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Bombsweeper 3D

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Rating: 4/5 (22 votes)
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Bombsweeper 3DA nice 3D version of the classic Windows 'tool', Bombsweeper 3D features a variety of polygons with an increasing number of sides to test your puzzle solving and deduction skills. Although much of the game's text is in Japanese, anyone even remotely familiar with Minesweeper will be able to pick up and play this game without instruction. For everyone else, bear with me...

The object, of course, is to identify all of the sides of the polygon with 'bombs' and to clear all of the sides without. Click on a side to clear it. If there is a bomb beneath the side you choose, the game ends. If not, the side will show the number of bombs that border with that side. If no number appears, no bombs border the side.

Press the space bar to toggle on and off the cursor bomb selector (*). With the selector turned on, click a side to guess that a bomb is hidden there. If you guess wrong, the game ends.

Click and drag the mouse anywhere off the shape to rotate the polygon and to view all of the sides easily.

A simple yet effective implementation of a classic game turned 3D. Click.


I totally wasn't expecting the end of that. How many levels were there?

This is a very nice game, but the controls were way too sticky and the 3D setup made ambiguous configurations happen constantly. It was in my best interest to keep restarting levels until I hit a panel with no bombs neighboring it.

Still, a very fun game. Nice music.

Corruptor July 20, 2005 8:25 AM

i liked the 3d setup, the 'round' playing feild adds a little more challenge to the game, never allowing for simple choices where three or five of the options are automatically disqualified.

however, i do agree with ACLS that the little problem exists where it's easy to wind up with a circle of blocks all surrounded with bombs and no way of determining which spaces are free and which are not. then again, that occasionally happpened with the original too...

Irashtar July 20, 2005 1:02 PM

I'm not seeing any numbers... even when there should be. same with the other Japanese game.


First time through... score of 358876.
Off to beat it.

evilwumpus July 20, 2005 8:56 PM

Anyways, I would have liked something closer to the original.
1. Ambiguous combinations could be made less likely if they made the playing field bigger.
2. The original minesweeper, when you clicked on a square with no bombs, would fill in all the squares around it (because they had no bombs), so you didn't need to click on every single one.


I kept accidentally clicking stuff! Anyway, I agree with evilwimpus that we shouldn't have to click all around the blank squares. Make it easier. Finished! 12 Levels.

tauruspig July 22, 2005 3:50 AM

Finished all 12 levels!Wish to have more game like this!I'm a regular visitor for this site, but this is my first time to post a comment...


All Mission Achievement! Thank you for playing! ^_^


Made through all 12 levels. score 372788
I had problems with rotating the figures, few times accidently touched the mine instead of rotating. Great game though...


i'm thoroughly impressed with this. i've seen a java 3-d minesweeper game before, so the concept wasn't new to me, it was what they did with the concept... i thought the level that looked like a bolt (hexagonal and hollow) was absolutely awesome. whoda thunk you could play minesweeper on surfaces like that? props to them on this game... now if only there were more levels... level completion!

ps, it took me a long time to figure this out... unlike normal minesweeper, the numbers count only the spaces that border on edges, not corners. i blew a few good many games by forgetting that. (pun unintended.)

Therealtahu October 22, 2006 2:58 AM

Interesting game I discovered off the recommended list. It took me a while to get the hang of rotating it. Mainly, I kept on clicking on the mine while rotating. Score: 386,696 If you're surrounded by bombs, compare the spaces left with bombs left. Depending on which has more, switch to it and hope to be lucky.

Weird thing is, I only went through 11 levels.


WOW I loved this game! I've always been a fan of minesweeper (especially when my internet crashes on me and thats all I'm left with to play!) Amazingly refreshing design on an old classic, kudos!


WOW, this game was fun! It needs a bigger space to play in though because a lot of times I when I tried to spin the shape around I clicked on the actual shape by accident and because I am really unlucky, a lot of the time it was a mine! Make more levels, PLEASE!!!


There is something i don't understand here. I clear most of the sides and it's evident from the numbers that there are 2 bombs. Only two sides remain uninspected, all the others are grey, so it's rather obvious that the two bombs must be under the two "white" sides. Easy job, isn't it?

I space-click the first side, OK, it turns to red. I Space-click the second - and booom, I'm dead.

Happened 3 times.

What am i doing wrong?


Anyways, it's a good game.

(Seems like the numbers on the sides talk only about the side-neighbours, not including the corner-neigbbours. That's OK, I just thought I'd mention it)


OK, now it's clear it's buggy. Level #2, there are 3 bombs. Got a nice big "3" on one of the sides - so it seems quite safe to click all the sides not touching this one, right?

Wrong! I died (not space-)clicking one of these "safe" sides.



Read thru the comments above and not a single bug report before me...

And then I go back to play, try to bomb-mark a side, space-click on it, the cursor changes to starry cursor AND MARKS THE SIDE GREY WITH A NUMBER ON IT!

Two different types of bug in like 10 minutes.



Got a sudden idea, rebooted the PC and nopw the game works all right.


But the game is good, if only there was always a logical solution with no guessing needed...


Rebooting computer fixes everything :D

Great game!


I can't mark bombs... tapping spacebar does nothing. Persists across changing browsers.

Anonymous April 13, 2010 4:30 PM

Neat idea, but disappointing in that it has the exact same problem as standard Minesweeper:

Congrats, you've eliminated all possible spaces and don't have enough information to know which remaining one is a mine. Time to blind guess!

Guessing games are not fun. Puzzle games are fun. This implies there is a way to progress other than through blind luck. Boy, I wish this was like that.


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