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Chicken & Egg

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chickenegg.jpgJohnBA new game from Donut Games, creator of Castle Smasher, has just rolled onto the web: Chicken & Egg. All the cute chickens have been trapped in their eggs by the Easter Bunny. It's your job to match like-colored shells together by sliding the eggs across the grid. When the pairs come together, they hatch, revealing a set of rather bewildered chicks!

The game takes place on an 11x7 grid that looks like a chess board. Eggs, walls, obstacles and dots are placed around the screen. Click an egg to bring up a set of arrows showing you where it can slide, then click an arrow to send it flying. Eggs slide in a straight line until they come in contact with an obstacle.

You have a limited number of shots in Chicken & Egg, so be economical with your moves. The trick is to plan several steps ahead and only slide an egg if you're sure it needs to be moved. Collecting yellow dots will increase your score, but don't worry too much about them, as your bonus for finishing with shots remaining is much greater.

There are 30 puzzles in all, ten for each level of difficulty. Even some of the early puzzles will require thought as well as trial-and-error. Plenty of challenge to keep you busy.

Analysis: I'm always excited when a new game from Donut Games hits. Chicken & Egg has all the trappings of a quick, coffee-break-style game: easy to play, polished, and, well, cute. Having a limited number of shots adds to the game's challenge, but sometimes I wanted to sit and experiment with the puzzles without worrying about shot limitations.

Polished, simple and fun. Easter hits a bit early this year.

Play Chicken & Egg


I like it!

Watch the timing on the spikes, it took me a few levels to realize that they can be passed if they're down.

Becca Boo March 28, 2007 1:21 PM

I wish that they listed the diffrent kinds of obsticals so that you didn't have to sacerfice your score with trial and error. Perhaps it is a good thing, though; the trial and error.


A tip: if you come to a stop on the spikes when they are down, they will not rise again until you leave. Also, unless you are able to get at least three bonus dots by using an extra shot, it's not worth it.


that was a great game! it was cute, and easy to play, but still had that great puzzle factor where you had to think ahead. loved it!


Hmmm. I'm stuck on C4... played it every which way but one (the right one!). I seem to be hooked - otherwise I'd have thrown the laptop out of the window a long time ago :-)

MandyGirl March 29, 2007 6:11 PM

are you still stuck on c4?? heres a big hint:

first move the green and pink eggs together. then move the bottom blue egg to the right and up. after that it should be pretty simple.

hope that helps!


A very nice puzzle game. I'm stuck on C2 (for now), but really enjoy puzzles where you have to plan at least a move or two ahead. It reminds me of a mini-chess game, one where every move castles the King.


Shoot. Now I'm stuck on C4. I see what you mean, Nathan: it's a tough one.

I guess I'm just dense, mandygirl. I can't seem to get the sequence right. I'm starting to wish they had Arthur Murray-type "eggy" dance-steps to follow.

(Yeah...I know. I'm old.)


Actually, it looks like yellow dots are worth a lot more than shots. Remaining shots are 250 points each. Yellow dots increase in score during a shot. The first dot is 100, the second dot is 110, etc. So if you can average more than 3 dots per shot, then it's worth trading shots for dots.


Any pointers for C1? >__>;

Greatly appreciated, ty's


Thanks MandyGirl - but like Merricat, I'm afraid I'm still stuck.

I can provide a possible solution to C1 though... if it's allowed:

Pink - up to top
corner white - right (blocked by pink egg)
same white - down to bale of straw
other white - down... and hatched.
2nd highest blue - down ... and hatched.
Highest blue - down to bale of straw
Last blue - up ... and hatched.
Top green - down ... and hatched
Highest pink - down then left.. and hatched.
Just enough shots to do it.



MandyGirl! That's it! Thanks! Went away and came back to it - and your hint does hold the answer. Crikey. Am I ready for C5? :-)))


I finished all the levels, other than C2.

Am I missing something, because it seems to be impossible to me ???


Hi Zev,

It was only C4 that really got me stumped - even the later ones seemed easier (although C10 was a trifle tricky). Here's a walkthrough for C2 if you want it.. this time, I'll try using the spoiler tag line for line (I'm new to this) :-)

top left white - down, right and up - hatched

lower green - up - hatched

bottom right blue - left - hatched

top left orange - down, right, then up - hatched

left pink - right, then up - hatched

top orange - down, right, and up - hatched




I am not sure that is the same board for C2 that I have.

Your post shows 13 moves - the game only give 10. No worries, just eliminate the double orange.

However, the pinks on my do not meet with just the two moves you stated.

If you or anyone could offer further help please do so.


curse of the post then solve.

use the orange to hold the pink up.

pink down then left


I'm stuck on c8. Cn anyone help me there?
Thought every level before this was pretty easy but I'm all stuck now...


Sorry, CC - you're right. I stupidly put the orange move in twice :-) Just ignore the last one and it should work just fine :-) (The white one - moved first - will block the pink one okay) :-)

Kristinita April 5, 2007 8:41 AM

Heeeelp please!!
Number C 10 is driving me mad! Can anyone give me a hint please??


anyone have any insight into c8? i confess ... it's making me crazy!


i need help for c8


c10 is pretty easy........once you get it. one of those things that once you've done it ,it's like how dumb am I. move the green egg on top,up. Then move yellow egg to the right and pink egg to the left. 2nd yellow egg goes up and to the right. pink goes up and left. Now move blue down then left, and finish with green moving straight down.


C8 solution anyone? I have all but that one. Please help!


Someone's gotta help with C8. I'm willing to PAY for chrissakes!



I saw your post in the "latest comments" section and that's what started me playing this game. Like you, I got all but C8. It took hours but I finally figured it out.

Bottom blue up & right. Blue done.
Top pink down & left.
Top orange right, bottom orange left & up. Orange done.
Left pink right. Pink done.
Top green down & left. Green done.

No matter what, you always get that "DOH!" feeling when you see the solution, huh?


Bad Dog! You're the greatest! Thanks a million! Now I can stop banging my head against the table on this one. Thanks!!!!!!!


I cannot get by level 13. Help!


I'm playing this game on my iPhone and I am completely stuck on level 65, "Possibly Impossible." Can anyone help me? I would appreciate it so much


I am stuck on level 71 :S please.. Help!

Frustrated chicken May 10, 2011 7:52 AM

Please help me on iPhone level 63 before I smash my phone!!


Stephie May 27, 2011 4:04 PM

I need help!!!! i've been stuck on puzzle 69- soft center for weeks now. can anyone help me please!!!!


HELP! I need solution for level 68 (soft egg) PLZ...

Lesley Beswick July 21, 2011 9:21 PM

Need help to get through C67 "Farm Life". Cannot seem to get it.....


Please help me through c13


I am stuck on level 55 .
Pleeaase help me out�...


Same here... Stuck at 55 level. The pink is blocked in the square! Help!!!!!


Levrl 55

The yellow in the top right- down and then left
The pink in the top right- down
The pink in the bottom left- up
The right pink- left
The bottom yellow- right
The left pink- down
The right pink- left
The bottom yellow- right and up and right
The other yellow- right
The top green- down and right
Pink- down/ up

Level 55 matched!


I'm stuck on level 40 on the IPhone! Cannot seem to pass this level, any tips?


I'm stuck on level 40 on the iPhone! Really need some tips before I go mad haha


Ahhhh.... The last level is making me crazy!!!!! I need an extra shot to complete it! Anybody????


Help!!! Please!!! Level 75, the last one, have been at it for two days now on my iPhone and am charging the thing twice a day!!! Any pointers would be mightily appreciated xx


So this game is pretty fun but I'm stuck on c32 it's frustrating me. Someone HELP!!!!


Anyone solved iPhone lvl 75? I can offer 3 star solutions to almost any other lvl in return. Just can't seem to crack this last one ...!


Haha! Never mind. Just needed some time away. Solved it when I looked with fresh eyes.

iphone Lvl 75 solution:
(note: R=row C=column counting from R1C1 top left square)

flick the brown egg at R3C9 to the left just for some points

now flick the brown egg at R6C9 up 2 squares (in front of the orange egg and hatching next to the first one you flicked)

flick the brown egg at R6C6 to the right so it sits under the orange egg then move that orange egg (R4C10) down to meet it

move the brown egg you just moved (now at R6C10) back to the left so it hatches and move the second orange egg (R4C3) down to meet it - now just move in the straight lines to connect orange and the last brown eggs


Been stuck on level 69 -soft centre for so many days now!! Someone please help !


Hi guys! I'm really stuck on a level. I don't know what level it is because you guys started confusing me when you said c4 and stuff like that.. The level is called chickenpox, yes it is an easy level I just can't get it. Only got the game yesterday.. Anyway can anyone help me?


Hi I'm stuck on level 24 chickenpox.. Can anyone help??p


Level 24-chickenpox

right blue down then left to meet the other blue

Left pink down
Right pink left
Left pink right

Left green down
Then to the right not letting the blue stopper stop you
Then to the right stopping at blue stopper
Then up (come to rest on top of the blue stopper rather than it stopping you one box below)
Right green up

Hope that helps


Level 10

left green up
Right pink up
Left pink up
Right pink left
Left blue right/or right blue left
Left peach right/or right peach left


Level 13

left brown down then right (don't get cracked by the spikes)
Bottom row left pink up
Bottom row right pink left then up(resting on top of the spikes)
Right pink up


Level 40

left pink right then up then right then down
extreme left green down 
Right blue right then left
Top brown right
Bottom brown up
Top green down then right
Left brown right

Level 63

left blue right 
Left pink right
Top peach down then left then down 
Bottom pink up
Right brown down then left
Right green left then up

Level 65

right green left then down then left then up
Right blue right then up then left
Bottom pink up then right 
Bottom blue right then up
Bottom pink down then left
 right pink left
Bottom pink left

Level 67

bottom pink left (stop at stopper) then down then left
Top pink down then left
Top green left(stopping at stopper) then down
Bottom brown right then down then left then up then left

Level 68

top brown left
Bottom brown left
Top brown down 
Top green down 
Bottom pink left then up then left 
Top blue down 
Bottom blue up
Bottom peach right then up
Top peach right then down

I hope these help!!!
Now someone pleaseeeeeee help me with level 69!!!!!!


hi again thanks for level 24! i was going mad! now im stuck on 49..


I got level 49... Now stick on level 61... This game is so addictive


I'm stuck in c73(Boxes)iPhone. Someone please help;)


I truly stuck on #65. Can someone help me? I can't move onto another level since they won't unlock.


Level 65

1) Move the green on the right to the left then down, left again and up to hatch with the other green
2) Move the blue on the right to the right, then up, then to the left top corner
3) Move the top orange left then move the lower orange left to meet it
4) Move the right pink up then move the left pink up and right to meet it
5) Move the bottom left blue right and then up

Level 69

1) Move the top green up
2) Then move the top orange and blue into the middle so they hatch
3) Move the lowest orange up then to the right
4) Move the lowest blue up then to the left
5) Move the highest pink down and to the left
6) Move the top green down

Level 73

1) Move the blue on the far right up, then right, then down and then left so it hatches with the lower left blue egg
2) Move the lower of the pink eggs on the right hand side left (when the barrier is up)then down and left so it follows the first blue egg you moved
3) Move the far left brown egg down and to the right
4) Move the far right brown egg up and to the left so it hatches
5) Move the middle blue left and then up
6) Move the top left pink to the right(or for the extra points go left to the arrow)
7) Move the green egg down and to the left


Thank you soooo much for level69!! It was driving me crazy!


Lvl 71!!! Would be very happy with some help :)


@ Paula there's an answer up above. That level is hard and now I'm stick on 68 or 69 soft centre


Pls Help me in level 17


Help!!!! I'm really stuck on level 49 on my iPhone!!!!!


@Panda there's an answer up above for soft center too. And if you were referring to your answer for 65 it was a bit confusing and/or incomplete which is why I posted an alternative.

For the others:

Level 17

1) Move top green down
2) Move the left blue left, then up, then right (so it follows the arrows and hatches)
3) Move the lower brown up, right (so it hits the barrier), then left so it hatches
4) Move the green now at the bottom to the left then move the other green down and left to meet it

Level 49

1) Move the right green to the left then move the right orange left to follow it and hatch
2) Move the left brown to the right then move the left blue right to follow it and hatch
3) Move the lower right pink egg up and left
4) Move the upper left pink egg down and right
5) Move both the lower brown and green egg up

Level 71

1) Move the upper pink left
2) Move the lower green left then up
3) Move the upper brown down then the blue on the right down to follow
4) Move the lower green to the right then the other green down
5) Move the upper pink right and then down
6) Move the blue right


Please please help! I'm stuck on the las level, 75! I'm going crazy :( :(


Stuck on 72 HELP it's so obvious but I just cant get it


Can someone please help with 72? (:


Please can someone help with level 72!

Anonymous October 2, 2011 8:21 AM

66 anyone?

Anonymous October 2, 2011 4:09 PM

Please help with level 33. I am really stuck!


OK.....im still stuck on 69, i dont get the spoiler!! HELP


l'm desperate for help on level 32 PLEASE

Anonymous October 4, 2011 12:42 PM

Pls help in level 33


@damnmad my answer for 65 is confusing because I didn't post one... Hahah I haven't posted a solution before.. That's what I'm doing in this post. level 72 solution!!! Ok.

Bottom yellow left.
Bottom green right
Top green left
Bottom green right then up
Top grey right
Bottom grey left then left
Bottom pink up then left

Anonymous October 7, 2011 2:32 AM

Pls help in level 54


I love this game! But I need help with level 47! It's driving me crazyy!


68 anyone?? I've been stuck for hours and on every other one I've gotten it right away?? The spoiler posted for 68 doesn't work at all. No offense to. Who posted it please help!!D:


I need help with level 71 I'm going crazy!!!


How do you do level 41? Please help me!

Schatten April 9, 2012 8:27 PM

Having a TONNE of trouble getting 3 stars on levels 3 and 47!
Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Can help on any other level (I think)

Schatten April 9, 2012 8:33 PM

Level 41:

Left orange up, right orange up, right orange left to connect and match.
Left pink left then down (don't hit the pillar going up)
Right pink right then down ( don't hit the pillar) and connect and match
Do the same for blue but doesn't matter if you hit the pillar on the first shot.
Final score: 102

Shayebauml April 11, 2012 2:11 PM

Stuck on level 69-soft center!! HELP!!

Schatten April 11, 2012 5:43 PM

Level 69:

top green egg up,
right blue egg left,
left orange egg right,
Bottom orange egg up and right,
bottom blue egg up and left.
Top red egg down and left,
top green egg down.

Final score: 88

Shayebauml April 11, 2012 7:32 PM

Level 74 please


Level 74:

Top Brown Down and Right.
Bottom Green Up. Right green right (for points)
Left green right.
Bottom Blue Right and up.
Left Orange right (don't hit spikes).
Left Red down and right

Final Score: 112

I still need 3 and 47 and 72 (3 star solutions)


i done 3 stars in all chicken egg but levell 33 ttaste like chicken very hard cant get 3 stars please help or at least give me a clue


level 1 - it's so easy (3 stars)

left pink down
right pink left then down then right
left pink right then up

level 2 - sweet chick o' mine (3 stars)

left pink right
right blue left
top pink left then down then right then down then left then right
top blue down

level 4 - the mystery ( 3 stars)

bottom blue up
top pink down
top right yellow right
bottom yellow right then up
bottom yellow left then up
brown left top up
brown left bottom down


level 11 - ( 3 stars)

green left top right
green right bottom left
bottom pink left then up
bottom yellow left then up
top yellow left then down
top pink right then down


level 5 - pulley in the middle ( 3 stars )

bottom yellow up (stop at stopper) then left then right
top green down then right then left

juancarlos February 23, 2016 4:10 PM


juancarlos February 23, 2016 4:16 PM

Level 33 taste like chicken all 3 stars green on left all way up same green all way to right red on the right side all way to left green on left side all way to down blue right and same blue all way down now same blue all way to left red all way to right now same red all way down red now all way to left green on right side all way down same green now all way to left bingo


link doesnt work

juancarlos March 2, 2016 5:35 AM

Level 47 3stars
3rd blue from left all way to left the same blue now all way down. Same blue all way to right the same blue now all way up same blue all way to left.now 2nd blue from the left goes up hatches 2nd green from left go right hits arrow goes up 1st red from left goes left hits arrow goes up same red now goes all way to right other red all way right red goes up hatches 2nd yellow from left all way to right. 3rd yellow from left goes up hatches 1 st green from left goes the higher up blue goes right hits arrow goes up other blue goes right hits arrow hatched. Bottom yellow all way to left hits arrow goes up hatched green to left Bing 0ut of top score 205 you get 238


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