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Cheese Dreams

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Rating: 4.5/5 (187 votes)
Comments (95) | Views (7,239)

cheesedreams.gifJohnBIt seems just like two days ago Nitrome released a free Flash game. Oh wait, it was two days ago! With Magneboy still attracting our attention, Nitrome today unveiled Cheese Dreams, a cute little platformer starring a bouncy bit of cheese (which just so happens to be the moon), mice in spacesuits, and Mario-esque pipes that send you soaring. As our orange protagonist snoozes one night, a massive mouse spaceship comes along and scoops it right up. Is it all just a bad dream, or are these mice really that obsessed with cheese?

The sleepy ball of cheese bounces on its own, you can only control direction using the [arrow] keys. Slopes make it difficult to progress, as one would expect, and must be tackled with carefully timed bounces to get the most forward progression out of your air time. Stars are scattered throughout the purple-laden spaceship (interior design by Prince, methinks?) and are tallied into your score at the end of the level.

Enemies can only be avoided, so... avoid them! Pipes throughout the levels transport you across the stage and blast you upwards for some extra hang time. Use them to traverse dangerous territory or to climb onto platforms otherwise inaccessible. You'll spend most of your time dealing with mice in balls and mice in wheels, however. Rolling balls and turning wheels is accomplished by bouncing on one of the edges over and over again, slowly tilting the orb to one side. Nitrome makes clever use of these familiar puzzles in a few places, and when combined with other environmental objects (reverse gravity buttons, anyone?), make for a very interesting time.

Analysis: As per Nitrome's norm, Cheese Dreams is a colorfully animated bouncy world of really cute sprites dancing across your screen. The game itself, while not breaking any mold in particular, manages to come across as exciting and fresh. The physics are well-tuned, if a bit heavy, but natural enough to keep the learning curve to a minimum and the path to mastery an enjoyable one.

Some of the levels feature a few points of excessive frustration by requiring precise timing or landing with the ball of cheese. Seeing as how this is an arcade platformer, your first instinct will be to Sonic-dash through every obstacle in your way. These rough spots force you to calm down and think things through before flailing on the keyboard. The gameplay is very reminiscent of Nifflas' Within a Deep Forest, though without the power-ups and a stronger focus on ball physics.

Great looking, great sounding, and a fairly well-balanced game that's perfect for casual gamers.

Play Cheese Dreams


First comment!

This is a great game, I'm on level 16 at the moment.

Groogokk April 10, 2008 2:22 PM

It isn't great, if you ask me, but an ok game. As I have posted before elsewhere, I'm not much in love with the relatively wide black outlines of the character sprites. Also, I don't believe that winching up a rope by jumping on wheels is fun. At all.


It brings back good old Sonic memories... The Nitrome team has a certain ability to make simple, original and cute games.


oh my life

i thought nitrome were mega slow at creating games but now!

It was like 3 games in a WEEK!

ps: fourth post, never been this high xD

Groogokk April 10, 2008 4:15 PM

@ framli: And frustrating ones, my friend, and frustrating ones. Dozens of tubes that send you to all kinds of places, but not towards the level end, but mostly back to where you started a quarter of an hour ago, or tubes that simply smash you into spiked walls no matter where you are desperately trying to steer your cheeseball.

This game is really a step back from "Dirk Valentine" and "Magneboy"; once more, Nitrome didn't manage to make the higher levels more difficult, so they simply made them longer... Which makes for many retries that take ages each. In my eyes, maybe "Cheese Dream"'s greatest achievement is to better help me appreciate the short but oh so sweet gameplay of "Magneboy".


and also:

(sorry about double post)

when do u think the next game will come out:

Skywire 2!


Very good game, it doesn't disappoint. It isn't the most original idea, but Nitrome (of course) makes a few little tweaks to create their 30th game: Cheese Dreams.

However, it bears some similarities to the game Twang (and, to an extent, Headcase). Also, the same template for the title screen is used (Title, Play, Scores, Help, Credits).

Well, it all makes it 'look' Nitrome-y.

Mauricio Martinis April 10, 2008 5:14 PM

The game was awesome!! I loved the random storyline and the Cheesy goodness :P

But I ain't that happy about the "Paris Hilton Shower Video" ad.


it dont do anything at start for me

just the moon waking up frozen

FlyingHigh April 10, 2008 7:10 PM

All I have to say is:

That was fast.

Russell Scott April 10, 2008 7:25 PM

lol at the ending.

Grant Thurston April 10, 2008 7:39 PM

YAY!!! Nitome's making games quickly again!!! and I was also thinking that nitrome was becoming a bit too gothic but this game has totally turned my mind around!!! ^_^

PS- I love it when

the cheese ball starts freking out because his thoughts are appearing on the screens :)

Hon. David Kulessa April 10, 2008 8:04 PM

What I don't like is that if you bounce on the top of a rolling mouse ball (no matter how fast it's rolling) it'll simply stop dead in its tracks.

That irks me, but other than that, I suppose Nitrome is gaining my respect. The last few games have been a lot better than usual.


It's always cool when you can identify the place from which Nitrome took their inspiration for crafting a flash game. In this case, it's Donkey Kong Country 3, I believe, that used the rats in wheels controlling doors concept (in the first level of the game and a few after if, I remember correctly). That said, it's still a rather unique idea, as no other game I've played has ever made use of that mechanic. Plus, it's not a bad thing to take inspiration from Super Nintendo games, the system which, in my opinion, will always be king among consoles. Good game; keep at it, Nitrome.


Is it me, but does Nitrome from time to time churn out multiple games at once, then leaving us some space to try them out?

The game quality isn't that fantastic either- reminds me of 'Twang' - also created by Nitrome.

The game plot doesn't interest me much, and the bouncing annoys me immensely in some levels.

That's my point of view anyway.


The release date bears no relation to how long it took to make (which is a month or more per project). The copyright on Cheese Dreams states 2007. The day of release is soley at the discretion of the company the product is made for. It is the Easter holidays after all and lots of kids are out of school.


what pipes do you take on 16?


Fun but somewhat dizzying, don't think I can play it-


@ st33d: That is a signal of hope for me, for I take it that then "Cheese Dreams" is actually older than "Dirk Valentine" and "Magneboy", and that the latter two games are the benchmark for future games.

@ john: Welcome to level 16, the level that has - let me put it this way - most of the room for improvement of level design. About the vertical pipes that you come across first:

Jump into the middle one if you feel like it and want some points (let me be honest, after the 10th retry I don't give a **** about my score, I just want to complete the level). If you don't want/need/care about points, don't jump into any of the tubes, jump over them and onto the ball with the mouse in it and use that ball to cross the spikey area ahead of you. The left and right tube smash you into spiked walls sooner or later.

About the horizontal tubes towards the end of the level:

There is a set of two opposing tubes a bit further up in that area; jump into the left one.

Let us all stand in silence for a minute of remembrance of the dozens of cheese moons that died to get this information through to us.


I am stuck on level thirteen though.

its really confusing.

but skywire 2 is 'coming soon' :)

i loved the first skywire.

nitromer April 11, 2008 4:18 PM

I'm having a lot of fun with this game =D
Plus, the music = awesome. Right now I'm on level 14.


AHHH! this invisable is driving me CRAZY!!!!!! it's in that little "death valley" pathway at the first aperance of a mouse in level 10!!!!


can someone help me with lvl 13


level 20 was too easy. the moving platform was lame.other than that the game was really fun! Good job Nitrome!

Anonymous April 11, 2008 8:26 PM

help on level 15 plz...


Can someone help me on level 16?

I can't seem to get past the part where there are two hoozontal tubes, a tube diagonal to it, and a row of spikes on the left.
I cant seem to bounce to the other tube...and i have no idea what I am supposed to do!! helppplease


oh nevermind.

i got it.


nitromer April 12, 2008 1:36 AM

Ugh. I'm now stuck on level 17 - which I think is totally evil.

Groogokk April 12, 2008 7:17 AM

I don't mind the relatively tame difficulty of lvl 20; it seems to me that it has always been like that with Nitrome games, and I was pleasantly surprised by the mildly funny cutscene at the end, which was so much better than the "That was it, thanks for playing"-endscreens in other Nitrome games.

On the other hand, you cannot fathom the frustration that this game is capable of dishing out if you haven't played the higher levels or if you avoided their difficulties by taking advantage of hints and spoilers. There is some really bad level design going on here, mainly in lvl 16, 17, 18 and 19, and mainly because level exploration leads to random deaths; also because you can get trapped in areas where you have no way out but through the main menu (hadn't we gotten used to being able to pause and restart in the game window? Why did they remove that?); or, finally, because of leaps of faith into the great unknown because the game window is so small and there are no stars to guide your way.


still stuck on 16....

At (what i think is) the end of the level, after the horozontal tubes in th floor, you go through a tube in the left wall that spits you out where there is a small row of spikes, and another tube.
i cant seem to get INTO the other tube.
or am i not supposed to?

this level is more annoying than it is challenging.

its like level 8 in dangle-annoying and seemingly, impossible.


Can anyone who's done level 13 help? I am stuck on how to open the last gate...


@ the end of lvl 16:
I don't really know where the place is that you are talking about, Kat, but

I suppose it is after the small series of u-shaped tubes that spit you out over patches of toothed floor); then you get into a horizontal tube entrance in the left wall, after which you fly out onto a platform with teeth and a tube, and if there there is a tube and nowhere else to go but back (I'm not sure I remember this correctly), get into the tube!

The last thing you do in the level is

getting spit straight up out of a tube and jumping to the extreme right, where the landing patch is waiting for you.


thank you so much!

now im on seventeen :)


Great game!(Besides the name, that is) I like the ending, where

the even larger cat ship swallows it up!

Groogokk April 12, 2008 3:02 PM

You're welcome, Kat, always glad to help ;)


how do you beat level 14 when

[SPOILER] you have to jump over the spikes that are tall? [/SPOILER]

actually, how do you beat the WHOLE level ;)

by the way, do the spoilers work?


Could someone PLEASE tell me how to beat level 15???? it drives me crazy at the end when

you have to keep the key button under constant pressure!!!! how do you do this???? i know that it has to do something with the big mouse ball on the top platform but how do you get it to the platform that the key button is on?

Groogokk April 13, 2008 2:52 PM

Well, Kiki, what instruments do you have at hand? How about using

the gravity switch a couple of times and repositioning the ball in between?


I tried that, but I still couldn't get the ball on the platform? Do you know how to do this?


Does anyone have any help or tips for level 19? I can't seem to get the hang of it... if I missed someone's post, never mind.

Groogokk April 14, 2008 1:20 PM

@Kiki about lvl 15: All right then... although I really don't see - ah well:

At the ceiling in the last area, roll the ball to a spot from where it will drop down all the way to the floor on the right when you turn the gravity right again.
Then turn the gravity so the ball and you drop down, and roll the ball all the way to the right. Turn the gravity upside down again.
Now roll the ball to a spot right above the key pad, then jump to the gravity switch at the ceiling. Use it to turn the gravity right again, so the ball drops on the keypad and you drop into the cannon. Shoot yourself over to the upper right where the keypad is waiting for you.

@Nitromer about lvl 19: I'll give you a hint:

Only cheese moons die in yellow lakes.

nitromer April 14, 2008 2:38 PM

Thanks, Groogokk! Now I'm done the game! :D


i still dont get know exactly what to do when you get past the u shaped tubes... Please help. Level 16 BTW.

spoilers appreciated

from HELP


I'm stuck on level 19, could someone post some helpful tips please.


Well, zato, you could begin by telling us how many gates you have opened so far.

@help/lvl 16:

I have the feeling this has been said before but okay: After the U-shaped tubes, you go left into a tube that leads you up through a wall and smashes you onto a small platform with teeth on one side. Jump into the tube there, and when you come out, press [right] immediately, so you fly towards the exit pad which is located on a platform in that direction. Hope this helps.


I have completed the game, it would quite good, it is better than Magneboy but not as good as Dirk Valentine (which is my favourite Nitrome Game closely followed by Toxic)


how do you beat level 14 when

you have to jump over the spikes that are tall?

actually, how do you beat the WHOLE level ;)

by the way, do the spoilers work?

Groogokk April 15, 2008 6:11 PM

sdf/Weee, did you ask that again in order to find out if the spoilers work this time?
Anyway, I don't see what can possibly be explained about level 14. You complete it by jumping over the obstacles. If at first you don't succeed, repeat ad libitum. That's it.


Please tell something more about level 19 .

Groogokk April 16, 2008 2:57 PM

I am prepared to answer questions on lvl 19, but I'm not going to sit down and write a walkthrough for the whole level. Tell me how many gates you've opened and I'll tell you how to go on.


How do you beat level 17?? its SOO hard!


help wit lvl 11


I really need help on level 19. any suggestions?

NITROMEFAN123 April 17, 2008 12:33 AM

-this will be my name for now on :)- anyways, Groogokk, I can't jump over it, it is too tall for the moon to jump on to, I don't get how you did it... and yes, i did do it to see if the spoilers work.


Sorry, but level 9 is immensly annoying. How did anyone get past it? Those buttons with the mice in them are driving me mad!

Groogokk April 17, 2008 9:18 AM

okay, nitromefan123, I guess that what you mean by "tall spikes" in lvl 14 is a tall pillar with retracting spikes on top? If you are having trouble getting over it,

wait until you and the platform are very close to it, so you jump up almost in a vertical line, and press [right] when you are at the very top. Even if you land on the corner of the pillar, your cheese will still sometimes be reflected upwards.

I'm not sure this helps; in my opinion all you need though to complete this level is practice, not a single piece of information someone could tell you - it's a skill-based level (with some luck thrown into it), not a puzzle level.
And about the spoilers: You can use the "Preview"-button if you want to try out that kind of thing.
Good luck.


thankss it helped me a lottt

Nitrome_is_the_best_online_game_producer_ever April 17, 2008 6:02 PM

how do u beat 10 can someone tell me how to beat the part where u jump through those rocket thingies then u jump over the spike towers, its really hard. plz help!


Am stuck on level 16. Have made it the series of two u shaped tubes with the big bed of spikes but can't work out how to make it across to the horizontal tube on the left hand side. Any tips?


could someone PLEASE leave a walkthrough for level 19?!?!?!?! i've been driving myself CRAZY trying to beat it!!!


I can't figure out the gates on level 7.... help

Groogokk April 18, 2008 1:26 PM

@ bjib at the end of lvl 16: For me it helped to already hold down the [left] button while I was in the U-shaped pipe, so I started moving left as soon as I came out of the pipe.

@ Katie/lvl 19: Why can't you just read the posts above and notice that while I am willing to post a partial walkthrough, I want to know how far you have gotten in the lvl so I don't have to explain the whole thing? So, I'll just explain how you open the last gate:

After you've opened the second gate, go right until you come to the mouse ball near the third gate. Roll it down into the lower area and place it so that it is directly under the yellow lake. Now switch the gravity to go upside down - and alakhazam! The mouse ball can go through the yellow goo! Now hop over to that ball, place it over the third keypad, turn the gravity around again and jump towards the exit pad.


Sorry...i didnt realize. I need to know how to open the second gate. could you tell me how to do that?


sorry i meant the third gate

Groogokk April 19, 2008 5:23 AM

Hi Katie, then the partial walthrough I posted above should do the trick. If you need help beyond it, let me know; I was stuck in that level forever, too.

Anonymous April 19, 2008 7:40 PM

how on earth do you get past level 16 it is impossible!!

please help

confused?? April 23, 2008 2:30 AM

re: level 19 i dont know how (after the second gate has been opened and only the last gate that traps the finishing pad needs to be opened) to to turn the gravity switch on then get across the yellow lava?

please help


p.s i know the big mouse ball is to be used but after its positioned how do i get back to the yelow lavah??

thankyou :-)


i get to lvl 10 n then get stuck wen there's like a million cannon ball shooter things. i think i know which way to go and stuff but duz anyone have any gd tips or anythin to help me get past the lvl?


Dear Level 16,

I hate you.

Especially when I get to the very end and die on the spikes.

That is all.

Love, Rachel


Dear 17,

you are too bouncy!

But nice to have a change of scenery from 16! Woohoo!

Love, Rachel


naz - here are some tips for level 10

- Aim for the stars
- watch your timing
- practice!


AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH i am stuck on level 16!!! wat do i do?


How do u beat level 15?


help with 2nd & 3rd gate please:(


Please help with lvl 12!!!

abigail May 2, 2008 8:04 AM

help with third key on lvl 19

kathryn May 2, 2008 7:58 PM

i really need help with level 17 i keep dieing it's really annoying!!



13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need help very badly on level 13!!!!!!!!

Anonymous May 5, 2008 2:09 PM

help im really stuck on level 15 its driving me crazy ive read some of your other things but they're too confusing anybody help please?

Jack mate May 10, 2008 4:08 AM

HOW DO U BEAT level 10 i not that good i need helpp :( soon


Wow, I was so surprised how easy 19 was!


I'm stuck on level 10. Can anyone help? I get to the

black cannon that goes really fast, and then it spits me out onto the spikes, or on the mouse.

Any tips how to get past this? Thanks! I feel like such a bad player though, everyone else is on level 16 or more! XD


I've been stuck on level 16 for a long time! PLEASE HELP!! I've passed the spikey things with the ball, but i'm at the stop where's there's tubes that shoot you up.


omg,i cannot belive howlong lvl 16 is! every time i die, it takes melike 20 minutes 2 get back 2 were i was. :(

sportie-jessie June 25, 2008 8:34 PM

i need help on lvl 15... i get the mouse ball and everything but how many keys are there on that lvl and which key opens the door?? i keep jumping on the keys but none of them work!!! why???


i need help on lvl 15...


i get how mouse ball works and everything but what doesnt work are the keys. How many are there 2? and i keep jumping on them but they dont work!!!! the bar never raises even with the mouse ball on it!! why?? can someone explain??? plz


For lvl 13...

How about trying to switch the gravity? there's more than one tube which can be accesed that way, not to mention just jumping up the ramps. The rest of the lvl speaks for itself, really

Anonymous July 22, 2008 5:39 AM

My jump button is stuck.



16 is just brutally hard. It was fun up until then, then it just became a tedious guessing game.


I am stuck on lvl 13 and cant seem to get from one tube to the other can someone please give me the full cheats thanks! :)


I've finally finished cheese dreams. That takes my tally of Completed to

Flipside,Mallet Mania, Mutiny, Skywire 2, Cheese Dreams, Toxic And Skywire. Thats 8. Phew


i finished all the levels already it was so easy


Stuck on level 16, cant get past the bit with a tube in the left wall, two tubes on the floor and a tube in the ceiling. HELP!!!


I really need help on lvl 16, i go through the u-shaped tubes and when i get to the end of them I go to the next tube, after that it takes me through to a horizontal tube that bends downwards, after that it lead me to a really small tube and spits me down so far I cant see the cheese moon and im stuck in the middle of nowhere. What is this, how do you stop it??


Anybody notice how crazy the top scores were? It was like, a crazy jump from 24,000 to 1 billion to 2 billion! Hacked, much?


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