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Chocolate Shop Escape

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Rating: 3.8/5 (99 votes)
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Chocolate Shop Escape

Before you fire up Chocolala Studio's Chocolate Shop Escape, I'm going to need you to clamp down tight on your sweet tooth, because otherwise you're never going to escape from here. As the title implies, you've been locked inside a small, trendy chocolate shop, and to find a way out, you'll need to solve some puzzles and gather some items, and resist the urge to lay underneath the chocolate fountain once you get it going. There's no changing cursor to show what's interactive, but the design is clean enough that you shouldn't need one. Just click on things around the room, and pay attention to your surroundings... even if a clue seems to be sitting right out in plain view, it might need a second look to make sure you're using it correctly. Chocolate Shop Escape is short, sweet, and just clever enough to make it a nice, light treat for escape fans. Make sure you have everything before you go!

Play Chocolate Shop Escape


Nice and short (once I slapped myself for making some simple mistakes).


Feeling a bit slow. I have


But I am not sure what to do with it. I also have

4-digit code from placing digital holes on chocolate. I am pretty sure those numbers have to go to the fountain's buttons, but nothing seems active

What am I missing?


Your problems are definitely related.

[spoiler]Clearly the fountain is missing something?

[spoiler]Like chocolate?

[spoiler]Examine the fountain itself, that should take you to a close-up view of the bottom basin.

[spoiler]Use chocolate in the basin. This will activate the fountain and turn on the four-digit lock.[/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]


Man... I hate when I forget which sites use HTML and which don't. My bad for not previewing. :(


Feeling very dim. I have the


And assume the clue to the candle-box is

to light them in the order C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E as in the picture above the box.

And yet, when I

click OK, the lights go out and the box doesn't open.

What am I missing?


You're missing the clue on the matchbox.

Bobo The Bear February 11, 2016 3:08 PM

So far, nobody has mentioned that there are 2 possible endings

One in which you leave without opening the gift box next to the one blue chocolate bar, and ...

One where you use your matches to burn away the ribbon and get ...

What else - more chocolate!


Why would anyone want to escape?

I'd just stay and munch on chocolates!!!

And yup, there are two endings. The second one is unusual.

You'd think that the fire would melt the chocolate!

Bobo The Bear February 11, 2016 3:10 PM replied to Bobo The Bear

Oops ... it's green, not blue.


How do I turn on the fountain?

I have what I think is a bag of chocolate and I can zoom in to the bottom of the fountain, but I can't put the chocolate into the fountain basin. Do I need to open the bag of chocolate?



Your bag is actually empty, you need to fill it with something before you can use it.

Check the back wall.


Chocolate Shop Escape walkthrough

1. Arrow code ("front" view)

Notice the boxes on the top shelf.

Count the stripes:

this gives the order.

Notice the location of the ribbon:

this gives the direction of the arrow.



a doorknob.

2. White/milk/dark code ("right" view)

Use the

doorknob from step 1

to acquire

a stepladder.

Use the


to access the the code panel.

Step back a little.

The code is staring you in the face.

It's that silver panel with the chocolate bars on it.

Divide the panel into three parts, as suggested by the label below.

The code is 532.


the four-digit thingy.

3. Four-color code ("back" view)

Notice the bags on the shelves above.

They're pretty much the only non-Vorkosigan (brown and silver) items in the entire room.

The number of bags gives the order.

Colorblind: one click is red, two is yellow, three is green, four is blue, then back to red.

Top left shelf is red, top right is blue, bottom left is green, bottom right is yellow.

Green, blue, red, yellow.


an empty bag.

While you're here,

click on the bins below the shelves (slight pixel hunt) until you're zoomed in on a bin of milk chocolate, and fill the bag you just got.

4. Fountain ("right" wall, again)

This is pretty much the only puzzle where the clue involves actually turning to a different view/wall.

The code panel below the fountain turns on when the fountain is on.

The fountain doesn't run when empty.

Put the chocolate from that bag you just filled into the bottom tier of the fountain.

It wants a four-digit code.

There's a sort of four-digit thingy in your inventory, but 8888 isn't the answer. How to make it into one?...

Turn to the front wall.

Zoom in on the counter (near the cash register), where there's that tray of random colors of chocolate. (Maybe it's truffle filling, waiting to be dipped. Yum.)

Put the four-digit thingy on the tray and read the code.



the matches.

5. Candles ("left" view)

This time the clue is partly staring you in the face, and partly elsewhere -- but you don't need to actually turn in any direction.

You need to light the candles corresponding to a word.

The position-to-letter correspondences are from the picture above the box of candles.

The word is on the matchbox in your inventory.




the door key.


notice that

the matches didn't go away.

If you did any looking around before you turned to a walkthrough, you probably noticed

the box with the roses on the shelf next to the green bag ("back" view).

It's the only clickable spot we haven't used.

For lack of better ideas, apply

the matches to the roses.

(Dunno what they did to deserve such a fate.)


a chocolate box.

Use the key on the door and you're out.

(It's a single-step exit: once you've clicked the door with the key, you can't go back.)

If you don't do the bonus step, you get

a smaller box of chocolates.


nice and short !


Chocolate shop.. escape? are you MAD? ^^


I'm reminded of the time my mother got a job at a chocolate factory. Everyone reassured her, "oh, you'll get sick and tired of chocolate, don't worry about the effect this will have on your diet." She never did get sick or tired of chocolate. She ended up quitting a couple of years later for "health reasons", otherwise known as "100 pounds".


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