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Boys are stupid

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Throw Rocks at BoysFrom David and Goliath, maker of funny T-shirts and other fine apparel, comes this Flash game straight out of their “Boys Are Smelly” department: Throw Rocks at Boys. And why shouldn't we? After all, everyone knows that boys are stupid. If you've ever seen D&G designs then the game will be quite familiar. Otherwise, you might think the graphics look a bit plain and simple—kinda like a 6-year-old might draw—and you'd be right! And you might also be thinking that the game is stupid. Well, then you must be a boy, so take this advice: Look out for rocks!

The Flash site that is home to their shop, as well as various other activities to immerse yourself in their fashion concepts, is well designed and the game is a lot of fun. So check out their store, buy some T's, and while you're at it... Throw Rocks at Boys.

Play Boys are stupid


This game is so freakin funny. I really like playing it and I play it all of the time. Whenever I get a chance to play it I do. And I just started winning. Before I used to lose this game everytime I played, now I be ripping it. My mom sent me this game in an E-mail and I just couldn't get enough of it. I always play this game when I get mad at my uncle. I pretend that he is the boy and I am the girl throwing rocks at his stupid ass. Well, I have to let out my anger so I will talk to you later whenever I get another chance to. Time to throw rocks at boys:-)

Karla and Sarah January 7, 2005 7:26 PM

This game is soooooo kool!!! We laughed our arses off!!!
We love throwing rocks at boys.....its our new hobbie! :D


i think this game is great and i throw rocks at boys in real life now !!!!!! this has changed my life (i dont really)


this game is way cool!!d&g are my life savers!!


omg this game is unbelievably funny..this is the first time ive played it and it rocks! im gonna tell all my mates about it lol hitting boys with rocks....genius!

LIV AND RUBY March 20, 2005 5:35 AM



This game was AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!! And it's the freakin truth as well! Boys=stupid...well most of them anyways!!


This game ROCKS! I want to download it so my girls can play it. why can't I?


this was the first time i played this and I LOVED IT!! hehehehe THIS GAME ROCKS!


You American girls are really stupid. Thanks God I am Italian and I am surrounded by clever European girls!


this game ROCKZ.
i love this game. I play it every day. oh my gosh...


Hi, this is great. u can release your anger out on those STUPID BOYS who btw have no consideration for anybodys feelings. pretend youre hitting them, you become a whole lot better at the game.


dude, this game is so cool! i just found it today, but ive had that poster on my wall for almost a year now. it made me laugh SOOOOOOO HARD!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!


Boys suck and well this game makes you feel ALOT better!! Just picture boy that you hate and well then you rock at it!! This game is amazing!!!!!!!!

christian May 22, 2005 5:03 PM

No, boys are awesome, why would you throw rocks at them? I love girls, and I wouldn't throw rocks at them


OMG! that is the best game ever! it so much fun and takes ur mind off things! not 2 mention the boys get mad with u when they find out im playing it lol

Mistral May 27, 2005 1:56 PM

okay... I am over thirty... not into online games but... that Throw Rocks At Boys is hilarious... am recommending it to all my aged friends.. what a hoot!!! Thanks...


i really like this game, but thought id put another slant to it. i now throw boys at rocks, its very enjoyable and me and my friends have lots of fun throwing boys at rocks. kate xx

Stephanie July 7, 2005 4:41 AM

LOL cute game! i completed it. :)

lil' Rob July 8, 2005 2:00 AM



this game ROX dude!!!! i mean it is so freakin awesum!!!!!! boyz r stupid - well except 4 sascha, coz he is a man!!!!!!!!!


this game is like the total BEST!!!!!!!!!!! boyz suck - oh, except 4 my boyfriend

Catalina July 26, 2005 1:31 AM

boys are hott and awesome!!! The only girls who do this are single ones, obviously.

Rod Weiler July 28, 2005 3:56 PM

Yeah, cool and funny. Has anybody of you played "Girls are bitches. Smack 'em up?" Really good game, extremely funny. Shoudld I post the link?


lol - Rod. No, thanks, that will do. I think you made your point.


This game is true! boys are stupid and retarded. We are so much better than them in everyway. I love this game and have sent it to my friends. grrlz kick butt!

Minveital July 31, 2005 10:55 AM

Cool game jay!!! Real Cool indeed!!!
well, at least the girl didn't kill them, so...


this game is great...i love it!! boys are really stupid and dumb, and should vanish from earth. they are all apes and gorillas!!! i love the clothes because it pisses boys off! gosh they are stupid!

Tim Murphy August 3, 2005 10:05 PM

Not Really!!!

Tim Murphy August 3, 2005 10:12 PM

They are so not stupid.You don't know anything about them.That's Stereotype.And Jay... why are you so predjudice.How would you feel if we decide to make a site about girls called"Let go assaut ,Malest,and rape girls game".So Hah!!!if it's one thing I learned from my 15 year old sister/ guardian is "Hah"!!!So hah!!!Boys are so smart.Dummie!!!


I've turned off comments on this page due to a few people taking it waaaay too seriously.

It's only a game and it's supposed to be funny y'all, where's your sense of humor? I'm a boy and I don't take it personally, why should you? Sheesh.



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