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Rating: 4.5/5 (277 votes)
Comments (108) | Views (26,324)

DoraCastawayJust sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip... Likwid's isometric action/RPG title Castaway starts off when a tow-headed lad washes up on shore of a tropical island inhabited by legions of nasties, a village beset by troubles, and the little one-eyed green thing who decides to follow him around.

Thus begins the journey of Walky. Or whatever other, inferior name you want to give him. You move with the [arrow] or [WASD] keys and click on things to interact, whether that interaction is picking something up or staving its face in with a blunt object. Fighting enemies grants you experience points and treasure, and you'll have to spend a lot of time grinding your levels so you don't get flattened whenever you move to a new area. Fortunately, you have a pet to aid you in battle, who levels up as you do. You'll also come across eggs dropped by monsters that you can bring back to town and hatch to get new, more powerful pets to aid you in battle. Be warned, however, that Castaway's biggest problem can actually be summed up thusly; NO AUTO-SAVE. You can only save the game when you're back in town; if you die in the field, it's game over, and all your progress to that point will be lost. Which you could tell yourself is appropriate given the whole "stranded on an island premise", but you'll probably just hurl your monitor out a window instead. I know how you do.

It's a little bit Azure Dreams and a little bit Breath of Fire 4 (particularly where the visuals are concerned), and if you like this sort of story-lite adventuring, Castaway is actually pretty good at what it does. The story is just an excuse to go to places with progressively meaner enemies, but it serves its purpose, and you'll uncover a satisfying amount of treasure and new abilities along the way. Visually the game is top-notch, although no circle of transparency means that characters and enemies tend to vanish when they wander behind scenery. The movement controls are also a bit stiff, but a lot of that might be due to how it makes me pine for the fjords days of the 16-Bit RPG and accompanying controller.

Players who don't have the patience to sit and grind away for more levels or cash will probably be bored with what Castaway has to offer, but for fans of the genre (and similar titles like Arcuz) as I am, it provides a nice chunk of RPG-lite goodness with simple, accessible gameplay.

Play Castaway

Special internet high-fives to Amari and Dapostman10 for sending this one in!


Anonymous May 26, 2010 11:11 AM

Although a really addictive game, it is disappointing that it had no end and no final boss battle with some sort of conclusion, for all the grinding that goes in it it really disappoints in the end...

There are various bugs throughout from easy cash through ice shards to minus damage from fire elemental at the last (magma) area, but it seems that the developer is uploading patches to counter those...

For all the hard work he had put in it a couple more weeks of attention to detail would have really made this a brilliant game...

still one can hope for a better sequel.


There is a few drawbacks playing castaway. I finished it but actually I feel just for wasting some boring time. I also got few warns / tips around this game.


1. your key to winning the game is grinding, not picking right weapons or right skills-- those are not too important. In more more time the grinding took too long that I have to cheat the game speed and left my hero auto attack.

stats bug

2. on like lvl 20 and above there is possibility of stats bug. That is, when you level up, your stats reset to like it doesn't use any equipments. To fix this, either level up naked or save (after level up) and reload the game.

stroyline :(

3. there is no further storyline or ending.

First pet

4. Don't seems to have special ability, I have leveled it to like lvl 20. Switching to another pet is more convenient because they have bigger HP.


Definately an interesting game despite the grinding, it's been a while since I've been lured away from the physics-based games. These are some more tips I've picked up through playing-

You will regenerate health over time, but your pet will require items to heal; I may be wrong, but the only item(s?) that heals pets are berries that you only get off other creatures, but I've yet to complete the game.

It's perfectly fine to tell a pet to stay, and attack a stronger creature, since every kill gives both you and your pet experience.

It's also perfectly fine to sic your pet on something it can take when your face resembles raw hamburger, since gaining a level will fully heal.

If you or your pet is sitting out a fight due to low health, make sure that the other creatures won't see the character sitting there-some, but not all, creatures will actively seek out victims and even chase someone if it can. Generally, it's safe to hang out with beetles, though.

DO NOT ignore levels! In one-on-one combat, if you're on the same level as your opponent, it will put up a good fight, if the enemy is one level higher, you'll probably need special abilities to survive-and you'll still take quite a licking anyway, and being 1 level higher means you're on easy street if you fight alongside your pet.

The time it takes for an egg to hatch is based on your system clock. If you run out of pets but have some eggs in the incubator already, just go, grab a sandwich, and when you go back into your incubator, the eggs are closer to hatching. Also note that it DOES count time where you save and close the game-so if you die in the field and have to load a save that's nearly an hour old, the pain of having to repeat unsaved quests is somewhat alleviated by that new scorpion that hatched during the time you spent being chased by mean little critters.

A way to cheat with this is:

Put an egg in the incubator, set the computer clock forward a couple hours, add the pet, then go back to the correct time. But that is cheating, of course...

Lastly, there are more tips in the game-click "Hints and Tips", and it'll open a new window with a page of stuff I don't mention.


a really helpful trick (but really tedious to use): items block enemies. Here's how to use this:

Find a "choke point," where your character is standing with only one of his four sides exposed. Let an enemy come up to him; defeat the enemy, and if the enemy leaves behind an item, don't pick it up. Then, minimize the window or whatever until your character is sufficiently healed, then collect the item and let the next enemy approach. Tedious, but fine if you're playing the game while doing something else (like, heaven forbid, real work).

Relatedly, a tip for grinding that's even better than using the above trick:

There are certain enemies that will not attack you unless you attack them first. Level up in these areas, as getting in the first attack allows you a lot of control, let you not get ganged up on by enemies, lets you chill out and regenerate if necessary, and, if you want to level a pet, allows you to leave the pet elsewhere on the screen without worrying about enemies approaching and killing it. These areas are:
(1) The beach, prior to the screen with the Sand Snakes.
(2) The grasslands have some areas within a given scene where you can stick to only grass beetles, and avoid the snakes and scorpions.
(3) The marsh, between the first screen (with three wild scorpions) and the female mutants on the fourth or fifth screen. That is, neither mutants nor the black beetles will attack you spontaneously, and there are two or three screens with just those enemies.
(4) The first two screens of the volcano; surprisingly, the skeletons will not attack you. Great place for relaxed grinding.

The rest of the game is really annoying in dealing with enemies attacking you as soon as you approach (I'd recommend getting through the entire jungle and the entire ice stage as quickly as possible, and leaving grinding to the stages without spontaneously attacking enemies).

Also, after a while I just gave up on using pets (switch to a weak pet, kill it off, then don't select another pet and you will remain sans pet), because they don't regenerate, and they die far too quickly (forcing you to either reload from the previous save, or loose all the leveling progress you've made with that pet).

On the glitch that rosedragon mentions: I ran into it too, I found your stats are also corrected if you just go to another screen. So, as soon as you level up, go back to the previous screen in the same level, and then return, to continue on in your progress.

On the two "elemental" blades you can get from the Mage Guild:

The fire blade is useless. The same blade you can buy near that level is much better. I haven't save up 25 ice shards (they are rare!), but I assume the ice blade you can get at level 18 is going to be less powerful than the regular blade you can buy at level 21. So, don't bother wasting your shards (although you can always try out the blade and reload without saving if you don't like it).

Oh, and an incredibly useful tip about getting money:

Ice shards sell for 2500 G each. So any expensive items you want, wait until you get to the ice stage, and then grind for ice shards. They are rare, yes, but selling four or five should give you more money than you'll need for anything else. Actually, as mentioned above, all enemies on the ice stage attack you so grinding there is unpleasant, so you can also wait until the volcano stage. All enemies there, including the non-aggressive skeletons, also drop ice shards.

Important note about the four accessories: you can only equip one at a time.

If I understand rosedragon correctly about items, I disagree somewhat; I found that having the best available weapon, armor and shield makes a big difference (although to save cash early on, I skipped every other shield upgrade and that proved okay). But rosedragon is right when it comes to the four accessories, the choice of those didn't seem to matter (the cash one increases cash by quite a bit, but soon enough you'll have more cash than you need anyway, and I didn't find the speed boots that strategically useful. For the other two, +5% damage is neither here nor there).


I always feel weird when I seem to miss the most basic interface actions: how do I get off a map and back into town? The first quest I came back automatically but now I'm stuck and don't know how to get off the beach. Any help?


Oh, nevermind, I figured it out. ._.


They've clearly been playing Dofus looking at the GUI of the game.

carldec May 26, 2010 5:33 PM

wow... grinding is right. This is way too much repetitive killing of the same stupid monster over and over again. The first hour of the game is one zone, one monster, one pet, kill hundreds of times.

add that horrible controls, repetitive music and sound. yikes.

and with the comments of others who have put up with this situation to find the later game is not that great.. well... sorry.... no more for me.

Anonymous May 26, 2010 8:04 PM

Tip for the developer: If you're going to make text scroll on the screen sloooowly, then when the person clicks "next", jump to the whole screen of text. Don't close the text box. I'm left with the choice of being aggravated waiting for the text to display, or being aggravated for missing out entirely. Not a good set of options.


Am I the only one who can't figure out how to activate the "sand generator"? I'm stuck at castaway beach with the beetles and snakes :(

Joachim May 26, 2010 11:01 PM

I had found the sand generator once while I played on my other computer.. and now I'm just going around in circles, I can't find it again!


So, I've finished all the quests, am level 33, activated all the generators, and I'm still stuck on the Island. The quest guy told me he hopes he can help me some day. Now there are no more quests, no instruction, and no way off the island. I've tried revisiting the areas to see if there is new content, but I can't find anything. Any ideas?

Jörmungandr May 27, 2010 12:31 AM


try to get as far away from the entrance as you can. look for lotsa snakes and a scorpion.

from start, according to the compass in the mini map: east,north,north,east then follow the path.there should be a level 6 scorpion and a big yellow crystal thingy at the end.

When's a good time to loose the green thing and get a new pet? I found the next generator but I can't get to it with out killing myself D=


So, is this really the end? I've activated all the generators, completed all the quests, made it to level 33, and

I'm still stuck on the island with no instruction on how to get off, or get more attacks or abilities to fill in the left over spots. My town contact said he hopes I escape some day


RPG-lite is is very appropriate. Although still a tiny bit confusing. Unlike most RPG's, Castaway is not so complicated.

Dreamer May 27, 2010 10:36 AM

Okay, i feel like an idiot, but i can't work out how to leave Castaway... I've just started the game, gone in there, and accepted my first quest, but i accidentally skipped the last thing Malaki said to me, so i don't know if he told me how to leave... D:


Sweet that they re-used the monsters fromUltimate Defense, sill ther prettiest TD game ever. Minor gripe re finding your way around, could do with somwe hints as to which bits of the map lead to new screens.


@Dreamer: There's a world map button in the upper right.

Randomname May 27, 2010 11:32 AM

This is enjoyable, even though the game could use a more fleshed-out storyline.
I'm also kinda annoyed at how easily my pets die.

Still, I love it!

About your money-making tip

Maybe we're playing different versions, but for me all kinds of shards sell for 3G each.

Not that it made a difference, at this point in the game I already had all the money I could need.

OTOH, I've noticed that when I'm fighting against the fire elemental enemies,

their fire attack does negative damage. I'm currently running around with well over 2000 hit points (max HP according to my stats : 950).
Is that a bug? Has anyone run in the same thing?
(spoiler tags just in case)


LOL, is that La Folia I hear in the background? Never thought I'd hear a remix/cover of La Folia used for any game, much less one about being stuck on a tropical-seeming island.

I play MMOs. I know grinding, and I know no satisfactory conclusion. That said, the gameplay in Castaway simply is not fun enough by itself to carry the game without some kind of reward at the end.

The graphics were quite endearing, though, and this was definitely a solid effort.


For all the grinding, didn't take too long. The hardest and prettiest level was actually the Jungle. For obvious reasons, once you get there.


not all girls are pink. And maybe I missed it, but I'd like an inventory screen from the shop screen. A quit button, maybe?

The rest progressed fairly smoothly unless you wanted to save up for something pretty. If you're into tamagotchi, you'll want to take a look at this.


@m3psi I disagree with weapons selection.

The tipsheet says the elemental weapons are more useful. The fire one is useless... but the ice one is SO worth it. It freezes at random, which can save you against a really big monster. I paired it with one of the blue scorpions and went to town.

Anonymous May 27, 2010 2:28 PM

Poison = ludicrously unbalanced, unfair, and un-fun.

That alone would be almost enough to rage-quit and never look back, but combined with the near-total absence of story, annoying play issues (vision-blocking terrain, grinding, too little money, walking back to the village (see "too little money"), too much grinding, worthless starting pet that STAYS worthless, way too much grinding, did I mention the grinding?), I see no reason to give this offering any more of my time.

Games are supposed to be FUN. This may be pretty, it might even be well-coded, but fun, it isn't.


I'm lvl 5 and counting but I can't get past the snakes.
I can kill them, but I want to go on to the next board and I can't find out where you leave.

I'm on the first board with snakes.
plz help.


Am I the only person who is reminded of the DS game Contact, at least from the picture and description on this page?

Anonymous May 27, 2010 4:05 PM

Dumbest question ever probably, but how do you get back to town?


I must be an idiot, because I cannot figure out how to get off Castaway Beach. Any hints?


I noticed that a lot of people are asking how to leave an area after they start a quest. When you first start in any area, take careful note of where you stand. You are at the spot where you can walk back to the village right now. To leave, you go back here in the same fashion as how going to another area requires stepping onto the edge jutting out. You don't get the arrows on the ground like during the tutorial, but all the paths to other areas are 3 tiles wide, if I'm not mistaken. Just like in real life, if you still can't find the way back, draw a basic map- just a diamond with X's where the exits are should be sufficient. Hope this helps.


I had the same problem: you travel from screen to screen where the edge of the map has three hanging tiles--the first screen has the exit to town in the uppermost corner.


littlefish May 28, 2010 4:03 AM

Not bad for a time-waster. A bit repetitive, since you *have*to*walk* back til the village to save. No chance of "OK, a bunch of scorpions, let's save before I fight them".
At least there could be a "Restart from where I last saved", so I dont have to run poking at scorpions in order to die first...

sonofzeal May 28, 2010 4:15 AM

Any tips for pet selection? I'd expect the green starter guy to be the one you want to keep, but that doesn't seem to be the case...

lolololo88 May 28, 2010 2:06 PM

i'm stuck on the sand generator because i can't find it!


Is there way to pause the game?
It's annoying to get killed while I'm answering the phone...

Ajbcool May 28, 2010 3:51 PM

From reading the comments here, doesn't sound too promising...

I kinda wanted a way to look at my pet's stats so I can determine which for myself is better beyond "I know Sand Snakes can poison" etc...some number crunching would be nice. As well as, what are the stats on my Beetle Shield? How can I look at these things? Why is using inventory items a click-fest during rough low-hp trials? So much promise, and I'd like to think of this as better, but...

Playerbasil May 28, 2010 4:23 PM

how do you activate the sand generator?

MeWantsAnswer May 29, 2010 6:03 AM

Where the heck is the 1-st sand generator???


I have seen these pets as monsters in another game, Ultimate Tactics. Oh and I just found Ultimate Defense 2, definitely going to play that later.


It's an unabashed grind fest, complete with random drop collection quests.
There's no world map once you leave the village, so navigation has to be done by memory. Which wouldn't be so bad if there was some way to spot where the maps connect.
Speaking of which, it's not always obvious if terrain can be walked across. Not often, but often enough to be irritating. Click-to-walk would be immensely useful, but I guess that would be a luxury.
As an above guest mentioned: clicking "Next" should not just close the agonizingly slow scrolling text.
Best hope you learn the icons for potions fast enough. If you have to mouse-over to check, you're likely dead before you used the potion.
Poison is really irritating, but made infinitely worse by not being cleared when you rest in the inn. WTF?
Real-time pet hatching? C'mon… this isn't a tamagotchi.

In all: pretty, but otherwise… seriously mediocre.

Anonymous May 30, 2010 8:26 AM

How do you get off first beach?

Anonymous May 30, 2010 10:56 AM

I agree with the previous comment, and others who pointed other flaws.

It's a strange game, because on the one hand it is obviously very well crafted with an attention to details, good graphics and so, but on the other hand there are so many flaws, minor but still inconceivable, like:
- no pause (???)
- you can't load a game unless you die (for ex. when your pet dies, you spend tons of time training yout pet and you shouldn't care if it dies??)
- when you sleep at the village, you're not cured (see previous comment)
- your stats do not show at the village (you have to leave the village in order to see how much life remains, or if there's still room left in your inventory...)
-there's no way to see how strong or how special your pet is (although it is stated that pets have differences)
-hatching gets slower and slower as you advance through the game, and you still have to train your pet from the start!
-no auto-save when you complete a quest (annoying at the beginning then you get over it)
-and so on...
There are many others that I can't remember.

It seems like some game developers just want to release just as many games as possible without finishing them. Still it's obvious a lot of time was spent on creating this one.

Anonymous May 30, 2010 3:01 PM

Please help! I have the grass generator quest but cannot work out where the exit is to the grasslands! Help!!!


I was going to make a screenshot map, but I have to point out: it is easy to figure out where the exits are. Remember what the beginning text said about the origins of the island?

Those ruined walkways are old paths. They're not just pretty background.


This is one of those games that doesn't require a lot of thought. Something to play on your downtime at work..

The only problem I am having is finding the exit to the next map on the jungle one. I must have killed 50 venom snakes and still cannot figure out where the next map is??


what pet do you have if you have one? just follow the exits that have more scorpians then will the things in your way kill the wild scorpian and your done. (if i were you i would get a castawaway feather it helps you alot)

Anonymous May 31, 2010 1:36 AM

your hp goes up when you're on fire! check it out - go stand by a fire elemental in the last level, get in a position where you're not hitting them automatically and watch you're hp skyrocket. it even goes past your hp limit! i have 17,000 already.. this got to be a bug.

Deniise May 31, 2010 8:46 AM

I've been reading all the Comments, and No one has answered this question, which I also wanna ask. - WHERE IS THE SAND GENERATOR?!

Money98765433 May 31, 2010 1:20 PM

where is the generator for castaway beach and what do they look like?


People to get the sand generator you just have to go where you can! In only 1 map there are 2 ways and 1 is closed!

If i remember well, you have to go first south east, the second map go north east, then north east again... and i think 1 or 2 more maps and you will find it.

It's impossible to not find it, it's HUGE and just turns it touching it with the character.

Jörmungandr May 31, 2010 8:51 PM

umm.. to everyone looking for the SAND GENERATOR: maybe I wasn't clear enough but I posted a detailed answer a few weeks ago...


when im ready to activate a frickin' generator, i usually:

grab a feather before proceeding. also applicable when doing other quests


for eveyone who is looking for the best pet it is the fire elemental it can kill any enemy with one shot of its fire attack. it will usually use that first, but seems to use it less against enemies with higher levels nameley orge lords.


How on earth do you get to the grasslands? I have grinded up to level 12 just looking for the next board! Have activated the sand generator, but have found no exit to the grasslands. What am I doing wrong?


How do you get to the grasslands?

Jonathan June 2, 2010 4:39 PM

Another trick i noticed is auto attacking is honestly slow, So if you get 2 guys to come at you at once..you can double click between the 2 as fast as you like and atack everytime


@Bagdmd uh, click on Grasslands instead of Castaway Beach


Therein lies the problem with why I can't get to the Grasslands... I have turned on the Sand Generator, but Castaway Beach is still the only area of the map I can click on. Does "Grasslands" appear on the map in a clickable title? It appears there may be a bug or else I am missing something...


@bagdmd yeah, you should just click on Grasslands instead of castaway beach. It's to the right on the map. If it's not lit up like the beach is, you haven't finished the beach. (maybe you didn't save afterwards?)


What all do you have to do to finish the beach? Is there more than just activating the sand generator? I have done that, but no "grassland" appears? Very odd...


To get to the "Grasslands"...

make certain you have gotten the "Sand Generator" quest from the "Mercenary Guild" in the town.


get to and touch the generator so that it lights up.


return to the "Mercenary Guild" and click on the quest to complete it.

After completing these three steps,

"Grasslands" will appear on the map. Click on it to go there.

Good luck!


There's a few bugs that I'm experiencing that are really quite annoying.

One is that my backslap is not working... it doesn't stun the enemy or do any more damage to it than a regular hit when i use it so it's a waste of a special ability.

and the other glitch is that

my special abilities don't light up sometimes and aren't 'click-able'even though they're charged and should be 'click-able' ;P.

these things are rly getting in the way of my combating. i hope they can be fixed somehow or if there's a sequel coming or anything that the developers make sure it doesn't have glitches like that.


Regarding special abilities not lighting up when fully charged... I used to think that there was something wrong with it, too, until I realized that...

you need to make certain that you have an enemy targeted. I now try to target the enemies well before they see me so I can be ready to hit them with a special attack when they get close.

Another thing I've noticed when using special attacks...

If you target an enemy, hit a special attack button and double-click the enemies just as the special attack is starting, you will do a second special attack instantly including both the action and the damage. This works best with the "Combo" attack (8 hits instead of just 4), but I've also successfully done this with all special attacks including double Back Stabs and double Shield Smashes.


that was such fun while it lasted but I was a bit disappointed that after saving up so much firepower for the final confrontation there was no final confrontation. Still, the developer seems to be taking suggstions for a sequel


OK for all you people who need to get to the sand generator, READ THIS

On the second map go up past the two pillars. There should be a place where you can go to a new area at the top of the map. Then on the new map take the upper left exit. It's to the right, trust me you'll find it. The sand generator should be on the third map to the far right. But watch out! I just got there and was killed by a scorpion.

Clear cut instructions, follow these and you'll get there.


Help pls ppl i am lv 18 and i cant pass the pink goo things the girl mutant watever and i cant find the genrator unless they pink mutants leave


@ anyone who cant reach the grasslands, FINISH THE QUEST FIRST!

hope that helps


Uhm, I feel really special for getting this bloody far and having this particular issue... Where's the LAST generator, the magma generator or even, where are the ogre lords???? I see ogres, i see skeleton warriors (which are in the last section connected to my magma map) i see fire elementals (which are on a map connected to nothing as well). Am i missing something??? The only thing i can think of is i didnt finish the ice sword quest... Can anyone enlighten me as to what i should do? *whimpers*

Ehh what am i missin'!?

LtDrebin June 7, 2010 3:19 PM

OK, something that really bugs me about this game is there is no description of what the skills do.

I just got Slice and I don't know what exactly it does besides doing damage.


Where is the stick? I start the game, i get my pet, i beat the first beatle, but when i get to the part "Maybe i could use that stick to help fight beatles", can someone please tell me where the stick is. I may be blind or it's the game, but i would really like to play.


do wild scorpians drop eggs?

Anonymous June 10, 2010 8:14 AM

Im level 11, and i am so annoyed to the first pet. Because it is weak and have low hp, and dont have any special ability.
Can anyone recommend any good pet to hatch that can be found at jungle map?


Like Elena said, i tried her special attack combo thing. Works hella well. I also learned you could

If you select an enemy, attack it, select your special attack and then double click (it's kinda hard to get the timing down) but you'll do you're normal attack and then do the double special attack.

i'm drunk.


sorry for double comment, (see second spoiler.)
It's also quite easy, effective, and fun to just

attack the enemy normally and just unleash all your special attacks.

I'm sure most of you figured this out in the first 10 minutes of playing.. but if you didn't then this will most likely be very helpful.


Can anyone post how to get-off the island? I've done activating all the generators and all the tasks... what now?


ok i found the sand generator but had an issue i couldnt figure out i dont know if its a bug or spoiler

when i activated it i became stuck and had to restart

any ideas


What does eva mean on the stats...i know what everything else is...but i am having a hard time with this on...so if anyone knows please let me know...i would be greatly appreciated...

Anonymous July 11, 2010 11:41 PM

really really easy
for those who can't figure it out, you have obviously never played a rpg

the having to walk back to the starts to save is annoying (yea there are feathers but they are way to expensive in the beginning)

the pets are useless, finished alone with a lv 34 and everything done

Noobyness July 12, 2010 5:01 AM

I am now level 35 and I just have a few major problems with this game...

First of all, yes NO AUTOSAVE, but you'll get used to it when you know where to go and when to go back.
And I hate the fact that your hero can so easily be crossed by faster enemies especially in the Ice and Volcano stages EVEN when you have the speed boots on! Making you so easily cornered by two monsters.

A few good tips for you interested in this game:

1.Grinding is a MUST, in order to EASY EASY-ly go through the game, you must be about 5-6 levels higher than the average level of the current monster. Poison will not be a problem if the monster deals you 2-4 damage per hit. And of course you will get to kill the monster in 2-3 hits. Grinding will get even easier than fighting equal level monsters once you can kill the weaker monster in 3 shots. Easy peezy...

2.The items are useful! It will really increase your resistance and all around capability to handle monsters. Although LEVEL GAP is all thats needed.

3.The FIRE sword is WORTHLESS, but the ICE sword is THE BEST. I recommend completing that quest(25 ice shards needed) first before the Freeze skill(10 ice shards needed) quest.

4.Don't rush to the generators, complete all quests of the current stage first, by doing so, you will be very well prepared for the next stage.

5.Always carry 1 Castaway Feather with you! Very useful once you get a generator running, and you'll never know if a number of monsters suddenly spawns or moves towards you(bad luck if that happens)

6.Don't waste money on potions, you won't need them until the Volcano or Ice stage, just keep grinding.

7.Pets! Pets are just AWESOME.
Your first starting pet should be the beetle. When you get to the grasslands, get the big red Beetles. Beetles are good because they have high HP and higher average attacks. Snakes are useless.
When your'e able to get the normal Scorpion, they are the next pet you should get. Then move on to the Wild Scorpion. They have a bit higher HP than beetles.
Once you get to the Female Mutant Slime, grab an egg and hatch it! It has very HIGH HP, and the best average attack among the monsters so far. She's all you need til you get to the last pet.
The BEST and probably imbalance pet of all is the Elementals, make sure you hatch one once you get an egg!
You will notice Elementals cast Freeze or Flame a bit too frequent. And it will really annoy you. But once you get one as a pet, you'll really love them.
Once they cast Freeze or Flame on an enemy monster, the enemy immediately dies! Amazing, just 1 hit will KO the monster. My Fire Elemental can kill 4 monsters in 5 seconds. It just goes crazy. :D

Big big drawback from these elementals is that theyre HP and are SOOOO low. Almost half the HP of an Ice Scorpion. And their average attack is also low.

(Ice Scorpions are a good choice too, very high HP, high average damage, and has the Freeze skill, although about half as frequent as an Ice Elemental. You can also try Ogres or Ogre Lords, very very high damage, ultra high HP, and has the Stun ability, although whats the point of getting them when you're almost done with the game???)


HP Bug!

When you reach the Volcano area, go north north and you should be in the Lava elemental area, IMPORTANT NOTE: you should have a level gap(around 27-28) in order for this to work fabulously;D
The square 3 paces north of the middle entrance/exit is the best spot.
You will be able to make all 4 elementals attack you from all sides. You should first make 2 of them attack you simultaneously, your hero will kill the first and then he'll just stand there leaving the 2nd to just attack him indefinitely. You'll eventually get all four attacking you. LoL. Let the hp gain begin! Just let him stand there and within 15minutes you'll be around 50k+ in life. I'm now around 100k while making this comment.

By doing so, you can deal with the ogre lords sooooo easily,(I consider them rightfully the hardest quest)

ANOTHER NOTE: Once you level up, your HP will go back to normal. So use it wisely.:D

Pet Hatchery Bug

Yep, as the others said, when you have an egg incubating in the hatchery, you just have to advance the clock by a few hours, and you'll be able to get the pet in an instant! By doing so, you can test all the eggs from a stage and see which is the best for you.:D


There is no ending. NONE! I can't even believe I played this using 12hours of my time when there is NO ENDING!!!!

Noobyness July 12, 2010 5:04 AM

@Krys, EVA means evasion, but don't mind it. It's practically nonesense, you'll get hit 99% of the time.


how do i get back to town from the castaway beach?

Anonymous July 14, 2010 11:50 AM

how do you get back to town after you finished the first quest at castaway beach. so how do you get back to town from castaway beach? HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Avid_max July 16, 2010 6:24 PM

As a matter of curiousity, has anyone tried having multiple "rings of might"? Does each one add an extra %5 to your attack (i.e does attack_new=(1+0.05*n) where n is the number of rings), or does it only work once?

Noobyness July 17, 2010 3:53 AM

@XOXOX and JIGuest: Go back to the very first area where your from, keep going up, its in the northern most corner. Look for 3 cells that are jutting out form the map and two columns beside them. It is by a bunch of plants.

@Avid_max: I just tried what you said. Bought 10 pieces, but no additional effect. Wearing 10 pieces has the same effect of wearing 1 piece.

Noobyness July 17, 2010 3:57 AM

By the way, I have a very useful tip. #9:

Before using the first skill on a monster, give him 1 hit first. In other words, go attack a monster, and when your hero makes his first strike, immediately click your skill. That way you do 2 instant attacks instead of 1. Great way to kill faster.


foxmulder77 July 25, 2010 10:11 PM

I got to the end of the game, with the little green creature still intact. Wish there were a better ending, but expecting a sequel.


Ugh I cant get passed the jungle, the monsters are too strong and too numerous, should I just grind till im above lvl 15 and tank them all with health potions?


When playing DO NOT close the window and restart or shutdown you lose the game and you have to start over.


To find any generator go to outube and type in:
Castaway (whatever place your in)generator. there should be 1 by pocket dare for every place.

turtleboy August 24, 2010 5:53 AM

another way of healing you pet is to use:

island fruit


*grunt*those scorpions are annoying.venom snakes too.


Any one who is a noob listen up. The stick is in the middle of the screen. It helps a ton and levels you up much quicker. It must be a bug because I missed it the first time. Also, on youtube there are videos on how to get to the generators. The sand generator is important-ish. So is all the other gnerators including the magma one.


Does anyone know how to get into the little pond of water in the beach stage? It has a blockage in front of it like the one before you get into the village.

tallgiraffe32 November 25, 2010 11:47 PM

I enjoyed this game. I needed something to keep me occupied while I can't play WoW, and this worked. Grinding doesn't bother me at all. Everyone keeps complaining about how they can't find their way around and there is no map, but I liked that. Trying to find my way around made the game more fun and challenging. There are only two things that bother me:
1. Using a pet becomes very silly after awhile even though it seems like it is supposed to be a huge part of the game. By the time I arrived at the ice level, I ditched my pet entirely and did the rest of the game solo, and it went so much faster.
2. After you finish everything, there is no awesome ending scene where you escape the island. Nothing happens. Some dude says thanks, and that's it.


The makers of this game have got it made. Irritating music, boring storyline, and mean little castaway feathers that like to wait untill you or your pet has been killed before teleporting you to safety. Yet it's still strangely addicting. However, I don't think it's really worth it, so am now trying to stop playing before any more hours of my life are spent yelling at my computer screen.


okay... seriously, i cant figure out how to leave castaway island i finished the first quesa and all but im lvl 7 cuz i just keep killing stuff. can somebody PLEASE tell me what to do/where to go?


At the Magma Crater, the lava elementals in the room with only 4 lava elementals increase my health when they use the flame attack. If I go there and just let them attack I can get my health up to around 9000 (way past what it is suppose to be. Anyone else notice this problem?

purplekillbot February 28, 2011 6:50 PM

IT is a very good game but on the beach on the island there is an area that is locked up . how do you unlock it it covers water wtheck does it do?? help me plz


I save the game in town, however, everytime I exit the game and start playing it again it has no records off it and I allways have start a new game. Can someone tell me what to do?

citrustang March 24, 2011 2:56 AM

I'm not grind-averse, but there are too many little things that make grinding unnecessarily unpleasant.

> Clicking twice to attack a monster, then waiting a second for an item to appear, then clicking again to pick the item up is a terrible system.

> This is not helped by slow movement speed, the non-navigable squares littered across maps, and the twitchy movements made by your character and pet in reaction to every movement by the targeted enemy.

> Also, the drop rate for beetle shells early on in the game is obscene. I had 60+ berries, 40+ monster eggs, and 30+ flame stones before finally gathering the 20 shells necessary to complete the shield quest.

And the kicker?

The beetle shield only adds 1 def, and by that time in the game I had easily earned enough money to purchase the 2 def starter shield from the blacksmith (due to all the aforementioned grinding). Quest rewards that are already obsolete by the time you earn them are disheartening to new players who are desperately trying to enjoy your game on an initial play through.

I think I'm done with this one.

TheHelper April 19, 2011 1:32 PM

Many of you have asked to know where the Sand Generator is so I'll tell you the directions are:

And then go to the Generator.

TheHelper April 20, 2011 5:12 AM

The best pets on the game are probably:

1. Ogre Lord Hits hard and can stun also has quite high HP (I have him)

2. Lava Elemental Kills instantly with his flame and does exceptional damage medium HP (I have him too)

KatnisEverdeen April 25, 2011 9:19 PM

Hey I just started and I'm on level 2
i don't know how to get of the island and to town all I'm doing is killing the bugs.
i have no clue on how to get off and into town can someone PLEASE help me??

KatnisEverdeen April 25, 2011 9:52 PM

how do i get off the island and into town.

KatnisEverdeen April 25, 2011 10:32 PM


STUCK NOOB October 4, 2011 12:43 AM

I'm stuck in the stupid village, I've clicked everywhere, it won't let me out! What the heck is this, Hotel California???


This game does kinda remind me of Contact and this is a good game but I am glad the second one is much better and beetle shells and scorpion stingers drop rates are so low that I am level 10+ just trying to get the beetle shield, I mean come on.


This game kinda reminds me of Contact and it is a good game but I am glad the second one is so much better.


Heh, someone had a creative dip when creating this game, or it's deliberate. In the explanation of the first pet:
"You can also command your pet by clicking the appropriate button in their sadfasdf below."


debayan120702 February 8, 2013 12:26 AM

I can't find the Sand Generator. I need help.


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