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2021-01-22 (4).png We are extremly happy to announce our PC Games Tuesday!

The first game we want to present you in this edition is Where is 2021?

Welcome back, Mateusz The Prophet!

Where is 2021? by Mateusz Skutnik (itch.io)

Last year's hunt for 2020 was very tough indeed and some players thought - maybe hoped - that getting through the game would be the hardest part of the whole year. Well...nope. We were wrong. Do you remember the aggressive mines hypersensitive to the slightest movement of the poor gnome, annihilating him again and again? They were lethal...and do you remeber how did they looked like? Like viruses, right? Mateusz Skutnik isn't guilty though! Don't shoot the messenger. Being a prophet is a job like any other and it's not their fault people don't listen and don't make proper arrangements!

This time we've got amazing poin'n'click game, reminding his older end-of-year traditional games (and also 10 Gnomes ), where you look for items, hints and puzzles in beautifully photographed city scenes - and now and then shoot down one of the (very) few mines which sneakily hid themselves last year and we missed them. They aren't a real threat any more. Game navigation is simple since for moving around, shooting and picking up or handling items you need a mouse only, and changing cursor makes playing comfortable. However, you are on your own and burden of responsibility lies on your shoulders since the gnome, sulkily sitting in a rocking chair, firmly refuses to look for 2021. He's apparently shaken after the last year's experience and any persuading is useless.
Can you find 2021? And, the most importantly, what it will be like? Will it behave? Will it be kind and considarate? For now, we know one thing only. It's cute.

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Couldn't skip over this one, so I wrote up the walkthrough real quick. If I missed anything, well… hindsight is 20/20.

Where is 2021?

Your usual festive gnome is very unhappy with how 2020 turned out. Well, we don't need him.


(The pause button is in the top right, or you can press Escape. On most screens, you can go back by clicking the left or right edge.)

Click the gnome to watch the intro. After that, all he does is reject you.

Let's start by turning left. There's chimneys wired to an antenna, which is also wired to four lights and a display telling you 10 things are detected. There's also a floating mine, and popping it reduces that count to 9.

Go back (turn right), and turn right again. On this building, there are two blue lights and a red light attached to a pipe. Also, another mine.

Go back to the gnome screen. If you observe the changing cursor carefully, you'll find that there are two hotspots for the buildings: everything to the left of the gnome, and everything to the right.

Let's start on the left half, which splits into three smaller buildings:

The side of the building has a chalk number grid and some red lights. Zoom in to the right of the grid to find the right chimney cap.

Zoom in above the grid to find a mine. The top of that building has a middle chimney cap. Pick up orb 1 next to some windows, which you can zoom in on to find a mine in one of the rooms.

Take a crooked chimney cap.

Pick up orb 3 from a window before you zoom in.
Pick up the floating middle pipe, and zoom in on the far building to find orb 2 on the antenna. In front of that, you can zoom in to see a mine. Zoom in on the left edge of the screen to find a tar-stained chimney cap.

Now for the right half.

Pick up a right pipe and then zoom in to find a mine.

FAR BUILDING (middle-right):
Clear out 4 mines.

Pick up the short chimney cap, but don't miss out orb 4 at the top left.

Item list

You should have gathered all 10 mines (and heard the laser activate).

Also, 4 orbs, 2 pipes and 5 chimney caps.

A series of tubes

You can't mess this one up. Just place all 5 chimney caps where they fit on the left screen.

(Short Tar Middle Crooked Right)

Also place both pipes where they fit on the right screen, and then push all three pipes there.

Message board

Each of the orbs has a different number of lit lights, and represents a row.

Copy their hover descriptions into the grid. It's easier if you realize they all start the same way:

By the way, it's possible to guess the answer without picking up all the orbs, as

these four rows are binary for 104 101 108 112, which is just the ASCII encoding of the four letters help.

Far far away

Follow the four powered lasers…

to the large building in the fog. Their combined power activates a bigger laser.

That laser lands on the other building (a church?) in the fog.

Click it and watch the ending.


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