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Rating: 4.7/5 (120 votes)
Comments (73) | Views (13,244)

NoahBoomshineDanny Miller's Boomshine is a new riff on the chain-reaction action pioneered by Omega's Every Extend and the popular Internet favorite, Chaos Theory. The goal is to remove a given number of the colorful, floating dots moving around the screen.

Simply click the mouse to trigger an explosion; any dots that come into contact with the resulting circle will also explode, although after about 3 seconds each explosion will shrink and vanish. Every level increases in demand for the number of dots that must be removed, from level 1's laughably easy 1 out of 5 to the formidable 55 out of 60 in level 12. You'll want to make your first explosion count, because that's all you get. After setting off the chain-reaction, sit back and watch the explosions play out and, if you've removed enough dots, advance to the next level.

Boomshine is surprisingly addictive and the sparse visuals grew on me after my first dozen games or so. Overlapping explosions result in an appealing color blending effect, which can unfortunately cause a bit of slowdown. It would be a stretch to call Boomshine relaxing—watching those dots float by milliseconds after your chain-reaction begins to shrink is a little too agonizing for relaxation—but it is certainly refreshing, and a nice, albeit simple addition to a rapidly growing category of casual gameplay.

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I saw this game the other day and was like "thank god the music is so calming otherwise id be pulling my hair out". but i will beat level 12. i will!!!!

Arkadies March 22, 2007 1:01 AM

I beat this one on my first time around. Some of the levels took a few tries though. AWESOME soundtrack. Very relaxing. I wonder if anyone has ever gotten all the dots on a level...


Beautiful. I could play this (or even watch it play itself) forever. Even though level 12 was quite difficult, I never really got frustrated. It was nice just to watch all the pretty colors. Yay for a calming, stress-relieving game!

Heavinlyn March 22, 2007 2:53 AM

Yea!!! Finished it!! What a relaxing game....perfect for 4:00am insomnia


Yes! Lvl 12 beaten

Lauripop March 22, 2007 6:01 AM

I think it took me about 25 times to beat level 12, it's a good game though. Nice and relaxing

link66632 March 22, 2007 6:54 AM

isn't the music from elebits ?


Personal best for level 12 is 59/60. Personal worst? 5/60. A full order of magnitude.


What a beautiful song !
I forgot to click play button and listened the music for a while.


I got up to Level 12 (got 48/50 on one level), then the game crashed with some Flash9.ocx issue (IE6.0 on XP Pro SP2). :-(


Personal worst: 0/55 on the last level. Don't ask me how, I think it's easier to get something rather than nothing, but I managed it without meaning to. :) Lovely game though.


Beat it, pleasant 5 minute fun which I always enjoy. As a rule I don't really like random-based games, but this one is just so darn pretty...

Interestingly enough I had the most trouble getting 15/30 on one level rather than later levels...


thats a pretty fun game..my personal best was 41 out of 44 but i didnt bother to keep playing


What a lovely relaxing little game! Even my daughters thought it was fun. It'd be nice to have a zen level- just watch the bubbles popping.


Wonderful game! I loved it as it is, and I think it ends at just the right difficulty level, but I couldn't help thinking of variations... e.g., what if you could click multiple times but that adversely affected your score? Just a thought. Lovely music, too.


this game is strangely sadistic... like noah said, it's a nice game that almost appears to be one of those relaxation games... but it really is not! i found myself cheering for a dot, trying to will it to move just a smidge faster... to no avail. that's plain sadistic.

when i first started playing this game, it reminded me of one other game by the people who did "kill time" (http://saty-home.com/prouge/pro.php?tid=15), but i found boomshine much more enjoyable, i think because i liked the environment of the game much more appealing. yes, there's the sadism mentioned above, but it's really a nice setup for a game. i loved, loved, loved the music (i still have the window open so it's playing the loop right now), and you could feel a sense of accomplishment when you beat a level (or darn came close).

strangely, as far as records go, i spent i-don't-know-how-many attempts on level 11 before i got it, but somehow i beat level 12 on my first try... and with 59/60!

what do you guys do for a strategy? usually i try to

click around the middle of the screen, and i try not to do it too close to any dots in the immediate area... that way, they can run into the first explosion, and have a greater outreach than if i were to click right on top of/right next to a dot within the radius of the first explosion. granted, this strategy kept me on level 11 for so long, but it worked for level 12... what do you guys do?


Wow. Level 12 took forever. Got a score of 276. I super liked that game though. :)

Joel Johnson March 22, 2007 10:00 PM

final score: 262.


Check out what happens when you get all of them on the last level. Yeehaa.


I must admit, I love games where dots "go boom".


Personal worst 3/55...
In level 12 I did 54/55 of 60... And in level 11 43/44 of 55, three times!! <:(
The most difficult level was 8, for me...
But I finished!!! :)


For such a happy, peaceful little game, it's still really frustrating. Although there is some skill in it, it's mostly luck based.
After some trying I finally managed to complete it.


Fun game, and the fact that you can try a level over and over again cuts down on the stress.

I try to look at the dots as a whole and get a feel for how they move. That way I can get an idea of where they are going to converge and thus where I should click.

At least, that's what I tell myself. In truth it's probably blind luck.


Has anyone else noticed glitches?

More than once I've had a little yellow or lime green ball (the problems always seem to be with those guys, but maybe they're more noticable) anyway, sometimes they sail right into a big dot, but instead of exploding they just disappear completely?!

I've also had it happen once to a lime green ball (on the level with 10 balls) where the green ball just completely disappeared into thin air without hitting anything. Odd


Xadoc, I noticed that once with a pink ball. Also, the game tends to lag a lot while there are a lot of explosions. Since it's pretty it doesn't really matter, but it's still interesting.

I enjoy this and it reminds me of Pretty Pretty Bang Bang that was reviewed here a long while ago.

Did anyone else notice that at the bottom there's a little explanation of the game and it says, "only 3.97% of games pass level 12"? That means 25-30 games on average would be needed to win, if my mental math skills aren't totally failing me.


I finally got all the dots on a level... level 1; I just waited and waited and waited until the 5 were in a configuration where it would work. The screen flashed and I think there was a sound effect as well (though I'm in a thunderstorm at the moment, so it might've been that.

Anyway, after the screen flashed, I kept waiting for something else to happen, but it never did. After a couple of minutes, I gave up and just closed the window.

That bug aside, it's really a fun game.



So, level 10 just stopped on me. 21/33, all the explosions gone, and the rest of the dots are all just bouncing around... That's a bit annoying.



I've been playing this game for some years, well, at least two. A bit noisier than Boomshine, but you'll recognise its precedence.

And, it's a pity you can't turn the music off during Boomshine, only at the very start.



Love playing Boomshine, quite a challenge for an 87 year old Grandma. But all of a sudden I have been cut off and can't get it anymore due to the notice "too many connections". Is there someonr there that can tell e what that means?

Thank you,



The error message "too many connections" means the server the game is hosted on is receiving too much simultaneous traffic. Wait a couple of minutes and try again. It should be a temporary condition. =)


I've noticed that there are black dots that are hard to see, and sometimes black explosions that you can only see in a cluster. That may be why some dots seems to just "go away". That's my theory, anyway.

I tried to get a strategy down, but no luck. I just have to "feel" the right time to click. Anyone else have that problem?

AbbyNormal March 27, 2007 1:19 AM

HAHAHA This is the first game I didn't need help with, it was a great game. I love this site, thanks for all the wonderful games and comments. You guys do an awesome job here as well as the game designers.


I have one dilema: how is it possible to get more than let say 300 points?...as if you count the balls I don't think they are 300?
PS: my best so far was 57/55 from 60 :-)


There are 390 dots in total. But even so, if you manage to catch every dot on a level it's worth a significant bonus -- double score, I think. I pulled this off on level 12 once, for a score of 319.


So many scores in the 500s - how do they do it?! (Besides spend all their time...)


thanks for the answer..so that must be it: bonuses for managing to clear all the dots :-)
I wonder how do they do it? :-)


The link's dead... :(


Never mind, it's fine now. Must have been a temporary site burp.

the cats meow April 13, 2007 8:40 PM

Argh! Somebody stop me!


my strategy is to not look at the screen when i click. it works 8/10. i counted.

Ruth Ann April 26, 2007 1:37 AM

yep, clearing each level doubles your level score. there must be a trick to doing that other than on accident tho ... when you enter your score and look up the monthly high scores you will see that .... any hints from any one?

Chris Jean May 1, 2007 1:49 PM

Oh yeah, 334 score - nothing crazy happens when you clear all sixty on level twelve - just wish there were more levels!!! I found that the best way to get just about all sixty (did it once so far)is to start your explosion towards the corners (bottom left center works best for me)this way as the explosions occur your first initial corner is covered and you'll see how this envelops the outer edges first and then encloses to the middle trapping all the dots (most of the time :))

Steven May 2, 2007 8:49 PM

I actually got all 60 on level 60. Holy Cow. 314 or so final score.


Love the game, have played it about 100 times I guess.

I got all 60 in the last round twice. Makes a noise that startled me.

High score was something like 361. Then I saw that three people had scored well over 500! Amazing. Anyway, am trying to play tonight and no matter how many times I go in, the game just won't load. Hope that's just temporary.


beat the game
final score: 225

some kid May 26, 2007 1:10 AM

i got 60/60 on lvl 12!!! i feel good


i really like this game... beautiful music... even better timewaster at work!! lol! great game =D

crystalizedsweet July 5, 2007 3:46 PM

i found winning level 12 quite easily. unless it was pure luck. i have won twice and i have played 4 times.


I am hooked on this game. I got all five on level 1 once and it gives you +5 extra points, when you get all of them. In addition, twice I got 59 out the 60 on Level 12. My highest score to date, which I did a screen shot of it to save, was 285. I hope I will be able to hit in the 290's some day.


level 12 took me a while but I beat it it was so confusing yet so relaxing


omg i beat this game like 5 times
but it takes a long time

yasmine. is kewl December 12, 2007 4:22 PM

wow. this game is so

i got 261
which means i ranked


Just got to this game again somehow and had fun with it again.

But then I cehecked the high scores. The #5 high score of the month is 863. That's an awesome score.
#4 is 3888. That is a fantastic score, on the edge of being suspicious...

#3 is 31,831,044. Now, come on...

#2 and 1 are both 2,147,283,647.

What is the reason? Why do these smart asses do this? What do they want to prove? Because of course not even a bacterium would belive for a moment these are valid scores. You won't score this even if you play Boomshine for a year and add your scores up. Why, then? Do they think that if they insert a 2 litre coke bottle in their pants they are gonna be a hit with the girls? Don't they see they're ridiculous???

Made me wonder...


Personal best for Level 9, 10, 11 and 12, all dots. Don't ask me how, it was just..luck i guess...nice music, didn't feel like smashing the computer when i failed :D.

boomshine rocks! February 9, 2008 3:28 PM

Omgosh..... the music is soooooooooooooooo techno, in a natural way-- totally oxy mron!
personal worst 0 in evetry level, yes, i got a zero in level 1. isnt that sad....... finishing level of 365, and my worst as 128. i was #535 in the ranks! ya me.

anonymous person March 4, 2008 7:15 AM

got all dots on level one buyakasha
beat that


You actually CAN put the music off, in the beginning, when you can't push START yet, there is on the right a symbol...

The Wolf's Shadow June 5, 2008 1:51 PM

final score:263
man, on the last level I had 58/60, it was SO close! :) I rather enjoy this game, the music is the best!

The Wolf's Shadow June 5, 2008 1:55 PM

yes, the music is on iTunes under the name Excremental Intermission!!! :) this is great!!!!!

Tenderheart June 30, 2008 10:47 PM

Boomshine is great, and the music is what makes it so wonderful! I really enjoy the calming effect that it has, even though it gets tough to pass those last couple levels, it doesn't seem to really matter. Plus, it even calms my 2-year old, who keeps coming to me at the computer saying, "Mommy, sit in lap and watch bubbles." and then he will be lost in the game, watching the "bubbles," as he calls them...what a great peaceful thing for this mommy!

Yay for boomshine! although I still don't get all those ridiculous high scores....oh well.


Someone help me, this game is addictive

The trick is to track the slow ones, wait for them to converge, and hopefully the faster ones will hit. Luck is 94% of this game. Watch for at least two dots following each other, and hit in front of that. Corner shots are best on the higher levels.

Danny Miller, awesome game, I hate you :)



Yayz finally figured why it's called boomshine it like explodes if you get all the dots

lakebluffer April 20, 2009 6:27 PM

This game has been amusing me for a few weeks now, but in last few days some strange things have been happening.
It started with a frequent delay in loading after an ad.
Today is has moved to not loading at all after the ad.
Que pasa?


The game loads for me without issue.

If it's not loading for you, it must be your local settings or browser extensions. Ad blockers are the usual culprit.


Level 12 took me so long, like 50 tries or something! i kept on running in to start a new game, leaving, coming back, seeing i still hadn't won, and starting a new one, over and over... but i finally did it whooo!!! 250, not great but not completely terrible!

flowerdoggie July 4, 2009 7:23 PM

Is it just luck or is there a statigie?


Oh my goodness, I just refused to go away until the last level was completed and after countless tries I did it :D . I had about 3 54's and stuff. The music is very nice and calming, the game is great.


That was quite fun... it's part strategy and part luck...



i got 602 =] this game is easy n fun!

katieg May 6, 2011 5:48 PM

What are you guys talking about? Beating it at level 12. I am on level 13 where required is 60/60.


Simple idea executed beautifully. Genius.


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