiind!! i figured it out..lol you really gotta have patcience(???) with this game...its definatley fun tho!!


hey ..if someboDy cOUld help me out with level 11(fifty fifty) i'd really appreciate it... :) thanx


i need help on level 12..if anybody knows how to get through it please help :)


that game waS sOooO gaNgSta!!! it only took me forever to get to the end tho...:) level 13 was by far my favorite and it took me about an hour to figure out level 8 but it was fun!!! well gotta go!!


STUCK on level 10 i've tried and tried and tried... someone please tell me how to do it!


n/m... figured it out! darn green blocks...


Hey! i NEED help...i can't get past level 7. ugh...i give...HELP! Thanks.
Peace out and much <3


ok nevermind i got level 7 thanks to Edward...but now i need level 8...i noticed i'm not the 1st to ask for help on that one...lol


How do you get past level 11? I've tried everything!! Well, obviously not everything...

xXTequilaXx December 13, 2006 8:05 PM

Alright, how do you get passed 12? I give up!


Im stuck on level 16. . . Any advice??


i really need help getting out of room 7, can anyone help me please?


i need help with level 11. i dont know how to get past it.


Wow, this game had the perfect mix of frustration and satisfaction.


I can't get past level 11 for the life of me.


I love these type of thinking games i beat this game maybe a week or so in summer 2006 i wonder if theres a cyberbox 2? if there is one i hope its more harder then the last one and yea i am crazy about i love these thinking games.


I'm stuck on level 2.
help please?


any help on lvl. 2?? HELP PLEASE!! XD, :)


could somebody PLEASE help me out with level 11 .. thanks!

makis_greece August 8, 2008 5:24 PM

any help at room 26?it's crazy


:( These guys seem to be gone. Does anybody know if I can still find this?


Here's a link to CyberBox, I'm not sure where the other games disappeared to :(


Anonymous July 13, 2010 12:53 AM

Level 1 can be solved in 21 strokes:

U1, R3, U6, L4, U1, D1, R2, U1, L1, U1


I create this game in javascript on my website. I think it is pretty near the original one. I also included the 150 levels on Continuous Adventure of CyberBox.


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