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(formerly Cubrius)

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CubriusFrom Digital Seed Entertainment, the creator of Tactics Arena Online, comes this brand new entry in casual games playable in any browser.

Cubrius is a commercial-quality puzzle game in which the player pushes boxes (cubes) to solve stages by removing all the colored cubes from view. A variant of Sokoban, Cubrius extends the classic gameplay by introducing a variety of cube types, each with special characteristics and behavior, as well as time-based bonus scores.

Basic play consists of pushing a colored cube next to one or more of the same color to remove them from the stage. Only cubes that directly touch the pushed cube are removed along with it.

CubriusCubes may be pushed only by an avatar that is moved and controlled using the arrow keys on the keyboard. First position the avatar behind a cube, and then press [space] to push it.

A "Starter Pack" first introduces each of the cube types you will see in the game, and then sends you through several 'training' stages to practice what you've just learned. Once through the basics, a much more advanced "Emerald Pack" will put your best puzzle-solving skills to the test in 16 very challenging stages.

Analysis: A nicely polished puzzle game containing irresistibly appealing graphics and a pleasing soundtrack that is reminiscent of Enigma. The starter stages have been designed well to gradually ease the player into the game, which will surely please the casual gamer audience this game is aimed at. The puzzles themselves, even in the starter pack, are not all that obvious to solve with some requiring considerable analysis and thought to complete.

The lack of mouse support for menu selection, however, is not intuitive even though it is consistent with the user interface of the game play. I don't appreciate a user interface that forces itself upon me. At the very least allow me the capability to use the mouse if I want, even if it goes against how the game designer feels the interface should behave.

Overall, Cubrius is an excellent puzzle game for anyone that enjoys Sokoban and similar games like it. Vito Sze ("Seed") has done well in taking a classic puzzle game formula and adding elements that change it into something all his own. While the gameplay is not all that remarkable, his extensions to it create a very different kind of challenge for those that may be familiar or fond of Sokoban games in general. The result is a framework capable of generating a mind-numbing variety of puzzles to enjoy.

In fact, it appears that Seed plans to offer new and different stage packs for download in the future. The free online version of the game comes with the Starter and Emerald stage packs already loaded.

Play Cubrius

Cheers to Dave for suggesting this game, and cheers for all the Cubrius walkthroughs being posted in the comments below. =)

Update: to avoid confusion with another developer's product, Digital Seed Entertainment has renamed Cubrius to CuberXtreme.


Ooops, inadvertently had comments turned off. =/


heh, well i'm already stuck at advanced training 1. i don't know how i'll possibly do the more difficult levels on my own :P

it seems like a very fun game so far.


Wow, stumped on the first "training" level. That's a self-esteem booster ...


Went through every step of the process (twice), but when I get to the very first stage I can't get any of the cubes to move. Wassup wid that?!


Great game! Just challenging enough to make you stop and think on each level without driving you mad. I love it.

waahoowaa April 17, 2006 2:16 PM

Training one spoiler...

There's three green (left, middle, right) and three blue (left, middle, right)
Push the middle green down. Push the left blue down. Push the left green down. Push the left blue to the right until all three blue blocks disappear. Push the right green all the way to the left.
Don't feel bad. The 3-d board is a little confusing!


OK, so I'm clueless on this bonus level...


i am totally stuck on the bonus level. i always have a few blocks remaining....


bonus level:

the farthest 2 blocks on the right can't do anything but erase themselves. save the very last bottom one (the one stats completely stuck) for the end (trust me). the main strategy is to use every single block tactically to create another free block every time you use it. work your way mostly from the top down. first move is to move the top-accessible block up 1 and left 2 to clear 3 blocks total.


Damn, thanks for the spoiler, waahoowaa. Getting stuck on level 1 does indeed make one feel like a moron.


Man these levels are hecka hard
Stuck on advance 3, feel like I've tried everything =/
Good game Jay =)


nvm, I got it, spent an hour on that one level last night, guess all I needed was a break =)


advance training 3:

think of the board as a grid, letters correspond to columns left to right (a-i) and numbers are rows counting from the bottom up (7 max)

f3-f4, d4-c3, d3-d2, e4-f3, e6-f5, e2-d1, e3-e2, d2-d3, d3-d4, f3-e4, e4-e5, e5-e6, b2-a1

I've personally been stuck at emerald 404 (right facing arrow) for hours and could deperately use some help myself.


Does anyone know how to get past the fourth training level? Cause it beats me!


Training level 4: (If I remember correctly)

Get rid of the green blocks first. Then take care of the blues.


emerald 404

the key to this level is figuring out what block can actually physically make it to get rid of the bottommost blank blue block. i guess there's 2 possible blocks. one is a little more feasible.

orange hat -> purple hat
orange blank -> anchor+paw
purple paw -> blank purple
blank purple -> purple anchor
blue puzzle -> blue puzzle
but not necessarily in that order :). the order of paws is important in this level. that's all i'll say.


I still can't get through level 4, even with the tip from Keith???


Chris - this is training 4

1. Push Blue puzzle piece up 1
2. Push Green piece left
3. Push green piece down 3 to make a the match
4. Push the clear piece that is in between the 2 puzzle pieces up next to the blue puzzle piece
5. Push the other clear puzzle piece left
6. Push the same clear puzzle piece into the top left corner
7. Push the green puzzle piece up one, and then right to make the match
8. Push the blue piece up to make the match
9. Push the blue puzzle piece left 2 and up three to make the final match


Can't pass my final exam. Any suggestions??


Training level 4:

push upper/left blue puzzle block up, push solid green blocks together, push lower/right clear block up two times, push upper/left clear block left, push green puzzle blocks together, push solid blue blocks together, push lower/right blue puzzle block left twice then push it all the way up to connect

DangerDoom April 18, 2006 1:32 AM

Anyone got a walkthrough for advanced training 2. I've tried sooooooo many combinations:(


Totally stumped on final exam

Mordecai April 18, 2006 3:16 AM

Heh, I got to the final exam too, and then gave up. A great game, a real thinker!

hiram archibald April 18, 2006 4:30 AM

Any help on Advance 2?


Final Exam:

1) Transparent up. 2) Blue puzzle down. 3) Purple joker right. 4) Orange joker down, takes orange anchor out. 5) Green (plain) down. 6) Green puzzle down. 7) Green (plain) right 3x, down 1, takes green anchor out. 8) Blue plain takes out blue anchor. 9) Blue joker up. 10) Push blue puzzle. 11) Green joker up. 12) Push green puzzle. 13) Rightmost orange plain cube takes out orange anchor. 14) Purple joker takes out topmost anchor. 15) Purple pet takes out bottomost anchor. 16) Push purple puzzle.


finish. a few was really hard, that takes me hours to do it. but its cool though

happyevil April 18, 2006 11:47 AM

I need help with advanced training 2, please....I'm going crazy!


Advanced Training 2 hint:

Clear the top three purples together.
First moves:

Push the bottom pet green left

Then clear the two greens on the right

waahoowaa April 18, 2006 1:26 PM

Can you help a brother out??

Emerald 402 is k i l l i n g me! PLS HELP SOON!

I like how the guy pushing the blocks is jamming to the music....

the clap April 18, 2006 1:32 PM

daveypc, or anyone else, I still can't get emerald 404 after two days. I used all of the same combinations but I still always have that one blue block left.

I could use a bit more of a hint.

As for emerald 402:

The key is to go up the middle instead of using the two purple blocks up the sides.

waahoowaa April 18, 2006 1:34 PM

Too funny. I've always read people who post -- only to figure things out about 3 minutes later.

You can add me to that list. :-)

403 here I come!


Bonus Stage Hints and Full Solution:

Consider this stage a 7x7 Grid since blocks pushed outside that area can't be pushed any more. Top to bottom are rows A-G, left to right are columns 1-7 so you start on square D8 (outside the grid).


-Blocks C7 and E7 are useless, push them together to get rid of them.
-Block B6 goes to square A4
-Block C4 eventually needs to go to D4
-Blocks F3 and F4 shouldn't be broken by other blocks

Full solution below:



i am still stuck on emerald 401. i'm hoping that just posting this will cause the solution to magically come to me :D


I can't figure out advanced level one yet? I feel soooo stupid that one level I get in one second then the next takes me forever? Please help someone!!!


Ok I can't figure out the bonus level I get rid of the two on the right push the one up and over two and then what I have tried every combination of moves I cant think of but always end up stuck!


anyone still need some help with advanced training 2?

complete solution:

top purple pet left,
lower green pet left,
upper green pet down and remove,
middle purple block up then left to remove pet and anchor,
lone lower purple left,
then youve only got the green pet and anchor... finish it off.

hope that helps.


Could someone give a clearer explaination on how to solve advance training 3


emerald 403

purple block up initially. blue blank all the way to the left.
the goal of this puzzle is to free up the right side blue hat to fit into that space to take out 3 blocks at once including that blue blank one. this means you have to get 2 free pieces with hats on them and push them over to the right. remember, color doesn't matter with the hats. use the paws carefully so that you can push blocks around without using the pet. and the anchor needs to go asap.

emerald 404, revisited

initially, you are faced with pushing either the blue or purple block. push them both 2 spaces. then push the orange hat up and the orange blank into the set of 3. move the paw back and ready to be used later.
eveything else should fall into place, and the problem with the blue blocks: the top "paw" is used to get rid of the lower "blank", and the pet is used to get rid of the two midline blanks.


ok, if you want a solution for advanced training 3, here it is.

its a bit complicated to follow in your head but draw it down to keep a track of the blocks and it makes sense.

first, number the blocks, 1-11 going top to bottom, left to right.
the block numbers will stay the same so keep track of where they move to.
8 Up - (removes 4 & 8)
3 Left
6 Down
7 Right
10 Left
9 Down (removes 9,10,11)
2 Right
6 Up, Up (removes 6&3)
7 Left, Up Up (Removes 1,2,7)
5 Down (removes 5)
and your done!

if youd prefer just to know the movements of the guy then thats:

(a P in front of the direction means push and L,R, U, D the obivious)
L,U,L,PD !!
and thats it.


Any hints on Emerald 303?


HA! Nevermind, the magic of posting helped. I got it on my next try.


Jay, when are we going to see more of your work?


Hi Imok20 - it may be a couple of months yet before I will have time to spend on finishing any of my games, as I've been focusing my efforts lately on finishing my graduate degree. Thanks for asking, though! =)


I am quivering (well, no, I'm shivering, because it is cold here, but eh) with anticipation. What are you getting a degree in? Is it in game/design and development? 'Cause, if so, you've gotta have something to show for it!
Well, good luck getting your degree, and I cannot wait for some more of your work. In the meantime, coerce Rob Allen and Jakub Dvorsky in to making a game together.


My degree is in Information Technology, which allows for students to focus on specific areas of interest. I have been studying game design and development, as well as interactive multimedia and web development.

RIT will have a game design and development graduate degree soon, though the timing of it didn't work out for me.


How can I pass the Emerald 302? It seems to be simple, but the maximum I can is to let one cube...


Emerald 302


Don't try to do either side all at once. You'll want to leave a few blocks on the left side when you go over to the right

first few steps:

- push the block right in front of you forward (up)
- then go left on space and push the center block forward (clearing the far block on the left and the one wedged in the corner)
- Then go back where you started and push the second block (the left one) forward, leaving the center block along the left wall and three blocks towards the top right off the left half of the board


- push the middle block through the narrow center
- you have sort of a "3" shape left. Push the far block of the center prong down, giving you two blocks that are free and two sets of blocks in pairs


- use the two free blocks on the right side to clear the two along the right wall and the right-most block above. This will free up the fourth block to go back through the gap.
- as you push it through the gap, it will clear the block above it, freeing up the top-most block to come out and clear the final block on the left wall.


hey 401?? confused big time on this......


well guess like above the power of posting comes through again......thanks


well with 401 done, and only 30-40 minutes spent on 402, basically havent made a step up on it, started this whole game at 11 this morning took three hours off, so basically 9 hours of playing this AMAZING PUZZLE GAME, good job buddy, lots of fun........once you finish a level theres just a nice sense of relief just to find out that bammmmmmmm a more difficult one awaits you.....k bed time continue this tomorrow.......


Argh! I can't get emerald 102. No one else has asked about it yet, so I suspect I will get it as soon as this posts.

but thanks!


I am crazily stuck on emerald 204. I've been really refraining from trying to get answers, but this one is really frustrating for some reason. Any hints?


I figured it out! I'm actually proud of myself for doing it without help.


regarding emerald 402

"The key is to go up the middle instead of using the two purple blocks up the sides."

i've tried every possible interpretation of this hint that i can think of, and i'm still completely stuck. this game is terrifically frustrating :D


please post a better walkthrough for advanced training 3 its too confusing


advance training 3:


you should only have one piece left after you clear the pet block


- push the single puzzle block up, opening up a hole below the pet block
- push the regular block left, cornering it against the wall
- There is now a pair of regular green blocks below you; push the left one down so you can move the right one out to the right
- go around the block you just moved to where the three puzzle blocks are in a line. Push the center puzzle block left
- run around and push the topmost puzzle block (of those three) down, to clear all three
- clear the two left regular blocks by sliding the bottom one up two spaces
- move the pet block to the side and use the free regular block to clear it and the final regular block stuck in the top corner
- push the last puzzle block to clear it


I'm very stuck on Emerald 402


thanks for the solution now im stuck on advanced training 5


Got it!

Emerald 402


You'll have to pet cubes left after you clear the 6 blocks at the top

The third pet cube - from one of the sides - will clear the two pet cubes at the top

Clear all the regular blocks you don't need first, without clearing any pet blocks
first several steps:

- push the center block down
- push the left pet block left
- clear the two left-most regular blocks (near the bottom) together by pushing one down
- clear the two right-most regular blocks (also near the bottom) together by pushing one right
- you have an extra regular block you don't need along the right wall (touching the corner of the pet block). Just push it up and clear it.

...and I am officially hooked on this game... just look how much I've posted here, yipes.


how do u do advance training 1


aaaaahh, i don't know what i'm missing, but i can't seem to make this level work. keith, your hints should be plenty, i know, but i can't get rid of the 6 blocks all together at the top.

i'm losing my mind for sure...

marvelousarvis April 19, 2006 4:06 PM

Anyone have any tips on Advanced Training 5? I see walkthroughs for all other AD. Trainings, except 5.


well 404 is a new challenge thats for sure, tried using the hints in above posts but like that other guy said keep on coming out with just one blue block...........let the "puzzling" continue........

corncobman April 19, 2006 6:23 PM

emerald 204:

You need to move the lower purple block to the left. In order to do that you need to remove the 3 blue ones

to do this you need to move the third blue from the top all the way to the left bar one

Then move the second one down and all the way to the right bar one then down one

then move the purple one up

Then move the blue one down then left

Then move the top blue of the three of the bottom of the screen left then the other blue down

Then move the lowest purple block left and the other purple should go in between the two purple blocks

Then get rid of the orange blocks to finally get rid of the last two blue blocks


I also need help with Advanced Training 5. Please, somebody help me!!!


Advanced training 5:

The blues don't necessarily have to clear each other...

Seriously, any more than that and I'll spoil all the fun.

- use the left purple to clear the bottom blue
- use the top orange to clear the bottom orange and the remaining purple
- use the green joker to clear both greens and the last blue joker


i'm not giving any more hints for emerald 404. there aren't too many options after the hint i'd already given. and you need to finish the last one yourself for closure :).


I am still not getting Emerald 102. I feel like I've tried most of the possibilities for movements. I would appreciate just a hint or something.



well 404 finally finished, wish there were more, once again good puzzle game..........peace


Nevermind on the 102!


Emerald 303 has me exasperated

eric Ringeisen April 20, 2006 4:51 AM

Having trouble with advanced level 5 still. Any other ideas?

eric Ringeisen April 20, 2006 5:41 AM

Need help with emrald 102. HELP!!!!!


did none of you had any troubles with advanced training 1?

can someone help me please.


Arghh! I can't do Emerald 301! Can someone please help!


that walkthrough for advanced training 5 doesnt work


i need help on emerald 102 someone please post a full walkthrough


now i need help on emerald 103 its impossible


well. i'm stuck at advanced training 1, myself.


uh... i spoke to soon. never mind. (:


Need help on Advance lvl 4


The walkthrough on advanced training 5 tells you which blocks to use to clear certain blocks. You still need to do some repositioning before that last clear will work. It's not tough to figure out.

Sephiroth April 20, 2006 5:24 PM

Solution for Advance Training 1:

1) Move the blue block with the pet sign to the left
2) Go to the other side of the same blue block and move to the start position (right)
3) Go under it and move it up to the blue block with the anchor.
4) Move the green block with the pet sign up, so the 3 green blocks disapper.
5) Move the blue block next to the other blue one to disapper them.
6) Push the green one up or down, so it can disapper.


awww everyones ignoring the 'advanced lvl one' crys!!! :( its begining to send me round the bend D=


I feel like bashing my head against a wall =D i love games like this >_


k signed up already :P can someone help me with advanced trainin one, is driving me crazy D=


okies (fingers crossed this works) help!! annoied person ready to kill her computer!!

now i have your attention ^_^ can i have help with advanced lvl 1?

Sephiroth April 20, 2006 6:08 PM

Advance Training 4

1) Move the blue block with the puzzle sign to the left (the one under the green block with the puzzle sign)
That will disapper 2 blocks with puzzle signs and 1 without any sign
2) Move the blue block with the puzzle sign to the righ (the one at the top green block with the puzzle sign)
That will disapper 2 blocks with puzzle sign, 1 green another blue, and the blue without sign
3) Move the green block with the puzzle up, then left to make disaper all of the blocks.

eric Ringeisen April 20, 2006 6:55 PM

Emerald 104? help?


Emerald 402. Impossible. I have looked at the hints and they help...not at all. I know that I am supposed to bring the cubes up the center, removing the 4 blocks (not pet blocks) but how on earth are you supposed to remove the pet blocks? It is impossible!


Eric, for Emerald 402 -

the pet blocks should be the last five blocks you clear. You will clear the top two by pushing another pet block in between them (after clearing the other four blocks in the group with a total of 3 regular blocks).
Then you will clear the final two pet blocks by just pushing them and letting the pet clear them. I posted a full walkthrough of this stage, which may or may not have been clear enough.


Holy cow, that was crazy. I spent like an hour trying to figure that out. Thank you for your post. I new that I had to use the pet block to clear out the upper two blocks, but I never figured it out until just now. Thanks, thinking it through, knowing that the logic was correct in your hint really helped.
Wohoo, on to 403.


i need help on emerald 401


Emerald 401:

(a series of hints. no walkthrough)

small hint: the trouble is obviously those six puzzle blocks in a group at the bottom. Start by thinking about possible ways to clear them. A pet could really only help for one or two of them.

You will clear the two exposed orange blocks first, each with one other puzzle block.

The orange puzzle block at the bottom will be the last one to clear.

- start the whole thing by getting rid of the two plain blues
- then try to get rid of the orange anchor and paw in the center
- Don't be afraid to shove the far-right orange into the corner
- the order of the paws are important. in all, you'll clear one blue with a pet, then one orange, then one more orange with a second orange pet.


Could someone please help with Emerald 103? A walkthrough would be ever so good.


Help with Emerald 301? Please?????

supermommy April 21, 2006 8:07 AM

How do you get rid of the anchor block in emerald 402?


For Tifa: Advanced Training 1

Blue pet 1 left
Green pet 1 right
Blue pet 1 up (clears blue anchor)
Green pet 1 left, 2 up (clears 2 plain greens)
Plain blue 2 down (clears other plain blue)
Push plain green (clears)

Hope that's clear enough.

Now can someone please help me on Emerald 301? Please?


Spoiler for Emerald 102


First try to remove the 2 blanks, then use the pet stone

Full solution

move top-right blank left
move bottom-right blank up
--> this removes 2 blanks
move pet down
--> removes pet and blank
move bottom blank left
--> removes anchor
move puzzle right
--> removes puzzles
move bottom blank up
--> finito!


i need a walkthrough for emerald 202 there so many blocks


Can someone please help with the Bonus Stage. I'm probably just a complete DUMMY, but the hint that is farther up the page didn't help me at all and the number letter things just confuses me. PLEASE SOMEONE!!!! My eyes are starting to cross from hours of playing these boards!


Any idea what happened to this game? The website is down (gone?), and no new stage packs have come out in quite a while. I would love to be able to make my own game packs...


Advanced training 5

push the purple joker to the blue joker on the left,
next push the orange joker to the other orange joker.
then push the available plain green block to the left.
then to get it out of the way push the green joker down once
after that move the blue joker right twice and up once
there should then be a hole surrounded by two green plain blocks and the blue joker
push the remaining green joker in the hole and..bam!


Need serious help on bonus stage!!! PLZ post spoiler!!!

bewilderedone February 12, 2007 12:04 PM

help with final exam please!
seriously, need to do some work but can't sleep til i've solved this - it's killing me!


can anyone help me on training 1 please?

noah kname February 25, 2007 6:12 PM

need help with my final exam


I need help with the final exam on the test level. i have been able to clear the majority of the blocks but when i have like 4 or 5 left they are the ones against the wall and can't move them so i am stuck. what are some good hints to help?


Can anyone do the bonus? My best is I can get down to 4 cubes. I'm going slightly crazy now, I really need to finish!


OK it's fine, I did it. Not so tricky actually.


Um, the link to the game worked fine, contrary to what Update #2 says...



Thanks, MadWithMuchHeart. I've removed the update note about the site being gone. Must have been only a temporary thing.


need help with emrald104!!!

uzigoobercheesenuggetfrankenfluff November 4, 2007 8:27 PM

need help with emmy 301 please!!!!!


does anyone have a walkthru for advanced training 2


how do you do final exam


I neeeed help on advanced training 2!!!!!! ive been trying for 2 weeks!!!!!


Walkthru for advnced #2????????


Seriously! Advanced training 2!!!!



For goodness" sake, AND mine,AND other peoples,TELL ME HOW TO DO TRAINING 1!!!!!!


Advanced training 2:

Push lower green pet cube left
Push upper green pet cube down so it dissapears with the normal green cube
Push purple pet cube left
Push upper normal purple cube up and left, so it gets rid of the purple pet and anchor cubes (and itself)
Push remaining purple cube left and you're done with the purples
Finally, push green pet cube up to the anchor cube


Can I get a walkthrough for advanced 3? I can't get rid of the corners without getting more cubes stuck in corners...

rabbit323 June 25, 2008 6:35 AM

Solution for Emerald 301
Simple steps to solve Emerald 301

- Move plain Purple block Right1
- Move plain Blue block UP 1
- Move Joker Purple block left 1
- Push down Joker Blue block to clear with Plain block
- Move Joker Orange block up to clear with Plain orange block
- Move bottom left Puzzle block to corner next to Right Puzzle block
(This is because you will bring top right Puzzle block down to clear all 3 at once
- Once all 3 Puzzle blocks cleard, Plain Purple block can be pushed up to clear Joker block.

Christina Anderson September 7, 2008 11:46 AM

Hey, I need help on figuring out just training 2. Not, Advanced Training 2. Just training 2. You'd think it was simple, just push the left or right side of the cross-like pattern in and then all the cubes disappear. Wrong. I do that, and then there is nothing left but the Anchor Cube.


I need help with emerald 101. If anyone knows how, please tell me.


I figured out basic Training 2, for those who are still pulling out their hair.

For reference, let's say the guy starts out facing west. Thus the anchor block is the southernmost one.

Start by moving the easternmost block up next to the northernmost. The pair will vanish. Now move the block immediately to the north of the anchor block one square to the east. Then move the westernmost block south one and east one.


charlie May 16, 2009 12:37 PM

Here's the spoiler for advanced #1

- push the blue pawprint to the left
- go around the pawprint and push it back to the right
- push it up until it matches with the blue anchor
- push the green pawprint up until it matches with the two other greens
- push the top blue down until it matches with the other blue
- push the green up or down one space

Now please help with advanced #2!!
[edit: spoiler added. -eileen]


Advanced Training 4

-Bottom blue joker one to the left
-top middle blue joker one to the right
-green joker to the left and up


New links for the game.
digisonline.com is now defunct.

[Edit: Thanks, ChrisD. I've updated the entry. -Jay]


I feel pretty good. I completed all the regular levels on my own. Got stuck on the bonus level though. Bummer.


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