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Clicker Heroes

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Rating: 4.1/5 (285 votes)
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Clicker Heroes

DoraIf you're all filled up on cookies, why not got on an adventure to work it off? Nothing serious. Little stroll. Maybe some cardio. Endless cavalcade of colourful demons and monsters. That sort of thing. Playsaurus' Clicker Heroes is their entry into the incremental idle game genre, popularized by titles like Cookie Clicker, and it's all about heroes. And clicking. And coins. And clicking. And monsters. Mostly clicking, though. Click on monsters to attack and deal damage, and when they're destroyed, they'll drop loot, which you can pick up with a sweep of your mouse or will be automatically added to your coffers after a few seconds. Then keep clicking on monsters and getting more loot. To the left of your endless funnel of beasties is where you'll find your heroes, and though in the beginning you'll only have access to one, as you earn more cash you'll unlock more. Like, a lot more. Once they've been bought, everyone except Cid, the first hero you can buy, will attack monsters for you automatically, and not only can you pay to level them up, but at level milestones you can also purchase items that drastically increase their total Damage Per Second. You need to defeat ten monsters in each area before you can move to a new map, and every five levels you'll encounter a boss, who needs to be slain within thirty seconds or the battle starts over again! The game runs by itself in another tab or window, so you can leave it alone and check on it whenever you want once your heroes are doing all the work. Just like a real manager! I'm gonna need you to stay late tonight and slay that infernal cosmic slime horror from beyond the nether. If you could just do that, that would be greaaaaaaaat.

A large part of the appeal here is definitely the beautiful presentation, and the vibrant colours and clean lines give Clicker Heroes a polished appearance. The main incentive is, of course, unlocking and powering up all the heroes, but as costs start to skyrocket, you'll realize this is going to take a very long time. Clicker Heroes does a great job of running itself, so you don't have to feel like you're babysitting it, but it still might be nice if there were a few more random mechanics or surprises to encourage you to do so. Megami Quest is a great example of how a game of this type can add just enough complexity to make players have to think a little bit beyond how they're going to spend their cash. The order in which you buy certain heroes and their upgrades is worth pondering, since certain buffs or bonuses might be more valuable to you when characters are at higher levels. Clicker Heroes' fantastic visual design and baffling amount of heroes and associated upgrades is more than enough to keep you grinding at it for a good long time, and the developers have even more content planned for the future. If you love the thrill of a high DPS in games and figuring out how to get it, with its piles of party members and achievements, Clicker Heroes is more than worth your time and a tab.

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john.c.jocelyn July 11, 2014 12:44 PM

404 not found. :(

john.c.jocelyn July 11, 2014 12:46 PM

Works now.

csmithpub July 11, 2014 5:42 PM

Thank goodness. I'd been playing cookie clicker, and something was missing - no, something was there. Some vestigal shred of novelty, of design. God, it even rapidly stopped rewarding me for manually increasing a counter after the first couple of minutes, encouraging me to just focus on buying things. Ugh, and it expected me to manage different types of purchases, interlocking with each other. Can you imagine? God, it even used this clickiness as a way of gently unfolding new mechanics and snippets of story. And it had - ugh - humour.

But with this, all of that is excised! Look, it's an interchangeable thing. clickclickclickclickclickclick. oh wow, an interchangeable thing of a different colour! clickclickclickclickclickclick. Truly, I am saved by this bland replica.


Just getting a blank white box. Chrome. No ad blocker.


It loads fine over at their website, though.


Enjoyed playing it. And like always, ended up adding a few zeroes to my gold by editing my save code. :p

ChaoSpectre July 12, 2014 8:35 AM

While csmithpub's commentary might have been a bit too sarcastic for my taste, I can't argue with the point being made. This is an easily solvable game where the only flavor (text in the purchase pop-up) is remarkably skippable.

I don't know whether I like the gear check nature of the 'bosses'.

There is one point that has been missed however. Not a redeeming one, but just a connection to be made: All of these assets are from Playsaurus' social Diablo-like game "Cloudstone". If you had fun with that, you'll be nostalgic while messing around with this.

Patreon Donator Infant Tyrone July 12, 2014 3:53 PM

I get it, but I don't at the same time. Why am I playing this? How is this even a game? I'm clicking my mouse button. That's it. I'm picking where to spend the money, and eventually I'm just leaving the screen to entertain itself while I do other things, because that's the only way to make enough money to upgrade. This is boring.

But I get it. I like the little flash of light and color when I level up a hero or get a new item, even though it does not change the game i.e. I'm still sitting here clicking. It's like the weakest possible reward for the laziest amount of effort.

But again, I get it. I played an embarrassing amount of that similar candy game that had no graphics to speak of. This one looks much nicer. I've had it running since last night. It fulfills some low-expectation, cheap thrills part of the mind.


Enjoying it as a long term background thing, but I've got a minor glitch to report: it seems that tooltips for certain heroes with longer descriptions don't account for the offset caused by the "next level" section that appears when you hire the hero, and as such the description gets cut off in the middle of a sentence once you hire the hero. Out of the heroes I own so far, this happens with:

Bobby, Midas and Jerator

shipoopie July 12, 2014 9:51 PM

This game gets to a point where to progress you have to just let it run overnight so you can build up money to buy the next upgrade. After 45 levels it recycles the levels and there are no new monsters. I don't know where the warriors you can buy ends. I'm still try to grind enough money to get the ice wizard. The game gets choppy when you get into the millions and billions of hit points per second damage.

shipoopie July 12, 2014 10:19 PM

Since this game take a lot of time, some enterprising website could cycle their banner ads every few minutes. It's been going on my computer almost 24 hours now.

shipoopie July 12, 2014 10:41 PM

A glitch I keep seeing happen is the coins fall onto the sky instead of the ground sometimes.


Wow, some people have some really strong opinions on idle games. There are many, many more of these games than cookie clicker/candy box/a dark room, and there are many that are far worse than this one.

That being said, I have enjoyed this game so far. I like the idea of bosses as DPS checks, and I enjoy the little tidbits about each character in the skill descriptions. I only have a few tips:

Don't stress about which level is best to farm on. They're remarkably well balanced. For example, when I was considering whether to farm at 48 or 49, I measured GPS with a stopwatch. Although the gold received and time taken were very different, GPS was identical.

Don't buy the click upgrades until their expense becomes negligible to you. Clicks are extremely weak in comparison to DPS, similar to cookie clicker.

CrankYanker July 13, 2014 8:32 AM

Are there any other multiplier upgrades? Here are the ones I've found:


5 DPC Upgrade

Betty Clicker:

1-4 DPS upgrades, 5 DPC upgrade


4 DPS upgrade


5 DPC Upgrade


1 DPS Upgrade


1 Gold Upgrade

Furipu July 13, 2014 9:18 AM replied to CrankYanker


is all about the gold modifier: all 4 of his upgrades increase it

And from what I saw there's at least one more:

Abaddon - his upgrades cause him to increase your total dps by a small percentage each time he levels up (instant application, NOT a multiplier - that means that any dps gained after his lvlup will not be affected by the bonus from his lvlup, only by the ones that come afterwards, and as such it may be better to wait with his levels for maximum effect)

CrankYanker July 13, 2014 9:35 AM replied to Furipu


Just to clarify the second spoiler:

Does that mean I should level up Abaddon as far as possible before purchasing his upgrades, rather than immediately buying the upgrades the level they become available?

Furipu July 13, 2014 10:20 AM replied to CrankYanker

The way I understand it, it's quite the opposite:

The more of his upgrades you have, the bigger the increase with each Abaddon's level - this means that you definitely want his upgrades as soon as they become available, but you may want to wait with the level ups themselves so the DPS the bonus is calculated from is higher - as I said it's an instant (though permanent) flat DPS bonus, calculated at the moment of the level up, not a multiplier.

I don't know if you have the tooltips for his upgrades available yet so I'll quote one for you, just in case:

Your team gets an additional 0,25% / 0,5% / 0,75% / 1% (depends on which of his upgrades) DPS each time Abaddon levels up. The effect is applied to your current DPS when you level up, not to future DPS.

As an example, let's say Abaddon is level 10 and has no upgrades yet. Your team's DPS is, for simplicity's sake, 400M or so. You buy the first upgrade, which is the 0,25% from the tooltip i quoted above, and seemingly, nothing happens.
You then buy Abaddon a level up, and you get an extra 0,25% of the total DPS, which in this case is 1M, and you'll also get Abaddon's own increase from the level up (I'm not sure which applies first, but it shouldn't matter much)
That extra 1M will always be 1M, even if your total DPS increases to many times the original 400M through other means, though you can obviously increase this bonus with more level ups for Abaddon.

CrankYanker July 13, 2014 12:12 PM replied to Furipu

Upgrade vs. level:

After reading through your example, I'm getting a recommendation to purchase his upgrades as soon as they're available, rather than leveling him up as far as possible before purchasing the periodic upgrades?

I think that's what you're saying, right?



I think the correct strategy for Abaddon is not to level him up past 10 until endgame. Each time you unlock one of his skills, every subsequent level will increase your DPS by a static percentage. This means that you'll get a better bonus per level the longer you wait to upgrade him (because your DPS will be higher).

When you enter the phase where you're upgrading Abaddon, you should absolutely get his skills as soon as they come available. If you don't, you're losing his level-up bonus entirely.

I think there are only two heroes after him, so I think the strategy is to get everyone's skills, then focus solely on Abaddon.

Furipu July 13, 2014 12:44 PM replied to CrankYanker

Sounds about right.

Definitely get the upgrades at the level on which they unlock. The problem is that if you wait with his level ups until you have a higher DPS, the resulting gained DPS from his level ups will be far higher. Getting the upgrades themselves early is perfectly fine though.

Furipu July 13, 2014 1:03 PM replied to Mantus


I'm not so sure about leaving Abaddon as the very last thing to do... some of the upgrades of high-end heroes need Abaddon's upgrades to be purchased first, so you might miss out on a lot of DPS in the mid-to-endgame if you do that.

I sort of doubt there's a right and wrong approach, I'd just recommend everyone to explore the math behind Abaddon a bit and decide for themselves.

Also, from my own experience there are at the very least 4 heroes after Abaddon, but they're rather expensive so you probably just don't see them yet - let your gold pile up and they should show up. I think the first one you're missing would be Beastlord, which costs 300q (yes, 300 quadrillion) to hire.


The original game's on facebook, called Cloudstone. You may enjoy this game more if you get the story line, but that may just be me. Just as an insight about Cloudstone, Cloudstone's about references and puns and whatnot, and it's a RPG melee/shooter game where you can customize your character with your gear. There's pets too. If I remember correctly, there's now a farming function and a housing function.


Correction: not just on facebook, but it is on facebook though


The game had a lot of cute graphics, but it just got repetitive and tedious after a while. When idle games get repetitive without any clear end, I either quit or cheat to unhook myself from them.

I'm generally against cheating, so I won't write down how to do it, but I'll share a few things about late game that you may be curious on:

There is no last area, even after level 100. The enemies are recycled over and over. They do get larger however. I stopped at floor 135, where the heroes run out and there's no viable way to continue without even more cheating. Abaddon was the only hero that made a dent in my DPS, but it got really expensive to level him at 1000+ levels.

One character does have an upgrade that restarts the game; you keep your achievements but nothing else. You could consider this the end, unless you really want to collect all achievements.


Wow, I thought that the

Amenhotep reset

indicated that there weren't any more heroes after that. How many after him are there before they run out? If it's a lot, I may be done...

Furipu July 14, 2014 11:28 AM replied to Mantus

I haven't finished yet, so there may be more, but on my save there are at least


heroes after that one.

About what bluemoose19 said:

If there is no real end, what should we consider as one? All heroes with all upgrades, with the reset "upgrade" being the last one you buy?

john.c.jocelyn July 14, 2014 2:10 PM

Can cams or anyone else explain how to add a few zeroes to the gold? For those of us that want a casual game but not go through the whole process, we would really appreciate it.

Furipu July 14, 2014 2:23 PM replied to john.c.jocelyn

After reading your post I tried to do it - not used the modified save, myself, but figured it out.

First, you hit the menu / wrench icon and click export.
This'll put an encoded representation of your save into your clipboard. I had a look at that and on a hunch, I got the encoding right on the first try - b64 / Base 64. Just google "b64 decoder" and paste your save there.

In the decoded version, you should easily find where your gold is - modify it, and then encode (you may need to google a b64 encoder, depending on the result google gave you - good ones should work both ways) it back and import back into the game.


For faster mouse clicking on windows

Press left Alt + left Shift + num lock to turn on "mouse keys". Then on your numerical keypad + = double click 5 = click.

Just mash away on these 2 buttons

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnrLT_DgOiK7Leoj0eRHY69GNEFT33XtTU July 15, 2014 6:28 AM

Dear creator of this game,
kindly learn some maths.

That is 1 million.
Anything over a million should NOT have K (meaning thousand) after it.
Please correct this mistake.


Eh? 1,000,000 = 1,000 × 1,000, so "1,000K" is a perfectly valid way to write one million.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnrLT_DgOiK7Leoj0eRHY69GNEFT33XtTU July 16, 2014 12:52 PM


It REALLY isn't.

1,000,000. That's a million.
1,000k. That's just being lazy.
It might still be a million but it's incredibly difficult to read once you start reaching billions and trillions.

shipoopie July 17, 2014 10:02 AM

I got to level 100 and then I got bored thinking that it was just more of the same old same old just with higher numbers. So, I did the reset upgrade and all it did was make the enemies be really tiny. Is that all there is left to this game? Tiny enemies and just do the same boring game again?

I think this game is poorly coded. It runs choppy unless you throw a brand new computer at it. All it's doing is subtracting. It shouldn't be using up that much processing power. I imported my game onto my newer computer and it ran better, but there is no reason for that.

If anyone is wondering when to apply the upgrades to each of the helpers, just do it as soon as you can afford it. You can do math and whatnot to figure out when the best time is to hire one helper over another or when to apply the "increases DPs by 100%" stuff, but since this game is a "run it over night because there's nothing else you can do right now" kind of game, there's no point in finessing anything. There's no advantage to waiting until some higher helper level before applying any upgrades. Once you get far enough in the game, that helper is useless anyway. Just apply all upgrades as soon as you can.

From my experience, the last helper is the wind god. No other helper appears after that and since you run out of new levels at level 50 anyway, there's no point in continuing past level 100.

Just for fun I tried to get the first helper up to level 1000, but I made it as far as around 500 because the cost skyrockets and eventually I got bored of waiting for more coins and reset the game. A sextillion coins for 5 extra click damage is ridiculous. I think the author was making it so you get the hint that you should stop upgrading your helpers. Some helpers go to 100 but some of the later ones are practically maxed out at 75. And, click damage is useless after a while anyway. All it does it get you coins a little faster in the early levels.

shipoopie July 17, 2014 10:59 AM replied to Dora

A few times I helped a boss battle along with clicking, but eventually the strength needed to kill a boss is much greater than what clicking can do.

I'm doing an experiment with no clicking right now. It's been running an hour or so and all I have is a level 1 Treebeast grinding for me. I'm going to let it go and see how far it gets before I need to hire a new helper and right now I think I can let it just play by itself and I can have a Wandering Fisherman pretty soon. My theory is that you can get just as far without ever clicking as you can if you click a lot early on. After the first few day, I figure whether or not you ever clicked anything will be moot.

Patreon Crew Kimberly July 17, 2014 12:13 PM

I also have found it essential to click through bosses, though I'm sure there are alternate ways to play where you don't have to. But like Dora said, it would probably up the grind time considerably.


After you get all the click upgrades, click strength should hover somewhere around 3% of your DPS. Multiply that by how many clicks per second you can maintain in a 20-30 second boss battle, and that's how much DPS you gain. For me, that's 8/sec, for 24%. The "vibrating hand" trick could net me twice that in bursts, but it's hard to sustain. Saniel's numlock trick is obviously game-breaking - I can't even calculate how much DPS that adds.

So yeah, for taking down bosses, clicking is definitely worth it. Clicking isn't as powerful as it is in Cookie Clicker, though, where you can stack Frenzy and Clicking Frenzy, click like nuts for a few seconds, and walk to the bank. Makes me want to open up my old game and use Saniel's trick...

kerdios July 19, 2014 5:14 AM

This games caused my video card to crash causing a BSOD

CrankYanker August 2, 2014 8:10 AM

On other sites, this game has been upgraded with clickable powers that have cooldowns.


It's been upgraded here, too. You do need to restart for it to appear, though. (And if you're in the middle of a game, there will be skills you never get.)


If you want to make money quickly, it is recommended to always kill the 2nd last boss you have completed. Bosses drop a ton of cash and when you kill an easy boss, killing them is extremely easy. The money will keep rolling in. :)


The addition of the skills has changed the game somewhat. The biggest thing is that Abaddon is no longer quite the special case he was.

Here's a list of the skills and the heroes that give them.

Clickstorm - Cid
Powersurge - Ivan
Lucky Strike - Alexa
Metal Detector - Broyle
Golden Clicks - Midas
Dark Ritual - Abaddon
Super Clicks - Beast lord
Energize - Aphrodite
Reload - Shinatobe


I need detailed instructions on how to save the game please help!


Game had been deleted? Shown nothing after loading.


Hello Janet,

The game has not been deleted and works well. I tested it now using Chrome and Opera and it's ok:


Shown nothing today for me on chrome.. I think auto refresh failed or something..


edit: it is back.. but chrome decides that erasing history is also erase flash cache... so my progress is all gone T_T


Hey guys ! I found great blog about Clicker Heroes.
You can find there a lot of very helpfull tips about this game.
I downloaded apllication which allow me to easy save editing.
Check clikcerheroes.wordpress.com
Its awasome !


Typical skinner box game: it tries to hook you from the start, then gradually decreases the rewards to the point where you're forced to either cheat or to buy expensive cash shop items to make any noticeable progress.

This is clearly designed to get the players addicted to it. Avoid if you have problems controlling your spending.


Totally disagree. I have been playing this game for free ever since the beginning, and I still have to beat level 2000, but I never find myself forced to cheat or pay-to-win.


As of now, this one's out for iOS and Android with some fab new features! Link up with other players to form clans, and take on raids against a new creature type: Immortals!


A few times I helped a boss battle along with clicking, but eventually the strength needed to kill a boss is much greater than what clicking can do. Incidentally if others are interested in a a form , my boss edited a sample form here "http://pdf.ac/6W9UiJ".


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