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Game Design Competition #8Armor GamesCasual Gameplay

All Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8 game entries are now available to play!!

All entries are available to play immediately on the competition page. There is a place to enter comments for each game, so please use each respective thread to leave your kind feedback and constructive criticisms for the game authors.

Although you can find all the games on the official CGDC8 competition page, following is a list of the entries and direct links to each one:

The competition period will span 3 weeks, and we will announce the winners of the competition at that time. If you wish to be a judge, please read the rules and sign up here.

Please help us spread word about the competition and all the creative entries we have once again to share with the world. Use Twitter, use Facebook, use any means at your disposal to share the competition games with your friends and family.

Thanks to everyone for your support, and especially to our sponsors for making this competition possible: and Casual Gameplay. Please visit them and show your support!



domthepeng August 2, 2010 3:39 PM

Shouldn't this be tagged "CGDC8" instead of "CGDC6"? On topic, I can't wait to play all the entries!

[Oops, thank you. My eyes are very tired, that 6 looked like an 8 to me. xD -Jay]

ben holtzman August 2, 2010 4:06 PM

also very exited to play all the great games developers have to offer.
just one problem, i've started playing Cap'n GoldGrubber's Treasure Hunt
and i don't really understand how much steps are in a "stride"
i'd really appreciate it if anyone could try it out and help me out...

[Please don't comment on the individual games here, use the comment section provided on the competition page for each game. Click on a game icon, a "play" button and comment section will load for it. Thank you! :) -Jay]


I don't know if its just me, but the comments seem kind of buggy on the competition page. Eg: I was playing submachine and I posted a comment asking for help. I went back to try out the power of posting to no avail, then I realized there is no way to get new comments to load without refreshing. So when I refreshed, my comments (and a few before it that had loaded when I posted mine) were no longer there. I don't know if its just the script on the page or my computer misreading something.

[The comments on the competition page are working just fine, but the implementation is slightly different than what you may be used to on our normal review pages. The competition comment pages are not rebuilt immediately when you leave a comment. Therefore, if you reload the page your comment may not be there yet. But it will be there eventually. Please have patience. The competition page is getting hammered with traffic (and comments). -Jay]

smjjames August 2, 2010 6:55 PM

Yea, the comments are being a bit glitchy to me as well.


yay a lot of... sands... My eyes gone yellow :) . Well good luck fellow devs and happy playing players and judges!


I really liked Together.

SpaceMan August 2, 2010 9:23 PM

The competition is upon us! I will try to give the most sincere positive commentary and try to play everyone's games. May the best game win! Good luck everyone! ;D


I am so glad I have this week off. :)
GL to all the devs reading this!


Am I the only one who immediately went for the new Submachine game?

Judging from the ratings so far, it's not only the best-rated game in the comp, it's the best by a pretty wide margin. I gave it a 5/5 myself. :3

Probably the first satisfying ending in the whole series, and it's only five seconds long at max. XD

BuenoCabra August 3, 2010 4:26 AM

Some interesting interpretations here. I don't have a clear favorite so far. Much respect to the designers!

Just curious, are all complete entries included in these competitions, or are these the finalists (so to speak)?

[Every entry, save one, that was entered into the competition is up on the competition page. We had to disqualify one entry for unacceptably poor performance in a browser (CPU to 100% causing user to have to force quit the browser). -Jay]

benjabby August 3, 2010 9:01 AM


someone help me. I click play and its just a white screen that loads nothing

[Can you please provide a little more information, like what Play button are you clicking? -Jay]


I like most of the entries, but am I the only one who's slightly disappointed that so many writers chose to interpret the theme literally by giving us actual sand as opposed to free-form sandbox-style open plan?

The submachine game, for example, was stylish and fun but not what I would consider "sandbox" style gameplay.

[As in all our competitions, game designers are free to interpret the theme any way they choose. A game that's based on a "box of sand" is just as valid as "boxes in the sand" as is "a box-like room filled with sand" as is a game that incorporates "sandbox"-style open gameplay. What makes these competitions so rewarding for me, personally, is that not everyone interprets the theme in the same way. -Jay]


I have to admit that I am a more than a little disappointed that so many developers took the easy way out and chose to purposefully misinterpret the term "sandbox" as something having to do with actual boxes and/or sand. Yes, I realize programming a sandbox is a lot of work, and yes, I get that creative types seem to think that cute little wordplays make them look clever. Look at it straight though, how on earth does a Submachine game resemble sandbox gameplay? Aside from, you know, the sand.

["Sanbox gameplay" was not a requirement of this competition. Please read the rules if you have any doubts. -Jay]

Danie Tei August 3, 2010 11:05 AM

I've gotta say I'm really disappointed with this years entries. A sadly large portion of these decided to interpret the sandbox rather literally, which while understandbly, didn't really lead to anything unexpected or original.
Aside from that many of the games just feel very poorly implemented. All too many seem like there was only minimal effort put in.


To anyone complaining about theme interpretation or quality of competition games, can we see what games you've made to a theme in as little time? I doubt any of you have made anything as good as games in this competition.


I just played a game that was thoroughly enjoyable and am thankful that the competition inspired this creator to make it.


well mr jay.

the armor games logo come up fine then it has all the icons. everything good so far. then I try any game. when i click play it just doesnt load. ive tried it on opra, firefox, and safari. each with the latest flash and java.

but it doesnt matter cos I did it on another comp and it worked so.

didnt really like any of them except [together] even though that was more of an explore game


Sorry to say this, but... none of the entries caught my interest. Either the graphics shown on the screenshots turned me away, or the summary failed to draw any enthusiasm from me.

Patreon Donator dsrtrosy August 3, 2010 3:37 PM

Seems as though the important comments are in the games themselves--bug reports/fixes, for example, and our regular "help me out, I'm stuck" kind of stuff.

I can't wait to have some time to play and I am headed over to FB to post a link. Don't worry, devs--these negative comments represent a TINY percentage of the people who hang out at JIG.


I like a lot of these games, and I hope the designers don't just abandon them afterwards. I still haven't gotten to the end of one of them because of a glitch. Anyways, all of them are very good for being made in 2 months.

camille-martine August 3, 2010 6:18 PM

I'm surprised at all the disappointment, my first thought at seeing them was that this is the first contest jayis has had where every single game looks appealing to me.


I entere,but I got DQed due to lag. Still this was a nice expirence.


Hey, we're still here, Jay!! I think we are the ones who are giving constructive criticisms over in the game comments.

I for one am having a BLAST! In fact, by percentage, I've enjoyed more of the games I've played in this competition than in the last two or three. There is so much variety, I have no idea how to pick a favorite! Good stuff. All those negative noobs need to grow up and get over themselves!!


I think the games here are amazing, and I've very much enjoyed trying them all out. Its awesome to see people coming out, trying something different and having the courage to enter their product into a competition. That takes guts, so congrats to all.

Over the last few years I've written over 40 arcade style games but this is the first time I've actually entered a competition, and I'm extremely happy to be a part of it. Some comments on my game page are very useful, and will help me further develop my game.

I actually did the whole game in three weeks from scratch, since it was a last minute decision to enter. So, to the people who say "games are unpolished" or "not enough effort was put in", I reply: show me one of your games and I will show you how to write a constructive comment.

This competition encourages creativity and free uninhibited design. More importantly, it gives everyone the chance to become a reviewer. So keep the useful, constructive comments coming. We game designers value well thought out, meaningful feedback.



I didn't mean to say that I didn't enjoy the games. They are, for the most part, at the very least pleasant and quirky with a couple which really stand out for me.

My disappointment (and perhaps disappointment is too strong a word) is that SO MANY of the entries used literal sand for the "sandbox" theme. There were only a handful with the less literal meaning of "sandbox".

That being said, I should still express my admiration to all the programmers who put these together and made it happen.


Looking through the entries, I sighed as I chose 5 entries- none of the summaries really interested me, but after all I had signed up to be a judge.

Then I played one game at random(It was Treasure Hunt, just btw).

Now I'm having a tough time choosing 5 entries. I probably shouldn't choose any more- better study for my exams!:P But anyway, these entries were really awesome. Heartfelt thanks to all the developers who churned out really good games in just 2 months.


I have to agree with Czhorat. While I am having a great time wasting my time on almost all entries, I am a bit disappointed that there are so few sandbox games in the competition, given "sandbox" games are games one would tag as a "sandbox" game.
I did read the rules and I know that everyone was allowed to interpret the theme in a way they wished. And please don't get me wrong, I am in awe for everyone who has the knowledge, the skills, and the courage to have produced a game in this narrow time frame and entered this competition. But being a big fan of sandbox games, I was hoping for, well, more sandbox games and less sand games.
That's just it. I'm not judging the quality here, but trying to say that my expectations weren't met. But that's just my problem, I guess.
Congrats to all developers! You put together a great set of fun!

In other news, I don't agree that comments like "I didn't like it. Period." are not helpful for developers. Even if they are not constructive and not particularly kind they do mirror the mood one's entry evoked. That's some worthy feedback, too.


Hi gfuz, I see your point re: the sandbox theme and that you were expecting sandbox games rather than interpretation on the word "sandbox" theme. Its unfortunate that the word "sandbox" was used, rather than just "sand" or "sandplay". But, this aside, the games are pretty cool.

As far as your comment "In other news, I don't agree that comments like 'I didn't like it. Period.' are not helpful for developers." goes, as a developer this type of feedback isn't useful to me. But a comment that read "I don't like it BECAUSE..." is very useful.

As an analogy, at the other end of my day I'm a DJ, and occasionally I get people coming up and asking "can you play something else?" I usually respond with "what would you like to hear?", to which the answer is usually "I don't know!" Useless feedback! Out of a library of 10,000 songs, I know there is ONE that they don't like, but how do I know what they'd prefer if they don't tell me? Same is true in game design.

Having said that, I've never been a big fan of "design by committee". Taking everyone's thoughts into account usually results in an unplayable, generic game experience, while alienating those who liked it the way it was. Game design is an artform, and as such it is a form of personal expression. If viewed in this way, games should not be altered on the basis of feedback comments. Imagine Mozart altering bar 71 in his 40th symphony simply because a couple of people didn't like the chord progression.

This is an interesting topic. Probably this is not the best place to debate it.

Anyway, a good day to you all.


Thank you very much for your answer and your insight into the mind of a developer, Brent!
You are right, this isn't quite the place to debate this, but I don't know of any other so I keep on until Jay tells me to stop.
Maybe it was too strong of me to tell what is useful for a developer and what not, since I am very far away from being one. Thanks to your comment, my theory is refuted. This seems to turn out to be a philosophical question, but I still believe, these kind of comments can be helpful.
The only analogy I can draw is the perspective of a musician. I play drums in a band and when my bandmates tell me "I don't like what you play", I feel this is useful feedback. Of course it would be more helpful to tell me, why they don't like it, but simply to know how they feel about it is useful. Additionally, they sometimes just can't exactly point out, what they don't like, because they don't think in the same way in terms of patterns, dynamics and tempo as I do.
I am pretty sure the same holds for many players, who don't think in terms of gameplay or dramaturgy. Not because they are too dumb, but because they are, ha!, casual gamers, looking for some casual fun.
To cut a long story short: I do appreciate comments on my work, preferebly constructive, of course, but if there is no constructivity (?) available, I'm fine, too.
Too long a comment. Anyway, thank you for sharing your thoughts and keep up the good work!


After Playing a while any of the cgdc games everything freezes and I have to restart my pc.

i'm using firefox 3.6.8. and flash 10.1

[This sounds like a serious issue you have. Are you on Windows by chance? If so, my first thought would be that you have picked up a virus somewhere that is causing the issue. There is nothing about the CGDC games or the competition page that would cause a computer to freeze up like that. We have tested all the games on both Mac and Windows computers in all the browsers and have not had any similar problems. Try a different computer, and if you don't see the same thing occurring, it might be time to reformat and reinstall Windows. -Jay]

NikkiNox August 5, 2010 8:24 PM

This discussion reminds me entirely too much of book review discussions at Amazon. You cannot leave a review stating "I didn't like it." with no back up as to why without being "flamed" by fellow reviewers. If you can't put some thought behind a review, be it good or bad, don't post it. Writing a comment like that makes you look like you're 12.


Hey I'm supposed to be a judge but when I signed up I did get the first two emails, confirm and here's your password, but although it said it would send reminders I never got any.
That being said I was able to find the emails from before, but it's saying my password doesn't work. I can't remember if I changed it so I hit the reminder button but I'm not getting any emails; checked the junk folder and everything. I'm wondering if that new Microsoft Smartscreen thing is deleting them before they get to me(I've added that address to my contacts tho!), if thats the case then I have another email... or could you just email me with a different address?

[We don't have any email address on file for you. Please send us an email to our contact email address and I'll be sure to get you the information you need to begin judging the entries. Thanks for your interest! -Jay]


Not enough to put in a spoiler.


For tile factory

kevinb1229 August 22, 2010 11:40 AM

Submachine: 32 Chambers is actually a tie-in to Sub4 in case nobody noticed.

In one note you pick up in an Egyptian-style tomb, a Submachine explorer talks about 32 chambers filled with sand.

This Submachine game actually reminded me of Sub0. Anyone agree?


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