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Rating: 4.4/5 (98 votes)
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DoraCLOPHORSES. How do they work? Well, if you're the unicorn star of Bennett Foddy's arcade skill game CLOP, the answer is probably going to be, uh, not very well. Unicorns, as you know, are drawn to pure maidens, and Sherrod has promised our equine hero that there's one on the other side of the hill over yonder. Too bad horses aren't that good with hills. Use [H], [J], [K], and [L] to move each of Clop's legs in turn, and try to navigate the increasingly difficult obstacles in your way. It starts out easy enough once you develop a rhythm, but as anyone who's played QWOP will tell you... it ain't that simple.

Like all of Bennett Foddy's games, CLOP is just as much about skill and reflexes as it is getting a good rhythm going... and having a good sense of humour. It's simple, silly, and frustrating, and not quite as inherently hilarious as QWOP could get, though the set up and overall design are a definite treat. Best enjoyed with a good dose of self-deprecating humbleness and maybe a buddy at the keyboard to share in the hoof-duty and your defeat, CLOP is a weird little diversion that might require some patience and fast fingers to master, but it'll be worth it when you feel the wind in your glorious, sparkly mane. Might I suggest an appropriate soundtrack?



Hey, I managed to unlock

Lame Horse Mode

You just use the front legs, and not the back, and after a while you unlock lame horse mode and cannot use the back legs!


the game is rather good, with some music playing if you reach a certain minimum speed (I think there is a flying mode too, with some stars to collect - haven't found how to unlock that though)

however, the physics engine is too messy to make the game enjoyable beyond the first few meters: to add a challenge they added a hill, but they haven't tweaked the friction to let you climb that hill (your front hooves can not slide at all, they stop the horse immediately no matter at what speed you're running), resulting is a blocked game (unless you grind the ascension of the hill through erratic movements) - also, sometime hitting a small rock will send your horse flying.

A good and funny idea, but not enough work on the physics.

hothotpot August 3, 2012 6:42 PM

Pie14159: I think the wonky physics are the total point of the game.

That being said this is by far the daffiest game I've ever played. I really like the writing, quite funny. I gave up after a number of attempts, actually got the farthest in lame horse mode.

efx.game.developer August 3, 2012 9:49 PM

Attempting to double the rate of the front legs versus the rear legs seems to work pretty well, and for some areas, alternating between the front legs and one back leg seems to keep good stability.

K+L > H > J+K > H > repeat

Slower more deliberate steps also works better (slow is steady, and steady wins the race)

And sometimes:

K+L > H > repeat


Yah, so so far I've gotten farther in Lame Horse Mode than I've gotten any other way.


Mashing H, J, K has been working pretty well for me so far. Managed to get at least halfway

BuenoCabra August 4, 2012 2:36 PM

Hey, I've seen some sort of secret, but I don't know how to get it.

There's a star waaay up above you in the air (above the normal screen) near the fence and two trees near the start. The screen moves up if you get high enough. Presumably, there's some way to jump? I can hold down up to three buttons at a time and kind of "jump" that way, but it mostly just moves me backwards.

Any ideas?

BuenoCabra August 4, 2012 2:39 PM

Sorry, I said the wrong location.

It's actually before the first tree next to the fence. Right above the shrubbery.


I've been using efx.game.developer's method, and it's been working pretty well for me so far! Got about 3/4 of the way. I always get stuck at this one part though, any tips? I always end up tipping at

the second cliff.

Occasionally I'll alternate between H and K for going down slopes,

but not so much that I'll activate "Lame Horse Mode" P:


I got as far as Rhea using my own personal method which works most of the time.

If you press KJH repeatedly, you're always hitting at least one back leg, which the game seems fine with. I call this 'Stability Mode'. If you want to use all four legs, type LKJH repeatedly, tapping the fingers on your right hand like you're bored. That's 'Speed Mode', and you can hear a glimpse of the background music if you get it going right. Start off tapping slowly in Stability Mode, until you think Speed Mode is a good idea. Starting in Speed Mode on an incline is likely to flip you.

More tips:
If you start running in place, slow down your hoofbeats. If you start tipping backwards, hold H+K. If you tip forwards on your face, press H+K once to jump, then hold H+K until you roll onto your hooves.

domarius August 6, 2012 9:09 AM

pie14159: Well I got over the hill so obviously the game is NOT "broken" like you said.

The secret is to build up a momentum by "galloping" like a real horse. 1234 (pause) 1234 (pause)

As long as you keep your momentum, it will carry you over the hill.

If you have to stop halfway up the hill, you won't make it over.

Shadylex August 6, 2012 5:34 PM

I found that if you hit J+K then H+L you get a decent amount of speed and stability. I call this 'Trot Mode'. Sometimes you get onto your hide legs and start 'walking' and can get a bit of speed from that.

I can't get over the first hill though, as I keep falling backwards on the incline.


My biggest problem has been, having grown up on a horse farm, no natural gait actually works. I have managed to get farthest with a combination of just front legs for about half an inch, then adding a back leg on the flats and uphill, then more of a four-beat walk going down...still can't figure out some of it. Anyone made it all the way to rescue the maiden?


I don't know what

lame Horse Mode



Well I do but what is it used for?


i find that trotting is very usefl and easy KL-HJ

RainbowAngelGirl1414 April 1, 2013 8:21 AM

I found useful way to trot JK + HL
in some places you have to slow down to not fall for your back..
But I climb up the hardest parts by pressing HK


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