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Rating: 4.4/5 (28 votes)
Comments (27) | Views (7,406)

Bubbels is a strangely addictive Flash game, like Bust-a-Move, from the Netherlands. There are actually five (5) different versions to choose from.

Cheers to Lodrelhai for the info about the other versions. =)


isn't there a way to make it through in this game!?!?


I'm completely addicted to this game. I'm not sure what it is exactly (a love of bubbles that remind me of candy?) but I play it whenever I want to kick back. And yes it is possible to finish!:)


Wow, just finished this game. There is a way to win.
Once you have eliminated a color, it stops appearing. Once you get down to only 2 colors, a timer starts and you have 5 minutes to clear them all.


I play this game compulsively.

As in, a whole awful lot, all the time.

My high score is somewhere above 150,000. Of course, I've only actually managed to beat it maybe 5 times.

So simple, so hard, impossible to beat without considerable skill, but also impossible to beat if you're having bad luck. Entertaining, gripping, and actually, by being less rigid mechanically than bubble bobble, much, much more fun.

Here's a couple things that aren't mentioned about the gameplay:

You start with 5 'life bubbles'. Each time you launch a bubble WITHOUT popping some, you lose a life bubble. If you fail a shot and have no life bubbles left, a new row of bubbles is generated at the top, pushing the rest down. Then your life bubbles are refilled, but with ONE LESS than before.

After five rounds of this, a row will drop, but you will get 0 life bubbles back! The next failed bubble will drop ANOTHER row, but then it will fill up to the maximum number of life bubbles, starting it over.

Each time you clear a color, they will no longer appear in the randomly generated bubbles, or in your cannon. But be warned! In addition to this, rows will begin dropping TWO AT A TIME, and your MAXIMUM life bubbles will drop by one. That means that once you clear a color, your life bubbles will reset to 4, not 5!

Every color you clear repeats this process. After clearing two colors, rows drop 3 at a time, and you have a maximum of 3 life bubbles. After clearing three, they will drop 4 at a time, and you will have a maximum of 2 life bubbles.

Because of this acceleration, the game is fairly tame when there are still all 6 colors on the field. At 5 and 4, the game is MUCH harder-- this is where I ususally lose-- the double drop at 0 life bubbles is quick to obliterate you here.

At 3 colors remaining, it's pretty easy to continue to win, but still possible to lose with bad luck/bad aims. I've never gotten to 2 colors without winning, and usually only in about 15-30 seconds, making that timer at the end kind of superfluous..

Some tips:
If you have multiple places you could pop bubbles, pop the ones that will give you access to MORE poppable bubbles; this is often, but not always, the place with the most bubbles to pop THIS turn.

Bubbles can get really close to other bubbles- in fact, they can overlap their edges without 'clicking' together. This takes practice to master, but is essential if you're planning on winning.

Bank shots, off the walls, are also essential, but likely to mess you up. A bad situation becomes rapidly worse when you miss a couple really necessary bank shots!

Often there will be two sets of the same color, separated by a space, that you could clear all at once by putting a bubble in that space. However, depending on your level and the amount of life you have left, it is sometimes better to clear them each with a different bubble instead; otherwise when you get that second green, you have nowhere to pop it, and you lose a life bubble.

Gravity is great in this game, and the MOST IMPORTANT STEP to winning. Bubbles do NOT stick to walls, they must be touching a bubble that is somehow anchored to the CIELING. This includes bubbles that are only horizontally touching another anchored bubble. You'll get the hang of this as you play.

This game is addictive...
Shout out to Megan at DF. :)



it made it through! but i only got 38870 points. obviosly not enough......


My highest score 145,550. I've won eight games in the month and a half that I've been addicted. Simple game that I can play when I'm half asleep and the mini bubble explosions are for the win.


This is my first time beating the game finally... After... a month of on and off playing... my score was 136110


Here's a better challenge for this game.
The lowest high score possible. That is, finish the game with a very low high score. It's easy to get a really high score in this game - just stick with 3 colours for a couple of hours and you'll be guaranteed a high score, but low scores are hard to get.

Mine was 37590. Pure luck too. Got all the right bubbles at the right time and was knocked down to three coloured bubbles after one complete cycle.


23630 has been my lowest score as of yet.
I thought of the low score as the objective initially, but it's also crazy to see how many points you rack up the longer a game drags on.


Funny game. The sound the bubbles have when they pop humors me. :) Its a simple game but yet its very addicting. I've seen alot of remakes of this game and this is a very good one


haha. I was just about to post a comment when I saw with my last account I already had. :P whoops. I wish I hadn't forgot the password now. :)

Sue McDonald January 27, 2006 5:05 PM

Well I have been addicted to Bubbels for the past 6 months. When I get into it I just continue to play with three colors until I get sick of it. My target was to get to 1,000,000
Yesterday I did it with a score of 1,040,730.
I actually just gave up in the end because I had to go. I agree with Navi. Try to get the lowest score you can. Mine has been 15,328. That is the real challenge.


The way to win this game is the lowest score. 15,000 is a good number.

Kristin May 3, 2006 10:23 AM

did anyone ever used to play snood? :)

Kristin May 3, 2006 12:16 PM

187,490 :)


43950 lowest score!!!

Anjaele June 28, 2006 4:41 PM

Hello I absolutly love this game! The site I used before to play was closed down, so that's how I found this. I beat the game on my 3rd try with a score of 162,730. Is that a lot? :p Anyway, just glad to find other Bubbels fans :) I had only played Bubbels 1 though! I'm looking forward to playing the rest!



Lowest score 12,860 (Believe me that was a fluke!) Next lowest 34,840. Highest has been near the 200,000s! I definitely try for lowest score wins, not highest. I have beat this tons!! It gets easier after awhile, although I still frequently lose at about 2,500, 30 seconds into the game. I try to win by zeroing in on one color. Once I've knocked out at least two colors, it's easy from there.
Love this game! It is my "go to" relaxer. No stress and a pleasant popping noise. Learned about it here-- Great site!


is the goal of the game to clear the field with the lowest score?

Lodrelhai July 24, 2006 7:43 PM

FYI, there's a new URL notice on the site. Updated site is http://www.funnygames.nl/spel/bubbels.html

They've also now got 5 versions of it.


i guess that makes me the big... loser!

mariagrazia January 8, 2007 9:28 AM

i made it at last!


Bubbles, always a Cool game!


I absolutely love Bubbels... today I got my lowest score ever, which I have saved as a jpg in case anyone questions my integrity. I got an alltime low of 12,270!

Anonymous August 26, 2008 10:09 PM

Have been playing Bubbels for some time now and yes it is compulsive but a great way to pass a few hours. My best score to date is 766,890, My next target is the big 1,000,000.

CB form Australia


Game error??

I tried this game over the past weekend and absolutely loved it! But I'm trying it again today and it's set on some kind of "auto-launch" so the bubbles fire automatically without me clicking, and the rate of fire increases dramatically with each bubble.

Anyone else having this trouble??



:P. The link is still down. Do not know when it was removed.


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