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Cave Puzzles: a Gift

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Rating: 4/5 (65 votes)
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elleelle_cavepuzzlesagift_image2.pngWould you go to the ends of the earth, through bat infested caverns, crossing fiery pits of lava and crawl like a spider to give your significant other a present? Of course you would—that's what you call fun! Thus you delve into Cave Puzzles: a Gift, a quirky puzzle platform game by Oleg Vorontsov.

Flex those finger muscles over the [WASD] or arrow keys and give your brain some caffeine because each of the twenty-six levels is a test of dexterity, ingenuity and dogged determination in the courtship gauntlet. During stickier moments when timing is not your pal or a puzzle is meticulously construed, it's a good thing you like a funky baritone sax and The Flintstones epitomizes your idea of quality interior design. There's an visceral "Heh, cool" in the roughly drawn edges and hip musical beat. So heft up your relationship cred and go get that gift.

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archimboldi February 1, 2012 11:29 AM

Nice game, in my oppinion very good physics. Even using the walkthroug it's not possible for me to pass the level with the ladybug.


Well pretty good so far, loved the sound effects. Was really enjoying this until the video game level. I resorted to Devs walk through which bought a face palm moment.

I am however stuck on the spiral. I cant run up the spiral at all - is this how it is supposed to be or should the spiral rotate ?


Did it again!

Sorted the spiral :)

wtb an edit button!


Did you mean to call it Cave Stories in the review? Because I think you may have it confused with a different game. ;)

[Hrmm. I wonder how that name got stuck in my head? (All fixed now. Thank you for catching it!) ~elle]


I can find no way to make the bug give me a clue on the ladybug level. I went to the walkthrough page and the directions say to

Assemble the ladybug on the left so that it shows you a tongue which is PINK.

but doesn't tell you how to assemble it the right way. I'm pretty frustrated at this point, what am I missing? I thought the clue "Make it look right" might be a hint of 4-2-4-5, or that "right" would equal red, indigo, green, teal, but nothing works.


Okay, never mind, stupid literal game.....


I keep falling off the bottom screen at the portals level... bug?

using fedora 13 and both firefox and chrome. same results.


Okay, for sure walking away now that I'm on the colored boulder level. There is no way this one is possible, might be my slow puter.



I fell your pain. I got there in the end, I had a lot of trouble on my comp going orange to green for instance.

My rage quit is on the lava level - I may be back to it I am not sure.

The game has an awful lot going for it fun and humour wise but I hate the way these games turn from a game that just needs a bit of thought to one that suddenly requires you to be be the master of absolute timing.

I actually have not rated this one at all, I loved most of the levels, but it is almost like Dev got bored with it at some point.

MisterThou February 1, 2012 6:55 PM

Well the good news is, I finished it. I somehow avoided rage-quitting on the boulder sorting mini game and the rising lava, and trying to control the bat on the last level.

The bad news is, I would have rage-quit if I had have known there was no ending. I wanted to see the girls reaction when she got the gift! I feel like I busted my hump and got no pay off.


This was excellent fun. 5/5 with no hesitation.

Crazy bonus room, but most levels had really interesting puzzles.


I have the same issue on Ubuntu 11.10

[A new version is now up that should address the problem Linux users were seeing. -Jay]


Level 25
There are details in the walkthrough linked from the game but here is a quicker easier method:

Press button.
Use portal.
Use potion to convert into Bat.
Fly right through maze and push out key
Use key to push "convert back to man" potion off the end of the ledge.
Push key off as well.
Fly up and right through maze to top of pot with key inside.
Drop green triangles into pot to release key (down arrow).
Fly up, left then down to potion.
Use potion to turn back to man.
Collect key.
Move left through first door to second key and second door.
Use machine to make staircase then exit upwards to the prize.

Oleg Vorontsov February 2, 2012 10:48 AM

This button only shows up when you succeed in turning into a bat for the first time and lighting all the lamps. So it's a kind of a checkpoint.


Level 17 - Got the crosshair over door (according to Walkthrough, cannot make it fire.


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