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Our first ever game design competition deadline is upon us, just a little less than 12 hours away, and already I am inundated with unbelievably good, fantastic puzzle designs to sort through and choose from. Picking the best of them will certainly not be easy. I am working feverishly hard to make sure that you are able to play each and every one of the finalists, and depending upon the quantity of any last minute submissions received, I will (hopefully) have something up and playable for you over the weekend. So be sure to check back if you are as excited as I am about it! =D


Ooooooooh Jay I can't wait! :D


Looking forward to it!

Hogwash Platypus August 25, 2006 1:45 PM

Yay I can't wait to check out the games. I can't believe the competition deadline is on my birthday


I'm not gonna make it!!!

ah well, always next compo (assuming there will be one, I hope there will), where I won't be on holiday for half of it...

good luck to everyone else, I look foreward to playing your games!!!


. . . can't . . . take . . . ugh . . . strain . . . (gasp gasp). . . must . . . get . . . help . . . soon . .

AAAAHHHHH quit teasing me!

I'm freakin' sensitive and whatnot.

With a delicate goshdarn constitution.

Or something.

Can't wait. ! ! !


wait a second...
I think I went the wrong way hehe...
so have we actually still got 9 hours (ish)???


Yes, there are still 9 hours left until deadline: 11:59 PM (EDT) tonight.



I think I might give up anyway.
my idea wasn't too good...

Ah well, I'll enter the next one when I have the full time rather than being away for half of it.

I'll just play everyone else's this time.

unless someone has a great idea that I can speed-make for tonight (which is verrrry unlikely) I think I'l call it a day with flash... and maybe start work on a larger scale game sometime soon.

Good luck everyone!!!


Alrighty then. This is going to be good!



lookin' forward too it.

and we should get our game under way (to Imok20)


Yes we should!


Do we get to vote on the games or anything? Either way I can't wait.


Is it possible to host all the submitions? I'm curious what other people submitted, not just the winners. If not: can you include an honourable mention section? Or maybe a "best graphics", "hardest to solve", and "most complex to code" sections? Either way, I'm definitely looking towards the playable flash thing.


Can't wait to see all the games :).

Just for info, how many entries did you received so far ?


I can't wait to show them off! =)

So far we have received 20 entries to the competition, and they all are very, very good.

A common problem, though, I am seeing is the method used by each developer to instantiate a Sound object. The usual method of...

var mysound = new Sound();

...simply won't work for MovieClips that will be loaded into another clip, as is the case for this collection of puzzles. To fix this, simply pass a reference to the movieclip that's doing the instantiation, such as...

var mysound = new Sound(this);

Those who have submitted their .fla file to me, thank you very much. I will use the source files to fix the issue myself.

For those who did not provide me the source .fla, would you please take a moment to check your code and resubmit your swf with the change indicated above? That will save me some time to contact you when I finally get around to your entry.

Thank you kindly! =)


OK it is August the 26th! WHERE ARE THEY?!? Hehe: very excited!


hey. i don't know where to ask this, so i'll ask here- probably late nineties-ish, there was a game for macintosh called (i think) something along the lines of Three's 3, or vice versa, about a number 3 that got lost inside the computer. it was basically a series of logic and puzzle games of varying complexity and when that computer went, so did the game. i have not been able to find mention of it anywhere since then, but maybe somebody will remember if i ask specifically.


Congrats on the outcome of the competition! Can't wait to see what people have come up with!

I started working on an entry, but crunch time on another project will definitely make it impossible to finish my idea. I'll be anticipating your next contest!

deflective August 26, 2006 6:26 AM

cami, looks like you're talking about '3 in Three':


Hey is it the 26th in America now???



Hmmm Cami, I don't recal; which game you are talking about, and I was exclusivly using a Mac to game away in the ninties. Reverse and that awesome pong game that startes you out in a bar with a whole lot of aliens. Way cool. But I'll look afround for that game. Is there anything else you can tell me about it?


Hi folks, I've almost finished with the first 10 (there are over 20), so look for the first batch to go up, in just a little bit, so you can play them. =)

It will be at least a couple of days before any winners are announced since there are just too many excellent entries to determine a winner from easily.


3:30 now, where are they? Just kidding, take your time (but not too much.)


This build-up is getting pretty intense, so I think I'll spend a little time away from the computer so I don't kill myself. I'm looking forward to playing all 20 games!


Imok20, Please just be patient, Jay is working his socks off to get these out, I'm sure.


Hehe, just giving him a hard time. No rush Jay. (by the way 5:00) =D


What is it there? Midnight or something, The 26th is here in the Netherlands almost finished. xD (23:07)



I can't wait to see them all!


holy bejeezus, deflective, you're my hero.


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