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Casual GameplayDo you love casual games as much as we do? If you come to this site because you enjoy the treatments that are given to some of the most innovative and enjoyable casual games available today, then might you also enjoy writing about them, too?

With my graduate studies coming to a close soon, I am actively seeking opportunities for what can be viewed as Jayisgames 2.0. Therefore, I am looking to form a group of authors and contributors that together would like to help take what I have started here and run with it. Ideally, you will consider yourself either a game designer, developer, academic, or simply gameplay fanatic who believes that exceptional gameplay deserves to be praised and shared with others all over the world. In particular, you should be adept at writing an analysis of what works in a casual game, along with possibly what doesn't. Doing so is vitally important in providing value to those designing and developing games as well as to those who play them.

If this opportunity intrigues you then please send me an email expressing your interest and your credentials. Please include sample(s) of your writing. Use the email link at the bottom of the sidebar to the left.


I can't wait till 2.0 goes into full blast. I will be on the team of contributors... W00t :)


As will I, if he'll have me. :)


What I understand:
You're leaving jayisgames.com behind in the hands of other people, and you are still looking for more. Right?

Can we get a little more information on the new website you're making for yourself? Why are you making it? What's going to be on it?

dannthemann February 24, 2006 6:37 PM

Yes, I would also like to be a contributor.^_^


Tsuken -

(1) I am not leaving the site behind.

(2) Yes, I am looking for more authors/contributors.

(3) The site and content will remain much the same as it is today, with the exception of possibly a name change.


So jay are you leaving jayisgames.com here so i can still play the games i have fallen in love with or you going to destroy sutch a wonderful thing?


The site is staying right here.


Jay, are you just looking for more reviewers? Or are you looking for more than that?

I just may send a sample review on one of the games here on the site, or even find a game you haven't done yet.


TK - I am always open to new ideas and suggestions as to how you might want to help out.

A sample review of a game not yet reviewed is preferred.


I'm always up for contributing to the site as long as you'll have me. I assume that I don't need to submit any sample work...


When you say "employment opportunities", does that mean http://casualgameplay.com/ will be commercial project and contributers will get payed?


I hope we can find some games to share that help dying people in third world countries, otherwise all our work will go to improving the lunchtimes of well-off people with computers who can't be bothered to read a book.

(Sorry for being so negative, it's just an odd an unpleasant thought. But are there any games out there that have some sort of charitable conclusion or message?)


Looking forward to seeing the new direction Jay, can we suggest improvements? Would be great to have some sort of tagging/search feature a'la del.icio.us so we could find content easier i.e. where is that puzzle / pointandclick.
What about mobile games, should this be platform agnostic or are you wanting to stick to browser based games?


Ah ok Jay I get it. jayisgames.com becomes casualgameplay.com and you want a whole team behind the site this time.

Sounds great, go for it :)

I'm more of a gamer then a writer ;)
How about I'll just be a visitor? :)


Tonypa - what I meant by "employment opportunities" is for myself post-graduation.

Wulfo - you're golden. ;)

mh - it's in there! =)


I will join if you will allow me. I'll send a writing sample shortly.


As mh said - will it be browser-specific games? I don't know of any sites that offer really good reviews of mobile games, or calc games...


good point Andrew. So you're thinking there should be a section devoted to those types of games, eh?


Jay! I am playing games right now and I want to write about them for you and the world!


Lyfjaberg - you might want to take a look at this site. Check out World Hunger - FOOD FORCE in particular.


I found this blog probably 8 months ago. I have enjoyed the content a great deal in that time and have come to visit nearly every day now. Thanks Jay, and all the other contributors for dedicating yourselves to this great project. I will definately follow the switch and look forward to beneficial changes.

Namewithheld October 21, 2006 10:56 PM

soo, from what I understand, I would like to become a game review because personaly, youre one of the only sites that I look forward looking at when I get home from school and boot up my laptop. Im a 13 year-old going on 14 on November 14 and would like to start doing some revies of my own. Psshhhh Im purty popular at school and really friendly, but im a toatal nerd when it comes to computer games. I love physics, but most games that are top notched I can easily get into. Hope you respond!


Heh, this slug appeared at the top of the page and I thought, "What, again?"


Excuse me? We are always looking for writers interested in joining our team.


"Slug"! :O :( awww

@Lyfjaberg - I love that idea, I think the closest thing to that would be games like Food Force and Cost of Life which serve to help solve such issues through the interactive education about them.

Hmmm, it would be neat to see an organization/nonprofit that made games that were free+educational and some that were purchasable who's profit would go towards a certain cause, (ie. a music game who's profit goes to some music education program)


Nobody steal my idea!!! *gets paranoid*

(and yes, I do know that I'm replying to a year old comment)


*attempts to steal Harukio's idea*
nah, just kidding. Great idea though!!


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