CDX Episodes 1-4

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CDX iconGood news for point-and-click fans and for those that missed it the first go-round, all four episodes to CDX are once again online and available to play, even if you live outside the UK! (Thank you, BBC!) Be sure not to miss this fantastic adventure that includes full-motion video of live actors, selectable dialog, and top-notch production values. [review]

Cheers to F_raze for the alert! =)

Update: Apparently my note here alerted someone at the BBC that a technical glitch was allowing access to the game from people outside the UK and they have since plugged the hole. Problem is, the plugging they did is now preventing some people inside the UK from playing. Way to go, Beeb.

However, the kind and generous Preloaded folks have just made the game available to play for non-UK residents. check out the CDX review page for the link.


Where do I go? I clicked the link supplied on the review page, and received a "Why we are not supplying this to people outside the UK" link. I live in Australia, by the way.



Yes, now to go on a history adventure... I tell you when i get to the other side :)


I really love the game, but I can't get past episode one because of a bug.

During the bit where you have to hook the suitcase with the cord, the game has frozen twice now for me; the flash itself doesn't actually stop but it no longer lets me "shoot" or anything. Really frustrating.


I played through Episode 2 this morning, but now it looks as though the game's gone UK-only again. Too bad - I want to find out what happens!


I played till episode three got stuck with a bug and when I re-launch, it went back to UK only. Gah. I wanna finish the game badly.


BBC is evil!! Evil, I tells ya!...

myy preciousss cdxsss O_o


Despite the fact that I am in the UK and I've played all three previous episodes without incident, the BBC has now decided I'm NOT in the UK and blocked me from the fourth episode. Infuriating to say the least.


What link are you using to play? I have gone to the BBC CDX page, but when I click on the button to play the game, I get sent to their FAQ page. I am outside the UK, but I thought that didn't matter...


yeah, it went back to UK only for me too. :(


nope, nothing here but BBC page explaning that it is too expensive for them to put it outside UK, too bad...was looking forward to this


Mine still does not work :(


Good JOB jay!! ruining it for everyone...JEEZ!

just kidding, i never got a chance to try it :-/

happyevil October 27, 2006 3:23 PM


I'm DYING to play tis bloody game. I even yelled at Pete, who lives over on the island, because of it. Yes, I realize it as nothing to do with him.

But I want to play DAG NAB IT!


Rather ironic, because I had held off playing it until today. I just thought that everyone else should know.


I'm in the UK and it's working fine for me.


What's incredibly ironic is that I got an e-mail recently reminding me that it's been updated...and then when I try to use the link in the e-mail, I get blocked for being outside the UK. That's brilliant, BBC...

candycanenosebleed October 28, 2006 4:38 AM

Yes, hello, we are the BBC and we have made a brilliant game, but its too expensive for anyone to play, ever. And so, for technical and financial reasons, we have blocked it from everyone, all of the time. Many apologies and good night.


FYI, a September news post on the preloaded website says this:
"A video rich broadband experience for the UK only at the moment."
So perhaps preloaded is seeking ways of getting this run outside the UK (or, it may be that the BBC is waiting for the related History TV series to be broadcast in the US or other countries either on BBC satellite/cable or being sold to other TV companies).


Just a quick note to explain to those that may consider the BBC to be mean-spririted to make this UK-only.... The BBC is the UK's publicly funded broadcaster funded by a license fee paid by all UK households. The BBC would face criticism if it were to make its content available to those outside the UK who do not pay this license fee.


Ooh, good point, JohnnyB. If that were so, then perhaps they would allow someone else to carry the content for those outside the UK?

Perhaps, as cgsf suggested above, this will become a reality once the BBC history series gets syndicated to channels elsewhere in the world.

Vanderhum October 31, 2006 3:23 AM

I think its unfair that I pay to watch BBC television by way of sky ( i live in Ireland)and yet that doesnt count!! After being teased by being allowed to play the first part I would be quite happy to pay a nominal fee to finish the game as it was really good but the BBC dont seem to have the common sense to do that even though they are saying the point of blocking this to people outside the UK is costs. By the way they are also blocking northern ireland and I believe they pay the license fee too so basically the BBC are being totally unfair!!


BBC's action's is unfair. I live here in the Philippines and now I can't access the game cos they allow people around the Britih Isle be allowed to access it. Fine Fine, al about the band width.


im stuck on level 3 i have past the interragation (see below), answered all the emails waited for the call but i dont know what to do next I BEG YOUR HELP(!!!)

Interragation (Level 3):


meg, scotland, UK January 18, 2007 12:40 PM

Is there ANY walkthroughs for ALL 4 Episodes??? If so where can I find them. Please post the link. Thanks


can someone tell where i can find the names of the churches thanx in advance

AddicteD July 19, 2008 4:07 PM

I made it :X:X..after a month:))..anyway..i enjoyed the game :D..good luck all :P.

Tony Mason March 27, 2009 1:49 PM

Hi there everyone, I have played this game loads now but it is only now that all the episodes are availible and I played it all last night up to episode 4 (coda). I can find the code for the Housesteads website, anyone who wants it; it is 'ABRAXAS'. But when you get into the website you have to direct Liz through the place and it is umbelievably difficult and I have tried so many times to do it but I keep getting caught. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can get through it, please leave a comment addressed to me. Thanks very much :-)

Lizelle Smith December 15, 2009 8:19 AM

Hi,My name is Lizelle..I absolutely love this game,but I am blonde and I am stuck at level 4 (CODA) Please give me advice on how to get through the maze??I really am so frustrated because they are twice as fast as what Liz is and she sticks out like a sore thumb with her orange suit compared to their pale yellow..PLEASE GUYS??HELP ME!!!

andreea.arbore March 21, 2010 5:16 PM

Can't opent the suitcase! The code don't work or it...Pls, help


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