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Bubble Tanks 2

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Rating: 4.7/5 (435 votes)
Comments (104) | Views (17,008)

MDenbubbletanks2.jpgBubbles are neat things. Stop and think about them for a second. You get some soap, some water, and you can make little floating orbs. I remember many a day in my youth where we'd whip up a batch, make some bubble wands, and start firing artillery at each other. Thanks to the makers of Bubble Tanks 2, we all can revisit a more innocent, vaguely dysfunctional time.

From Hero Interactive (Starshine, Light Sprites, Storm Winds) comes Bubble Tanks 2, the long-awaited followup to the original Bubble Tanks. Using the [WASD] keys to move your tank and the mouse to aim, destroy enemy tanks and collect bubbles to upgrade your ship. Guide your evolution along either the fighter, heavy, or balanced paths and take on massive enemies.

Fire up Normal Mode to jump from bubble to bubble, taking down enemies, or launch Arena Mode to test your skills against a horde of your choice. The Bubble-o-Pedia lets you view your conquests and learn the names of your vanquished foes.

The weapons at your disposal have increased drastically since last time. While old favorites like the small red bullet and the big shot are still around, new weapons like the spread shot, the sniper shot, and mines add to the variety. A new secondary weapon system offers abilities like a mega cannon, teleportation, a shield, and more, all activated with the space bar.

To keep pace with your new abilities, your enemies have been overhauled. The tanks are bigger and the weapons crazier, ranging from swarms of smaller ships to a goo that slows your ship drastically. Part of the fun is recognizing and responding to the new foes ahead of you.

As a bubble tank, you trade in bubbles. They are experience, currency, and life points wrapped all into one. Destroy enemy tanks to earn bubbles. Collect enough bubbles to earn an upgrade. If an enemy bullet hits you, you lose some bubbles. Your ship can downgrade if you lose too many, and if you lose all of them, you'll be ejected to the nearest safe bubble. This isn't necessarily game over; during testing, I lost an early struggle and was tossed out to safety, where about a dozen non-firing enemies awaited me, including a "life carrier" that gave me fifty bubbles. It's a nice little touch.

bubbletanks2pic2.jpgIndeed, there are many nice little touches improved upon from the original. The developers read over comments posted to the first game and improved mechanics in this update. Your cannon is now on automatic fire; no more frantic clicking all over the screen. A meter shows how many bubbles remain to the next upgrade, but stays out of the way in the heat of battle. When the last enemy dies, all bubbles are magnetically attracted to your ship, and for those obsessed with total victory, a map system aids navigation around the massive arena.

Analysis: I am not ashamed to admit that I burned a full night playing the first Bubble Tanks. I am slightly ashamed to admit that, in the process, I may or may not have bobbled my calc homework. I blame the ensuing B on the Hero Interactive team. Fortunately, they had the good sense to release this over summer break, preserving my academic integrity. Good show!

Bubble Tanks 2 proved to be just as addictive. On three separate occasions, I attempted to set up a screenshot of a standard battle for the picture in this review, only to get caught up in the battling and forget everything. It's almost impossible to resist this game once you get rolling.

In comparison with its predecessor, BT2 runs significantly smoother. Even with massive amounts of enemies on my screen, there was little to no slowdown. This was actually a bit tricky at first: the fast-running game combined with the rapid increase in difficulty as you branch out made early levels rather difficult. If you're not an experienced bullet dodger, you might want to spiral around the starting circle for a while, where the enemies are easier. The map will help you here, allowing you to set a path on the fly.

The variety of weapons and tanks is a pleasure. Experiment a bit in early games and figure out what style works for you. I personally settled into a blend of the fighter-balanced upgrades, but there's something to be said for massive firepower.

My one complaint is the lack of a save system. I understand that a lot of the game is the buildup of your tank and exploration from the center point, but it would still be nice to have the option of continuous conquest over several segments.

But that's it. That's the only complaint I have. This game is just sheer fun. There's enough to do here to keep you busy for a long while, and you'll love every minute of it.

Play Bubble Tanks 2

Play the entire Bubble Tanks series...


Anyone know how to make the map visible? I can't seem to find it.


Nevermind, I figured out you can find the map through the pause menu (P Button)

Tranchera July 21, 2008 2:06 AM

This game is wonderful. Basically what I want the first stage of Spore to be.


Great improvements! I loved the first version, and I thought this one was too impossible at first - I made the mistake of venturing too far too fast. But sticking to a path close to the origin point and building up a bit helped. I found myself running away a bunch of times, until I figured out some of the enemy weren't as bad as they looked.

Magnetic bubbles is what I wanted in the first game, and the designer improved on that even more by making all the bubbles come towards you when you complete a sphere. This saves time as you don't have to swim around seeing if you got them all.

The WASD keys can be reassigned as can the key for secondary weapons. I was hoping for a right mouse button selection. And I realllllyyy need a save feature. I have limp noodle wrists after playing this game so long. :D

It is simultaneously frustrating and addicting to get yer a** kicked so hard and have to rebuild over and over.

wardrich July 21, 2008 2:32 AM

I can't get the site to load... I'm guessing there are too many JIG fans trying to play at the same time? lol

wardrich July 21, 2008 2:37 AM

yay, I'm in :D

wardrich July 21, 2008 3:11 AM

Anybody figure out how to unlock tank modes in Arena?


I have started my conquest!

I have beaten the final boss and have just gone right. No other directions, just right. No end yet. I have killed 740 enemies, and have collected 4131 bubbles. Man i must be bored. I'll post my next report in a half hour or so xD


1102 enemies killed and 6316 bubbles collected, and no end in sight.


ARGH i encountered a glitch... i was ghost sniper when the laser thing trained on me... i disassembled myself but i was still deleveled... now i'm a floating sniper#2 which cant attack or be attacked!!!! btw i saw a giantic boss whos head and tail are outside the bubble. is that wat we are supposed to kill to win?

Deadlock July 21, 2008 5:12 AM

yes that's him, he is quite easy tough.


yes, it is. it has 4 attackable parts: head, featuring a slow-shot and a 5-spread massive shot, right and left sides, each featuring a fast tri-small-shot, and tail, featuring dual homing shot.

I personally took out the tail first, the rest was easy. (was playing as the super fighter mode, after playing balance the entire way)


This is a fantstic game. Very rewarding and simple and nicely addictive, exactly the kind of game I'd happily buy for the ds and I wish it was longer/bigger


When I saw this my jaw hit the floor. I LOVED the first one!! Can't wait to play it!


Doh I got ghost sniper, but now I cant exp up or anything, do i have to start over to get super fighter or some of the other max. level tanks? Because if I downgrade I just return automatically to ghost sniper state, it doesn't let me choose anymore.

ninjasuperspy July 21, 2008 10:54 AM

For EZ-Mode: Make a spiral going outward from the origin. You never go far enough in any one direction to make the enemies hard enough to beat you.

I've tried out all the top-end modes and I have to say Heavies mostly suck. The BFT is hax though. As far as specials go, seekers are nearly unstoppable. The stun blast requires you to be way to close to be useful. The sticky burst is OK, but the enemies still fire, and the top end Heavies are not nimble enough to dodge. The teleport on the snipers is more disorienting than helpful. I like the disassemble on the Ghost Sniper, that one is fun. The mitosis seekers aren't as good as the regular ones. All in all: Fighters, Snipers and the BFT are win.


Really addictive game.

Too bad we can't save progress... Especially for people like me who aren't very good players (I needed 10 bubbles to get to the next level, but I went into a bubble with lots of enemies - such as the one that quickly fires 30 'bullets' in 5 secs - and lost almost 480 bubbles)


Is it just me that experiences the movement controls periodically 'locking up', not allowing me to move but leaving me free to shoot?


I loved the original, and this one is even better. Already defeated it and am about to go back for more. One regret, though: After defeating the boss, I wish I could just continue playing/exploring, without invincibility.


This game is pretty sweet. My I only have two suggestions that I think could improve it.

1) it would be cool if you could choose a different upgrade path after being knocked down. That way if you pick something that turns out not to match your play-style you can correct your mistake without starting the game over completely.
2) it would be nice if there was more than one boss, or at least if there was a little more time between leveling up to the final upgrade and reaching the boss (though maybe the boss has nothing to do with this? i don't know what determines when/where you find it, but I've always found it between 1 and maybe 3 bubbles after getting a top-tier tank). It would just be nice to have more time to get used to and enjoy the weapons of the best tank before the boss, because I tend to drop down a level or two quite quickly during the boss fight.

But overall, totally kickass game!

Darren Tsung July 21, 2008 12:54 PM

I bet it is easier to choose a tank when you have a tech tree to look at :D.
Tech Tree
Hope I did my html correctly... if it dosn't work... here is the url.

tenkuchima July 21, 2008 1:02 PM

Definitely fun. The one problem i have is the scale of the game. It feels like the game window itself is to small and is cutting off the rest of the game. At the very least there should be an option to bring the camera back so you can see the whole bubble at once. As it is trying to use the fast crafts result in speeding uncontrollably into bullets that were slightly off screen. the heavy tanks seem like they should get some type of armor bonus, because they are to slow to dodge incoming fire.

All in all an amazing game though

Anonymous July 21, 2008 1:05 PM

My only complaint is the color of bullets. I have trouble telling my bullets from enemy bullets, since often they're both red! If my bullets were green, yellow, or something else, it would be easier to keep an eye on enemy bullets.


The bubble aspect makes this a peaceful-feeling shoot-em-up; it helps me relax, which is what's so hard to do when all the action is hectic. The bubble-suction-clearing feature is useful too, and though I would also like a save feature, pausing and leaving is good enough too.



Arena Mode - saves any enemies you have actually encountered, and your level ups. Later you can come back and play with the combinations.

wardrich July 21, 2008 2:48 PM

StaceyG: Sweet, thanks. I must have had a glitch, because I beat the regular game with the full heavy tank... and when I went to Arena, it wasn't an option... Ah well, maybe it has a .sol file I can change around.

OrigamiMarie July 21, 2008 3:25 PM

Yup, I like this one. I couldn't get anywhere in the first one (probably because picking up the bubbles was too tedious), but I beat this one! Definitely a spiral pattern is the way to go. And I found that the boss was pretty beatable, you just have to go at it for a bit, get beaten down a couple of levels, go recuperate for another round of the spiral, and beat it the second time around.

Lasse Laserman July 21, 2008 5:27 PM

CNiall: I'm having the exact same problem. Makes the game pretty unplayable. Are you also on Linux?


Pretty cool.


- different colored bullets for enemies
- color change (or something) on map to show which bubbles have been cleared
- arrow on map indicating direction of "boss" in case you want to wander around a bit
- option to change upgrade in case you decide you don't like the one you chose, plus gives you a chance to try out different ones without having to start over
- option to zoom out to see entire bubble (some people might like the challenge of not seeing the entire bubble, but some might get tired of swimming around in the bubble trying to find something to hit to clear the bubble and to avoid off-screen bullets appearing)

Overall, really fluid, great graphics, nice sounds, cute critters. Great job!!!


I thought it was a problem at first, too, because I got to the ghost sniper on normal, then quit.


You need to unlock the tanks while playing in Arena mode to get them in Arena mode. Yes, you have to start from the basic tank.

And a hint to make it easier:.

Just create a ton of bubble carriers.



How could they do this??

Sure the new weapons and enemies are cool. The map is handy. Being able to change the settings is great.

But why can't I save a game?

Good grief. The most basic of basics here.

Playing along nicely when another app causes my computer to freeze up. Of course there's no return after a reboot.

Sadistic. That's what it is.

I'd like to be able to turn down the music and sounds rather than on/off. I wish there were some way to tell on the map which bubbles had been cleared of all enemies. I'd like more explanation on the upgrade screens of what the new toys are.

But all of that is way down the list from a save game ability.

There oughta be a law...


Great basic premise. However, I found it too frustrating to really be enjoyable.

Basically, it's just too easy to lose all of your hard-earned progress in a few seconds.

If demotion was more gradual - eg you get kicked out when you lose a single level, then there would be less frustration for me. It's not really any fun to start from scratch.


I actually liked the first one better. This one is way to short. It took me only like 10-20 bubbles to easily beat the final boss on my first try.
With such a huge map, there should be loads more stages in the uppgrades i think.

Also, the secondary weapon bothered me, became too much pushing spacebar all the time with some weapons.

Over all, i'm quite dissapointed :(


Ability of seeing whole bubble at time would be nice, and that would actually make sniper's teleport handy instead of confusing.

CapnHulk July 22, 2008 3:24 PM

I really wish you could save, and frankly I'm surprised you can't. That seemed like the one feature everyone wanted. I'd like the upgrades to be in their own screen with a visible skill tree so I could see what I was working for, but that's fairly minor as I was never really unhappy with the upgrade choices. Being able to pick your secondary from a class pool would be nice though.

My main complaint for both games is the fact that the majority of enemy shots look exactly like yours. Picking the fighter path in the sequel and strafing and circling just compounds the problem as you lose all sense of what shots are yours and which ones are aimed at you.

It's still a very fun game, and one that with some work I could see being on XBL or PSN.


This is a pretty good game. I agree that a save feature would be nice, and with fnord's suggestion about having the option to switch ship types after deleveling; and also that there should be more than one boss.
No one has mentioned the music. like most games here, it is a loop. Unlike most though, I haven't become tired of it yet. good job^^

/dev/null July 22, 2008 5:07 PM

Nice improvements, but some suggestions:
Make a save feature
Let me choose multiple branches (I wanna have all possible weapons)

After I kill the boss, let me move as fast as the fastest tank.
The heaviest tank's special ability should be more controlled, should shoot at mouse.

Great improvements, though. Bubbletanks 3? Pretty please?

/dev/null July 22, 2008 5:11 PM

Oh, and sorry for the double post, but I missed the music from bt1.

actualy July 22, 2008 7:59 PM

correction for wylie

you said you have to upgrade in arena mode but you dont you have to click go to main menu when you beat the boss instead of keep playing


The arena didn't seem to take my first run through the game either. I don't exactly know where the bug is, but I played with arena mode after my first playthrough and then beat the main mode again and then it saved my ship whether I went directly to the main menu or continued playing.

QuChi: The sniper's teleport is actually very handy if you know what it's doing. I was extremely disoriented every time I used it until I realized that it teleports you to where your cursor is.

Learner July 23, 2008 8:38 AM

I was Leecher Bubble Talk when I fought the boss, and I infected the tail (if thats the end thats seperate from the three guns on the same side), but I had trouble against him so I was deleveled once, But I still had the tail infected while I went to destroy the Right gun, then the left gun, then the top big gun spiral shot. After I decided to continue (in invincible mode after the boss) and then I just decided to just maybe infect the enemies inside the other bubble fields. Leacher basic shot is good for if the a shot hits a homing bubble, you gain a bubble from it. Leacher shots make bubbles, and bubble virus well contantly damages the enemy. It's cool to watch the enemy break down.

Learner July 23, 2008 9:16 AM

I figured out how to unlock the other vehicles in Areana mode.

Finish while your playing as a Certain vehicle. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but It's your best shot in my opinion.


going just one way is what i did the first four times and i had to quit twice. use the mouse to squeeze between bullets when you cant move fast enough.


Pure I did know that, but zoomed and focused cam makes it still confusing, when it seems like you are staying still and everything else moves. With zoomed out camera arena would be stable, and only your tank would move over it.


After playing this a few times I'm a little disappointed. They took what was a fun game needing a few tweaks and turned it into a mediocre waste of a few minutes.

SAVE SAVE SAVE Feature needed!

More weapons are great but why does the game end after only ten or fifteen minutes of play? Sure you can continue but what's the point??

And again why are the best weapons put in the mid-level ships?? The seekers are the ultimate attack units but they appear in level three or four ships.

They should make it so your ship gradually improves as you near the next level-up point. Make the guns shoot more and more rapidly or have better strength. Make the ship move a little more quickly as you gain bubbles. Increase the length of time or number fired on your special ability. Then they could drag out the play time between upgrades.

Another point that's been mentioned already is differentiating between friendly and enemy fire. How the heck can I tell if that's my mine or not??

Overall this is way too short with too little payoff.



HeartAttack July 26, 2008 12:31 PM

Uh.... THE BOSS GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK?!?!? ok, not quite, but almost. Geez. My heart is still racing from that dramatic appearance.

Maybe I'm just a scaredy cat.


Absolutely love this game. It's just so much better than the first one, and the first one was already great!


I can't play :( The game loads quickly to 76% and stops.


Bubble tanks three suggestions:

1. MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST be multiplayer. Death matches, team games, customisable colors, custmisable size of arenas.
2. Tank creator. Be able to make and play as your own tanks. Features only available when you have unlocked them in the game. (ie, dissassemble available when you get ghost sniper)
3. Different color bullets. This was extremely confusing in both versions, especially one when there was no recharge feature.
4. Try again featature. In number two it was very frustrating to only be able to play the path you already chose. Make it so you can ditch fighter and go to heavy if you need to when you downgrade
5. Save feature needed. No further explanation.


Actually, there is a difference in bullet colors.

Enemy = red
You = dark orange

RedHawkX August 1, 2008 4:02 PM

really needs a save feature. and the seekers aren't really the best weapon. during the boss fight, just use ghost sniper's dissassemble when your in trouble. INVINCIBLE!! another boss would be nice. if any of you have suggestions, go to the hero interactive website forum,and post there. occasionally the creators use your ideas.

corenat rovarnus

RedHawkX August 1, 2008 4:07 PM

it needs a save feature AND maybe a second boss.
if anyone has suggestions, head over to the hero interactive website forum and post them there. sometimes the creators actually use your ideas.
just go to herointeractive.com

-corenat rovarnus


i found a fun way to cause a plague but it might lag.

first unlock leach tank then go into areana and put any combo of dead heads, guys, slowers, bubble balls, seeker carrier (if killed by infection they dont release rockets), life carriers, and preso! just let one loose and after some time they will all be dead. it's fun to watch and sometimes i put a lot of dead heads pretending it's viruses attacked cells it's fun to watch but if theres a lot it might lag but it's still fun to watch.

arceus121121 August 5, 2008 9:26 PM

Yes i beat the boss with the leecher tank. if they make a bubble tanks 3 they should add multiple bosses and lvls. ;D


The static tech paths, with no changing, was a bit annoying. Woulda liked it if you upgraded your tack size (adding turret spaces) and bought turrets (which you could install, or uninstall, provided you had no enemies in your current bubble.)

That way, you could sort of create your own tank, to fit how you play, as well as testing out other ideas.


Multiple bosses would kick ass, as would different colored bullets (though its not THAT hard really)


it's very easy to beat boss with leecher cuz if u just hit it and dodge a few bullets u will be ok and wont delevel


the plage also works well with cromantic confustion they are just a big grey ball and when it takes dammage it changes color eatch gives about 10-15 bubbles i think. they have a lot of hp, n fact the most for any non attacking thing i have seen (i have seen all enemies exept mine layer 2 and sapper fighter)


I remember when the first one came out. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me, and it still doesn't.
I can play this one, though, and I personally think it's too easy. Maybe I'm just a good dodger (or my computer's slow). I got to the end on my second try.
It's a good game, yet at the same time it's evil, because it is an addicting game and it doesn't have a save feature.

Just so you know, I won with going entirely to the left (ghost sniper) line of ships.


To use your secondary constantly, which is useful with most weapons,

Are you sure you want to see it?

Very sure?

Put something heavy on the spacebar.

Anonymous August 10, 2008 9:52 AM

boss is easy use snipe on tail then right claw then head then left claw


I am so boring.
it is fun game but i have beaten the boss ten times and not always with the same character.
it is not fun anymore :( .


Some suggestions for Bubble Tank 3:

Ghost Sniper should shoot faster. its hard to kill losts of enemies slowly even with splash.
The bullets are different color but not that much so they should be different.
Tech tree would be awesome.
When downgraded a level you should be able to change to a different tank if you want. In invicible mode you should have an option to grow
Save feature needed badly.
Multiple bosses.
On the map it should show which bubbles have been cleared.
And anything else the creators think of.
But besides all that it was a SWEET game


You've got to be pretty average if you can't go in a straight line haven't you? It's the fastest way to get to the big guy. But is there a guide anywhere for where to find all the enemies? I've still got 5 to find and i've been playing for 3 hours


I can't beat the boss using BFT carrier. Any tips?

Personally, I'd like to see online play, involving 1 bubble, [maybe with some round the edge] and 8 tanks trying to beat the bubbles out of each other.

And obviously a bigger tree of tanks. ^^


does any1 know where the destroyer is??


hi I think different colored bullets and save feature are needed and a few more bosses would be nice I killed the boss in a few hits as the bft carrier it was fun watching my little guys attacking him and me shooting big orange bullets at him at the same time oh well see ya ={)> (goatee)


Does anyone know if there's a secret to finding all of the enemies for Arena mode and Bubble-pedia?

I can't find the Sapper Fighter and 360 Pulse.


So is there an end? Like does the map just, like end?

Anonymous August 23, 2008 9:49 PM

Great game, but it does end too quickly. If you go in a spiral, you face the boss before facing many harder enemies, and there isn't really a point in having harder enemies that give more exp if you can't upgrade anymore. If there were more bosses and upgrades there should be a save system as well. I think that should be the priority in a third version.


I'm hooked on this game!
and amorphous+, but that doesnt matter
I need to find the destroyer. Please someone?
And if possible a sapper, but the destroyer is main priority. I need it for the badge on kongregate!


I think you just have to keep going until you find all the enemies and stuff...and yes, a save would be fantastic.


I've finally finished a (small-scale!) picture of the final boss:

and NO I didn't steal it!!!


I beat the final boss easily with the cool gun that shoots 3 at a time at a fast pace. Its pretty easy, and let me tell you somethin, the ghost sniper kinda sux. Its only good because of the disassemble technique. Club Penguin is way more fun.


cool game


Enenmies killed: 3029
Bubbles collected: 11343

Wow guys. I've got a heavy 9.


Just completed final boss, trying to reach the rumoured "edge"


Enimies left to find:0
enimies killed:5032634
beat the game 50 times
this ur average pwner


Where can I get the full version?

[Edit: The links in the review point to Armor Games, which is the full version. -Pam]

GameAddict October 2, 2008 3:07 AM

Hmmm...does anyone have a recommendation on the best upgrade paths? That would be helpful.


Hahahaha! Great game! I follow the fighter path, and quick fire is best!

Only problem is...as many others have mentioned...SAVESAVESAVESAVESAVESAVESAVESAVE!!!
Yes, it is very annoying to play for an hour, close window and start over!

Anonymous October 5, 2008 2:44 PM

Does anyone know if there's a secret to finding all of the enemies for Arena mode and Bubble-pedia?
I can't find the Sapper Fighter and 360 Pulse.



brilliant game..always play it after school (you can tell i'm a bit obsessed :P) only got one enemy to find and that's the sapper fighter..anyone know which direction i need to go in to find it?

Anonymous October 27, 2008 6:44 PM

would have been good with a survival mode


Wow, this is like Spore cell stage. The difference is that some enemys shoot.


I thought that it was way to easy and not long enough. Besides that. It really needs a save feature. It made me mad when i picked an upgrade, the upgrade was terrible, and i couldn't switch when i deleveled. Otherwise, the game was great. (Besides the fact that i beat it in 40 minutes)


I only just barely beat the final boss. I had the leecher tank, and I got demoted to a heavy tank. Then I killed one of the enemies, and got hit by a purple bubble, making me go really slowly. I managed to get to the bubbles from the enemy I killed, and got promoted back to a leecher tank, and unsticking me. Then I could defeat the boss.

Great game! I loved the first one! This one's great, too, but I would like to be able to save.

Vorish Lover December 26, 2008 2:44 PM

This is how I made the Super Heavy

First off get a Heavy #1

Then you need to get a Heavy #2

After that you need to get a BFT #1

Then get a BFT #2

Finnaly get a Super Heavy


Sigh... I want to like this game, really I do, but some things just get in the way.

*Like lack of save feature.
*And having to try over and over again to find a tank you like.

Honestly, how many times have you-
*Found a tank you like, but when leveling up, replace it with a crappier one?
*Not been able to find any good tanks?


Ooh! Ooh! I finally found a tank I like! It's the BFT Carrier!

For anyone asking for the best tank, it depends on your preferences. Here are some pros and cons:

*Strong attack
*Sticky cannons
*Super heavy has auto-attackers and bullet buster
*Big, so easy to hit
*Long reload times

*Fast shots
*Relatively small - hard to hit
*Does very little damage

*Good for getting a mix, such as when you want a good attack but not too slow, could try balanced heavy, or when you like relatively fast shots but with more damage try balanced fighter.
*No real talents, only good for mixing.
*You will lose some pros when mixing. If you balance a fighter, you will lose some speed. Likewise, a balanced heavy will do less damage than a pure.

*Has Disassemble!
*Does high damage and faster shots than heavy
*Slower than fighter
*Teleport is pretty useless

*Has auto-attackers
*1# has seekers (seeks and attacks = great), 2# has stun (stuns = great), 3# has ally swarm (follows cursor and attacks enemies on contact + disappears only when all enemies are gone = EPIC!!!)
*Stronger than ever
*It's HEY-UUUGE, so VERY likely to be hit
*Slower than a turtle with super-glue on it's feet and an elephant on it's back = VERY SLOOOWWWW
*LONG reload times

So take your pick! :D


This game is good. A bit too long without a save option though

Melissa McGraw January 31, 2009 2:25 PM

Great game! Not nearly as hard as it first seems.

-I don't think the save feature is hugely important. Here's why: It's about a 10 to 20-minute build to reach the top tank.

What they said--about strategy:

Just explore in a circle around home bubble and don't take on enemies out of your league. No worries.

-Once you exit your game, your Bubble-o-Pedia is still intact and your arena mode has all the tanks and enemies you've built. Just don't erase the cookie.

-About field size:

Appears endless if you just head in any direction. Not sure about that.

-About where the boss is (don't peek unless you want no surprise):

Boss appears to be triggered by max tank size -- just appears about 3 battles after you reach.

-I've tried all the max tanks. I like the BFT Carrier best. It's by far the toughest, most powerful tank. It's slow, but it's dang sure. You can just sail (slowly!) through each bubble, rarely slowing, and pick up the final bubble trophies as you exit.

Boss battle tip:

I just aimed at the tail (bottom of bubble) forever. Others report similar success.

P.S. I played on Armour Games in full screen mode -- you can actually see the difference in color between your rounds and theirs at this magnification. Yours are slightly more orange. Wish the colors were farther apart!

Thanks to F.W. for the great boss image. Almost doesn't do it justice for that first (yikes!) appearance.

anonymoose February 6, 2009 3:16 PM

hmm good game but i have a few ideas for improvement apart from whats already been said.

There should be a story line to it such as you have to defeat the bubble king to become the bubble king and then people will challenge you and you have to defend your title as king.

you should have different bubble reams. eg realm of yellow bubbles and you have to unlock the next realm by defeating the king.
to win the game you have to become a bubble emperor.


I don't know how to launch arena mode... Please help me! :)

Anonymous March 31, 2009 4:25 PM

another thing to add on to what the blog maker said, i have a complaint where when an enemy is killed near the border you lose the bubbles, if they could make the experience bubbles rebound against the barrier it would be nice--also go to www.herointeractive.com and looka round for bubble tanks arenas or BTA on the right ssideline comment on the upcoming new game in the series on the top-most blog called questions answered, they'll take you're comments and they read each one (no-joke!) Plus no account is required. They took my idea!

Anonymous May 23, 2009 8:20 PM

I found a wayto go through and find your favorite tank!
Go to the arena mode and set 100 life giver tanks, start attacking and level up.
Use this senario for all the different choices that you can make!:D

devin Mick June 21, 2009 4:25 PM

i wish that we could save in this game i am so tired of beating a ton of bosses than getting way up there in lvl then have to leave for lunch or dinner or something and have to start all over and after a while people will agree and then if it doesn't change we might just stop playing the game


Of all the ubers, here's the drop:

sniper good against most tanks and swarms bad against seeker launching enemies.
fighter not much damage - needs to ram enemy (for seeker ram attack) but dain is it fast in all ways.
leach well a survivor and poisons, but with a wave attack guy, well, duh you are dead meat.
seeker sucks with normal attack - needs enemy seekers for second attack
super heavy
the most firepower
swarm slaughterer
lots of guns


I beat the boss. Since we're in bubbles, I decided to go down forever, hoping to reach the ground maybe. It's endless!!


wow.... nice... but who sees the boss bubble tank?


I think the destroyer has sapper drones and a 5-bullet paralell shot, complete with rotating big machine gun.


I think the boss bubble tank is a dragon called Bubbletail.


It may look endless but if you go really really far make a bubble sticking out in some other direction (e.g if im going all the way down i would go once left or right than back) then continue and after a few bubble jumps look at your map you will notice you're not even moving a bubble on the map!

Anonymous April 18, 2010 11:59 AM

i maxed out and became leacher tank, it owns. The leach bullets make you almost invincible and the infection is pretty fun. koes things very fast with leach bullets.

Anonymous January 2, 2011 4:31 PM

All the attack you'll ever need to know about!

simple bullet- standard attack
big shot- bigger, more damage, slower, good for big tanks
machine gun- rapid simple bullets, effective if aimed
parallel shots- two or more shots right next to each other, common in balanced fighters/ tanks
spread shots- two or more shots being spread out, common with fighters
snipe shot- peircing high damage fast shot with slow reload. Appears oval in shape
leech shot- If leech shot hits, you steal bubbles. Similar in apperance to a snipe bullet under a regular shot.
goo shot- slows enemy, no damage.
starburst shot- explodes into multiple snipe shots.
bullet buster- reflects bullets back as own.
stun burst- stuns in a slmall area, until reacharged. Good for taking out single powerful enemies.
area burst- explosion with high damage
huge shot- biggest shot in the game. massive Damage.
sheild- 1 second shield from all attacks
teleport- goes where mouse is
goo burst- pulse of goo shots
ally swarm- small fighters come out and attack
mitosis seekers- 1 splits into two, which splits into 4, which attack and explode
drone conversion- changes all drones into user's control
seekers- they seek and explode on impact.
orbital seekers-orbit around you, protecting you from bullets. If an enemy gets two close, they go after it. more damage than regular seekers
sappers- get close to you, fires a laser at you, stays put. only way to get one to stop is to go to a dfferent buublefeild or kill it
leechers- go to you, grab you bubbles, and give them two user.
mines- lay them down and hope you dont run into them yourself. High damage
pulse- 360 bullets in all directions
spiral-same as above, but 1 at a time in a spiral
death field- continues red circle that if entered, you take damage
doomsday effect- virus.
explosive snipe shot-explodes multiple times on impact


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