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Choice of Intrigues

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Rating: 4.6/5 (55 votes)
Comments (32) | Views (14,713)

DoraChoice of IntriguesThe sequel to 2010's Choice of Romance, the text RPG from the talented souls at Choice of Games has finally arrived! You can check back later for our review, but there's no reason not to leap right into the game. Before you can play Choice of Intrigues, however, you will need to have played the original Choice of Romance all the way through, but then, if you're at all excited about this you've probably already done so. If not, you can play through Choice of Romance and continue the adventure!

"What will you do with your new-found power? Will you manage to keep hold of it as the tides of the court ebb and flow around you? Maybe you will even be one who controls those tides... but maybe you will drown underneath them. The stakes are now higher than ever!"

Play Choice of Intrigues


Yay, new Choice Of game! I've been wondering when a new one would be out, since it's been nearly a year.

Emergent July 19, 2011 6:50 PM

Wow, that save/sequel system is deeply infuriating. I completed (and "won") CoR many months ago, I didn't see any need to keep a password or a saved game at the time. Now, in order to play the new game, I have to replay the old one- and replay it for minimum fun, by trying to replicate my old choices instead of exploring anything new.

All things considered, I think I'm gonna skip this one. I'm sure it's tons of fun, the Choice Of games always are, but it's not worth the frustration.


The long awaited sequel to Choice of Romance is here! I was very excited to play the game and was not dissapointed. This game is more focused on politics than romance however. (Of course as in this version you are already paired up.)

I played as the lover of the king and the wife of Don Torres. My final stats were:

Booksmart 93
Charm 77
Subtle 71
Magic 25
Wealth 95
Reputation 19

At the end of the game I noticed that my reputation was terribly low. I think it may be because...

I wanted a life mage child in order to keep the king interested in me and have an heir to the throne, so I sought out a life mage who would give me something (in this case a potion) which would raise my chances of having a life mage child. In order to get the potion however, I had to kill one of the other characters.

I think the court may have been suspicious of my actions. Besides that, the Aguilar family, the family of the Queen Consort, already hated me for being the king's new favorite.

I'm getting a serious dislike for the king, however because...

As I played through a different storyline where I did not have a life mage child, his wandering eyes were always on the new young females come to court. Not only that but in the story he grows a liking to one of the new girls to court and for a while you need to worry about her becoming his new favorite. A bit of a womanizer isn't he?

All in all the game was very fun. I enjoyed reading it and having to sort of tip-toe my way around bad outcomes, carefully weighing each decision. This game is definitely one I will play over and over again, just like I did with Choice of Romance!

I wonder if there will be a third game in this series as in the end...

Don Gabriel de Mendosa comes to you.

Anonymous July 19, 2011 8:14 PM

haven't been able to play it online, I can't find a way to save my game in choice of romance. is there a way to do it or will I have to miss out on this one :

Wildbreeze July 20, 2011 12:28 AM

I'm having the same trouble as JIGuest... I just played through the entire Choice of Romance game... again. And yet I still can't figure out a way to play Choice of Intrigues... :S


Yeah, I'd play this, but it looks like I can't save my game in the online version of Choice of Romance. What gives?


Having the same problem as JIGuest. I even played through the entire first game again, to make sure the problem wasn't on my end. I saw no option to save, or enter an email address/get a password.


You need to get hooked up with the king/queen in order to access this part of the game, I think.

cinder calhoun July 20, 2011 1:12 AM

I get an error when I tried loading my old game. Also, for the past month or so, I've been unable to show spoiler-hidden text on this site. I think something might be wrong with a setting or something, but I can't figured it out. :(

I run google chrome and have updated java and all that too. I'm at a loss.

[Spoilers require Javascript, do you have Javascript enabled in Chrome? And what Chrome are you using? Mac or Windows? If you send an email to our contact address we can try to help you work out what the problem is. -Jay]


I'm confused as to what is new in Choice of Intrigues... I seem to have gotten the same ending with choice of romance without anything extra.

Is there a truly a sequel to Choice of Romance if you chose Don Gabriel de Mendosa route instead of the pursuing the others?

loversrequiem July 20, 2011 8:00 AM

I can't go on after Choice of Romance :( As some other probably did, I even played through the first part, but after that - nothing happens.


You have to pick the king romance path in the first game to go on to the second game, I'm pretty sure.


Katt, actually, you can

have a Life Mage child without killing anybody. You have to threaten Enriquez and later decide to bluff. Of course, this is sure to cause problems later on, but it's better that killing off the whole family and losing de Vega's respect.

PugMama July 20, 2011 9:24 AM

For those with issues, make sure you have dumped cookies etc because there have been changes to the save system. Then when page 1 of CoR loads and you have choices regarding how to save your brother the bottom choice says "Resume a saved game instead" from there you can put in the old style save code should you have one or you can use the new save system which saves to CoG if you have used CoR after the new system went in. Sorry if all of you saw the option and this isn't helpful but wanted to try and help since I know I missed the option like 50 page reloads in a row (trying to get the code input screen) because I only noticed the "brother scene" loading and not the bottom option. It's sneaky! :)

With certain paths however the game does end earlier so that may be the problem some are having.


I'm also pretty sure you need to have positioned yourself with the King (or Queen) in the first game to play this one.

My thoughts:

It felt like a stopgap between the first game and another sequel. You get to make 2-3 major decisions in this one but you don't get the satisfaction of seeing your plans brought to full fruition. And the ending is dramatic but in a rather cerebral way. I'm thinking that

the Industrial Revolution is about to occur :D

But it was fun. I have only just played through it once so I don't know how much the paths vary in this instalment.


I think I've discovered the 'optimal' path through this instalment, here are the details if you wish to follow it:

* I played Choice of Romance with a character whose first strength is book-smarts and second strength is magic, but is weak in charm.
* You should encourage the King/Queen to consider marrying Juanita to Sahra. You can do this by meeting de Vega instead of running after the King/Queen and choosing this option when you talk to him.
* You should pursue the possibility that a Life-Mage can help you to have a Life-Mage child.
* When you have the conversation with Mateo and your uncle, you should direct them to solve the Juanita problem by spreading rumours. (I think you need to do this to set up a later event that doesn't happen otherwise, or maybe happens randomly.)
* Go with the King/Queen on the hunt. After the hunt, you must be suspicious of the King/Queen Consort's disappearance (or you won't get the chance to investigate it later).
* You should take the first opportunity to meet the Life Mage at the tavern - say you're ill or you'll miss the opportunity.
* Coerce the Life Mage into helping you. Threaten to kill him if he doesn't, but make sure to choose the option where you are only bluffing (he must survive or you will not succeed).
* The next day, investigate the King/Queen Consort's disappearance. Enter their room, you will find some evidence.
* If everything worked, Juanita will be arrested at Court. You get a chance to speak in her defence at some point for extra Reputation points ;)
* If the Life Mage side-plot worked you should bear a Life-Mage child.
* Thanks to your plotting earlier, the King/Queen should send Tomas de Reyes to be married to Sahra.
* Sit back and enjoy your optimal, bloodless choices of intrigue. :)


Note that the previously posted walkthrough only applies if you ended Chapter 1 as the mistress of the King.

A more general set of spoilers follows.

* In the first scene, always choose "Charmingly". The other options carry a risk of hurting your relationship with the King, and at best will not result in the same relationship boost as the "Charmingly" option.
* In the next scene, you should choose the "hostile" options consistently (what choices you get depends on your chapter 1 setup). There is no advantage in choosing the peace-promoting options.
* If married to Torres, you should choose the option for "The King is by far the most important person in my world, but when I can, I throw Torres a scrap to soothe his pride." -- this gets you a boost to Subtle, and no penalties.
* Gown selection: The blue gown has no effect at all, the gray gown increases reputation but encourages the king's affair, and the red gown reduces reputation, increases relationship with the king, and discourages the king's affair.
* Choose the option to "Humor" your sibling -- this provides a bonus to your subtle score.
* Choose the option to "Ignore..." the scarf incident -- all other options lead to big penalties on various stats.
* Encounter with Juanita -- several options, depending on what you want to improve:
* "Blandly" / "Half-Brother" increases subtlety and reduces trust between the King and Juanita.
* "Friendly" / "Half-Brother" increases charm and reduces trust between the King and Juanita.
* "...poisonous feigned politeness" DECREASES Charm, with no special bonuses -- don't choose this option at all.
* Other options not covered here require a stat check to reduce the trust between the King and Juanita and are otherwise identical to the ones described.
* The response to "What do you think he [the King] should do?" has no effect on game play at all.
* When asked "What do you want to do", you should follow the King -- this path provides the largest boost to stats / hidden variables compared to the other two paths.
* Simply by choosing this path, you reduce the King's interest in an affair and boost your relationship with him.
* "Encourage the King's anger" has no stat check, discredits Juanita, reduces the affair risk, and improves your relationship with the King, and is by far the best option.
* Choose "I agree with Agustin's assertion that he will not agree to the Duquesa's demand. If he did, House de Aguilar would gain enormous power, and it is of paramount importance to me that this does not happen." This has no stat check, further improves your relationship with the King, further reduces the desire for an affair, and further discredits Juanita. Note that the King will come to the "Marry Juanita to the Sarhan prince" idea /on his own/ with this option -- if you directly suggest this, you have to pass a stat check to convince him that this is the way to go, AND the resulting bonuses aren't as high.
* Choose "Well, that settles it. I will be sure to stay at the King's side during the hunt. I cannot have Adelita taking advantage of my absence..." at the start of the hunt scene.
* Simply choosing this option boosts Charm and reduces affair risk.
* The only reason to choose the "I will stay by the King's side, but not because I am jealous of the Delgado girl. I will take advantage of this opportunity..." option is if you choose to spoke to Vega after court (earlier) and promised him to talk to the King to your preferred option.
* There is no advantage of talking to the court.
* Whether or not you can keep up with the King during the end of the hunt is purely random (50% chance). Always choose this option, as it will give you a greater reduction in the affair risk if it succeeds (vs. if the random chance fails).
* If you are the King's mistress (and ONLY if this is true) you will return from the hunt to see the King leaving. If you have high booksmarts (need > 50), then you can choose the option "I'm not sure, but the timing is interesting. Is she leaving the palace because she expects something to happen?", which opens up another path to getting Juanita executed. However, this option is /inferior/ to the main path described in this walkthrough, so don't worry if you don't have the option.
* If you choose to go with Vega after court, then he will approach you upon your return and you will receive bonuses / penalties based on whether you kept his promise to him and what, if anything, you asked for in return for his promise.
* Otherwise (or after dealing with Vega) your family will arrive to plot your next move.
* Choose to get the location of the Life Mage from your sibling. There is no advantage or disadvantage in being subtle here.
* Ignore your uncle's overbearing behavior for a small bonus to Subtle (no penalty on the other path, however).
* Choose "Eliminating the Sahran threat.", followed by "No. We'll have to come up with some other way.", followed by "Attempt to convince the King to accept the Duquesa's offer, but then spread rumors designed to turn the King against his daughter...". This is CRITICAL -- this is the only chance you have to set a flag that results in Juanita being executed AND meet with the life mage. No other option leads to this flag being set. During this same conversation, you can set this same flag by choosing "Eliminating the Aguilar threat." and "Attempt to convince the King to accept the Duquesa's offer, but then spread rumors designed to turn the King against his daughter...", however. You can also choose one of the "Eliminate..." options, followed by "Turn court opinion against Juanita." to set this flag, but you won't get the chance to use the poison / death magic (so there is no point).
* Choose "Go to the Three Bells to meet with Enrique Ramirez". Depending on other factors (whether you are married to Torres) up to two different distractions will be offered -- you must insist on meeting the Life Mage immediately or you will miss him. Note that not attending court will hurt your relationship with the King, and not going to Torres's deathbed will devastate your reputation.
* Upon arrival...
* "Ask him if he is Enrique Ramirez." grants no bonuses / penalties.
* "Ask if I may share his table." boosts subtle
* "I do not approach him at all; if he is who I think he is, I will make him come to me." boosts booksmart (!?)
* IF you have a magic stat > 70, choose " "I do not intend to negotiate with you. I can make you help me." I draw a wand from underneath my cloak."
* This reduces your subtle attribute.
* Next, choose " "As you have seen, I am a powerful Death Mage. I can kill you with a death curse if you do not get the potion for me, and soon." ".
* If you have a subtle score > 50 /after/ the penalty just applied, then choose "Yes, I am bluffing. I will not kill Ramirez, but he does not know that." -- this gives you an offsetting bonus to your subtle attribute.
* Otherwise, choose "This is the only way to get a Life Mage child. I will do whatever it takes, and Ramirez's life means nothing to me." which bypasses the subtle check, although you won't get the subtle bonus.
* Otherwise (magic * If your charm is > 60, you can limit the damage to your sibling's husband, but you have to get the agreement in advance.
* When you return to court, the King will have gone off with the woman he was flirting with. Choose "Go to see the King" followed by "Walk away." to mitigate the damage (but no matter what, the King's inclination to have an affair will be increased).
* If you have followed the recommended path to this point, skip the next section (you'll get "You spend the next two days attempting to manage a whisper campaign in your best interests." with no choices instead).
* If you acquired posion or the ingredients for death magic (from your family, earlier) you have the option of killing either Juanita or Adelita. Note that the posion options have a significant amount of content associated with them, so you may want to play through these options.
* If you accepted the deal with the life mage, you /must/ carry it through at this point (or you won't get the potion). Again, there is a pretty significant amount of content associated with this option (and its ramifications), so it is worth playing through.
* If choose to attend court the previous day, AND choose to leave with the King after court, you'll have various options that have the effects you would expect.
* Next up is the denouncement:
* If you followed the recommended path:
* Juanita will be executed as a traitor.
* Tomas will be married to the Sarhan princess for peace.
* Your secondborn child will be a life mage, and pronounced heir.
* The king will stop perusing Adelita and will not have further affairs in the future.
* You have the opportunity to speak up on Juanita's behalf during the "trial" -- she still gets executed, but you get a big reputation boost (and your relationship with the King takes a hit).
* If you didn't set the Juanita traitor flag (possible by either asking your family to speak against her, searching the Queen's residence (need high booksmart and other stats, must be mistress), forging letters from Juanita (must have spoken to Vega after Court during the beginning, kept your promise to speak to the King effectively, and asked him in return to work to dis-inherit Juanita), but otherwise followed the walkthrough, Juanita will be declared heir and married to the Sarhan prince.
* If you successfully convinced the King that the danger from Sarhan was greater than the danger from the Aguilar family, then Juanita is declare heir and married as you requested. Basically, you've really shot yourself in the foot here. :)
* If you didn't go see the Life Mage when the option was first offered to you, then you (literally) have a 1:100 chance of having a life mage child. Yes, there really IS logic in place to allow this to happen. :)
* In addition to the above, there are a number of losing endings when you get caught killing various people -- some leave you dead due to being convicted of treason, some leave you banished in lieu of death, some leave you banished but then killed by assassins dispatched by your sibling, and a very few leave you being removed from court but otherwise free due to a successful claim of "The evil Life Mage made me do it". :)

hothotpot July 20, 2011 4:40 PM

Unfortunately, I don't think it is possible to come out with an ending where you are still in the King's favor AND you have a life-mage child. Bummer.

hothotpot July 20, 2011 4:55 PM

Hmm seems I was wrong! Good to know!

Super Twichy July 20, 2011 5:15 PM

As excited as I was for this, it seemed too short. At first they were pumping out the games pretty quickly, but now it takes ages for this shorter one. Still amazingly fun and I continue to wait!


Yeah, if I have one problem with this, it feels more like an interquel than a proper sequel.

I thought having Juanita married off to Sahra was a clever political move, though I seem to have screwed myself over by refusing to find a solution to my "can't give the Queen a Life Mage child" woes.

It'll be interesting to see how, or if, that plays into the third and final installment.

hothotpot July 21, 2011 10:55 AM

Here are my thoughts on the game, spoilered for uh...spoilers? Haha.

I think the "best" outcome for this one is to have a Life Mage child with the King/Queen. It seems the only way to accomplish this results in the King/Queen having an affair at least once, but I believe if you manage to have the Life Mage child he/she will remain faithful to you after the birth of your child. In Choice of Romance, I played a character who was strongest in Magic and Manipulation, and weakest in learning. I felt this was the best because your strength in manipulation will still allow you to sway the opinion of the court in the very pivotal chapter where the borderlords are in dispute with Sahra. Being strong in magic also allows you to compete in the Joust (and win), which impresses the King/Queen. The most important is being strong in manipulation, however, since that is pivotal in Choice of Intrigues as well, and you can just as easily win the affections of the King/Queen at the joust tournament by not competing and comforting him/her when they accidentally kill their opponent.

Anyway, in Choice of Intrigues I tried to balance my time between spending time with the King and pursuing the Life Mage potion. I skipped the bit with De Vega altogether, rather than risk alienating him, and stayed with the King during the hunt. I'm not sure if this affected whether or not he remained faithful to me after we had a Life Mage child, since I haven't tried it another way. But that is my suggestion, and the best ending I've come up with so far.

Can't wait for the next installment!

V2Blast July 21, 2011 5:21 PM

So... has anyone been able to save their game without having hooked up with the king/queen?


i find it exstreamly disappointing that they only let you continue if you where romancing the queen/king. It is sort of hypocritical when the whole point of the games where to alow you to make your own choices, but they locked you out of one of their games unless you made the choices they wanted you to make.




I don't like how in order to play the second part, you have to be with the King. I almost never went with him in the first part because I predicted what would happen if I married him

(He would get with young, new girls after I married him in the same way he cheated on Ines with me)

However, I was happy that

Gabriel shows up near the end. I was always fond of him and almost always chose him in the first part

As others have said, I was disappointed with the length. After nearly a year of waiting, it should have been about the same length as the first part and with just as many game-changing decisions.

xDeadlyxNightmarex July 24, 2011 6:49 PM

I really enjoyed playing this game. I played Choice of Romance and I did carry my story over to Choice of Intrigues. I hope they do make a part three would be nice to see what they do next !

I wish I could find more games like these to play i find them so entering to play Please make a part three !!!


I ended with the king in my favor and life mage child :D

Truly Intriguid November 4, 2011 12:30 PM

How do you get the life Mage and investigate the king consort's bed chamber??
It was a good game yes and I ended up with a fairly good outcome but I still want to get the life Mage ending without any bloody choices made!!
Thanks for you help!



i have played this game twice now but never finsihed. the first time i somehow deleted my game ( no clue how.... ) but then i started again and i was really happy at how i had been playing so far. I got to the the stage where i had just walked away after i had gone to see the kind while he was with the other girl. ( i hadnt entered i had just left ) and then i clicked next, and the loading screen appeared. now it has frozen on that screen and it has been like that for ages ! i have refreshed my screen (im on a phone btw ) turned my phone off and as a last resort tried to restart from the beginning again but nothing has worked. i would really like to finsih the game so any ideas how to fix this ?

any advice would be great thnx xxxx

littlemskina May 25, 2012 6:03 PM

Margaurite de Rivera


With life mage and death mage children.

MoonyNinja March 5, 2013 4:10 PM

I actually achieved a very high charm rate. So I'm proud of that. However

But I had to kill my sister's husband. Not that good.

I ended with:

Booksmarts: 48

Charm: 91

Subtlety: 77

Magic: 36

Wealth: 95

Reputation: 35


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