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Rating: 4.6/5 (33 votes)
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KarmenChocolatierSometime in the mid 19th century, scandal tore apart the great Baumeister chocolate empire. Tempers flared and factories closed, leaving the world desperate for a decent bite of chocolate. To paraphrase cocoa guru Benard Shintero, "nobody knew the truffles they'd seen."

But now the year is 1880, and with your help, hope and the chocolate supply can be restored. In Chocolatier, the latest career-simulation and strategy title from Playfirst, you play an apprentice chocolatier. With a little assistance from Evangeline Baumeister (either in the form of detailed instructions or a little starter cash and a few recipes) you can produce and sell delightful treats, beginning with the ever-popular chocolate bars.

ChocolatierEventually, as you make your way around the world, buying ingredients, making trades, and collecting recipes, you can move on to fancier chocolates, including mouth-watering infusions and gourmet truffles. While giant steam-run machinery does most of the hard work for you, there isn't time to sit around and eat divine sweets. In order to make your way to all the corners of the globe, you'll have to restore the Baumeister reputation. To do that, you'll have to solve a mystery by collecting clues and making bribes (with what else? Chocolate, of course!)

Even when family squabbles are wrapped up, you may still find yourself looking to complete the magnificent recipe collection, or trying to attain the highest rank of Master Chocolatiers across the World Wide Web. (You can submit your score to the list at any point during the game by clicking "pause", but be forewarned: the competition is fierce.)

In the beginning, Chocolatier doesn't seem very challenging. As you are sent on quests to find new recipes or hints, you are given rather exact directions. Even the chocolate production seems like a breeze with only a few ingredients in each bar. Once you set the production rate with one round in a factory, that factory will continue to produce as long as you supply ingredients. At first, the lure of the next sweet concoction may be just enough to motivate you. If they could add a scratch-and-sniff, or better scratch-and-taste technology to the game, you'd never want to stop. Still, as the game progresses, even without tasty samples, you may find yourself wrapped up in the story as the clues become more elusive. You'll also find yourself juggling ingredients for a number of factories, filling special orders, and planning complex trips around the world. You may even find yourself bringing chocolates to the queen of England!

The smooth, detailed graphics give this game a wonderful atmosphere. The music changes as you travel around the world, adding a bit of spice and variety. Sometimes, the animations in ambient scenes may slow the game down a bit, which can be a little frustrating if you're trying to hurry on to the next destination. Time isn't a pressing issue, though, unless you are in the middle of factory production. The next week only arrives after you move to the next port, or make chocolates manually.

If you are both a chocoholic and a fan of career-simulation/strategy games, you won't want to miss the casual gaming delights of Chocolatier.

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Karin M Designs June 24, 2007 6:59 PM

It's a fun game. I stumbled across this sometime last week and it kept me intrigued for the whole 60 minute demo, which is not what I can say about all games, where game play becomes tedious after 30 minutes or less.

The challenges are fun and the sub plots are 'cute'. I would rank it out 8/10. The chocolate making process, in my opinion, let's it down.


Jayisgames is near and dear to my heart - definitely the best casual gaming blog out there. And I really don't mean any offense by the following question: why the recent emphasis on demos and downloads? Is jayisgames shifting its focus, or is it just my imagination? If so, I'd be interested to know why. Does reviewing download games encourage sponsors and help out the site that way? Or is it a less practical and more philosophical reason - that you guys feel there is only so much that can be done online, and we gamers need to expand our horizons? Or something else entirely? The peanut gallery is curious about your rationale. :)


Molly - Thanks for keeping JIG near and dear to your heart. ^_^

Chocolatier is part of this week's Weekend Download, a weekly feature where we bring you some of the highlights from the world of downloadable casual games. We do this on the weekend when there is more time to actually download games, as some of these gems run over a hundred megabytes or more.

This is a casual games blog, so we cover casual games; and there has been a lot of development activity in this sector of late.

We will, of course, continue to feature free online Web games when there is something exceptionally engaging or compelling to feature. Look for those types of games Monday through Friday, and occasionally on the weekend, too. ;)

We feature free online games during the week as many people enjoy these types of games on their lunch hour or breaks during work.

Cheers! =)


I've been playing this game quite a bit, and i'm thoroughly enjoying it.

I have one minor quibble, which is that the "sell all" button is quite easy to click accidentally, and there is no "are you sure" window before you clean yourself out. I've done this twice already, and while it's not always particularly problematic, it's a big pain when you're trying to fill a big order for a special customer ;)

but yes, it's great fun, but it should come with free chocolate to kill the cravings!


Man, this is the first demo I've ever been tempted to buy. It's so addictive. :(


These days, I am often confused about whether games are being recommended because they're great, or because they bring money to the JIG site. I think both of these are valid, but I'd like to know which is which. Robert Scoble recently wrote an article about blogging and product endorsement, which I think Jay et al would benefit from reading. In particular, "Disclose, disclose, disclose, and disclose some more. If even there's a PERCEPTION that money is changing hands, gotta disclose."


kristof June 25, 2007 7:18 AM

I agree, raitoo. I've played so many demo games but I never buy them, but this one has me wanting more. Some of the games I don't even finish the hour long time, but in Chocolatier the hour just snuck up on me. This game is absolutely superb.


Nice update on the format of things, its cleaner, and I'm thinking smoother....


I agree about the Sell All button. Silly me, I thought when I had a product selected and I clicked Sell All, it would sell all of that particular product. Next thing I know, everything's gone!

But like Raitoo, I may just buy this game.


Ben - I am familiar with that article. There is no soul selling going on, I assure you. We will continue to feature and review only casual games that we recommend, whether they are free online experiences or time-limited demos to download.

Having comments on every thread allows you, the visitor, to comment on the quality of the game, and hence on the credibility of our recommendation. Should enough people disagree with our recommendation assessment of any particular game, we will pull the review. We've done it before with free online games, but so far none of the downloadable demos we have recommended have failed to live up to expectations.

And for those who are considering purchasing a game due to our recommendation, you can rest assured that your purchase comes with a satisfaction guarantee as well: Arcade Town, Reflexive, and Big Fish all offer at least a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There are a lot of quality games out there, and we're doing our best to bring them to you.


I liked Chocolatier, although "tycoon-setting" is pretty much standard, it got some original elements like setting the factories-speed. For me the random in the prices was just a bit to much 1000% difference was not seldom. Also the lottery events might be a nice addon but somehow ruin the competition thinking (how much money can you make in x days). Also I miss the option just to wait 1 week in a city, but maybe I overlooked it.

@Ben, actually as long Jay still features a majority of free games, you can just "visually blind out" the featured downloads.

"Should enough people disagree with our recommendation assessment of any particular game, we will pull the review."

@Jay, no offence, I really love your side, and I understand you got probably traffic where even every flatrate provider will soon bail out, so you need to get some money where. Also I love the way (almost) no advertisment ruins the side, and its my favorite games side. But on the other hand, the case when somebody comes in and says "hay, that was a crappy game", I bet you will (and have seen it) post soon "hey man, pull yourself together, I don't expect every game to be liked by everyone, I even exepct that some people will dislike it, so refrain from such posts please" :-)


Oh one thing forget, out of some reason while playing this I always think of """Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka...
The Amazing Chocolatier.
Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka...
Everybody give a cheer!"""


fuzzygrid - true, I have made comments like that before, but we have also pulled a couple of reviews before due to the quality of the experience being so low that nothing good was ever said about the game. The quality was just not up to the standards we've set for this site, and we unfortunately let something sub-par slip through.

In a perfect world we wouldn't ever let that happen, but we're only human. =)

Eytan Zweig June 25, 2007 5:18 PM

I bought Chocolatier yesterday, and have been enjoying it a lot. The amount of options increases in a way that never really becomes difficult (or at least, it hasn't yet, and I've unlocked all but one city and most recipies), but is good for offering variety and is maintaining my interest pretty well.

Jeannette Coughlinq June 25, 2007 10:13 PM

When I go by boat to trinidad and so forth, for some reason when I arrive back to San Francisco, I have lost most of my cargo. Can someone help me on this, is their something I am not doing which I should be doing?

Eytan Zweig June 25, 2007 11:00 PM

I've never lost most of my cargo for a short trip, but after a few weeks, any ingredients you aren't using in any factory will rot. Basically, the game prevents you from keeping stockpiles of stuff - if you see something really cheap, you need to buy it and go to a factory and start using it.


Hi Jay,

Thanks for your reply. Actually, I don't really feel that you're selling your soul either. I didn't notice that was the title of the link, and it wasn't supposed to be a criticism.

I'm pleased if you get money from affiliates which supports you and the site. The more the better! As a reader, I just think it is important to avoid the bad feeling that one gets if one receives a recommendation, and later finds out that the recommender has a financial interest in the recommendation. If you say upfront, "Here is a cool game, and JIG gets some money if you buy it through this link.", there's no confusion. I understand exactly where the recommendation is coming from, and can form my own judgement about whether to download/buy. If the financial interest is hidden, every time a see a game that I feel is mediocre, I wonder whether it's just being recommended for financial reasons. Eventually, I begin to doubt all the recommendations I get from the site.

I think, as the site grows and more money comes in, this will get increasingly important. Disclosing financial interests improves the relationship between the site and the reader, without any real cost that I can see.

Here's to a profitable future for JIG!



If you mean ingredients, then it's normal for them to disappear--they get used up in the factories.


Thanks, Ben. =)

Cassandra June 26, 2007 7:32 PM

I downloaded it (I purchased it) and I am HOOKED on this game. I enjoy the money-making process.. It's satisfying to set all the factories going on some expensive truffle for a few weeks and then sell it all at your own shop for max profit :) The story line was a hook at the beginning but I like the fact that the game provides different ways at keeping you interested--Some players may be more interested in the factory process and others may be more interested in quickly finding all the recipes. Gorgeous game to look at it, but it makes me absolutely desperate for chocolate!


Is there anyone who knows what the requirements are to achieve each ranking??? I'm unsure if I'm suppose to keep certain chocolates in inventory or if it's good to "sell all." How do we know when we are moving up in the chocolate world ranking??? LOL


Eytan Zweig June 27, 2007 4:40 PM

Sell all. I never kept chocolates in my inventory and I won the game.

The last rank comes from solving a particular quest; I'm not entirely sure what the criteria for the other ranks are, but I think it's either a particular amount of money or a particular amount of recipes.


Is the maker of this game the same as the one who made the Tradewinds games? I loved the Tradewinds, and the graphics are similar. Chocolatier is great, but it lacks the humor that the Tradewinds had.

maxican50 July 5, 2007 10:24 AM

i also love chocolatier. its very addictive but im stuck now. ive got all the recipes for chocolate bars and squares. i havent unlocked around 5 ports yet and im not getting a quest anywhere i go. help please?

Lila-May July 8, 2007 1:08 AM

maxican: Be sure to hunt down Cyprus Rush for your Visa :)

vicki devlin July 8, 2007 8:06 AM

Been playing the game for a week now, love it, but stuck, can't find agamani anadappa anywhere.


I cannot find Janean Tissa to give her 25 cases of infusions. What city is she in?


janean tisha is in colombo...i have a big question, that mean guy stole all my truffle powder stuff so i can't make any truffles, now none of the markets have them available to buy?? what do i do?

maxican50 July 9, 2007 2:06 PM

i also already have my visa. i wonder if there is someone i need to talk to for a quest? im stuck

Lila-May July 10, 2007 12:49 AM

maxican: Talk to EVERYONE if you can't continue. And keep trying to same places multiple times. A quest will show up. Each game play unfolds slightly differently. For example, the first time I played I got the lemon chocolate bars really quickly - they were like my 4th bar. Second time I played? Didn't get them til almost the end...


I've been stuck for several days and just keep going from city to city talking to people. I need to open the last port and finish collecting the truffle recipes. What am I doing wrong??


how the heck do i save this game?


Stuck on chocolatier. Have all chocolate bars, squares. Missing Quito and Raspberry Colombo infusions. Missing all but one truffle. Have gone to every city and questioned everybody, no new quests. Help!!


please help, how do you deliver cargo, white chocolate bars to New York, Ol Jack I think?

bintangbiru July 19, 2007 3:34 PM

i gotta deliver 12 cases of Trinidadian Cacao Almond Vanilla Truffles to Jarrah Tangye..
one simple problem...
Where is this person?! am getting dizzy..
pls help.. thx b4


Jarah Tangye is in Hong Kong in the Victoria Cliffs he was and is still in love with Evangeline Baumister


simplicity at it's yummiest (is that even a word? oh, wait...), like something I heard of once: "Strikingly elegant in it's simplicity". GREAT GAME!
Basic ideas:
1. Eventually, you'll unlock several new recipes, so it has a slow start...
2. the more ingredients, the more you need to spend!
3. some recipes will be given to you, some you just earn along the way!
4. if you're bored, go into free play mode and you'll have EVERY recipe, but the other three categories need a different machine so: Same Concept, Different Chocolate!
5. On demo mode, unlock all the places you can in around 10 minutes and use the other 50 in Free Play Mode, instead of Campaign Mode, that way, you get lots of time to mess around with, as well as getting all those mouth-watering recipes!
6: see above.
10: Don't make me come down there.
yum, choccies.

try the game once, hooked for life. (TTGO,HFL)
If you see the (TTGO,HFL) Logo/symbol, try it NOW! ONLY MY OPINION, so watch out,'cause i'm makin' up for lost time! (oh, yeah. REMEMBER THIS: This is my own personal idea on these games, so I DO NOT know what you like, so try not to end up yelling at me, because YOU think i'm wrong. that needed to be said, DON'T SHOUT 'CAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE IT! oops... L8R!


I am still stuck trying to deliver white chocolate bars to Ol Salty Dog, he is in New York and waiting for me to deliver them. I have went so many times with the right number of bars 28. I don't know what else to do. He is their but doesn't take the bars. Please be a spoiler and let me know. Also, if you miss getting the visa is it gone forever?


I really enjoy this game - are there similar ones out there? Nothing too difficult, but amusing at the same time?


esmeraldo esteban took away my truffle powder! how do i get it back? it's not available in any of the ports now? I bought this game and i think this stinks...i can't get it anywhere now!


I'm stuck..

Help! The queen asked me to deliver a cherry square for a quest. I can't seem to find the vanilla ingredient on any port! Help please.

Melissa July 30, 2007 6:32 PM

Try the city under London begining with an M. Can't remember the name. You'll find the vanilla there. It won't be cheap though,


Hi, I am just a newcomer in the Chocolatier world. I have seen a few comments in the game as well as in this forum about 'the shop that you own will always offers premium price'. Does this mean that you can also buy a chocolate shop (not where I make them but where I can sell them) in addition to the factory? If so, how can I buy it? Never seen any option to buy shop anywhere. If anyone could please help out a little? Thanks very much in advance.


you have to wait until you have at least 4 awards. for me one of the shop owners offered me the shop for 25700 dollars.


I can't seem to find the milk chocolate hazaelnut square recipe and I also need to unlock Columbo. I've been to all the cities, spoken with everyone over and over again, but can't seem to get any further.


I love the game very much but i can't complete it i stuck with the squers. I don't have enoght money to buy things and to trevel. Somebody can help me please?! I realy want to play but i can't go on. Sombody who knows how to pass the game please answer me and help me to pass it too.
Thenks a head!!!


Hey everyone! Now, I really don't consider myself an idiot, but here I am stuck at the very first quest! I need to bring 18 chocolate bars with cashews to sarah hoffenpepper, and I can not for the life of me get the recipe! It's been over an hour, I've gone everywhere, visited everyone, and no one is offering the recipe. I own 3 factories, and I am selling bars all over the place. I read somewhere that sarah i think is supposed to offer the recipe when I visit a random city, but she has yet to do so. Like I said, no one has. I am about to rate this game a 1/10, haha. I am reading people's comments about how they are stuck farther on in the game, and I can't even get the recipe for bars with cashews or whatever it is. Can someone please tell me STEP by STEP how to get that recipe? Thank you so much, I will really appreciate it!


I admit, I'm a computer casual game addict, but Chocolatier has me playing past winning, then playing under different identities. I've made charts for ingredient locations, the order chocolate recipes appear, which ingredients are used in which chocolates, etc. I'm hopeless! My question is, how many weeks can an ingredient be held in inventory without using before it deteriorates?


ok this game is making me mad, I like it but I can't find the milk chocolate hazelnut squares. or my 6th factory. someone help me please


how do i get the rank of chocolatier?



she is supposed to meet you in your travels. I think for me it was when i was going down to somewhere in south america. and for future problems this should help.

Dice player August 20, 2007 1:31 AM


when i was low on money i played dice. of course sometimes i lost but it can help. If you click on one of the buildings in the cities a number of times you will get the option of playing dice for a certain amount of money.


I love the game - but how do I get Sydney to open up. All the other ports are open except that one??

master chocolatier August 31, 2007 10:13 AM

traveler: i got stuck in the same place for a while. Just keep selling chocolates and check in with bauminster family on a fairly regular basis! good luck!


I love this game I've been hooked but I wanted to know how you unlock the rank of chocolatier?? couldn't figure that out yet please someone help me!!

ShyTrbleMaker September 26, 2007 8:23 PM

Well, I did buy the "addictive" Chocolatier. I've played it through in story mode twice, and in free play once. And I'm going back for more. I've been looking for something that's in the same genre but I'm not finding a lot that really attracts my attention. Anyone have good suggestions?

Dreaming of Sydney September 27, 2007 9:16 AM

How do I go to Sydney???


Hey, some mean guy stole the truffle powder!

Does anyone know how to get the truffle powder back? There is no truffle powder in the game!


when i get enought ingredients for a recipe, and get back to a factory. Before i have a chance to change the recipe, most of the ingredients i have, have been taken and made into a different recipe. I then have to go out and purchase more ingredients for the recipe i wanted to make. How can I stop/avoid the loss of ingredients before i get a chance to use them. sometimes it happens as soon as i get in to the factory?

thank you



I've had this game for months now, I've gotten to the last port, but can't seem to win the game.



hiii... i have a question. there is a guy made an order of infusion. but when i made it, it doesn't appear in the inventory box... how come it happen?? can u guys help me to complete his order??? thank you..


I cant upgrade factory's to make squares... what i have to do to buy this "machine"???


I'm supposed to bring 2 dozen cases of chocolate to
Alhaji Busia Afrifa in West Africa but I can't find the help anyone.


I find that some of my recipes are without a picture. When I try to make these recipes, the program unexpectedly quits. I am on certain quests that require these recipes and i had to start over numerous times because of this. Can anyone help me?


Please can someone tell me how do i become a 'master chocolatier'... belive me i have open all america and africa ports, but i'm stuck and i just cant open another port.. i have lots of chocolates and over 1 million of dollar in cash.. but i just can figurate how to open another port, i bught all 5 factory and 2 stores.. i have found all chocolate bars and squares.. no infusion or truffles has been found...
I'M LOSING MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!



Helpmeplease December 26, 2007 3:36 PM

Hey everyone,

I know this is going to sound really stupid (believe me, I feel pretty stupid), but how do you buy factories? And where are they?



I just started the demo today...and I'm a bit confused. How do you purchase new machinery? ....I was asked to produce x amt dark chocolate infusion w/ pecans..


Dayna, do you have the recipe? If you do, just try to produce the chocolates in one of your factories and you'll have the option of upgrading your machinery.


I just discovered this game, bought it, and I love it! The only problem I am having is, I get to the point where I have 5 factories, then, I don't get any more tasks, and CANNOT for the life of me, figure out how to get the sixth factory! I've already gone through this game twice to this point, and I'm there again! I'd like to figure out how the heck to get the sixth factory, and get beyond this point, so I can open the rest of the ports, etc. I want to see the rest of this game!!!!


You don't go to ports to find the recipe, you go to the recipe book. You can find cashews in Mahajanga, I believe - either there or Accra.

Anonymous January 19, 2008 2:42 PM


If you're missing the factory in Hong Kong, you must reach at least $2 million. Then you will receive a message saying that Evangeline wants to have a word with you. Then she will open up 3 ports for you (one includes Hong Kong)

Hope this helps! :)


$2 million???!!! Are they nuts??? I haven't got past $100,000+! I just went broke for the umpteenth time! How the h#ll am I supposed to get to $2 million, when I stop getting tasks after getting Mahajanga???!!!


How the heck am I supposed to get London operational once it's open, if I go back and forth 3 times or so, and lose my cacao beans each time????!!! Somehow last night I eventually got past that, but do I get it up and running as soon as I open it? And how, with that stupid cacao???!!!
Not having any better luck getting past $130,000 or so, before I start going up and down, and eventually hit a downward spiral! I'm heading there again!!!!! What kinds of things should I make in London?


me again... maybe I should just make an account :P

Sorry for the long message :P

For the cacao, you might be producing too much in your factories (weird, I know) Make only about 15-20 of any chocolate in your factories so you can manage them better. Also, I would avoid dark/extra dark chocolatesas much as possible due to the amount of cacao needed for them

For the London factory, did you get the quest from the Queen? I know it was hard for me to accomplish the quest at first, but once I did it, it boosted my money and any more of those chocolates will sell for at least $1000 each. The Queen resides in Buckingham Palace... I suggest that before you accept the quest, get plenty of sugar, cacao beans, cherries, and vanilla (need those for the new recipe)

Pretty much, accept any quest that you receive and sell whatever chocolates you have OFTEN. It really adds up. Oh, and don't upgrade all of your factories at the same time. With me, I had one factory to make truffles, one for infusions, etc. That way, I had more money to spend on ingredients.


HELP!!! I have done really well quite fast, I have close to 200,000,000. I have all or nearly all recipes in each section, except the exotics. And i am really stuck. I have not got Sydney yet, but have all the others. I have heads popping up everywhere asking me to make a praline with cloves and a secret spice from Maharunga, but I seem to be lacking this spice and I have been around and around and around so many times - getting the same message to make these things but no hints on the spice. The laboratory will not let me make anything else in the meantime.


Reading all above, do I have same version of game? My factories are San Francisco, New York, Shangai, Paris and Mahajunga. I have one factory left to get on my menu and that is Sydney, but this port has not opened for me. I can't see London or Hong Kong. Evangeline has been ousted but is still my boss from secret locations - but since being ousted she has only contacted me once in Shangai I think it was, and not heard from her since! HINT to NEWBIES.... buy and sell a lot for a while, back and forward between S.F, S.J, Cayenne. That is way to build up first 10K, then missions and recipies start to come in - accept all. What not to accept... sleazy characters askng for factory tours! They will trash your factory!!!!


Okay... SORRY I am really dumb!!! I had the recipe all along. I had it before people started asking for it all over the place! DUH. It pays to check inventories often... now have Sydney in production, have last exotic ingredients from Fiji, have all but two badges and will soon own my fourth shop!!! Dam, wish I could be this successful in real life!


Thanks for the advice...never thought that producing 30 plus cases could work against me!! And I thought I was getting better at this game! Getting down to $130,000 or so, is AFTER the queen quest! I get my $1 million plus, and it just goess down from there. Not upgrading all your machines at the same time is a good idea...got to remember also having one for truffles, one for infusions, etc. I like that! Not that I've gotten to the truffles or infusions yet, but...one of these days. LOL.

Zaijal, did you say you got to $200,000,000. How the heck did you do that? I can't even get past $1,000,000.


I just went broke for the 5th or 6th time, and this is really p*ssing me off! I can't figure out how to get past $130,000 or so, and this is AFTER the London task! Somebody, HELP, PLEASE!


once again... hello :)

I believe Zaijal has chocolatier 2, which explains why he/she has different ports, secret locations, and more money (chocolatier 2 takes place in the 20th century... when they had more money :P)With the original chocolatier, I ended up with around 15 million... that should be around the ending amount you get (give or take some)

Hm... I don't think you need to start over just yet... what are you producing in your factories? amounts produced for each? own any shops?


The game itself is very good, but did the game creators even knew what they were putting in the locations? C'mon, the Amazonian Rainforest in the middle of Rio? They could have done better than it. If it wasn't for this, I would probably have bought the game. These games are played all around the world, so the least they could do was to put the correct locations. I'll give a 6/10 (probably just because I'm angry, otherwise I would give a 8/10)


$15 million???!!! How the heck do you get there??? I get thru the London, get $100,000 or so, then go downhill from there. I end up losing money, stop getting tasks...what the h*ll am I doing wrong???? I just did it again for the umpteenth time and I'm down to $80,000 or so, with nothing more coming in. HELP!!! I'm about to start over AGAIN.

Look! It's Miss CE! January 29, 2008 6:07 PM

hm... go ahead and start over.

This is my basic "tactic":

start with the tutorial (I always use it! it gives you a better start)

make sure you don't make more than 20 chocolates at a time

take every task you get (search bars, chocolate shops, everywhere)

when it comes to dark/extra dark chocolates, don't make more than needed (due to the amount of cacao needed for them)

near the first part of the game, you will most likely be low on cash from performing tasks. No matter how bad it looks, don't start over! (have to tell myself that sometimes :P)

when it comes to the gambling/amulets/travel passes, don't bother with them

only upgrade factories when needed (for tasks)

make sure you constantly have chocolate being produced and constantly sell them (if you own shops, sell there)

most of all, REMEMBER WHERE EACH INGREDIENT IS LOCATED! knowing that will cut traveling cost from "searching for that particular ingredient"

That's pretty much what I followed for the game and it has worked 3/3 times. If you need specific suggestions/help with anything else, Let me know. :)


Gosh, i don't know how to have DOZEN cases... help me please!!!!!!!


I've been playing for about a month now and I got through the family feud with the Bauminsters and I guess won the game. Anyway I kept playing, but I accidently hit the sell all button so I had to rebuild my stock. Getting to the point, when I went to start making truffles again, there was no truffle powder. I have all the ports open and everything and I've made them before, but now there isn't any there. Any ideas would be welcome.

Look! It's Miss CE! February 7, 2008 9:54 PM

for the dozen cases, you can produce any amount of cases you want in the factories. It doesn't have to be 12... if you were only able to make less than 12, don't worry. You produce that amount every week, so if you travel to another city, you'll produce another set of cases and your cases will build up (unless you always sell all of your cases)

for the truffle powder... its pretty much a little "joke" the creator of this game made... apparently the guy that wrecked the family in the first place is mad that you've won so he took away all of the truffle powder from the markets... doesn't seem so funny to me... good thing I bought 9000 before I beat the game :P


does he ever give it back?

Look! It's Miss CE! February 9, 2008 9:05 PM

unfortunately, no


Help, I have to take 15 case of chocolate lemon bars to Candace Baumeister at Quito... I've come and gone a bunch of times and she's not there. How do I do this?


help me!
i'm stuck now, as i went to abidjan too early, i got this deal to exchange for a infusion recipe, and i have to make him some amount in return.
i played for hours after that and i owned 3 factories now, but none have the option of upgrading machines.i only own the square machine!
do i have to start over now?


I need help. I can't find Stacy Alterna at Brooklyn Confections Inc. If anyone could help me that wuold be great. Thanks.


Stacy Aterna Is the factory controller. Click on the factory.

coolcol09 April 20, 2008 10:21 PM

How do you upgrade factories?

Random person May 3, 2008 8:42 AM

a good recipie to use is chocolate squares with coffee
the coffee beans are expensive so buy ten and make the chocolates sell them and buy more coffee beans and sell and do that untill you have $49,000


How do you get the recipe for milk hazelnut squares???

DColbert July 8, 2008 7:14 PM

To em88: You aren't the only one that can't locate truffle powder anymore. I've run out of options for making truffles because it isn't available anymore.

DColbert July 8, 2008 7:18 PM

If anyone is having trouble locating all of the factories, they are in: San Francisco, New York, London, Hong Kong, Mahajanga, and Rio De Janeiro.
Hope this helps.


where are the savedirectory
do haven any save's for me?
how can i get a lot of money

Michael July 28, 2008 5:25 AM

Where can I find "Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Squares"? I've already finished the game with $18,000,000 and have garnered the rank of Master Chocolatier but one recipe is still left unknown.


I havent found the "Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Squares" either... i've got all the other ones and can't find it on any help page... if someone finds it... contact me plz =)
btw, i reached the master chocolatier and $20,000,000


To everyone with specific questions about different quests, and wondering where to find certain recipes, and where to find certain people, and how to unlock specific ports:

Just play the game. You have to discover your OWN game. No one will have the *exact* same game you do, because there is no ONE way to get to finish. I know this because each time I've finished the game; I end up missing a few recipes, but never the SAME recipes. (I have played Chocolatier start to finish about 4 times.)

You WILL get a new quest, if you talk to enough people. You WILL get a recipe when you talk to someone, eventually. You WILL get to visit all the ports, when you've done what is required and are given access.

Just EXPLORE. If you get frustrated with a quest, forget about it and travel around selling chocolate to all the stores. Sooner or later, you'll run into the person you're looking for.

You cannot just BUY a store, you have be asked if you WANT to buy a store. It will happen, when you ask the right person, and have enough money.


I'm up to the bit where you take 15 bars of chocolate with trinidad lemons Candace Baumeister Quito, but I can't find her anywhere!
Please help.

Anonymous October 12, 2008 8:33 AM

How to get the "Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Squares":
After you gain access to Accra, start the chain of quests that start with talking to Yaa Ambolley, which end up in Quito with Helen Richardson who tells you that the Quito shop Confitero de Ecuador is up for sale. DO NOT go and click on Confitero de Ecuador just yet. If you do, Isabella Baumeister, who will give you the recipe for "Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Squares" never shows up (probably a glitch). She also does not show up if you are on a quest. So after Helen Richardson tells you about the shop, just move around a bit in the region and don't accept any new quests and Isabella will show up to offer you the recipe. Once she does you can then go and take ownership of the shop in Quito.


You all are so far I feel so sad! I'm still stuck on the ports in north america and cant open ANY new prots. I have 2 factories and 1 shop and around 130,000 thousand dollars.


Hi Everyone, I just love this game. but I am stuck lol. I need the recipe for Currant pralines can anyone please share with me? It would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


ugh i am so confused or well lost really i finished the game with over 9 mil i got all the trophies but i am missing the milk chocolate hazelnut squares. was there a quest or a swap i missed for that recipe? it was asked once before but i dont think there was ever an answer for it. ANYBODY????


help me please... how do i make buns?? thank you


Hi all,

I'm a bit confused. Were there two versions made of the original Chocolatier game? The screenshots and menu pages, as well as some of the ingredients and cities that I'm seeing being listed are different from the ones in the game that I downloaded. The names of the characters are still the same, it seems. The chocolate making factory (the cannon) graphics look different as well, even though the concept of shooting ingredients into a tray is the same. I haven't any screenshots on me right now, but I'm sure I somehow downloaded a different version of Chocolatier (no Quito, no Trinidad lemons, but I see Lima and Uluru limes o.o). Could anyone clarify for me? I haven't found any mention of two versions on Google...


Leigh - there are actually 3 different Chocolatier games like this now:


Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients

Chocolatier 3: Decadence by Design

Surely the one you have is one of those other two?


Just started the game and already stuck. I know i must be missing something completely obvious but what do i do when it says... Manufacture at least 5 coffee rescipes and own one shop.

I have tried to create new coffee recipes in the lab but it says i have no space to store them. please help!

Anonymous March 25, 2009 11:47 PM

I have all the recipes for the bars, squares, infusions, and truffles, except for the milk chocolate hazelnut squares. Where do I get the recipe for that? I visited all the cities and can't find it!! Help!!!

Thanks a lot!

[Edit: Check the "Creations" tab in your recipe book. :) -Pam]


im stuck at in the Saharah. i bought too many currants and i cant leave now does anyone no what to do this happened when i played the original chocolatier and i was so fed up i restarted ive opened all the ports help plzzzz!!



is there a walkthrough for the original chocolatier game, ive have completed the 2nd and 3rd games, but never completed the first so i am trying it now, is there a walkthrough for it?

lalalajrengjreng August 23, 2009 3:30 PM

I have gone to 5 ports, Zurich, Tangiers, Capetown, Douala, Tokyo, Rekjavik, Cuba and Kona. I have 3 factories in Zurich, Tokyo and Capetown. Now I should learn 12 infusions and I dont know how to do that! There's a lot of ingredients I have never seen in the market. I've searched it everywhere, but it's useless! Could anybody help me please? I'm really stuck here! Thanks.

[Edit: The towns you mention are the ones in the third Chocolatier game. You need to post your question in that forum. It can be found here: https://jayisgames.com/archives/2009/01/chocolatier_decadence_by_design.php#comment-304163. There is also a list of ingredients and their locations in the walkthrough section of that page that may help you. -Pam]


I bought the first Chocolatier and was just given the recipe for mahajanga raspberry mint infusions, but the graphic doesn't appear in the recipe book or in the window to start making chocolates. When I click "make chocolates" anyway, the game quits. I already tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, but the same thing happened again... suggestions?


How do I move on to Infusions? I have completed all of the task, have not rejected any challenges. I am moving around the ports and no one is talking to me with a challenge so I can move on to the Asia ports. How can I move on, I am running out of monies to keep traveling? Each port I do click on each & every buildings repeatly. Can someone help me?


Also I have bought 5 factories, 2 candy shops, have the recipts for al of the squares and bars & still I can to get to the infusions. Pleae help, I am obsessed with this game and want to complete it asap.

Thanks again



I tried your approach - went to Accra, made the Hazelnut Squares and delivered them to Helen Richardson. I didn't click on Confitero de Ecuador, but just kept clicking on the Bar de Olimpus and other places (like the Galapagos Islands). It didn't work - other characters kept offering me quests, but I couldn't find Isabella Baumeister anywhere. Do I just have to hope that she turns up randomly, or is it a one-off chance only?


Never mind, I think I've worked it out. *General Note* Isabella Baumeister tends to crop up when you're travelling between ports, rather than at specific buildings or locations. She also doesn't talk if you're doing a quest - you need to be free of tasks before she talks to you.

Best Chocolatier January 10, 2011 12:00 AM

hey jay like your site i have just one question:

i downloaded the game a couple of weeks ago, I am an entreprenuer and I have been for a while I have tried everything to become a chocolatier. I have made every and sold every chocolate bar and square I can possibly make but I don't have the recipe for milk chocolate squares with hazelnuts, is that a problem? If not, how do I become a chocolatier?


I have been stuck on the Transport 12 Trinidadian Cacao Almond Vanilla Truffles to Jarrah Tangye mission for over a year please help how do i acquire this recipe ??? Im wondering it is a glitch or if i just missed something ? i have over $7,000,000. i can still make and sell goods i been to new York library to the amazon forest and the Castle and various places to look for the recipe


Aziza Young -

Contact Sarah Hoffenpepper who tells you to visit her finance, Dieter Baumeister, in Istanbul. He will give you the recipe.


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