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BumperballCreated by Hans Oxmond and Thomas Poulsen of Oxmond Interactive in the Denmark, Bumperball is an action arcade game where you can play against the computer, or against a friend or co-worker using the same keyboard.

If your things is playing alone against the computer, then your controls are the arrow keys of the keyboard: up accelerates forward, down is reverse, right and left arrows turn your bumper car right and left. Once you click start, you will have one (1) minute within which to score more goals than your CPU. If no goal is scored within the first minute, a sudden-death "golden goal" condition will award the game to the first player to score.

The graphics in this fun Flash party game are very pretty and are commercially polished. The soundtrack is also of high quality, and it rocks. The action can get pretty fast and crazy with these little bumper cars. And while the single-player game is a worthy diversion, the real fun happens when you get a friend to play against in 2-player mode.

With one player on the arrow keys, the other takes the alternative [W][S][A] and [D] keys for forward, reverse, left and right, respectively. Press start and madness ensues. Just don't hit anybody. Click.


It looks pretty, but I dont like the collisions. While you may say its ok for the ball to disappear below the car or go straight through the car or the cars drive into each other, I think it can be done better. Maybe its only because I have been interested on physics and collisions (look out for my vectors tutorials if I ever finish them).

I also imagine the game could be more fun if the ball would be bigger - at least half the size of the car, and the cars would move slower.


Hi all, the graphics for this game are cute but the game itself is not very good in my opinion. Collisions are not well managed and this gameplay has already been implemented by Globz.com in a beter way.


Coming from Flash game developers, your comments ring true to the core of the gameplay presented here. And I mostly agree with you.

However, as I mentioned, it is the two-player mode that makes this game work, imho. And the collisions aren't really a major issue, especially when you're going head-to-head with a collegue. It's still good fun.

I have played the Globz games, and although attractive and well-done, the games suffer from lag and usability issues. For example: it is not made clear exactly how to play the games. The controls should always be explicitly stated without need for the player to hunt down the rules of play.

Deathbaron May 16, 2005 10:34 PM

ya i agree with jay
your all crazy if you think this game is bad
it is sloppy in some parts, but still very fun
i found myself yelling at the computer after i drove over the ball, or drove over the other guy on a brakeaway.
if the game was any different, or harder to play it would be the most agrivating game ever, but its not hard to win, so it stays all in fun.
and if anyone is like me, these games can get competitive.
i got to level 8 then that freakin orange car side swiped the ball and scored, god dammit anyhow!


I didnt meen the game is not fun, I was only saying it could be improved and that its kind of sad for game with such good parts (like graphics for example) is lacking some attention to physics and collisions. For a game which is heavily based on the physics, it doesnt look realistic enough to me, just like many golf/pinball/breakout games made in Flash.

Deathbaron May 17, 2005 4:56 PM

true, like i said, there is some sloppyness, but that adds something to the game, like you never know where the ball is going to when you run it over.
the speed part should also be left alone, anyone who actualy has drove a bumper car, has wished it to go faster.
faster cars makes bigger bumps, and in this game you can make some big ones, i actually had the orange car stuck in my net.
the only downside to being able to run your opponent over, is that once stacked, you will amost always loose in getting the ball to go the way you want it to, and win it out of the corner.

another strange thing, when i was battleing for the ball, and i turned and drove away from the ball in order to gather speed and devistate the orange car, i found that sometimes the other car will also turn, away from the ball, and follow you. even if the ball is almost in the orange net. the reason for this is beyond me.

hell wile im at it....
why dosnt he make the whole arena bigger, and add the team option,
so you can have a bumperball royal

keep the games comming jay!!


Yeah, it's a fine game,
just a pity the ball can roll under you.
And it reminds me of one of my favourite online games: Keyball. This is a Globz game, so you probably tried it out already. The link is: http://www.globz.net/globz3/swf/keyball/keyball.swf
Well, fine game.


Is that Joost Verburg?


I think it is a pretty good game. but is there anybody having idea of how to win the computer only in 1 minute?


This is the worst game of all time. No one should play it ever. The physics of the game is terrible. The ball goes through you. The ball disappears frequently. It is poorly designed. It is a wast of time to play it.


bumperball is the best game ever. it is way more fun then the game on globz


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