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Cookie Clicker 2.0

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Rating: 3.7/5 (54 votes)
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Cookie Clicker 2.0

DoraUh oh, you guys. Uh oh. Cookie Clicker, the absurdly addictive, funny, and weird incremental idle game from Ortiel has finally gotten its long-awaited 2.0 update, which includes new buildings, a revamped ascension system, new features and mechanics, and much, much more. Check out the changelog on the official wiki to see what's new. What's Cookie Clicker, you say? Superficially, it's a simple webtoy where you click a huge cookie to generate cookies that can in turn be spent on upgrades that generate more cookies, as well as some other surprises. If it sounds silly, well, it is. If it sounds strange, well, it also is. Cookie Clicker's charm comes not just from its absurd concept, however, but from how chock full of easter eggs, random occurrences, secrets, and other surprises it is. It runs by itself once you've clicked your way to a few autonomous cookie-crafting purchases, but you'll want to keep an eye on it in case anything... odd happens. So warm up those ovens and limber up your fingers as we discover what's new, and remember... watch out for the grannies.

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poppalolla February 9, 2016 11:14 AM

If you click the picture of the game, the link takes you to Amazon Lumberyard. Just a heads up! :)

CJTressler February 9, 2016 12:24 PM

Well, there goes my productivity for today! :)

Cookie, cookie, cookie!!!


I played this game quite a bit over the years, and this new update is frustrating. It seems like progression is severely ratcheted back. Specifically:

On ascension, it now takes a substantial amount of time to reach the research stage. I used to reach it nearly instantly.

All of the things I was used to having for free (increased research speed, season switching, cookie unlocks) I now have to purchase?

It looks like the only remotely interesting addition is the

dragon, but right now it seems pretty useless.


I am playing this and trying to guess when milk will appear and what happens when I try to ascend. So I'm having fun with the doubt.

So far I liked Tangerine Tycoon better but I may change my mind when I see what happens later in the game.


Well I'm way up in the billions of cookies and I've done a lot of maths figuring out what the best buys are. The game needs rebalancing because there's little doubt about what to do at any time. It's almost never worth buying the 1% or 2% cookies. The price of any one asset rises so fast it's never worth buying a lot of them.

Golden cookies can be very good to you, but they are so rare it doesn't keep your attention on the game. I just keep it running in the background while I do other things. The same is true of other randomness (different appearances of Grannies, random names for your bakery): it's great but it's too rare.

I bought a kitten but I still have no idea what milk is or what it does.

The game runs and looks better with the fancy graphics turned off.

I like the graphics. I like the underlying idea. I'm sure the author could make a decent game based on this idea if the cost of things was carefully worked out. But this isn't it. Sorry. All in all I preferred Tangerine Tycoon where the choices are better balanced and you get a wider variety of options and events.

extremeblueness February 11, 2016 11:17 PM replied to pesky

It would make sense that Tangerine Tycoon was better designed, since TT came after CC, and many of the mechanics were lifted straight from CC.


Realm Grinder beats both games pretty handily in terms of having more content and a better update schedule. It's too bad that CC sat for so long and doesn't even have dungeons to show for it.


I didn't know it but that makes sense, xblue. CC obviously has the ideas in it. And I think that perhaps CC3 will have them implemented properly.


Realm Grinder ? Well, three games is enough for a category name. Does anyone know (or would like to make up) a name to cover this category of games ? To qualify a game

  • must start with you getting points for clicks

  • must run when you're not playing it (i.e. when you get back to it you must have more points than when you quit it last time)/li>

  • must not involve skills

Patreon Crew SonicLover February 14, 2016 8:01 AM replied to pesky

I think the "idle" tag describes that category of games fairly well, Pesky.


I owe it to the programmer to add to my previous, rather damning comment.

The game gets a lot more complicated and fun once you figure repeated Ascending into the gameplay. This brings some long-term strategy into consideration, and introduces a few more graphical fun things to look at. I still think there are balance problems with it (long periods where you can do nothing useful but save up for something expensive) but it's more fun than my previous comments made it look.


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