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Bubble Islands

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Rating: 4.4/5 (296 votes)
Comments (78) | Views (8,702)

NoahBubble Islands2007 IGF finalist Bubble Islands is a new falling-object puzzle game from Dot-Invasion, the talented crew behind the previously reviewed Meteor Busters. Flash-based and completely free, Bubble Islands is fun, cute and loaded with enough content to rival similar commercial games.

Somewhat of a cross between Tetris and Puzzle Bobble, the goal is to clear as many bubbles as possible. Position your character with the left and right arrow keys and drop your pair of bubbles by pressing space. Pressing space again will swap the positions of your falling bubbles. Linking 4 or more bubbles of a single color will cause them to explode, causing everything stacked above them to fall and creating plenty of opportunities for massive combos. Bubble IslandsCertain bubbles have unique effects; Bomb Bubbles explode after dropping, destroying any bubbles within range, and Rainbow Bubbles will act as any color, linking with any available bubbles. Finally, if your opponent combos several sets of bubbles, the irritating gray Parasite Bubbles will drop onto your screen. These can not be linked with any other bubbles, but you can crack it open if you clear a bubble that is touching it, revealing another bubble in its place.

With several different play modes and tons of secrets, Bubble Island has a lot to offer. An integrated save feature stores your progress from session to session (as Marmotte pointed out in the comments), enhancing the appeal of all the unlockables. Unfortunately, the two player mode isn't available yet. Still, Dot-Invasion is as professional as ever, and Bubble Islands has an abundance of great features, characters, animation and sound effects, the whole package!

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And it's finaly here!
At first I take it pretty critical. The GFX and SFX make me glad but gameplay make me disapointed. I just like Revenge of Columns and Dr.MeanBean on Sega and Money Idol Exchanger on NeoGeo much more.
So what i m trying to say? Anyway there is nothing better than this in flash. And for those who didnt played games I mentioned(especially dr.meanBean)


Bleh, is that flesh colored thing at the top supposed to be a kirby ripoff?

And was any of this ACTUALY made in japan!?!?!?

Are these guys trying to make a copy of popular Japanese games by just putting cliched anime all over it?!?!

I dunno, I don't think I've had a chance to play it yet.

DenimNatalie February 8, 2007 10:04 AM

Now a game of my liking!

Very cute!! Scratch that, very cuuuuuuuute!!

Very impressive with the graphic, very smooth and stylish. Again, cute! The game can be hilarious sometimes, I'm very surprised to see few different game mode!

Better post this before I kill the meaning of the word 'cute' and overusing the exclamation mark.


Wow, this is a pretty amazing game for a free one. It reminds me a lot like Bubble Bobble which I love a lot. I can predict playing this game for awhile with all the modes of play it offers.

Great game!


Thanks for your great review, Noah!

I hope that many of you will enjoy the game.

Regarding the save feature: since there's no "create your account" field (needed when the game will finally be multiplayer, with +200% of games modes, new characters etc...), saving your current status is automatic and transparent actually... as long as you are using the same machine to play the game.

Exemple: each time you unlock a new puzzle stage, or each time you break your highest score, it's saved, and you can come back later at it... It's that simple.

Dyslexic Q-Thief February 8, 2007 2:45 PM

Tombot: Judging by the writing style and the katakana in the title, I'm pretty sure it's authentic. Still, why does it matter? Just because a game happened to be produced in japan does not make it a good or bad game.


Tombot - I agree with Q-Thief. It doesn't even sound like you had a chance to play the game before your knee-jerk reaction to post a comment. Please be more thoughtful and considerate when posting comments to this site. Normally I just delete crap comments like that since they don't really add anything to the discussion.

In terms of the Japanese influence in this game, the audio and some of the animations reminded me of the Panzo games from netkun.com, or perhaps even the games from hangame.

My guess is that the game was only designed to resemble a Japanese game, since I do not believe the dot-invasion folks are from Japan. I could be wrong, but regardless, I do enjoy the style. Well done!! =D


Haha, no we aren't Japanese at all ^_^

The game looking like a japanese one is entirely my choice, and... i'm probably not going to stop.

I agree that "Pinky" might be considered like a Kirby ripoff from your point of view though, but... I think it's different enough, and it doesn't make a bad game anyway. It's a little bit like saying "the blobs of Puyo Puyo are a ripoff of the slimes in Dragon Quest", i think.

But yes, the graphics are 100% authentic, done by myself during hours and hours... now, i should probably add that "ripoff" == "homage" in my case :)

Jay, thanks for your "Panzo games" link, i'll take a look at it when i'll have 5 minutes.

Anyway, stay tuned for many additional features in the future, i'm looking forward to add them.


Love it.
Good fun gameplay that seems easy at first but would take awhile to master. Just won the skeleton =)


07/10 puzzle mode. am I just being completely thick, or is this puzzle literally impossible?

seriously, Ive been staring at it for ten minutes.

the first two have to go on the left for the reds to meet, and then... well, then theres only so many places to put the other two and nowhere does it get rid of all of them.

someone tell me its not just me. this is getting embarassing.


It's a cute game. But it seems like a rip-off of Kirby's Avalanche. Same concept. You need to link up four blob to break them. The rotation of the two pieces is different. You also send phantom pieces to the other player to block them.


Hey Heff, If you're talking about scenario 1, 7/10...
you have to put the 1st 2 bubbles on the left BUT you have to press the space again to swap them before they land. Hope that helps.


I'm stuck there too Heff. Any help would be appreciated.


Sorry for the double post, I just figured out pressing space while the balls are dropping will flip them around.


Oh yes, you should really take a quick look at the "manual" section, it's not annoying like most of those (there are many simple illustrations) and you'll learn many gameplay tricks :)

Good luck!

(Note: Puzzle Mode = 100 puzzles in total so far, and i think that some of them are hardcore)


Sorry for all my posts here, but...

Several people are talking about "Kirby Avalanche" and "Dr Robotnik's MeanBean machine". You should really document, because those games are more than ripoffs of the classic "Puyo Puyo". And what i mean is: "more than ripoff" = "same game, different graphics" = "reskin".

Puyo Puyo is THE original game, and it's different from "Bubble Islands". So in a way, our game is waaaaay less a ripoff than your "Kirby" and "MeanBean" :)

I hope you appreciate the additional/different features of "Bubble islands" though (different game modes, islands sinking, new bubble types ...etc etc )

Just... enjoy the game :)


There's no reason to be sorry, Marmotte, I appreciate your input here! =D


Marmotte - I'm assuming you're the game designer/artist (I know, dumb question; I'm a bit of a technotwit). VERY nice work on both the characters/background and the smooth game operation. Now, if you'd be so kind as to include a "Clueless Mode" above "Easy", maybe I'll even manage to solve a puzzle or two! ;-)

This reminds me of the original Mario games on Nintendo (yes, I'm old). Smooth, engaging, and sometimes frustrating as heck, but guilt-free and adorable. I look forward to seeing more of your work here on JiG.

Miz Merricat


Thanks for your nice words Merricat ;-)

Talking about being old, i don't think we are that far each other, i was also playing the NES when it came out. And it totally enjoyed it.

I'm sorry to hear that you don't play very well with the puzzles though... The 1st ones are supposed to be really simple, maybe you missed something? Like the "Bubble Switch"...?
To be honest i was stuck once with one of my own puzzles, i took 2 hours to complete it. Haaaaa, that's what happens when you create puzzles and forget to write down the solution :-) But that puzzle was from some later stage...

I hope that you enjoy it even though it's frustrating. I'm also pleasantly surprised to hear that some people unlocked "Skeleter", and maybe as well the other characters. I think that "Skeleter" is hard to beat (i don't even mention the "other one"...)


very nice game. some of the gameplay elements took me a while to figure out (since the manual page wouldn't stay open for more than a second before some blasted google program would redirect me to an error page). it took me a bit too long to figure out that you hit space twice to rotate the bubbles, and i'm still adjusting to the fact that the island sinks with TIME, not number of moves used. the graphics are nice, and some of the music is really good (like that hip-hip-ish track around the third-ish level, that's my fave that i've heard so far).

two major gripes about this game:
1. in similar games (say for example, puzzle bobble with versus modes), whenever playing against an opponent, there's usually some sort of indicator that shows when a load of junk is about to be dumped on you. i noticed that the arcade mode doesn't have anything like that (or at least not one that i've noticed), and it'd be a really nice thing to have around. strategically speaking, if i knew i was going to get a load of junk on my next turn, i wouldn't drop that rainbow bubble down that valley with the intention of making a match on the next move. know what i mean? it's like, i can't focus on my opponent's board to see when he combos, so i need some sort of indicator.

2. i'm not a big fan of the fact that in the puzzle mode, you can only lose three times before you go back to the beginning of the level. three times is nowhere near enough for some of those puzzles, and then the fact that you have to spread those three losses over ten puzzles makes it worse. puzzle modes like this should be trial-and-error, not error-and-die.

maybe some things to consider for the next version? otherwise, good game!


I can't believe no one has mentioned the music yet! The themes for the samurai and the spaceship guy are particularly catching, and the boss music for the skeleton guy was pretty cool too. Any tips on beating him, by the way? He just blows combos out like nothing else.

Also, the manual could use a bit more documentation the battle mode. What the meters are, what the island sinking means, how to send junk over more effectively, what the stats mean (I assumed 'drop' is how much junk you get per combo? And 'luck' is...?).

All in all, cool game, doubly so because it's free :)


Thanks for the constructive comments!

art begotti:

1. Yes, that feature is planned for the next version. I'm also thinking about implementing a "Parasite Bubble Annihilator" or something similar: if you are about to receive some parasite bubbles and perform a great combo, you can reduce how many of those you'll get... I still have to think about that.

2. Mmmhh... interesting. I'll have to think about that.

I don't know about that google "bug" though... It looks like some of the posters here read the manual and didn't mention it.


I particularly like the Pinky's theme... Even if it sounds a bit like one of the Super mario's song... Super Mario World, if i remember.

About beating "Skeleter", well... except "play fast and well, and perform many, many combos", i don't think there's any interesting tip... ^_^

You are right also about the manual, it's not complete. I was about to write a more detailed one (regarding the parasite bubbles calculations ...etc), but at the same time someone said "don't tell too much about the game mechanisms, you have to keep some of your secrets". Anyway, when the game will be updated, i'll update the manual as well.



yeah, the google bug isn't your fault at all. it's something that was instatlled on my computer for IE at purchase time, and i have no clue how to remove it. basically, somewhere on the manual page, there is some file of some sort that doesn't load right. rather than just have that file appear as a broken link, the google/dell coalition, in an effort to "help" you, redirects you to an error page with other search result options (none ever being relevant).

i've been afraid to ask jay for help with fixing that, because he'd just give me the link for downloading firefox. :D


I enjoyed the game a lot, thanks to designers/programmers and Jay. I'm a casual gamer of the most casual sort and I enjoyed the challenge in the Puzzle Mode. That was new to me.

What I don't really like, though, is that I feel that the game deliberately poses as a game made by a Japanese person, with the katakana and the voices in there. There's a bias and a "positive" stereotype that I perceive that 'things from Japan = better', and it's misguided at best. This could turn into an essay so I'll stop there, but I'm not condemning anyone for anything. I enjoyed the game but I didn't like the posturing. I can only really shrug at knowing that the creator won't be changing that any time soon, but I suppose that can't be helped. In the end, it's a fun game.


Incidently, 'WAPI-WAPI' bears a passing resemblance to this character: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Tony_Chopper

You sure can pick 'em!

Benedicta February 9, 2007 9:04 AM

I really liked the game - what I didn't get (and also didn't find in the rather cute manual) is how and why in the arcade mode sometimes the floor goes down, and whether this is good or bad... I think, that since I can then place more balls on the floor, it is good, but how do I trigger it?


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Anyone able to give me some advice on Puzzle 3 5/10 I've tried it more times than I can count but I always end up with a few left over pieces.


This game is pretty great, i hafta say. I beat the normal mode and i'm just hooked. I can't wait till the next version! :D


Marmotte, thanks so much for stopping by. Thanks for the correction as well, sorry about that! As you can see, I did manage to at least unlock Skeleter so far. =]


Excellent game! Very smooth and polished; it's clear that the developer paid attention to tiny details.

Some people say that making it look like a Japanese game somehow reflects badly on the author, but I disagree. In some ways, creating a Japanese ambience is more challenging for someone who was not born into that culture.

If it was just the katakana, I'd say, ok, whatever. But the mood is so tastefully set throughout the entire game, it's an excellent homage to the culture! :-)

If I had the skills, I'd create a game with a Thai feeling, and would be damn proud of the "imitation"! :-)


Well said, SiamJai! I couldn't agree more.

Similar to an actor/actress playing the part of someone very different in personality, maneurism and/or physical appearance. People win awards for those performances. How is this any different?

Dyslexic Q-Thief February 9, 2007 4:29 PM

Benedicta: See that orange/yellowish meter on the right? That's what I call the "Doom meter". It increases automatically, while popping bubbles decreases it. Whenever it maxes out, the island drops a level. I think that if the island drops to much, it will sink, although I've never seen it happen,

byebyebaby February 9, 2007 5:37 PM

For 3-5/10

The first move is:

put the yellow one so that the first set of yellow explodes, and put the red one on top of the first stack. to do this, you'll have to switch in mid-air


Make it so the green on the right falls on the stack of three, and the second green falls straight down


Put the green so that they fall between the two tall stacks. This will cause the last high stack to explode, leaving you with one stack in the middle left


Drop the yellow on the top of the middle stack, and drop the bomb to the right of the middle stack

I do like this game, and I get flashbacks of tetris attack puzzle mode from super nintendo. However, these puzzles to have a different element to them since there are bomb pieces, so it does end up being pretty original when you look at it.
Oh! and in regards to the island sinking when you play battle mode:

Im not sure, but I think that the meter rises for the amount of time that you hold on to the pieces before you drop them. The longer you hold on, the more the meter goes up. Your meter will go up no matter what, BUT if you make a combo of some sort, it will go down. Thats just a theory though, im not sure exactly.

Great game, Marmotte! How long did it take you to come up with all of the puzzles? It seems like it would take ages. I do like the characters, and I think they are pretty creative ^_^
I half expect Maggo to say "Hocus Pocus" when he makes a combo like Kamek would :)

Great game! I'm glad to see something like this online! Gosh, it must have taken you hours and days and weeks!

Benedicta February 9, 2007 6:45 PM

Thanx, Q-Thief :) I hadn't seen the meter.
But I have seen the island sink - it happened to one of my opponents once *ggg*
(by the way: beat arcade mode first and second stage and unlocked skeletor and some devil-thing. Didn't find out what's the third locked figure - does anyone know?)


yay, the googlebug has been fixed! i can now access the manual pages without any problem. if i might make a recommendation, i'd add something in there about benedicta's question, regarding the time-limit-bar-o-death.

as for that missing character...

could it perhaps be unlocked by beating the puzzle mode? i'm not sure, i'm still stuck on 3-5 myself!


Lots of great comments, thanks!!

About the "Sink Meter" (i'll have to find a better name ^_^ ):
"I think that the meter rises for the amount of time that you hold on to the pieces before you drop them. The longer you hold on, the more the meter goes up. Your meter will go up no matter what, BUT if you make a combo of some sort, it will go down."
That's correct!! It has its advantages (more room for your bubbles when you begin to be full), but it can also lead to a "Game Over", since your island will sink when it's too deep (the "Sink Meter" will be totally red when it's the last step). Oh, and there's NO WAY to make your island go up again.

Now i just need to add something similar in the manual =)

"I'd create a game with a Thai feeling"
Aren't you Thai already, by any chance? "Siam" is the old name of "Thailand", i went there several times already...

"How long did it take you to come up with all of the puzzles?"
I don't think it took that long to be honest... The worst part is when you take 1 hour to create a new puzzle on a paper, then you notice while playing for real that it doesn't work at all, hahaha. I'm surprised to read that many people aren't able to finish that damn 3-5 though; that's one i didn't create myself, so i'll ask the same person to create more puzzles for the next version of the game, it looks like mine are too simple... :-P

"I half expect Maggo to say "Hocus Pocus" when he makes a combo like Kamek would"
Yes, i really want to include voices in the next update (japanese-like voices, of course ^_^ )

"Didn't find out what's the third locked figure"
You might be surprised... That's probably a small hint, but that's what i had in mind (and didn't have the time to include yet):

When you play the "Arcade - Special" mode, there should be a little cinematic after your fight against and beat Skeleter:
You see that red devil guy beat Skeleter and take the "Isaac Key" in front of you; then he says: "So, here's the "Isaac Key"! It looks like i'll finally be able to open that damn chest. You are too late, Pinky!"
Then you have to fight against him and take back that damn key.

^ i would like every dialog in the game to sound like a '90s arcade game. You know, crappy/simple stroyline, basic english used (something with grammatical mistakes or litteral japanese to english translations etc).

Dev news:
Many new game modes added (well, in theory so far, but i cannot wait to play those for real, one of them is to fight against several opponents at the same time!), and i think i created 4 new characters, 3 are still on a paper though (4 new characters mean: 4 new backgrounds, 4 new soundtrack themes, 40 new puzzles etc ^_^ )
The multiplayer version is also on its way.


Aren't you Thai already, by any chance? "Siam" is the old name of "Thailand", i went there several times already...

Oh, a fellow Thailand enthusiast - nice! :-) Which parts have you visited? I wasn't born in Thailand, but I'm learning her language and culture and I'm going to settle there soon with my fiancee.

I worked there for two years before, and travelled all around in my free time. To us, the northern hills are the most attractive.

Back to the game, I'm really curious about the mysterious third unlockable character too! You know, this part of your game reminds me of Smash Brothers from Nintendo, in which one had to complete tasks for a chance to duel with secret characters. If you came out victorious, you could have them in regular gameplay from there on. I loved that feature there, and I love it here too - great job! :-)


This game is so good it transformed me from a lurker to a poster at this site in order to sing it's praises.^^
While i quickly lost interest in the arcade mode (although i might revisit it later), the puzzle mode has me hooked. I'm currently stumped on stage 9, puzzle 16. Since no one has posted a spoiler for that, the question of whether to swallow my pride and look it up is moot.
The musical themes are very good, and various. My one wish about them would be that each piece of music were a bit longer of a loop.
My mind boggles at the creativity and work that must have gone into making all those puzzles.

If anyone wants a system to write down series of moves concisely, here's mine, using a number and a letter for each move:
First is a number. It tells the column, counting from left to right in which to place the left bubble.
Secondly, a letter. This is the color of the left bubble. You can pick whichever letters make sense to you for that. i used + and x for the bombs, and A for rainbow bubbles. Hope this last paragraph wasn't too boring.

Keep up the good work at Dot Invasion.^^


I need help on puzzle staze 3-4. I can't seem to combo everything together; always a few spares left...


Ok, so I adore the game. I've been absolutely addicted since I found it yesterday. The only thing is, on the final puzzle bubble, I can't get past the 4/20 level. I know there is something I'm not seeing, but its starting to drive me nuts! Any one have a suggestion?


I unlocked two characters (the left and the right ones) but the middle character is too hard to get.
Can someone please help me in puzzle mode, stage 10, puzzle 16/20? it's really hard!


I've now got as far as 9, 7/20 on puzzle mode. 4/20 is easily the hardest one I've seen so far, but you get the solution by thinking logically and suddenly realising what needs to be done, rather than just trying things out.

The feeling you get once you do it is great, so I would advise against looking at this for a while, but here's what you do:

Make the first drop so that the rainbow goes down the chasm and the + bomb harmlessly detonates a few surplus blues. Then drop the second so that the X bomb lands on top of the rainbow and blows up all the rubbish, and the red lands to the right.

Great game overall, the one negative comment I'd make is that the difficulty levels of the puzzles tends to fluctuate quite a bit. For example, Skeletor's level, 3/10 is a very difficult puzzle that I was stumped on for quite a while, but once I solved that I got through the rest of the level without many problems. 10/10 in particular is very easy compared with the rest.

I'd rearrange a few of them in an update so that the difficulty ramps up a bit more smoothly.


Twee, I am stuck on 9.16 as well =P. I've tried it about 20 times with varying luck on the drops. I have tried putting the double-yellow on both ends with no luck and even put it in the middle, but then it blocks the red from being able to be dropped when the purples set off the chain reaction.

I think the whole purpose of 9.16 is to set things up, and then trigger the reaction with the 2 right-side purples. I'm still trying to figure out how to do this though =P. I am currently trying to set things off by blowing the 2 LEFT purples after the greens, but no luck so far.

Leeko: For 9.4 you have to sacrifice the + on top of the blues, and drop the rainbow into the center pit. You should be able to figure it out from there =P.

Oh, and Marmotte... great game. I can't wait for the multiplayer and player accounts/records. Keep up the great work.


Alright, I FINALLY figured out the solution to 9.16 (definitely hardest by far for me):

1. Put the double yellow as far left as it will go.
2. Line the red up with the top red dot, and the purple on the yellow dot on the top right.
3. Place this piece as far to the right as you can. However, you have to make sure that the yellow dot falls, so you have to very quickly switch the two before the purple lands on top.
4. Then use the slide-off trick on the right side to trigger the greens.
5. Finish off the purples that are left.

I should have 17 done fairly soon, it's not as hard.


Finally I'm done with the puzzle mode, level 20 was the only hard one after 16. But when finishing I got nothing, neither new character nor an item. Does someone know how to get the last char.? I hope it's not getting a high score in the score mode, it's the only mode I'm not good at.


Yay, I too finally beat 9.16 as well and without looking at Srezic's spoiler! With any luck i can beat this game now and go back to being a casual gamer.
Thanks for sharing your thought process, Srezic. It pretty much mirrored my own. I think what finally did it for me was taking a break and coming back with a fresh mind to the problem. The good old "Sleep on it" approach came through for me.


please tell me what should i do for stage 2 10/10 i am trying it for two days....


Has anyone managed to complete it with the Devil guy? I can's get past Skeleter playing in special mode! Really great game - reminds me of Rainbow Islands, Bubble Bobble and Puzzle Bobble. Let's hope there's a sequel!


ionxx7: solution for stage 2 10/10:

Put the 2 yellows in the second column from the left so all the yellows in the left side will explode.

Put the purple-yellow one in the second from right column so all the yellows will explode and the purple will land on the two purples.

Put the blue-green on the leftmost column and switch the places of the bubbles (all the greens and all the left blues will explode causing reds and purples to explode too)
all left is a bit blues and purples that you should eliminate by your last couple of bubbles


Any help with 9 - 18/20 would be greatly appreciated!


Oh my god, Bubisl... i'm... i'm speechless... totally speechless... That's an insane amount of work; all the puzzles are illustrated. Awesome.

Now i'll just have to link to your site every time a player asks me "how to solve xxx" (that's the kind of frequent mail i get), haha =D Though i hope that the players will still think a bit instead of reading the solution too fast.

Anyway, the game is online since 20 days now, and i just realised that the "Puzzle Mode" is one of the favorites, at least for the casual gamers. That's why we took the decision to expand that mode:

Each stage will hold 20 puzzles (there are as many stages as characters). So regarding the current version of the game, that should be 200 puzzles. Now i'm just adding a new character, so 220 puzzles.

Also, puzzles will be handled differently, instead of having a global growing difficulty, each stage will have its own growing difficulty; so each stage starts easy, but ends up being really hard. We have to do that way, since puzzles will be added regularely each time a new player is added.

That' and i'm also planning some kind of "puzzle Battle" mode, but sshht ;)

I hope that your walkthrough will not be too pointless when the new version will be up because there'll be many changes though... but it's not for tomorrow ;)

Well, anyway there are a lots of things going on with the game atm, but i'm glad that you enjoy the game... i'm really, really happy ;-)


i really need help with level 5 stage 2/10. i feel so stupid that i cant get it!!!


I am totally stuck in 5/20! There is just too many options, and I can't find the right one! I tried to find the walkthrough, but it doesn't work. Would someone help me, please?

Master_Odin June 28, 2007 3:20 PM

hey, is there a way to get through stage 2 8/10? i'm soooo lost. help me please!


i need help on 4: 4/10 =(


PLEASE. I need to know how bubisl's walkthrough works. I need help with 9 - 18/20. PLEASE HELP ME!!!


i dont think that the walkthrough link works anymore so if anyone has any advice, hints, or walkthroughs for the last stage it would be greatly appreciated, im really stuck.. and i really wanted to finish the game.. *tear*


This game is HELLA cute.

BUT the difficulty level increases far too steeply, I feel. ESPECIALLY for such a cute game as this that screams "play me" to the younger crowd. An hour and a half after playing it, I've only reached one of the locked characters ONCE. I don't know, maybe I'll try a new mode and see if it powers me up or something.

Adorable, but becoming aggravating. 5 stars is slowly coming down...


Well, I'm boned: Stuck on Puzzle Level 6, problem 5/10.

It is the problem where you have three blue bubbles on the left ground, then going across the bottom, one red, one purple, one green, one yellow, two greens, one red, and one blue. Your given Arsenal is a yellow-purple bubble starter, then a red-green, a yellow-blue, a double-red, and a green-purple.

I have NOOOO idea what to do. Working backwards, I think I have the last two bubbles placed correctly in my head, but I can't work out backwards where the rest should go, and I'm sick of restarting this lineup of ten over and over.

Any help PLEASE? Or, a repost of the Walkthrough???


Ahhhhh scratch that: it's the JayIsGames After-Post blessing. Finished Puzzle Chapter 6!


OK, I'm giving up on 16/20. I'm pissed off and haven't slept all night.

Some problems: Arcade Mode has NO difficulty setting, and so I've yet to beat it. At least give someone a chance on Easy to ease into the game, jeez. Puzzle Mode, the last stage, has NO NEED to make 20 levels al into the last grouping. They could easily be split into two ten-part levels AND complete a nice pyramid on the menu. By the time I play back through to 16/20, I've forgotten everything I had thought to do beforehand. It's tedious and time-wasting, and completely unnecessary. Seeing as how those are the only modes I can play (Score is NOT easy for me at all for some reason), My initial "omg adorable five stars!" review is now three stars: Great visuals, smooth play, but infuriating player tactics and an aggressive scoring/progression system where there needn't be.

I wish that Walkthrough would come back up so I could at least beat the last four puzzle stages.

But whatever, I guess I'll still add it to my favorite games here on the site and WAIT LONGER for the Version 1.0 update.


A day later, I've only reached 18/20, and it's awful. haha


OK so I had beaten Level 18, and got to try 19 ONCE. Then, I went back through and have apparently forgotten how to solve 18, and I can't do it again. Yet another ****ing reason 20 levels should NOT be together.

MAN where is that Walkthrough????!!!? haha


YES finally finished Puzzle Mode!

....and no unlocked character? WTF???


Yay! \o/

Now you can resurrect that walkthrough yourself. ;)

How about it? I'd gladly give you a couple of Big Fish game coupons if you did, and perhaps a T-shirt, too.


Big FIsh who? haha after finals, I'll see if I can remember.

haha sorry to Monopolize the board here. **embarrassed**


ok, so I am very frustrated with myself right now. I made it to 3 10/10 and used up all my "try agains," and now I am stuck on 3 8/10 and cannot, for the life of me, remember how I solved it! How frustrating is that? Can anyone help me please?


Haha okok, I'm going to work on that Walkthrough.

Grant Thurston March 10, 2008 10:40 PM

OK. I'm incredibly aggrivated with Arcade mode because I REEEEEEEEEAAAAAALLLLYYYYYY WANT a new charecter!!!!!! I mean, I love all the current charecters, but curiosity is KILLING ME!!!! At the same time, I can't figure out what's with that walkthrough!?!? IT'S IN GERMAN OR SOMETHIN!!!!!!!!!!!! >:,(

Still, I'm in love with the king and snowflake charecters. ^_^


Ugh! I hate the stupid closed shell balls. I was doing good until they bombarded me.


Ohhh and how do you get those really good guys? and i am new so i need a lot of help

Anonymous August 9, 2008 8:44 PM

hey how come I can't get the third character? I already defeated the red devil guy but there's no other mode in the arcade mode that allows me to battle against the last mystery character! Like when you defeat Skeleter theres a special mode to allow you to go against the red devil guy, but is there supposed to be a mode similar to that for the last character? plus I'm not seeing any videos at the end of the battles here!


I can't figure out how much the bomb destroys and that would really help beat puzzle mode.


Does anyone know what that little bar thing does that fills up over time? I think it has something to do with your island sinking, but im not sure. Also, how come sometimes those "junk" bubble fall on me even when my opponent didnt get a combo?


Hi everyone,

I'm the guy that created Bubble Islands from scratch.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that is still playing the game (I just checked this page today and noticed that people are still commenting! Amazing), and a big SORRY for the lack of updates.

As you probably know, BIslands is 100% an independant game, and so I wouldn't be able to work on it without something very precious: free time!
To be honest, I didn't work on that game since ages, but I was *still* planning to do something with it... from scratch again. I had in mind so many new exciting game modes (and a real "community" aspect this time!) that i =have= to work on a totally new version of that game (including gameplay fixes suggested in the previous comments). I don't know how many months it'll take (or if the game will ever be released?), but I just wanted to say thanks to all the players of the current version.

Anonymous July 30, 2010 2:47 PM

what name is of the second line the character and the red guy please


The link, or rather the domain name, is broken and the game doesn't show up! A new version with all the planned stuff getting implemented would be much welcomed, and would most likely get a triumphant re-review by the folks here, by the way.

[Link fixed. Thanks for the note! :) -Jay]


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