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Rating: 4.7/5 (271 votes)
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cursor*10JohnBCursor*10 (cursor times ten) is a simple-looking puzzle game just released by Yoshio Ishii of Nekogames. You are a cursor in a tower trying to reach the top. Clicking objects will give you points or uncover items, while clicking on stairs allows you to move between floors. Each of your ten lives is time-limited, and when one ends the next begins on the bottom floor. But you're not alone. As you start the next life your previous actions are replayed in real-time, creating a fun "cooperate with yourself" atmosphere. Sound familiar? It should, as "replay" was the theme of our 3rd Casual Gameplay Design Competition, in which a few similar games were entered!

Solving puzzles is the focal point of Cursor*10, but learning how to do that often requires trial and error. For example, some buttons make stairs appear only while they're held down, forcing you to use up part of a cursor's lifespan to allow the next cursor access to a higher floor. This encourages economy of cursor time but also frees you to click on triangles and boxes in the room for extra points. It walks a fine line between a puzzle game and an arcade game, as you'll have to plan ahead as well as act quickly in order to keep moving up the tower.

Want more? Try Cursor*10 2nd Session!

A simple design (two colors, just object outlines), nothing but mouse clicking, but so much fun you won't stop until you reach the top.

Play Cursor*10

Cheers to Juv3nal, Kiyobi and Wouter for sending this one in!


frozenfloes January 3, 2008 10:02 PM

Fun game, quick, fast to play, and interesting, but there was a lot more potential. And short.


What are you supposed to do on the 15th floor? I have all three cursors pressing the buttons simultaneously. I don't have the patience to test anything else.


To get past floor 15...

You need also to press the button on floor 6.



there is one more button to press, not only 3, you should remember there is one button in certain level that is unused ;)

The game is very fun, but it's a bit too short maybe? I completed the game in 2 tries.. First try I stuck in level 15 as well. Second try I ignored most of the pyramid to fasten the speed, lol. Maybe next is to finish the game with all pyramids acquired ;)


aah, this is hard to play on a laptop

Hand-E-Food January 3, 2008 11:31 PM

That was good. Trying to get all the pyramids makes the game even more challenging as you need to work out how much time you can afford for each cursor to make the detour. I have a score of 188, but I suspect that I reached the exit too quickly and some of my previous cursors hadn't collected all of their pyramids.


wow, I thought i was doomed until my 9th cursor realized there was another button, but i didnt even realize i had one more, i thought it was over, then bam, omg 10 saves the day!


High score for me 188, I got every last pyramid, but i had to use all 10 cursors.


Whew! Got to the top, score:115 =D
It was just a bit too fast for me and my laptop touchpad :3
Now my finger hurts


Wow, I'm hooked. Is there a way to download the game? I'd love to play it on my PDA!


I love it! I won on my second try... Very creative problems.

Theprogram00 January 4, 2008 2:21 AM

This was great fun. I really enjoyed this game. I found that the game was just the right level of difficulty i.e. i completed on my first run through, but only with 20 time left to spare.

Highly enjoyable and would have been very apt for the replay competition.

Good Find. Fun Game!


I have a comment:

This gameplay mechanic is awesome,
but I don't like the clicking 100 times on one level, too much of a wrist-pain mechanic. I'd prefer holding down the mouse for that.

I love playing games where previous versions of me in past lives do stuff to help the present me. It's single player coop and fun.


Is it possible to get more then 188?

Unfortunately, it seems that neither the remaining time or cursors don't factor in...

Otherwise, a great little "replay" themed game.

Deepsleeper January 4, 2008 10:24 AM

This should retroactively win Comp 3.


Yes, this would've fit into the "Replay" competition very well.

Best I've done so far is 178. Is 188 the "perfect" score? Is there a special "perfect" ending?

Hand-E-Food January 4, 2008 7:55 PM

188 is the highest score possible. I made sure each of my pyramid collectors also pressed one of the exit buttons or finished with tonnes of time to spare, so I couldn't leave without all of the pyramids being collected first.


To get to level 16, what you have to do is:

You have to continuously hold your mouse down over the push in boxes with each cursor life until you get to the third box on level 15.

(Just press down on each box until you 'die.'...Do that repeatedly all the way up to level 15...the stairs will pop up in the middle.)

Level 16 looks like this:


My highscore is 188!


Here's a challenge:

Finish the game with 5 cursors left in the bottom left corner.

It's extremely hard, so only take this challenge if you know when to just give up. I don't want to get sued for getting someone carpal tunnel syndrome or something.


Best flash game I've played so far.

Anonymous January 5, 2008 5:01 PM

Amazing game. On my third attempt, I was able to get 188 with on my 9th cursor.

JackIsGames January 6, 2008 1:35 AM

Here's a pretty good strategy:

Give each cursor a job, such as having one cursor only press the first button to make stairs appear.

Here's all of what I did:

1st:Hold down first button. (The one that doesn't look like it does anything).
2nd:Hold down second button to reveal first stairs.
3rd:Click 99 box until box dissappears or death.
4th:Hold down 15th floor button on the left.
5th:Hold down 15th floor button on the right.
6th:Hold down 15th floor button on top.(Reveals stairs.)
7th:Collect all treasure on floors 1-7.
8th:Collect all treasure on floors 8+.
9th:Collect all remaining treasure.
10th: Climb to top and win.

P.S. Linkzcap: I don't think it's possible to win with 5 cursor icons left in the corner as only 9 are ever visible and it takes 5 to win.

daggerrox January 6, 2008 5:07 PM

It is possible to finish with five left,
as long as you're a crazy fast clicker.


WOW extremely hard on a laptop,

(especially with mine - the touch screen mouse thingy is FILTHY)

but its still a very great game all the while!


k this is how you do it

on level fifteen make sure you have the button on page six pressed down

if you want to know he secret message at the end hee it is

happy new year 2008


if you like this, play timebot


I scored 188 with 5 extra cursors, i.e, 5 cursors in the bottom left at the end. I had to plan out most of the steps, see the spoiler for details.

1st cursor:
push level 8 button (about 5 seconds), clear levels 5-8, push level 6 button
2nd cursor:
click level 9 bot 99 times super fast, clear level 15, push first level 15 button
3rd cursor:
clear level 1, clear levels 8-9, push second level 15 button
4th cursor:
clear level 2, clear levels 12-13, push third level 15 button
5th cursor:
clear level 3, clear level 14, clear level 16, win!
I think the hardest part is the second cursor.

Karan Bhangui January 23, 2008 6:57 PM

What a brilliant idea! I love it :D


this game is soooo KOOL! don't tell the people how to win let them figure it out on their own! who ever made this is pure GENIUS does he have any more games?... my high score was only like 108...


omg....i dont get how to complete the thing...i found this button on floor 2 but i tried to go down so it would open a staircase on floor 16 but it doesnt...can someone please tell me how to do it?!?!?!?



Hey smart one, there are walthroughs above you. Click the spoiler tags


I beat it w/ 5 cursors and 100 points.


Oh I was sooo close.. 185

If you want to know how to get to the top:

On floor 6 there is a switch that seems do do nothing, but if you hold it until your cursor dies, you can get the last set of stairs on floor 15 so you can finish the game :)


This is possibly the one of the most novel ideas I have seen in a casual game, so simple, but incredibly complex in potential. It reminded me a lot of one of my favorite games of all time... head over heels.
Can someone please tell the creator to make more levels - there are so many possibilities available...

pigmonkey March 13, 2008 3:41 PM

I'm not sure whether this is a known issue or not, but I don't seem to be able to add this game to my favorites list. I tried the "Add to Favorites" link as well as the Favorites Flash interface, and neither seem to work.


Thanks for the bug report, pigmonkey. The asterisk (*) in the basename for the favorite icon was preventing the cookie from being saved properly. It's fixed now, so cheers! =)


I think this is a great game. I was hooked but i think i got everything from it. 188 ptn and 5 cursors left. After 30 or so tries. Hooked :)

lanikala March 22, 2008 6:39 PM

Witch Cursor am I? }:%

lanikala March 22, 2008 6:44 PM

Thanks roy!


A tip for those finding it hard to pick out the active cursor between all the other cursors: right click on the playing screen to bring up a menu, then left-click to get rid of it. Your cursor should now be a hand. I find I get completely confused unless I do that. This is on Firefox by the way, not sure if it'll work on other browsers.

Great game! Surprisingly replayable, too.


Now the ultimate challenge would be - what's the most cursor life you can have left when winning the game with only five cursors? I only had five left on my first try.

tiggerbiggo March 29, 2008 9:28 AM

this is a really good game! and i am trying to get to the top whilst i have got all of the



No, you just moved your cursor over by the place with the other cursors. If you look carefully, the last one is slightly higher up that the others, there is no cursor in the game besides the out of place one in the place with your remaining cursors, and also it is impossible to only use 4 cursors, because you need four to make the stairs on level 15 appear, and one more to go up the staircase. You would have had to cheat it to do that, if the photo was even real.

bbbbbbbbba June 4, 2008 9:17 AM

How many clicks did you use to find the stair in the all-box level? I wonder if that's limited, because seems nobody complained about that, and I personally have never used more than 3.


What a brilliant game. Unique; as expected of from Nekogames. First game I've played in the theme of "replay", interesting. And I've also learnt that I can't cooperate with myself well :P



I don't think it's limited; the first time I went from left to right and I had to click all but one of the little boxes. >_<


Lol I had 12 following me and I passed lol


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