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CGDC4: Decon

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DeconFlash Game Design CompetitionThe next entry is another game that comes from Texas (US), this time from Kevin Mintmier and Mutizwa Chirunga representing LTD (Living the Dream) Studios.

Decon is a game of chain reactions with a unique twist that implements the "ball physics" theme. Please give Kevin and Mutizwa a warm JIG welcome by providing the valuable feedback and constructive criticism that you do so well in the comments.

Play Decon

Game link: https://jayisgames.com/cgdc4/?gameID=25


I really like the chain with the bubbles, make it more strategy with timing on intersections creating the chain.

Don't ya love TEXAS? :) Cause I know, I live in Texas!



First things first: Boomshine.

Anyway, this is a good game that does something to differentiate itself from Boomshine by adding the disc thingies. I just got to the blue one (and it looks like the red and green do nothing) and I like the twist it adds. I'm looking forward to the rest of the levels.


Nice variation on Boomshine. Kind of got hard-ish at about level 37. Nice diversion for a Sunday afternoon :D

NotSoWize October 6, 2007 9:46 PM

Maybe a little bit on the too easy side, but it sure was a nice change of pace and a lot of fun. Great looking game, and I liked the soundtrack as well. The gravity changers/bumpers/grabbers/etc. were a nice addition.

NotSoWize October 6, 2007 9:50 PM

Here's a tip if you stuck toward (or at) the end.

If you wait for a minute or so before placing your "bomb", the isotopes will be accelerated to a high speed state. That will make it much easier to capture them all.


I beat it! A strategy that helped me through:

Especially on the later levels, try to click someone near (or directly on top of) the gray wormholes, since balls teleport directly to this area.

All in all, not a difficult game. It was very addictive, though, and lots of fun.


This game reminds me of that simple child's toy: the top.

Pretty colors, amusing action, and entertaining for a while.

But when you boil it down all you're doing is winding it up and watching it spin.

Secret for finishing level 40:

Be patient first
Need more?

Wait for a minute and watch what the balls do before you fire your ion.
Wait for it... wait for it... wait...

By waiting you let the balls speed up to a frenzy - so they're more likely to find an explosion to collide with


Loved the game. The music got annoying during both the intro and the game, so the option to turn it off was appreciated. The loops were just too short. The graphics were solid throughout, and the gameplay was fun. I will say, the wormholes make it almost impossible to lose, with the exception of a few of the levels with only one pair, and few isotopes, so long as they were close together. All in all, a very solid entry. Thanks!


Well I really love this type of game. Although it is a little bit different boomshine, it seems like it is way too similar to really be considered original. Anyway I still had fun and beat it all in one sitting, fun game.


This reminds me of one of my all-time favorite casual games, Chaos Theory. I'm surprised that it's not here at JIG (correct me if I'm wrong!) - I've known about it for over a year. I'd highly recommend checking it out. Jay maybe you could feature it sometime? Amazingly addictive



Very like Boomshine - but I like the addition of the inhibitors. I also like that there is no mean way of saying you failed that particular level, just that it merely starts the level over.
However - the soundtrack got very old, very fast. It wouldn't be so bad if there were some variety, but the only variety came with the phrase "area neutralized."
I enjoyed the game - though it was very simple to me, levels 37 and 40 were the only ones I had to attempt more than once.
In short - fun, but make the soundtrack a bit more interesting.


I'm a big fan of JIG and even though i'm pretty bad at casual games I found this game way too easy. Beat it in about 10-15 minutes.

Also, although it has different aspects, boomshine is, in my opinion, a better game. Better music, better color scheme.

I least this one was longer


lol... who was saying in another post area that we should go from planetary balls to subatomic balls? :P

So... does building a reactor over a faultline actually reduce earthquakes for real?


I liked it, but my mindset by the end of the game went something like this: Where can I shoot the bomb? and the answer was almost always the same. It didn't really seem to change much between the later levels to me and I couldn't stay interested in the gameplay portion. It was, however, always fascinating to watch the evolution of an explosion, kind of like watching a random setup in the game of Life and seeing that it indeed lasts many iterations... but it must die sometime.

In any case, I was pleased enough to finish it off. I say thumbs up.


In case anyone else had trouble reading it (I did), the miniature text in the top left corner says "m: toggle music|n:next track"

That game was fun for a few minutes :) I like that there were multiple music choices, and it was satisfying to set off the colorful chain reactions. I got confused, as I did on other games, because I had to switch between keyboard and mouse (press space to start, but use mouse for explosives) I think it's because I'm stupid. There should be more stupid-proofing. I demand more stupid-proofing.


this is like boomshine, but worse off, it's far too easy since each of the bubbles last too long after they start to diminish in size. the way boomshines size diminishes exponentially quick makes it much more of a challenge.


I like putting it around grays or blues, because they have gravitational forces. It's almost cheating. XD


well actually, now that I look at it again, this game is already pretty stupid-proof and easy to use. The help instructions were simple and clear, other than forgetting to say USE THE MOUSE, STUPID. Compared to some other games that had minimal to no help instructions, this game did pretty good. The spacebar thing is the only issue I have. So overall, good job. k I'm done spamming.


I liked level 38 and 39 the most, not (only) because I finished them in 1 try, but because the chain reaction went over the whole screen :) It looked cool.


I think building a nuclear reactor over a fault line is about the stupidest thing you could ever do. Thats really asking for it...

The game is fun, but too easy and a little short. Also, there isnt much use for all the different portals, because in later levels there is so much going on, you just cant trace the balls anyway.


While not that much on the originality side, this game is excedllent in any other way. Great, but not wanting-too-much graphics, easy playability (well, chain-reaction games are not famous for their hard playability, right? :), and rather easy to win.

What i especially liked here is firstly the very usseful info display (I hate it when i don't know how many levels i have to complete, eg., here it is very clearly stated) and the very polished help-sheet.

Secondly, the required kill numbers were very leniently set :)

Good work, congrats!


Well, I tried the method NotSoWize wrote about at 9:50 and I can tell you that with that method it seems that wherever/whenever you place your shot it's gonna succeed... I tried 3 levels with closed eyes and all of them were cleared in like 3 seconds :)


I was disappointed that this was pretty much a clone of Boomshine, right down to the background changing colour when you hit enough isotopes. The different discs could have added a new dimension, but they didn't really present much of a challenge, and the isotopes didn't shrink fast enough to make the game very difficult. Basically I discovered quite early on that if I clicked near a grey or blue disc I would probably win the level. With a bit of tweaking maybe the discs could play a bigger role and make the game more varied.


I *really* feel like we shouldn't reward anyone for ripping off boomshine. I mean, if you're going to copy a game exactly, at least try to make sure it's a game that hasn't been reviewed by the site you're entering a competition on, neh?

That out of the way... no, I can't get it out of the way. The comparisons are inevitable. I liked the slower disintegration on the balls than boomshine, and I like that this iteration doesn't seem to bog down as much when you get many balls onscreen. It seems like the designers put more effort into the graphics. However, boomshine is the better game. The hypnotic quality of the boomshine music made the playing experience almost zen, which helped keep you going (since it never varied). I don't dislike the music here, but if you put faster music in, you're going to have tenser, more impatient players... which makes the game seem longer. Good for a short game, not so good for a game that is mostly repetition.

I did like the added features; the different types of "blocks" (atoms? particles?) changed the gameplay considerably. I'm not sure if they really *added* anything, though, if you get the difference.


has anyone figured out what each of the stationary circles do? I've gotten to the first 2, and so far haven't found what they do...


hmm... is appears that maybie the:


slow the ball down


speed the ball up

however I might be wrong... the change seems to very small...


right, I have some more:

hold a ball for a while. when there isn't a ball held, it has some sort of gravity pull around it.


when a ball hits it, the ball will be teleported to a seemingly random location. it has the same gravity pull ability as blue.



similar to yellow, except it teleports it to another black. once again, it has grav pull.


okay, finished it now.

I felt that there needed to be some sort of score system or unlockable extras - on nearly every level it was easy to complete but it would be difficult to collect every ball, yet it did not matter if you have 1 over the needed number or 100, all you got was the next level.

Also, the stationary circles mainly seemed to only make the game easier. the only one which annoyed me was the blue as it held the last 1 I needed on the last level several times, but other than that they only helped. increased speed and gravity pull hardly makes the game harder, and the black one made the game childishly simple- it basically gave you an extra chance to catch one of the balls.

if some of the effects had been reversed, it would definatly have made the game harder. if one of them had repelled the ball, that alone could have made so many levels harder.

the game seemed to rely mostly on luck, however I must have been either incredibly lucky or it is very hard to loose - I completed most levels first try. the random placement every tme you lost didn't make it any harder either- it usually made the levels I failed first time incredibly easy by placing several gravity-pullers together in the centre.

a well-polished game with decent graphics, but too easy :P wow, that was long.


Nice, I liked it.
But it felt more like a toy/art than a game (not that this is bad).


Yeah, definately an art toy more than a game. I finished most levels in one try, a few took 2 trys and maybe 2 levels took 3 trys. My strategy was to ignore the obstacles (I didn't really pay attention to what they were doing the whole game), and randomly put the bomb where it looked like there was the most isotope traffic in the first few seconds of the level. I would like to see this with more "game" elements in it like maybe score and increasing difficultly (the later levels actually seemed easier than the ealier ones).


Personally, while I think this game is fun:

1) I agree it's more of a toy than anything, and
2) It's too similar to Boomshine to deserve a vote, in my opinion.


It really feels like they have borrowed from the boomshine gameplay but in an attempt to make their game unique they have taken away what I feel is the real value of boomshine. The fact that boomshine doesn't have any objects to consider it really makes for tactical placement of your first object. This game has become more reliant on luck than anything else... and the lack of scoring makes it pretty mundane IMO.


So nice to play a game that really is casual - one that I can work on quickly during a lunch break. This one was a lot of fun.


I swear I've played a game exactly like this before?


it was fun, but a little short. i found that it was SUPER easy until level 37 or 38, and then all of a sudden it was really hard. score would be nice, maybe partly based on time, so that the longer you wait to fire your gun, the less points you get.

a "make a random level" feature would be a neat inclusion, where the user could set the number of isotopes to start and required to finish, as well as the number of each of the 5 "modifiers".


fun, hard in the first levels, easy in the middle levels, when really you can just click anywhere. except now i'm on the last level. thing is, i got 50 isotopes on lvl 39. now lets do it again!. once and a while i also notice an isotope passing right through an explosion. last attempt that was the one isotope left. grr... any \one else see this?

Hikari no Sakura October 9, 2007 5:23 AM

easier than boomshine, and visually less appealing.
just click near a teleporter/wormhole/blackhole that sucks stuff in and spews stuff out, and you'll breeze through


I liked it enough to bookmark it. I do agree with one earlier comment, tho--those extra particles that get neutralized should count for something. Honestly, I think it's one of the best features of the game--very satisfying to try to get all the little buggers!


Not a bad game. I think that its unbalenced in how in we only killed orbs by 14, 10, and 8 for most of the game and then you jump it up to 44 and 50 at the end. But over it was good.


I remembered this game from a couple years ago and wanted to play it again, but it doesn't work! When I open it, the window is small, and there's no scrollbar so I can't scroll down to view the entire game screen to push the play button! :S Please fix it!

[Fixed. Thanks for the note. I wasn't aware that it was broken. -Jay]


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