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Rating: 4.3/5 (113 votes)
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corygalliherCorporate ClimberIt's a dog-eat-dog world out there, kid! The corporate world takes no prisoners and even you won't escape in Corporate Climber, a new platformer from PixelJAM and Adult Swim. You begin as a lowly poop-shoveler and eventually work your way up to becoming CEO of your company... meaning you're shoveling an entirely different kind of poop but making more money while doing it.

Move around with the [arrow] keys, press [X] to jump and press [Down + X] to hop down through platforms. This is a frustration platformer, so one hit will kill you and there's plenty of stuff out to do just that. The object of each floor is to get to the elevator on the opposite side of the screen, though sometimes you'll have to fulfill special conditions like firing employees to open the door.

This game features a unique layout where you climb up your company's office building floor by floor. As a result you can see the next level you'll be facing, plus certain levels will include dangers coming at you from lower floors. Even being able to see what's coming isn't much help, though; prepare to die quite a bit as you try to reach the top.

A word of warning: there's a bit of objectionable content near the end of the game, but it's nothing you wouldn't expect to see on Adult Swim. This also isn't a very long game; you can expect to be done in about fifteen to twenty minutes on your first time through. All in all, though, Corporate Climber is a solid game for anyone who enjoys frustration platformers, and the online leaderboards definitely give you incentive to keep improving your time and score.

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fun game, but hard as hell, if you know what i mean.


There are a few secrets that you can't get the first pass through, each pass gets harder and after a few passes you can no longer go up, only down. After reading the review, I thought my game was over after the first pass.


Any ideas on how to get the "secrets"?

Bloatedsack October 21, 2010 7:29 PM


I know what you mean... this game sure takes a big dive.

It goes downhill pretty fast.

It really peaks and then...

Smoothfonzo October 21, 2010 7:52 PM

Pretty easy if you know what you're doing. I beat it. You end up back at the bottom eventually.


Frustration platformer, eh? Apt.

Anonymous October 21, 2010 8:51 PM

The game lag a lot... it makes jumping really hard when your character continues to walk even after you stop pressing right or left. :/


What do I do at

the big red demon (boss?)

I pick up a rock, then an arrow appears pointing to the demon. I assume I have to throw or drop it on him somehow, but I absolutely cannot figure out how.


And of course, after posting, I figured it out. If anyone else is stuck:

After you grab a boulder, get on one of the two top platforms. Time your jump so that you leap off one and onto the other. The boulder should hit the ceiling and fall on the demon. Then arrows will temporarily appear on the top corners of the screen; get over to one of those and jump, knocking rocks onto the boss. Do this will all three boulders to win.


does anybody know how to get into the

treasure room



When you reload the game, you can choose your starting floor. Just choose F13 and you're there.

Torsvan Traven October 21, 2010 9:56 PM

Is anybody here having trouble getting the game to load? I get the adult swim animation but then nothing happens


Any suggestions on the level with

six fireballs and two demons



Does F13 become available after you get through hell? I'm still stuck there and I don't have an F13 option if I open the game in another browser tab.


Never mind. Got it.

Great ending, albeit abrupt.


How do I get the green package to that one chick I meet in the dodging the superior levels. And when I fell all the way back down the first time, was I supposed to go to hell or go back to where i had started?


@Bloatedsack its like skydiving without a parachute...


i loved the ending, demon in life AND death. except at the end you actually get the title. its also kinda cool how lucifer turns back into an angel, and the cheap costume you wear at the end makes you wonder where all the money went lol


Blinky: If you choose to go down...

you'll travel through some very tough/frustrating areas and then fight a boss. If you win, you get a prize! Afterwards, going back up will result in a harder mode with more stuff that tries to kill you (which also happens if you choose to go back up and skip the hell levels altogether)


Aw Adult Swim, how did you know I love navigating across impossibly timed tiny platforms with my only options being a fiery death or a boiling lava death? You shouldn't have! But wait, is that a scorpion that will move into the exact spot I need to jump to as soon as everything else calms down enough to try it? Oh Adult Swim, you're the best friend ever!

Anonymous October 22, 2010 1:17 AM

Still not sure how to use the

plugger item

The other items I discovered (use spacebar to see them) are

Green id, crawl under the mail smasher on the right.
Briefcase, kill one of your fellow employees with a lightbulb (2nd+ playthrough) on the level with the person asking for the green id
Diamond ring, drop the briefcase on the level above the mail smasher

Note that several secrets come from

killing things by pushing items ontop of them

Most of the others are just collecting and giving items.


The plunger is used to

pull the cash up from the lower level through the toilet. I think it's on the same level as the plunger, just press down.



The plunger is used on the very spot where you find it; there's a stack of money at the top of one level which is inaccessable. You can plunger a pipe immediately above to get it. What a resourceful employee!

adam gunderloy October 22, 2010 12:47 PM

That was fun.


Okay, I played it once, didn't realize what I was supposed to do at the end, wanted to play it again, but Safari (and Firefox) won't play the game. I get the loading screen, it finishes, then it's a black screen. Help.


The same thing happened to me, kenshiro. The only thing that fixed it was finding the game's .sol files on my computer (try searching for a folder called "corporateclimber") and deleting them. Sadly this means you'll have to start fresh, but since you've already been up the tower once it should be easier this time.


How do I equip the plunger?

Magicmagi October 23, 2010 5:13 PM

I'm having trouble with my ability to play the game.
Sometimes when I try to load it, my flash player crashes.
Sometimes, it glitches and the character doesn't even come out of the elevator. Help?

(Oh. I have Shockwave Flash Player, btw.)

[Try updating your Flash Player to the latest version. -Jay]

Miles Tilmann October 23, 2010 10:42 PM

the black screen problem should be fixed. please clear your browser cache and try the game again... let us know if it works!

Ben Morgan October 24, 2010 10:40 AM

Can anyone help with the level with the furnace shooting fireballs out (B4 I think). I can move the thing with coal in it, but I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to do here.


cHEYENNE: You don't have equip it; if you have it, you can just go to the appropriate spot and use it:

go to the middle toilet in the same room you find the plunger and press Down.

Ben Morgan: Move the coal bin as far to the left as you can, then climb on it and jump over the open furnace windows. This may take a few tries, it's very easy to get caught on the corner of the fire, but it is possible.


how do you get over the

thing that splurts out fireballs?.

i pushed the coal sack but it doesnt help. i also tried jumping on the coal to the fire but to no avail.



what do you do on the level with the mail guy throwing letters at you? ive picked him up, but im not sure where to put him.

Anonymous October 30, 2010 5:24 AM

"what do you do on the level with the mail guy throwing letters at you? ive picked him up, but im not sure where to put him."

Throw him down the mail pipe to the floor below. Walk over to the orange pipe and quickly press Down.


frustration game my word!! this was just plain...erm, for a lack of better terms...hell. this was absolute hell. do you know how long it took me to beat the last level...?!?! it is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid hitting those flying red things for more than 2 seconds (i know what they are, i just didnt wanna ruin it)


How do I beat level B2 with the furnace. I cannot figure it out.

Julliete Rivera November 4, 2010 1:20 PM

How do i beat the level where it says pay the piper? i'm so confused at that point. i keep getting caught and getting thrown out the window


how do you beat the devil part?


How do you go back and retrieve the ring after you've made it on your second play through? Pressing down+x doesn't work for me.


You have to get the ring the third time around. Once you've gone up a floor you can't go back down.


Very frustrated with what seems to be the bottom level. Is there no way to "use" the rocks? Help?

I can get to a rock and pick it up, but I can't find any key combination that will drop it on the demon's head. I keep having to fall to my death on top of him. This does bounce a rock off his head and stun him, but then I have to wait until there's a clear path to get back onto the moving platforms, and generally by the time I can even get to a second rock, he's already come out of stun mode. I can see that I'm supposed to drop all three rocks on his head to defeat him, but I don't see how that's possible considering how often I die and how quickly he recovers.


i need help on the furnace thinggy


in order to beat the demon/Satan

pick up a rock and get to the top platform then jump off and onto his head. the rock will stun him. after you die (sometimes you just land next to him for some reason) you have to quickly make your way up to the upper left or right hand corner and 'head butt' the ceiling by jumping. spikes will fall on him and the rock you used will no longer be available. do that three times with each rock and you will finish the level.



I can only find 3/4 secrets
B5 (1st level)

1.one of the yellow box is carried by one of the rat, and just get it
2. you can kill the rat by pushing the box on table to kill the rat
3. jump and hit that dripping pipe


B3 I can only found 2/3 secrets

1. still, one secret that yellow box is carried by a rat
2.take the plunger on the right top of the pipe, and go tho the middle toilet to get the money

B2 I can find 3/3 secrets

1. one secret that yellow box is flied out from the storves
2. one is on top of the storve
3. one secret I dun know what is it ,I juz get it on the left when I switched the button


When i go through the 1st time i cant figure out how to beat the top level. Any suggestions? And when i go through the 2nd time i choose hell but i cant get the key. And what does hell lead you to anyway??

[Edited for spelling. Please don't use texting abbreviations here in the comments or your comment may be trashed by the moderators as gibberish. Thank you for understanding. -Jay]


For B5:

1.Thing carried by rat
2.Kill a rat by pushing something from a table
3.Touch the dripping pipe
4.Crawl under the uniform and continue the rest of the game naked.

To get in F13:

You have to complete F12 without activating the fire alarm. To do this, just crawl under it. Once all the pink slips are handed out, when you go into the elevator, you should go to F13.


The only thing to worry about in here is to make sure you push the picture of the ghost onto the crystal ball, which opens the chest.


In the first part of the underground level, i cannot figure out how to move through the tunnels! Im so confused!


is there a way to survive F15?


Harleythyr, just

push the cart over, press 2 swiches jump nex 2 switches then run back to furnace, die, and clic 2 switch agan


If you touch one of the flying demons will you die? every time i touch one it lights me on fire


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