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Capella's Promise

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Rating: 4.6/5 (34 votes)
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Capella's Promise

Dora[Mac user? Try freeware tool RPG Hub]

In massive free indie RPG Capella's Promise, created by PlainSoft and translated by vgperson, Velk and his sister Thiana aren't your typical heroes. In fact, they're not very nice people at all. They're slavers, to be precise, and one night Velk wakes up to overhear his sister making an unusual deal... all they have to do is watch over a young girl named Shena for six months in exchange for a large amount of cash. It's a strange request to make of someone who makes their living buying and selling people, but Thiana and Velk see it as easy money. At least until the night soldiers show up demanding Shena, who, having literally spent most of her life underground passed from one "master" to another, has no idea why she's so valuable. Now Thiana's been captured and Velk's on the run with a girl everyone wants to get their hands on, and they soon discover there are more people with bounties on their heads being snatched away in the night. What starts as a quest to rescue Velk's sister winds up being something much more when they stumble across something very rotten in the kingdom of Ilnacia. Clocking in at over twenty hours with sidequests, secrets, crafting, customisation and more, Capella's Promise might be a bit combat-heavy for some, but is one heavyweight freeware title well worth checking out.

Capella's PromiseUse the [arrow] keys to move around, the [spacebar] to interact, and [ESC] to open the menu where you can save your game and manage your characters and items. In a lot of ways, Capella's Promise is your typical turn-based JRPG-style title, albeit with a few twists to the formula. Using crafting items, you can synthesize not only equipment as long as you have the proper recipe, but also "megalomas", which, when equipped, will cause your character's stats to raise in specific ways whenever they level up. You can see enemies before you encounter them in the field, and both the creature's level will be displayed above them so you know what you're getting into. In addition to experience points, enemies also give you Specialty Points when slain, which you can spend on characters to increase their skills and abilities in specific branches, such as magic or physical attacks. Some equipment will even grant you unique skills and commands, and certain types of treasure chests will respawn... armor you find can even have randomized stats, so two of the same shield may have different enhancements. Add in a warpstone system that will allow you to hop around to checkpoints instantly or set your own, a "conquest" meter in certain dungeons that can summon powerful guardians, and you have a game heaving with a remarkable amount of extra tidbits.

Capella's PromiseBut wait! There's more! Blue forges allow you to embed certain pieces of equipment with orbs to grant different effects, while the "red" (it's totally pink) forge dissolves equipment down into raw materials for crafting. Don't worry if absorbing all the information in the tutorial screens you're walloped with at the start of the game seems impossible... not only is it not as complex as it seems, but you can press [shift] at any time to review it under the help menu. Speaking of reviewing things, if you ever need a refresher on what to do, you can check out "progress" under the main [ESC] menu to view what's going on in the story and what you're supposed to be doing, and people or objects that will advance the plot will always have an event marker floating over their heads. Which must be weird if you're an NPC, right? You wake up one morning with one of those suckers hanging overhead and you spend the rest of the day in terror, not knowing if you're going to be a waypoint on a simple fetch quest, or wind up brutally murdered as part of dramatic protagonist plot development.

Capella's PromiseAnalysis: Capella's Promise, for all of its crafting system and other tweaks, is still a traditional RPG, which means you can get ready for lots and lots of grinding. Embedding orbs in your equipment can have a huge impact on combat, piling stat and skill bonuses on in a hurry, and with the megaloma system allowing you to direct your party's growth as you please, as well as the whole new commands you can equip someone with through certain weapons and armor, you have a ton of customisation. Still, Capella's Promise is slow to start, and you'll spend an hour or so slogging through a series of dungeons and tutorials before the game opens up a bit and lets you explore the outside world. While the story moves slowly and has a lot of common tropes, it's still a loving homage to the genre where there's clearly been an enormous amount of work put into making it as fleshed out as possible, with special attention paid to beefing up the combat into something satisfying and challenging.

Capella's PromiseIf you're against the whole "human trafficking" thing, you might find it hard to get behind Velk as a hero. It's implicitly stated that slave trading is illegal, so while many of the characters are morally gray, and some of the slaves even appear not to mind being sold, you're still dealing with a character who has no trouble treating people as property if it benefits him personally. On the other hand, Shena is wheelchair bound, which is something you don't really see in games, at least not as far as main characters go. She's never treated as a liability for this, and can use any equipment and fight just as well (if you make her a fighter) as any other character in your party. While a lot of the other characters who join you throughout the game may play into familiar archetypes, however, it's your ability to customise them for combat that makes a surprising amount of difference in how you view them. These things, like making Rayne a combat powerhouse or Velk a weaker healer, don't actually change the story, of course, but it helps keep the more common (and boring) fantasy JRPG tropes at bay by making the characters into what you want them to be.

The end result is a classic-feeling RPG that has a surprising amount of depth to it in places, and one that looks and sounds great too, with fantastic character artwork and a solid soundtrack. If you've always been against the genre, Capella's Promise likely isn't going to cause you to revoke your old opinions and fall head over heels. For fans, however, the sheer bulk of the gameplay and the clear effort gone into crafting it all makes this one seriously formidable title, especially considering that it's available at the low, low price of free. While it's definitely a slow boil, the more time I spent with it, the more I liked it, and Capella's Promise offers old school charms with a few modern sensibilities to freshen things up.

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Kyttynjirr November 24, 2014 5:05 PM

Hi, Dora,
Well, the game play sounds great, but Shena having been " passed from one "master" to another" sounds pretty horrible, so I have to ask . . .

was Shena abused in any way by the aforementioned "masters"? Or were any other characters abused in any way? I'm interested in trying the game, but I'm very sensitive to such topics.

Just wanted to know before actually downloading it. Thanks in advance!

Kyttynjirr November 25, 2014 4:01 AM replied to Dora

Thanks for telling me all this, Dora! I really appreciate you taking the time! In regards to that,

if nothing stood out as blatantly abusive, then I'm sure it's fine. I have noticed in your reviews that you're very careful to note things that might be potentially worrisome to some players, and I really do appreciate that. I'll probably check Capella's Promise out (if I can get time away from real life, that is!) and see what it's like. Thanks again for taking the time to tell me all this! :)


Regarding Kyttynjirr's question, no, nothing of that nature happens. Some more detail, though it may be a bit spoilery:

A big part of Shena's background is that she's been very lonely all her life. Her caretakers definitely never physically abused her, and it seems if they made her do any work for them, it was mostly just cooking, which she's shown to genuinely enjoy. However, they also had to hide her from the outside world and not teach her anything about it. Which is a sad thing, but seems like it may not be the kind of abuse you're concerned about.

Like Dora says, slavery isn't as significant to the story as you might think, as most of its relevance is at the beginning. So that's as close as the game gets to those topics - if that seems fine to you, the rest of the game should be fine too.

And a considerably more spoilery discussion of some of my thoughts on the story:

The way I see the slavery aspect is that it's just what Velk became accustomed to growing up with Thiana - he doesn't really think too much about how it's illegal or cruel because he's very sheltered, and it's his life. He does seem to get along with the slaves to some extent, too. It's pretty odd to be sure, but the slave traders in the game are portrayed as not being terrible people, really, just forced to have this kind of life. Shena's previous master even figures he should wash his hands of the business.

When Velk ends up in the situation of his sister being kidnapped by people who want Shena, his background in slavery shows with his thought of "well, if handing over Shena will get her back, what do I care about Shena?" Naturally, though, this changes as he travels with Shena, rather quickly reaching the point where he refuses to give Shena to the Emissaries no matter what. This is more directly pointed out later, when Vargas notes that Velk's not suited for the slave business, what with how he treats people as people and refuses to just hand them over to get what he wants.

He does express a desire to simply return to his old life up to quite late in the game, but I'm guessing that's only because that's the life he knows. Until he can figure out how else he might live, that's the only thing he has to return to.

I'm not a huge fan of the "master" thing myself, but I don't feel like it was intended to have bad overtones, even if it probably does sometimes. I suppose it could represent how Velk starts as a slave trader who sort of considers people property, but learns to stop doing so, and his role as Shena's "master" puts him in a position to eventually convince her that she deserves to be happy despite what she'd resigned herself to. I like to imagine that after reaching that milestone, he can then work on getting her to stop calling him "master," but...

Honestly, though, I'm wondering what happens with Thiana after the story, because that's totally unaddressed. Does she just keep up the slave trade without Velk because she didn't get the character development he did? Makes you think. Or maybe she's able to get in the good books of people like Wolt and no longer has to resort to slave trading, again depicting it as an "only because I have to" profession.

Kyttynjirr November 25, 2014 1:53 PM replied to vgperson

I want to thank you so much for the detailed response, too! It really helps, and I'll definitely download the game now. Thanks again!! :D


I'm about midway through the game, and I somewhat regret not starting new characters at level 1. They give you the option of starting at level 1 or a high level with random stats, and I've found a couple characters to be useless without proper stat-building.

Early-Game Stat advice:

You get six permanent characters in the game (maybe more, but it looks unlikely from my point in the game). I can't say what the most effective group is, but I can tell you some effective characters I have:

My main character is a warrior; his huge offense makes him the only consistently effective damage dealer in my party. Magic and MP are useless for him. He mainly specializes in Tech skills, though the one he got at specialization level 2 is the one I use most. There are no sword-specific combos, so I'm glad I didn't give him that specialty.

My second character is a mage, built to maximize Magic usage. She's mainly a healer. Her Melica Spell has max effectiveness (1000), and it works very well. If I had another good healer, it'd be easier to strengthen her offensive spells.

I have one offensive player specializing in combos, and another physical player with high agility that has a few levels in combos. This helps the combo player make high level combos quickly.

Generally, you need to decide whether to specialize in physical or magical skills for each character. If you want to have one character for each specialization, the Tech and Combo characters should have high offense; and the Magic, Space Magic, and Prayer characters should have high magic. Survival is completely physical as well, though it's doesn't need particularly high offense. Having one or two characters with high agility helps.

You could choose it any way you want, but be warned that not all characters can equip all types of weapons:

There is some equipment that can unlock the ability to equip other weapon types. Also, every character can equip books and daggers. Other than that, one each can equip swords, bows, spears, and knuckledusters. Two can equip staffs.

The Captain's Hat (see seal section) is a particularly useful equipment, since it has high defense and allows you to equip swords.

Also note that some specialty skills are weapon-specific. Late-game, you can probably find accessories to unlock the right weapon type if you really need to use a specific skill. However, I suggest you don't specialize the sword-user in combos, the knuckleduster user in Tech, or the staff-users in either. Check the game's webpage for a complete list of skills.

Partway through the game, you gain the ability to create weapons and armor from seals. You don't actually need the seals though, just the codes. Here's a partial list:

Reaper's Scythe (spear): M429499
Silver Shashka: M583772
Angel Book: S519487
Damascus Sword: M365890
Blood Bank (dagger): M419980
Luna Shield: M666543
Hermit's Robe: M478529
Captain's Hat: S377762
Titan Mitts: S199650

Some equipment has a level requirement, though so far it don't seem to be as high as it could reasonably be. Out of the above seals, some need level 15.


More seals (and a secret area!):

Rose Quartz: S915577
Tinker Mittens: M606791

Crystal Shrine North (Warpstone): M265125

This leads you to a secret endgame dungeon. If you can beat level 60 monsters (tough, but not bosses), you can obtain two very powerful pieces of equipment:

Patriot Mail and Witch's Gloves

I don't remember where I got the it, but usually seals are random drops. There could be three other crystal shrines!


I've searched the Japanese forums and found some good lists for seal codes. I've double checked all of the codes and compiled them here. There are probably more codes, but I've spent long enough on this. It'd be nice if they were sorted by type and level requirement, but oh well. Someone else can pick up the torch if they so desire.

Seal Codes:

Important seals:

Crystal Shrine - North: Moon 265 125 (warpstone)
Crystal Shrine - South: Moon 813 196 (warpstone)
Enforcer's title: Sun 819 357 (teaches combo IV Punishment)

Probably Useful:

Angel Book (fire, wind): Sun 519 487 (luck +40)
Angel Book (wind, light): Sun 623 113 (luck +40)
Angel Book (light, ice): Sun 845 677 (luck +40)
Rabbit Coat: Sun 328 594 (Luck+100, Exp+20%)
Captain's Hat: Sun 377 762 (luck +40, equip swords)
Fortune Beads: Sun 887 785 (luck +50)
Elspeed Ring: Sun 832 753 (buncha good stats)
Black Hood: Moon 595 187 (5% assassination)
Paladin Bangle: Sun 145 992 (equip swords/spears/bow)
Iwatonashi: Moon 186 599 (+40% Off, Off down 40%, Def down 40%)
Crystal Rod: Moon 218 783 (L35, high Off, Def down 50%)

High Level:

Order shield: Sun 450 127
Moonlight Robe: Moon 405 862 (good ice and poison resistance)
Morte Lance: Moon 513 009 (1H, 5% assassination, 40% Mag down)
Diamond Rod: Moon 700 764
Straight Knuckle: Sun 152 883
Brash Cat: Moon 965 274 (200 Off, Off +25%)
Libertage: Moon 915 667
Beast Armor: Sun 104 982

Other (there may be some useful ones in here):

Purified Kris: Sun 154 379
Storm Talon: Sun 186 339
Silver Shashka: Moon 583 772
Damascus Sword: Moon 365 890
Medical Textbook: Sun 100 723
Glorious Shield: Sun 717 098
Target Shield: Sun 199 857
Frozen Shield: Moon 197 446
Luna Shield: Moon 666 543
White Gloves: Sun 659 184
Rose Arms: Sun 755 929
Keeper's Ring: Moon 355 228
Blessed Rosary: Sun 901 786
Duel Ring: Sun 377 549
Healing Rod: Sun 569 183
Luna Armor: Moon 297 683
Mermaid's Tear: Moon 295 136
Reaper's Scythe: Moon 429 499
Judgement Staff: Sun 509 097
Doctor's Coat: Sun 815 191
Hermit's Robe: Moon 478 529
Rose Quartz: Sun 915 577
Keyspear: Sun 220 310
Wing Dart: Sun 219 745
Wind God Armor: Sun 698 056
Titan Mitts: Sun 199 650
Strong Bow: Sun 486 532
Sagitaire: Sun 907 083
Crane Shield: Moon 675 920
Condor Eye: Moon 700 135
Viking Helm: Sun 677 009
Blood Bank: Moon 419 980
Lightning Cane: Sun 745 100
Fireclad Shield: Sun 855 724
Arc Shield: Moon 700 395
Sage's robes: Moon 309 751
Gandiva: Sun 150 320
Thunder God Armor: Sun 108 750
Sniper Hat: Sun 282 974
Tinker Mittens: Moon 606 791
Black Gloves: Moon 901 274
Golem Knuckle: Sun 618 249
Sword of Io: Sun 348 772
Viper Knife: Moon 466 910
Frost Blade: Moon 227 774
Frost Bow: Moon 531 663
Windmill: Sun 155 971


Thanks for all that info bluemoose

Kyttynjirr December 7, 2014 3:29 AM

Hi, bluemoose19! Thanks so much for getting all of those codes! I "took up the torch" and created an organized list out of all of them.

The codes are organized first by level, then by type, then by name, and I've put the stats for each item under its name and code. Repair Jewels (RJ) needed for each item are as follows: level 15 = 1 RJ, level 25 = 2 RJ, level 35 = 3 RJ, level 45 = 5 RJ, and level 55 = 6 RJ. The only exception to this is jewelry, as it has no level requirement; the price varies between 1 and 2 RJ (I failed to note which in particular, and I don’t feel like going back and doing it now). Also, in the stats, I've abbreviated the elements, so: F = Fire, W = Wind, L = Lightning, I = Ice, and P = Poison.


Level 15


>> Lightning Cane: Sun 745 100
Stats: 2H; Rng 6, Spd 4; Off+35; Acc+5; Trans-Lightning; Close-Quarters; WA: N/A; Resist: Lx3; Off+25%

>> Strong Bow: Sun 486 532
Stats: 2H; Rng 6, Spd 3; Off+25; WA: Snipe; HP+15%; Off+10%


>> Blood Bank: Moon 419 980
Stats: 1H; Rng 1, Spd 8; Off+25; Skl+5; Bleed: 30%; WA: Foot Break; Off+20%

>> Purified Kris: Sun 154 379
Stats: 1H; Rng 1, Spd 8; Off+10; Acc+10; Undead Killer; WA: Life Drain; Off+30%


>> Iwatonashi: Moon 186 599
Stats: 2H; Rng 4, Spd 4; Off+40; Off Down: 35%; Def Down: 35%; WA: N/A [Martial Arts]; Off+40%

>> Reaper's Scythe: Moon 429 499
Stats: 2H; Rng 3, Spd 5; Off+30; Curse; Bleed: 60%; WA: Fatal Blow; Off+40%


>> Healing Rod: Sun 569 183
Stats: 1H; Rng 2, Spd 3; Off+25; HP Regen: 10; WA: Healing Touch; Off+20%


>> Damascus Sword: Moon 365 890
Stats: 1H; Rng 2, Spd 6; Off+35; HP+10; Acc+20; WA: Power Blow; Off+20%

>> Silver Shashka: Moon 583 772
Stats: 1H; Rng 2, Spd 7; Off+30; Defend+; Undead Killer; WA: Moving Attack; Off+20%


>> Angel Book: Sun 519 487
Stats: 1H; Rng 6, Spd 4; MP+20%; Luk+40; WA: Fire Spell+, Wind Spell+

>> Angel Book: Sun 845 677
Stats: 1H; Rng 6, Spd 4; MP+20%; Luk+40; WA: Lightning Spell+, Ice Spell+

>> Angel Book: Sun 623 113
Stats: 1H; Rng 6, Spd 4; MP+20%, Luk+40; WA: Wind Spell+, Lightning Spell+

Level 25


>> Gandiva: Sun 150 320
Stats: 2H; Rng 6, Spd 4; Off+35; Acc+5; Trans-Fire; WA: Flame Rain; Resist: Fx3; Off+25%


>> Wing Dart: Sun 219 745
Stats: 1H; Rng 5, Spd 7; Off+25; Pierce: 25%; WA: Random Throw; Off+10%


>> Golem Knuckle: Sun 618 249
Stats: 1H; Rng 0, Spd 8; Off+50; Def Down: 50%; WA: Top Guard; Off+20%

>> Storm Talon: Sun 186 339
Stats: 1H; Rng 1, Spd 7; Off+45; Trans-Wind; Bleed: 20%; Aeril: 30%; WA: Fatal Blow; Off+10%; Close-Quarters


>> Keyspear: Sun 220 310
Stats: 2H; Rng 3, Spd 5; Off+25; Pierce: 10%; Agi Down: 30%; WA: N/A [Martial Arts]; Off+40%


>> Judgement Staff: Sun 509 097
Stats: 2H; Rng 3, Spd 6; Off+40; Trans-Lightning; Sparca: 40%; WA: N/A [Close-Quarters]; Off+20%; MSpd+5%

>> Rose Quartz: Sun 915 577
Stats: 1H; Rng 2, Spd 4; Off+10; Mag+25; MP Regen: 2; WA: Magic Change; Off+5%

Level 35


>> Frost Bow: Moon 531 663
Stats: 2H; Rng 6, Spd 3; Off+55; Trans-Ice; Snoa: 35%; WA: Frozen Shot; Off+25%

>> Sagitaire: Sun 907 083
Stats: 1H; Rng 5, Spd 8; Off+50; Trans-Wind; WA: Moving Attack; Off+20%; Agi+5%


>> Viper Knife: Moon 466 910
Stats: 1H; Rng 1, Spd 7; Off+40; Close-Quarters; Poison: 25%; WA: Fatal Blow; Resist: Px3; Off+10%


>> Windmill: Sun 155 971
Stats: 1H; Rng 4, Spd 1; Off+55; Acc+5; Hits All; WA: Moving Attack; Off-10%


>> Crystal Rod: Moon 218 783
Stats: 1H; Rng 2, Spd 4; Off+60; Def Down: 50%; WA: Power Blow; Off+30%


>> Frost Blade: Moon 227 774
Stats: 2H; Rng 3, Spd 5; Off+55; Trans-Ice; Snoa: 50%; WA: Ice Bash; Off+25%

>> Sword of Io: Sun 348 772
Stats: 2H; Rng 3, Spd 4; Off+55; Trans-Fire; Fray: 50%; WA: Flame Rain; Off+25%

Level 45


>> Straight Knuckle: Sun 152 883
Stats: 2H; Rng 0, Spd 10; Off+80; Close-Quarters; Smash; WA: Decline; Off+20%; ST Regen: 5


>> Morte Lance: Moon 513 009
Stats: 1H; Rng 3, Spd 3; Off+90; Hitlist: 5%; Mag Down: 40%; WA: Piercing Thrust; Off+10%


>> Diamond Rod: Moon 700 764
Stats: 1H; Rng 2, Spd 4; Off+100; Def Down: 60%; WA: Power Blow; Off+25%; Close-Quarters

Level 55


>> Libertage: Moon 915 667
Stats: 1H; Rng 6, Spd 2; Off+90; Exp+20%; ST Regen: 5; WA: Lightning Shot; Off+20%


>> Brash Cat: Moon 965 274
Stats: 2H; Rng 3, Spd 0; Off+200; Shockwave: 50%; WA: Charging Blow; Off+25%


Level 15

Accessories (gloves)

>> Rose Arms: Sun 755 929
Stats: Def+20; Bleed: 10%; Resist: Wx2, Ix1, Px3; Def+10%

>> Titan Mitts: Sun 199 650
Stats: Def+20; HP+10; Off+10; Def Down: 25%; Resist: all -1; Off+5%

>> White Gloves: Sun 659 184
Stats: Def+15; Skl+10; Medicine+; MP Regen: 1; Resist: Wx1, Lx1, Ix1, Px3; Medicine+


>> Doctor's Coat: Sun 815 191
Stats: Def+20; Medicine+; Exp+10%; Resist: Px5; Def+5%

>> Hermit's Robe: Moon 478 529
Stats: Def+20; Skl+20; Ice Eva: 20%; Keep-Away; Resist: Fx1, Ix3; Def+10%

>> Luna Armor: Moon 297 683
Stats: Def+25; MP+10%; MP Sap; Resist: Ix3, Px3; Def+5%


>> Black Hood: Moon 595 187
Stats: Def+10; Eva+5; Keep-Away; Hitlist: 5%; Resist: Wx1, Lx1, Ix2, Px1; Def+5%

>> Captain's Hat: Sun 377 762
Stats: Def+20; Acc+5; Luk+40; Equip Swords; Resist: Fx1, Lx2, Ix2; Def+10%

>> Condor Eye: Moon 700 135
Stats: Def+20; Acc+10; Resist: Fx1, Wx2, Lx1, Ix1; Def+5%


>> Fireclad Shield: Sun 855 724
Stats: Def+15; Fire Eva: 20%; Fire Spell+; Resist: Fx4, Ix-2; Def+5%

>> Frozen Shield: Moon 197 446
Stats: Def+15; Ice Eva: 20%; Ice Spell+; Resist: Fx-2, Ix4; Def+5%

>> Luna Shield: Moon 666 543
Stats: Def+10; MP+10%; MP Sap; Resist: Ix3, Px3; Def+5%

>> Target Shield: Sun 199 857
Stats: Def+20; Acc+5; Cntr+5%; Resist: Fx1, Wx2; Close-Quarters

Level 25

Accessories (gloves)

>> Black Gloves: Moon 901 274
Stats: Def+15; MP+15; Mag+15; MSpd+3; MP Regen: 1; Resist: Fx1, Wx1, Lx2, Ix1, Px1; Mag+5%

>> Tinker Mittens: Moon 606 791
Stats: Def+25; Skl+20%; Medicine+; Resist: Wx1, Ix1, Px2; Def+5%


>> Thunder God Armor: Sun 108 750
Stats: Def+40; Skl+10; Acc+10; Resist: Wx1, Lx4, Ix1; Def+5%

>> Wind God Armor: Sun 698 056
Stats: Def+40; Agi+10; Eva+10; Spd+3; Resist: Wx5, Lx1, Ix1; Def+5%


>> Crane Shield: Moon 675 920
Stats: Def+20; Acc+10; Eva+10; Resist: Fx1, Wx1, Lx1, Ix1, Px1; Def+5%

>> Glorious Shield: Sun 717 098
Stats: Def+25; HP+10; Off+10; Skl+10; Agi+10; Resist: Wx2, Lx1, Ix1, Px1; No-Sleep

Level 35


>> Rabbit Coat: Sun 328 594
Stats: Def+30; Luk+100; Exp+20%; Resist: Ix3; Eva+1

>> Sage's Robes: Moon 309 751
Stats: Def+50; Mag+15; MSpd+4; Keep-Away; Resist: Fx1, Wx1, Lx2, Ix2; Def+5%


>> Sniper Hat: Sun 282 974
Stats: Def+25; Acc+10; Skl+20; Keep-Away; Equip Bows; Resist: Fx1, Wx2, Ix1; Def+10%

>> Viking Helm: Sun 677 009
Stats: Def+30; Agi+10; Resist: Fx1, Wx1, Ix1, Px1; Off+10%

Level 45


>> Moonlight Robe: Moon 405 862
Stats: Def+60; HP+25; MP+25; Mag+25; Cost-Down; Resist: Lx1, Ix4, Px3; Def+5%


>> Arc Shield: Moon 700 395
Stats: Def+25; Mag+5; MP Regen: 3; Resist: Fx2, Wx2, Lx2, Ix1, Px1; Mag+10%

>> Order Shield: Sun 450 127
Stats: Def+25; Acc+10; No-Stun; Resist: Wx1, Lx1, Ix1, Px1; Off+10%

Level 55


>> Beast Armor: Sun 104 982
Stats: Def+120; Mag-30: Eva+10; Spd+5; Keep-Away; Resist: Wx1, Ix3, Px3; Agi+6%

Accessories (just the jewelry -- it doesn’t have a level requirement)

>> Blessed Rosary: Sun 901 786
Stats: HP+5%; Mag+20; No-Poison; MP+10%; Undead Killer

>> Duel Ring: Sun 377 549
Stats: Off+10; Skl+10; Agi+10; Def+10%; Off+5%

>> Elspeed Ring: Sun 832 753
Stats: Spd+5; MSpd+5; Eva+10%; Agi+15%; Def+5%

>> Fortune Beads: Sun 887 785
Stats: Luk+50; ST Regen: 5; Fire Eva: 10%; Lightning Eva: 10%; Skl+10%; Keep-Away

>> Keeper's Ring: Moon 355 228
Stats: No Off-Down; No Def-Down; No Agi-Down; Resist: Fx1, Lx1, Px1; Def+5%

>> Mermaid's Tear: Moon 295 136
Stats: MP+10%; Mag+20; No-Sleep; Resist: Ix3, Px2; Mag+5%

>> Paladin Bangle: Sun 145 992
Stats: Acc+15; ST Regen: 5; Equip Swords/Spears/Bows; Off+10%; Def+5%

Not sure if this'll help anyone or if it's just over-zealousness on my part, but it was fun to make, anyway. (Except for the spoiler codes. I never want to do spoiler codes again. EVER. Or at least not that many.)

Kyttynjirr December 7, 2014 3:32 AM

Okay, maybe a weird question, but I'm stuck on a side quest because I need elemental eyes (raw ingredients), but I'm not sure where to get them, so can anyone tell me where a good place to look is? (i.e., location where I can harvest, or what enemies to hunt and where they are)

Thanks in advance! :)

Kyttynjirr December 13, 2014 2:29 PM replied to Kyttynjirr

Nevermind, finally found some. >.

roshnimisty December 19, 2014 11:40 PM

I am stuck on a sidequest. I cannot find happy shield or mixmalian (not sure if the name is right) shield. i have been searching for it but have come up with no clues on how to find these shields. Besides the girl says that happy shield is not the real name. Can anyone tell me where to find them please?

tuanuaa December 20, 2014 4:48 AM replied to roshnimisty

it's joyous shield

tuanuaa December 20, 2014 4:58 AM replied to tuanuaa

and you use synthesis to creat them both

roshnimisty December 24, 2014 12:20 AM replied to tuanuaa

Thanks i got it.


Okay, I am completely stuck on the dragon at the sacrificial altar. That double Burning Wind attack is just far too much and it uses it all the time; even with a stack of fire resist gear we're getting slaughtered. Is there a trick to this or do I just need to go griiind?

samboosa158 February 15, 2015 8:17 PM

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any tips for finding Perfect Metal. I only have one quest left (creating three swords for that guy in Muesta), and need two pieces of Perfect Metal to complete it, but I can't find any anywhere.

sleekie February 17, 2015 8:12 PM replied to samboosa158

Anywhere specifically described as a mine, I think. Material collection points respawn over time.

starkiller2804 February 23, 2015 6:32 AM

anyone know where i can find more restore jewel..i running out of that


The side quest from Kino in Meusta will reward you with Restore Jewel's receipt.

librarysmiles March 17, 2015 4:51 PM replied to sleekie

My characters for fighting Vritra at the sacrificial alter:

Velk is my knight with all tech moves like heavenly road - instantly halving enemy hp, and arm break - lowering enemy offense. All of his equipment has sp regen.

Shena is my magic user boosting agility, healing all with melicran, and upping offense via magic.

Ricky's halved between knight abilities (see velk) and combo abilities and equipped with a longsword with free effect to include a shield and so that he can used knife, sword, and spear effects.

Rayne is a space magician and uses meditate, magic resist, armor resist, and healing mist.

Bug Alert:
I did encounter a problem slightly later in the game: there is a door in Valguard that will not open. I'm pretty sure that Bandara is in that house. I would pay money to fix this bug so that I could finish more than 93% of the game.

Yagokoros March 21, 2015 4:19 AM

Has anyone reached the final boss yet? I can't find anything on the game itself and I'm just getting demolished by the final boss. If anyone can offer any help, that'd be great.


Is the final boss that one?

Vargas Reborn

I also need help about the minimum level/items/strategies to defeat the boss. Thank you in advance.


Uuh... never mind. Now i really need help on the real final boss >


Partial list of where to find Raw materials.
Note: materials respawn every 10 min.

• CRESCENT STONE: goblin mine (west of outpost), sarro mine, sand path, Mersus Mining Camp. (North then west from Mersus.)

• DRAGON SCALE: dropped by sand dragons in Disteria desert and any dragon-type monster.

• ELEMENT EYE: Defeat Elemental Core monsters found in Garman Tunnel, treasure chests


• IMPURE CRYSTAL: From chests and from dissolving equipment. Used to make bombs.



• OAK BRANCH: Grave near Chardam, silver chests

• OCEAN RELIC: treasure chest

• PERFECT METAL: East of Valgar city, Sand path, Mersus Mining Camp. (North then west from Mersus.)

• PLANET RUBY: Defeat Boss (Vitria dragon, etc.), treasure chests, high-level silver chests, buy in Muestra city.

• RESTORE JEWEL: silver chests. Make your own after you find the recipe (Do the quest for Kino in Meusta).

• SANDSTONE: Disteria’s west desert

• SHINY MANREL: sand path cave, enimies in Sacrificial Alter

• SOUL SHARD: Buy in Muesta city

• SPRING WATER: Teleporter forest (Right teleporter), Carnak path (north of carnak city), Norma woods (East then north from Norma)

• STAR SAPPHIRE: treasure chest


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